Blog Analysis Part I: Top Viewed Posts

Blog Analysis Part I: Top Viewed Posts

To better understand the traffic of your blog, you will need to identify and dissect the source of referrals you get.

During the Gloriagate scandal last May, I decided to install and use Top10 plugin to track down page views of each blog entry. This allows me to check which posts are still “hot” even after they’re already burried deep in the archives.

Today, I checked the Top 20 most viewed posts and see which ones are still getting hits ’til now:

Top 20 Viewed Posts


As you will notice, topping the list is the Hello Garci ringtones followed by the post on the complete Gloria-Garci tapes which I mirrored for PCIJ. It was an abnormal season for blogs (in a good way) so these stats are an isolated case.

The more interesting part here is the post on Sey of Pinoy Big Brother and Smart WiFi, both of which are still getting daily hits because of search engines, primarily Google.

My WordPress Image Hack followed suit and got its number because several prominent blogs in the WordPress community got wind of it and spread the word.

The rest of the posts in the Top 20 are a mix of Google’s magic and a farely good discussion on some intriguing/interesting topics.

So, what did we learn from this short dissection? Blog both ways — blog for your audience and blog for Google. A good mix of both will continuously increase your blog traffic. I just realize this is an insider tip to those gunning for Pinoy Top Blogs front page.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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    comment kulang kay nene crush kulang syaat kay say galingan nya kun ako nakalagayan nila gagalingan ko din kaso wala akung sapat na pera para sumali gusto ko din sumali kaso pano

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