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Finding affordable and safe hotels with the RedDoorz app

People are eager to travel again, but they need assurance that their destination and accommodation’s sanitary standards are rigorous. Moreover, with the pandemic still in place, we are definitely of utmost concern about our safety. Being careful during this time is still the best way to go about traveling during the holidays. But, of course, we all aim to be in a place worth visiting, convenient, and free from worries.

If you’re planning to go out of town, it’s best to make sure you’ll be booking safe stays. More so, hoteliers and accommodation providers must also regain the trust and confidence of travelers by implementing strict safety measures. Thus, it’s best to book on a platform that fully complies with safety and health standards like RedDoorz. So if you are on the hunt for affordable and safe hotels, the RedDoorz app might be of great help to you.

Reddoorz • Finding Affordable And Safe Hotels With The Reddoorz App

RedDoorz is a technology-driven hotel management and booking platform. It opened its doors in the Philippines in January 2018. With over 1000 properties across Southeast Asia, its vision is to enable people to travel more and provide an affordable, reliable stay in all major cities and destinations.

Since it is an ecosystem that benefits both travelers and stay partners, customers who book RedDoorz can expect quality and affordable prices in the market while also enjoying a set of standardized amenities, which include free WiFi, clean, spotless rooms, comfy beds, satellite TVs, clean washrooms, toiletries, and the like.

The RedDoorz mobile app, downloadable for free on Android and iOS, allows users to book a room within just a few clicks, providing a safe and hassle-free experience.

Reasons to choose RedDoorz

Easy 3-Step Booking Process

Download the RedDoorz mobile app for the online booking of your Reddoorz hotel on the go. The Reddoorz mobile app provides a user-friendly mobile interface for booking hotels online. Also, stay updated with the latest Reddoorz offers and last-minute hotel deals.

RedDoorz has an easy 3-Step Online Hotel booking process:

1) Choose a location where you want to stay.
2) Compare hotel prices, reviews & ratings of the hotel, room amenities & choose the best deals in your budget.
3) Book your Room by either choosing the Pay at Hotel or Advance Payment Option.

HygienePass Certified Hotels

During the COVID-19 pandemic, both sanitation and proper hygiene play a significant role in keeping you and all your loved safe and healthy. So it’s a good thing that businesses across the country have implemented sanitation and disinfecting to be part of the protocol not just to reopen but also to prevent everyone, including their own employees, from getting sick.

Reddoorz Hygienepass • Finding Affordable And Safe Hotels With The Reddoorz App

Realme Philippines

You don’t need to worry and doubt the safety of cleanliness once you book your stay in any of the RedDoorz Philippines properties. With the HygienePass Certification Program, RedDoorz promises guests a safe and clean place to stay for their travel leisure and/or quarantine needs. This is precisely the reason RedDoorz’s clean promise, HygienePass Certification, for its guests is ideal for your safe travels.

The HygienePass Certification Programme follows the requirements of the new normal through maintaining a set of robust cleanliness, hygiene, and sanitation protocols. Further, it now serves as a strong hygiene and sanitation badge that essential workers, frontline health workers, and other travelers seek when booking hotels.

Reddoorz Hygienepass 1 • Finding Affordable And Safe Hotels With The Reddoorz App

You can always find their safe and comfortable hotels at just the tip of your fingers. All you have to do is search for your target location, and preferred #HygienePass hotels will be shown on the app. Hygiene Pass certified hotels have blue badges on top that say ‘hygiene pass.’

To add, RedDoorz PH properties in Metro Manila, Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao have fully vaccinated staff. What’s more, all of RedDoorz hotels implement checking of body temperature and advise guests to fulfill health declaration forms upon check-in. Alcohol stations can also be found in hotel lobbies, and frequently-touched surfaces are cleaned so you can enjoy your vacation without having to worry about the safety and health of those you love.

Note, however, that their properties do have different requirements needed. You can check the requirements of the specific property in mind by going to the website.

RedDoorz Deals 

RedDoorz has different room rates depending on location and room type. They also offer special pricing when booking more than one night.

In the app, you may look for properties under different price ranges such as PHP 700, PHP 700-PHP 800, PHP 800-PHP 1,000, and above PHP 1,000 per night. Moreover, RedDoorz also has various promos and offers for customers that you may check out in the app.

Reddoorz Offers • Finding Affordable And Safe Hotels With The Reddoorz App

What RedDoorz has in store this Holiday season

RedDoorz has a lot in store this season, from discounts, RedClub perks, and gifts.

Reddoorz Sale • Finding Affordable And Safe Hotels With The Reddoorz App

It offers its YEAR END SALE, allowing customers to save up 20% off on its last-minute drop for this year. The promo runs from December 15 to 31, 2021. Moreover, this promo is available on selected properties in the Philippines. Head over to this link for the complete list of properties.

So there! It’s undeniably great that people can still enjoy a holiday vacation outside their homes while prioritizing safety with RedDoorz. Happy Holidays!