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Top dSLR Camera Picks under Php40k

A reader emailed in asking for advise on which dSLR camera to get with a budget under Php40,000. I’m biased towards Canon cameras but here’s my list of possible kits you can buy with that budget.

Canon EOS 450D
12.2 megapixel
3″ LCD screen with Live View
3.5fps continuous shooting
EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 lens
Kit Price: Php34,000

Olympus e-420
Zuiko 14-42mm ED lens
10 megapixel
2.7″ LCD screen with Live View
3.5fps continuous shooting
Kit Price: Php33,000

Update: the Olympus E520 kit w/ 14-42mm lens is Php 30,800 at jdGoneMad

Canon EOS 1000D
10.1 megapixel
2.5″ LCD
3fps continues shooting
EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 lens
Kit Price: Php29,500

Nikon D60
10.2 megapixel
2.5″ LCD screen
3fps continuous shooting
18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR lens
Kit Price: Php26,500

My money goes to Canon 450D.

If you have the time, you can check out Hidalgo in Quiapo in the hopes of getting a bargain (if you’re good at price haggling). Mayer’s and Henry’s store are among the most visited there. If you’re busy and don’t want to be bothered for a trip, you can check out several online stores like Gadget Grocery and Kim’s Store in Multiply.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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54 Responses

  1. mel says:

    for Nikon product…you may visit http://www.jerry.ph/nikon/ (cash on delivery)

  2. bintoytech says:

    Thanks for the great links!

  3. CCLozano says:

    Thanks for the info and the links!

  4. Darren says:

    Vote for D60 because I own one. Mine is W kit, 18-55 and 55-200.

    I’m not sure if the new 500D or D5000 is under that budget and both those two DSLR adding 720p recording feature~

  5. Jay Ar says:

    can these sub 40k dslr record videos?

  6. lexx says:

    wow many thanks yuga for those links! gotta go shopping! heheh

  7. blued888 says:

    Pardon me for the intrusion, but shouldn’t it be “continuous” shooting?

  8. yuga says:

    @mel, yup I forgot jerry’s nikon collection.

    @blued888, thanks for the correction

  9. I like the Canon EOS 450D also, or 1000D if kulang sa budget.

  10. Gingooglive says:

    My Dream dslr cameras , i hope i have one .. :D

    Need moderators..

  11. jojo says:

    any news on the new canon 500d ?

  12. kill3rfill3r says:

    hopefully in July meron na akong D90…kakatawag ko lang sa Henry’s around Php 56,500 kit lens + 2gb SD card + bag

  13. Olyver Digg says:

    how bout olympus e-520?? I own one.. this system is good for beginners.. 1 lens kit costs less than 40K..

    please check http://www.olyclubph.com/portal/index.php

  14. yuga says:

    @olyver Digg, i wanted to include the e-520 at first but could nto find a store that sells the kit for under Php40k, just the e-420.

  15. eman says:

    my money goes to panasonic G1 – MFT with kit lens – 38K in glorieta.

  16. jared says:

    canon owns
    1st thing i see on the list im done

  17. alejojoe says:

    what happened to the pentax line?

  18. Adrian says:

    may be i will go for nikon.

  19. kemengdoods says:

    i find this site informative (and enlightening)
    helped me to decide on my dslr purchase

    got myself a sony alpha 300
    current price is P33,999 from above link

    you may also want to check this site, dslr’s of 2009

  20. Efren says:

    Sama mo pa ung D40 pinaka-mura sa lahat..wahehehe

    500D the best 15MP @ 47K sa dponline..my video pa..

  21. Chris says:

    Sir Yuga..review for canon 500D kalalabas lang..thanks

  22. yuga says:

    @efren, was about to but the D40 is like the D60 already.

    @Chris, will ask Canon Philippines. Maybe they have a spare one they can lend to me. =)

  23. jdGONEMAD says:

    master yuga .. pa-plug po. nagbebenta din ako ng digicams … http://www.jdgonemad.com/blog/digital-cameras/

  24. tonex says:

    I just bought a Nikon D60 about 2 months ago. So far, so good.

  25. ajie says:

    I want to ask if there are sites that sell DSLRs in a monthly (or per pay-day) payment. I just found this site and I like to know if there are other sites similar with this. mcabansay.multiply.com

  26. Karl Mac says:

    It’s about the lens. Buy the D40 and invest on the lens. For less than 20T price of the kit, you can buy 20T worth of lens. Buy a better camera later.

  27. spiderye says:

    thanks for the info. i’m hoping to buy a new cam soon for my upcoming online magazine for zambooanga.


  28. spiderye says:

    thanks for the info. im planning to buy a DSLR cam soon.

  29. GourdBreaker says:

    Hello, thanks for tips! I was actually looking for DSLRs and hoping to find a quality camera that will fit into my budget. Thanks! :)

  30. Jesiree Dela Torre says:

    hello po! may nakakaalam po ba sa inyo kung magkano ang Nikon D60 as of May 2009? at saan po makakabili?

  31. carlito says:

    ser yoga mga mag kano nlng kaya ngyn ang canon sx1 is? any idea ser? salamat

  32. don says:

    Mga sirs,

    I need some help.

    Im planning to buy DSLR.

    Im a newbie. which one would you suggest, Nikon D40 or Sony A300?


  33. lia says:

    i heard phase na yung nikon d40

  34. lia says:

    phase-out pla

  35. emil says:

    recently buy nikon d90 kit with 28-105mm lens 53k cash freebies bag and 4gig memory

  36. Cate says:

    hey :) does DSLR there have a 1 year warranty?

  37. carlo says:

    makukuha kaya sa 30k ung eos 450d?

  38. amy says:

    Just got my sony a380 last January 14, 2010 and bought 75-300mm lens. Next thing to buy, sony flashgun and I’m saving for it.

  39. rico says:

    i vote for nikon d90, 38k body only.
    best value for the money. full-featured mid-end dslr. 18-55 lens is only 6k. add na lang ng kaunti.

    i find henrys camera store @hidalgo, quiapo – arguably the most competitive pricing in the metro.

    if there are other stores with better pricing than them. pls post it.


    “competition should benefit consumers”

  40. MIgz says:

    Mga Sir,

    I’m planning to buy a DSLR camera for my graduation gift but I’m still thinking of what camera to buy… any good options?… Though that Canon EOS 1000D and 450D is great… Any suggestions?… My budget is around Php.35,000… Thanks…

  41. MIgz says:

    Mga Sir,

    I’m planning to buy a DSLR camera for my graduation gift but I’m still thinking of what camera to buy… any good options?… Though that Canon EOS 1000D and 450D is great… Any suggestions?… My budget is around Php.35,000… And can you please tell me where’s the nearest place to buy it?… Cause I’m still from Tagaytay… Thanks…

  42. godwin says:

    am planning to buy a dslr cam…but i dont have ideas for its feature…asking a sort of advise to choose a better one..and where to buy….
    my budget is ranging 50k below…

  43. MIgz says:

    I bought the Nikon D3000 works great easy to use… Bought it in Alabang Town Center, the price is 35k with insurance. It comes with a free tripod,4 gig memory card and a bag.

  44. kakashi says:

    any latest price ng canon 450d sa hidalgo po?

  45. eljun says:

    Henry has opened a shop at Greenbelt Makati

  46. Richelle says:

    Ano po mas okey.. Canon 550D or Nikon D5100??

  47. SAM says:

    hi am planning to buy dslr cam,but i dont have ideas for its feature…which is bettercanon or nikon?asking a sort of advise to choose a better one..and where to buy….
    my budget is ranging 40k below and how much the lenses?thanks

  48. Patricia says:

    hello I am happily planning to buy dslr cam,I want color violet because I am a girl
    Photojournalist i don’t know where I can buy this

  49. jELyza says:

    hello i am planning to buy DSLR cam ..

  50. kenneth christian says:

    hi there i’m planning to buy a slr, but since this is my first tym.. i dont have any idea what model to buy what i know is canon 450d bec. one of my friend is using this.. will u also suggest me to use the same as his..? thank you hope u can help me..

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