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JBL Devices You Should Buy This Christmas

One of the first things that signal the Christmas season in the country is the sound of Christmas music blaring in public places, like malls and parks. Jose Mari Chan starts to peek and everybody suddenly gets in the mood to listen to Christmas songs. So one of the best gifts you can give to people you love is the gift of music. Specifically, the gift of great-sounding equipment from which people can enjoy their music.

JBL, a tried and tested brand when it comes to giving its users exceptional music experiences, has got you covered when it comes to earbuds, speakers, and headphones. They got something for everybody, from active earbuds to waterproof speakers, JBL has got you covered.

Here’s a couple of things I would suggest you should buy for your loved ones this Christmas that surely will make you their favorite family member.


The LIVE FREE NC+ TWS (that’s a mouthful) is a great choice for people who want to get that beautiful ANC. The LIVE FREE NC+ TWS offers great battery life at 21 hours (7 hours for the earbuds + 14 hours in the case) and has the signature sound quality of JBL. It has a very punchy bass that is sure to please bass-heads out there while coming in a very small form factor.

Live Free Scaled • Jbl Devices You Should Buy This Christmas

It also features wireless charging, so no need for those annoying cables anytime you go out. It is also IP67 rated so that means you can get this wet without any problems (just make sure you don’t lose em). The LIVE FREE NC+ TWS also comes with Dual Connect so you can have two devices at a time connected to the earbuds.

If you are looking for great-sounding earbuds with that JBL sound signature plus the added bonus of having ANC, then look no further than these earbuds!


Now we’re talking about people who love to travel. If you guys are finally planning a trip and you want some music to go with you in a very tiny package then the CLIP 4 is just for you.

Clip 5 Scaled • Jbl Devices You Should Buy This Christmas

Don’t let its small size fool you though, this thing gets loud! It’s enough to fill a decent-sized room and then some. It also has a really full sound for the size that it brings to the table and with a 10 hour rated battery life, your road trips will surely have music to last all night long.

Did I mention it also has IP67 water and dustproof rating? That’s perfect for bringing this to the beach or your regular “inuman” as you won’t ever fear it getting broken. The CLIP 4 comes in awesome colors as well, perfect for people who want to be fashionable but at the same time have awesome music.

The JBL CLIP4 comes in a small package that will surely surprise people because of how great they sound.


Now we’re moving onto the big boys. The JBL CHARGE 5 is again, like the CLIP 4, perfect for traveling and your “outings”. The difference though is that the CHARGE 5 brings the entire party along the ride.

Charge 5 Scaled • Jbl Devices You Should Buy This Christmas

It’s not hyperbole to say that the CHARGE 5 is probably the best-sounding Bluetooth speaker I have ever tried. In its price point, I don’t think it can be matched by anything else. The JBL CHARGE 5 has a fullness to its sound.

Realme Philippines

The sound signature of these speakers really just stands out, the bass, super punchy but is balanced with the highs and mids that none of them ever outshines the other. I was blown away by how great the CHARGE 5 sounds. The best part about these speakers is how easy it is to connect to them. Just press the Bluetooth button and connect via your device and you’re good to go!

With 20 hours of playback, you can have an all-night party and then some, plus if ever your own smartphone is running out of juice, the CHARGE 5 acts as a power bank and allows you to connect your phone and charge! All this comes in a package that is IP67 rated and comes in awesome designs like the camo one I have here.

If you’re looking for the best portable Bluetooth speaker out there, then look no further than the CHARGE 5.


Now we’re gonna talk about one of the prettiest and most portable pairs of TWS I’ve ever seen. The LIVE PRO+ TWS comes in a small clamshell of a case that is super smooth to the touch. The earbuds are wingtip-shaped and come with active noise canceling.

Live Pro Scaled • Jbl Devices You Should Buy This Christmas

The ANC in the LIVE PRO+ isn’t the best out there but it does its job well. This is because of the sound that these produce. If you want a sound signature that is balanced, or flat then I suggest these for you.

The LIVE PRO+ TWS also comes with a really clear-sounding mic that will pick up your voice really well. My voice comes out clear, especially in quiet rooms, but in crowded rooms, it also picks your voice out from the crowd too.


Last but not the least, the TOUR PRO+ TWS, is the flagship earbuds of JBL. It comes with all the bells and whistles that you would expect in a TWS. ANC? Present. Wireless Charging? Here too. 32-hour battery life? Yup!

Tour Pro Scaled • Jbl Devices You Should Buy This Christmas

The TOUR PRO+ TWS doesn’t mess around. From the first time I tried them on, the bass is what stood out for me. It really is meant for people who want to get immersed in their music. Bass heads out there will get their money’s worth and then some with these headphones. You also have a choice of different ear tips to choose from. The default one wasn’t to my liking, but changing it up to a smaller ear tip did a world of difference for me.

The TOUR PRO+ TWS comes in a very futuristic-looking case that is easy to connect to using the JBL MUSIC app. It allows you to control the amount of ANC you have or even set it to transparency mode so that you can hear your surroundings. The transparency mode here is one of the best I’ve tried. When it’s on it feels like you are not wearing anything at all.

The TOUR PRO+ TWS also isn’t the priciest among the bunch out there, so with the package it comes with, you are getting a lot for what you are paying for.

As I said, JBL has something for everybody this Christmas. What’s for sure is that JBL doesn’t settle for less as all of these products deliver the sound quality you would expect from a JBL product. By joining JBL Philippines’ Gift that Fits You promo, customers may receive the following products for free:

  • JBL Endurance Peak
  • JBL Live 200BT
  • JBL Link Music

To be entitled to the promo, the customer must follow these 3 steps:

  • Buy selected JBL products from participating stores and dealers
  • Purchase must be from Oct 29-Dec 31
  • Customer must register the purchased item in harmanwarranty.com

Jbl Promo 2021 • Jbl Devices You Should Buy This Christmas

I hope this guide helped you choose something for your family out there and somehow made it easier for you to find a gift for you (or your family) this Christmas.

For more details about the promo, visit JBL Philippines’ Official Facebook page, @jblph on Instagram, and @jblph_official on TikTok.

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