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Doing some Wedding Photography

Last March, I was invited to attend a church wedding by a former officemate from Microsoft. I’m not really big on weddings and this is the 4th formal invitation I got in the last six months, the other three I totally junked because either it was too far in the province or I just woke up late in the morning.

This time, it was in the afternoon and was held at the Santuario de San Jose in Greenhills East so I wasn’t able to find a good excuse. :D Better yet, I brought my handy Canon Digital Ixus 30 to try it out for some wedding photography.

wedding pictures

Entire gallery can be viewed here.

Ok, I’m thru with the tangent.

Most of the long shots I took were useless. They were too blurry either because my hands were shaking too much or there was little light available inside the church (I hope it’s the latter). So, with my point-and-shoot camera, that’s the best I could do on such a situation.

Which brings me back to my previous question, is it time to buy a Digital SLR, prosumer camera or something close to it (specifically the Canon Rebel XT)?

Yeah, they say it’s not in the camera but in the photographer…

What do you think? :D How long does one have to familiarize with a point-and-shoot before moving forward to a semi-pro?

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7 Responses

  1. jun says:

    When u get upset over the manual settings because of their point-and-shoot limits. And when u have the money to buy the camera. =) I think a friend got his Rebel XT in Hidalgo for a few thousand pesos lower than the Malls.

  2. noemi says:

    You can make quite a living doing wedding photography . I say buy one when you can afford it.

  3. alycephoto says:

    1. you should shoot manually
    2. meter your light
    3. use a tripod

    taking good photos takes planning, it’s not as easy as it looks

  4. rain says:

    Oh, you know what I’ll say :D

  5. chamie says:

    i’d say you must have bought a tripod. you got good shots tho compared to someone i know who’s doing professional wedding shoots :)

  6. issa says:

    good shots! =) was searching for wedding photographers when this site came up, hehe

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