launches AdAuction for local bloggers launches AdAuction for local bloggers

A local online market service has just launched AdAuction, a self-serve affiliate marketing program specifically targeted to bloggers. I receive a couple of emails for several of my niche blogs about it today.

AdAuction is an innovative new system that allows you to earn money from your blog or website. Simply display our preformatted ads on your page and earn a commission for every successful transaction resulting from the ad on your page. Web Advertising can’t get any easier than this. All you need is a blog or website, an AdAuction account, a little time and patience and you’ll be on your way to earning easy cash! No minimum page view requirements. For additional details, you may visit

Simply put, AdAuction is your local version of Amazon Associates or Chitika. The only difference is that commissions are computed differently: levies a commission fee from Sellers at for using the AdAuction system. Publishers (AdAuction Members) earn a percentage of that commission fee for every successful transaction that originates from their website. A transaction is considered successful when a Buyer (coming from the publisher’s site) clicks on an AdAuction ad, and confirms purchase of the item. Publishers are entitled to 60% of the commission fee. The current commission fee in effect is P10.00 per successful transaction. Commission fees may be adjusted at any time by

If my understanding is correct, any items sold in the online marketplace (irrespective of their selling price) will only earn the referring Publisher/blogger a flat commission fee of Php10 (roughly ~$0.20). The site allow members to sell anything from simple clothing to a second hand car and you as the affiliate will earn the same amount whatever was successfully sold.

I’m not sure that will work in favor of the Publishers. I currently ran a couple of Amazon Associate referral ads on my blog and once I was able to refer a buyer who bought a digital camera thru my affiliate links. I got about $6.50 (~Php300+) commission for it. If I was able to refer the same sale at AdAuction, will I only earn Php10?

Huge difference. You be the judge.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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10 Responses

  1. jhay says:

    Hmmm, sounds interesting to try. Would probably work well with us .ph domain users since Google directs Philippine based traffic to our sites more than the others.

    Php10.00 is quite low, even if they say that uses local currency. Then again, their audience is primarily Pinoys who don’t have dollars to shop online. Another factor is, most of the items on are second-hand items.

  2. MiGs says:

    P10.00?? Pambili ng kendi? =p

    nagka problem ako with and its promo before…

    baka magka problem din ako with adauction.. 10.00 lang baka di pa makolekta.


  3. Kates says:

    At Php 10.00 per sale, Adsense is still hard to beat.

  4. Rommel A. Santos says:

    Ad Auction is still on its infancy stage. Very very young. That is why our commission scheme is not permanent. Depending on the receptiveness of bloggers, potential online buyers (through your blog), and success of the endeavor as a whole, this will change for everybody’s benefit.

    Thing is, we are pushing e-commerce “locally”. This is something we can call our own. Its success will stamp a mark in Philippine e-commerce. We understand that the commission is one consideration that bloggers look at…but then again if you pick up and post ad auction ads…its a fellow country man’s item you are advertising…If the circulation grows…then its for “our benefit”. You are contributing to local e-commerce growth. Now isn’t it a cause to look forward to and beyond? Or you prefer the $ for uncle Sam or the Ph for Juan Dela Cruz?

    Philippine e-commerce is a mushroom waiting to explode…just like text messaging of the 90’s. Let us all work together and spread the word.

    We sincerely hope you would reconsider and try posting Ad Auction Ads :-) .

  5. About time a Philippine ecommerce outfit realized what year it is.

  6. jian says:

    yes, really interesting but the thing is peso rate are not that good. And we are notrich

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