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Bing in HTML 5 brings sexy back to search

This video came out last month during the beta launch of Microsoft’s IE9 and while I must admit the new browser is interesting, this video demo of Bing on HTML5 is pretty impressive.

Demo starts at around 1:18 with a video background running on Bing’s homepage. See clip below.

Search has somewhat moved from being just on the homepage to becoming an integrated part of the browser (search bar). Microsoft’s Bing wants to bring sexy back to search so you’d want to bookmark it and make it your default page.

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12 Responses

  1. Joshua says:

    It’s good to see that HTML 5 is getting used

  2. hell yeah says:

    wow! dynamically unfolds and hardware accelerated html with animations..impressive! Micro$oft is Back

  3. Fleeb says:



    “The problem we’re facing right now is there is already a lot of excitement for HTML5, but it’s a little too early to deploy it because we’re running into interoperability issues,” including differences between video on devices, said the official, Philippe Le Hegaret, W3C interaction domain leader. He is responsible for specifications like HTML and SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics).

  4. jun says:

    grrrr.. IE is the only browser that is not standard with the rest of browser… sya lang kakaiba :) pahirap sa mga developer…

  5. Fleeb says:

    @Jun, they are trying to make IE9 as compliant to W3C standards as much as possible so it’s a welcome relief. If you are referring to versions IE7 and below, well yes. IE8 to an extent even. Stupid box model alone :(

  6. Teknisyan says:

    I did download and used IE 9.0 beta but it affected other application like YM, AIM and browsers on my computer, so after trying it for 2 weeks, I decided to uninstall it. :(

  7. Teknisyan says:

    So far ie 90 looks promising.. but I’ll just for the full version. Hopefully the conflict with other application have been ironed out! :)

  8. jan says:

    9 versions later and IE’s HTML5/CSS3 support is still pathetic compared to the other browser versions that are already available:


    it seems they only focused on the wow factor, i.e. hardware acceleration, instead of fixing the compatibility issues that the dev community’s been complaining about.

    i’m really glad this browser’s share is declining as more standards-compliant browsers like chrome and firefox are getting more popular.

  9. beef says:

    @Jan– true.. but focusing on the wow factor and not fixing compatibility issues (right away, or rather than fix them they make their own standard) has worked for some companies like Apple.. so I guess MS is giving it a whirl too..

  10. remar says:

    is this really for real? i mean if html5 will be used, so there are no bugs? i know this good but as what i see, if bugs are not yet fixed this may not be used and it will just be a waste.

  11. MS has always been focused on the WOW factor. Regardless of bugs on their applications, they will still release on delivery date.

    It’s the Marketing Hype baby!

  12. HTML 5 will be the Flash killer.. but there is still hope for Flash in the form of Facebook Games.

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