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Up to Php1K off with Auction.ph’s Coupon Mania

Discount CouponsGet as much as Php1,000 shopping discounts from the Auction.ph Coupon Mania today until June 2008.

All coupons can be availed and used in the Auction.ph site. Coupons will be available for download on numerous times of the day and the amount of discount will depend when you download it.

Here’s how to get one:

Members of Auction.ph can get coupons by downloading them from the Auction.ph Coupon-Mania Page. This page may be updated at any time by Auction.ph in order to upload the latest coupons.

Also, Auction.ph may (1) Issue pop-up windows/messages notifying users when new coupons are available for download and (2) Send email to individual members to notify them when new coupons are available for download.

Members must sign-in and manually download coupons. Downloaded coupons are then credited to the member’s account, and may then be used to acquire discounts on item purchases.

Members must satisfy certain milestones/conditions set by Auction.ph in order to avail of coupons. The full list of milestones/conditions is discussed in the Control Measures Section.

I’m an official Auction.ph endorser.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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5 Responses

  1. manu says:

    theres new and easy way to have discounted coupons here….http://events.auction.ph/index.php?module=CouponMania

  2. manu says:

    theres new and easy way to have discounted coupons, very good deals here http://www.auction.ph

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  4. paul says:

    Auction.ph? parang deads na yan site na yan. Alam ko nalang ngayon that offers nice huge discounts is cash cash pinoy.

  5. Emil says:

    auction.ph is one of the first site that sells items online, some in a cheaper price and some are a bit pricey. but with all the group buying site nowadays they offer such great deals and affordable price like the item that i bought at cashcashpinoy last weekend

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