Sony Vaio Pocket Netbook

Sony Vaio Pocket Netbook

Sony has been taking it’s time to get its own netbook out in the market and at the same time, criticizing other manufacturers for a mediocre product. Well, it looks like its own Sony Vaio Pocket netbook will be put to the test now that details have been leaked.

And it doesn’t indicate if it’s gonna run on an Intel Atom processor. See listed specs below:
sony vaio p
Intel 1.33GHz CPU
60GB HDD or 128GB SSD
8 inches (1600×768 pixels) LED display
MS Windows Vista


Sony claims this netbook will fit in your pocket. Gizmodo posted the leak with an estimate of about 3.46 inches in height. There’s no estimate on the price too.

The 8″ screen might be small but the listed screen resolution of 1600×768 will put it at the top of the netbook pile in terms of display resolution. We’ll have to wait by January 9, 2009 when Sony unveils the final details of their netbook entry.

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5 Responses

  1. HAPPY NEW YEAR sir Abe!!! sana po pang masa naman ang PRICE TAG nila para maabot namin…
    gob bless. . . . ;)

  2. sky says:

    Sony, pang-masa? OMG, never thought I’d see those two words together in a sentence =))

    That’s quite a resolution at such a small display. Good luck squinting at text =))

  3. calvin says:

    too small for my taste although it looked really good. not fond of widescreen when the display is too small. i don’t think it will fit in the pocket but instead sa purse ng babae, yung wide kind.

  4. it would really be nice to see Sony in the netbook arena…and hope Sony will reveal more details of this product soon…hope i can also afford one…

  5. Seems like an impressive one for a netbook pero hindi parin ganun ka satisfying kasi parang maraming features pa silang hinohold para sa future models nila.

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