Poll: How much do you earn from affiliates?

Poll: How much do you earn from affiliates?

New poll is up for this week. Thank you to all 68 people who responded in the last one. For this week, I’d like to solicit some figures on how much bloggers earn from their affiliates.

Choices are the following:

– Don’t run any affiliates
– Nothing yet
– Less than $20
– $20 – $50
– $50 – $100
– $100 – $200
– $200 – $500
– $500 – $1,000
– Above $1,000


If you have a blog but don’t run any affiliate campaigns, you can still vote in the poll (choose “Don’t run any affiliates”). If you have a blog, run some affiliate campaigns recently but have not have any commissions so far, choose “Nothing yet”.

Affiliate campaigns vary greatly and it’s a little hard to list all of them but here are the most common ones I see around — Amazon Associates (AuctionAds), AdAuction (Auction.ph), TLA Publisher/Client Referral, ReviewMe Advertiser Referral, Google Referrals (includes AdSense, AdWords, Firefox, Picasa, etc.), eBay Affiliate, or big networks such as LinkSynergy, AdBrite Affiliate, LinkShare, Share-a-Sale, ClickBank, or even the ones that DreamHost offers.

Most affiliate revenues will fluctuate from month to month so to make an estimate for your blog, just add up all your affiliate revenues from the start of 2007 and then divide that by 6 months.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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  1. Well, I run a blog on how to make money on Clickbank, and defenitely have some instructions on how to make some achievements.
    Thanks for your info! :-)

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