Post-Summit Metrics

Post-Summit Metrics

Two of the online metrics that I monitor after each speaking engagement I’m involved with are my Technorati Links and my Feedburner subscriptions. These two figures allow me to measure how many more bloggers I am able to reach or how many people are interested to the topics I talked about that they subscribe to my feeds.

Just before the iBlog2, I had 288 sites linking in and today that number broke the 300 mark. Not big enough considering that most of the links I got are form people who consistently linked to my blog before that. However, I am sure the rest of the co-speakers (and attendees as well) got a boost in their Technorati figures.


Feedburner RSS

My RSS subscription got the highest boost though and first time I broke the 100 mark (it’s around 124 as I write this from the 90+ last week.)

I just hope I don’t disappoint those who subscribed to my feeds for more of them original and better content. :D

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