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A link that could send you to Las Vegas

As I mentioned earlier, link baiting seems to be among the top trends this 2006.

Check out The Subnixus Las Vegas Giveaway!

A four-day, three-night trip for two to Las Vegas. Leaving on 3/30/06 and returning 4/2/06. The trip will include round trip airfare for two and a stay at the Aladdin Hotel and Casino (my job at Expedia finally came in handy). The trip must leave from a major city in the continental U.S. – If the winner lives outside of the U.S. or can’t go on the trip the cash amount of the prize package will be awarded.

So how much is that again? How’s $1,392.28 sound? Not bad for a single link, huh?

How do you get to win this?

1. If you are the owner of a site/blog/whatever, you have the ability to earn up to ten entries to the drawing. Each time you place a link back to Subnixus from your site you will earn one credit. The link must come to the main domain (I.E. no links to folders, subnixus.com/blah/blah…). You can only earn one entry per day, so don’t think about posting ten links in one article. Everytime you post a link you must come back to this post and make a comment pointing to the article with the Subnixus link in it. Once a week I will update the site with a listing of the participants names and credits.

2. If you don’t have a site you can simply leave a comment on this post. You must include your full name and a contact email. You may make as many comments as you wish, but you will only get one entry to the drawing. You may not use this method if you own a site and have used method #1.

Consider this post my entry to the raffle draw.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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