Xitrix TravelPro M10 Netbook

A Philippine-based company called Xitrix has assembled their own netbook and the specs are a bit souped up. Check out the photos and specs after the jump.

Xitrix TravelPro M-10
10.1″ glossy screen @ 1024×600 pixels
Intel Atom N270 1.6GHz
Intel GMA 950
320GB HDD (upgradeable to 500GB)
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
Built-in 3G Module (optional)
Bluetooth 2.1 with EDR
3 x USB 2.0 ports
1.3MP webcam
3-cell & 6-cell battery
Multi-card reader
External DVD+RW drive
Windows 7 Starter

Yugatech 728x90 Reno7 Series

The 6-cell model without the 3G module has a regular price of Php22,995 while the one with the 3G is about Php27k. Xitrix has been dealing with companies and SMEs before and only now that they are introducing their products to regular consumers.

They have an introductory promo price of Php4,000 discount on these netbooks if you buy them on or before Friday the 13th (that makes it Php18,995 for the specs above). Their sales line is (02) 926.82.79 or email [email protected].

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32 Responses

  1. Avatar for Nucturial_Joe Nucturial_Joe says:

    We been patronizing Xitrix computer (Taiwan based locally assembled) we have almost 150 units at the moment in our IT system. We are a HP country for long years when time came for upgrade season we due to budget constrain we consider clone and semi branded desktops but prior procuring said units we been undergo stress testing HP, Dell, and Lenovo they are all nothing to beat Xitrix considering they are pure Intel OEM..Branded pc’s hung’s up or keep on rebooting while Xitrix under test you can even move your mouse pointers. Units cost are worth compare to branded at almost 50%..

    I don’t have experience on their netbooks. It is a china made..

  2. Avatar for Tania Chaboya Tania Chaboya says:

    That makes sense to me but does this?

    Don’t believe everything you think. :)

  3. Avatar for steve castro steve castro says:

    proud owner of this M10 netbook, unbelievable battery life

  4. Avatar for emano tyrants! emano tyrants! says:

    hmmmm… another rebadge unit from china? like the blue h1 umpc?

  5. Avatar for Jojo Vallejo Jojo Vallejo says:

    Xitrix TravelPro M10 Netbook – should have been good enough if the processor is not Atom N270 1.6GHz, must be like core 2quad to match the 320 gig hard disk, and other specs that made to attract users,if the processor can be upgraded, PWEDE NA, sayang d pwede

  6. Avatar for Nik Nik says:

    I’ve encountered this brand before (back when I was working for the government). At that time, I was also surprised about the company so I did some background research (they eventually won our bidding for equipment) and their customers then, were mostly large corporations and government agencies.

    Very competitive in terms price/featuress.

    They had excellent customer service and technical support. I wish that is still true today.

  7. Avatar for mak mak says:

    True may ganong thinking na “Ay Local yan.. Walang kwenta..” which is you know, saddening. But what is more saddening is the fact that those local manufacturers insist on developing mediocre products despite of the popular notion ng “local”. I hate the thing that happened with Neo.

  8. Avatar for JayL JayL says:

    another local brand NEO is a good one too.

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