Four PC Browsers You Need to Try Today

Four PC Browsers You Need to Try Today

PC browsers are your gateways to the world wide web. We give you a list of browsers that could potentially be your new web friend.

Leave it to Internet Explorer (or Microsoft Edge) for downloading another browser or Google’s Chrome for keeping that Google sync services, whatever device you may use, everyone has their personal choice to install a PC browser that suit their tastes and needs.

Here are some of those browsers you may not have heard of, in no particular order.


After Mozilla’s founder Brendan Eich left the company he worked for years, he developed another browser called Brave which is brave enough for a lot of reasons. Nope, we’re not talking about how he removed core features but rather incorporating built-in privacy, phishing, malware, cookies, and ad protection, not to mention the support for remembering your choice of online payment and the ability to load pages faster than your current browser. It’s available for PC, MacOS and Linux users but folks can also take advantage of its cross-platform sync and download the mobile versions on Android and iOS platforms.



We featured Vivaldi before, the up-and-coming browser that may remind you of the old Opera browser, partly because its founders are also ex-Opera executives, and mainly because of the fact that a lot of its core features are derived from Opera such as note-taking on the left side bar, mouse gestures, and stacked tabs.

In addition, the browser also presents its historical data in a more engaging way along with charts and analysis that you may find useful. Vivaldi is still in its infancy but shows a lot of promise with unique functionality. Download the browser here.

Opera Neon

Speaking of Opera — the now Chinese-backed browser company has launched an experimental browser earlier this year called Neon, where it puts its stake on the future of web browsing. Think of visual tabs, a more youthful Speed Dial, and in-browser split-screen mode keeps the project’s hopes of reinvigorating what seems to be a boring browser that everyone knows. It’s available for download on both Windows and MacOS on their website.


Torch is not that new when it comes to internet browsers but it has a lot of features that would make you take a second look and reconsider. It’s one of the few that has a built-in torrent support, a media downloader, a built-in media player, and an in-browser option to customize your Facebook interface. It’s available only for Windows machines {download here}.

We know there are a lot of both old and new browsers that many still use, so we do hope you chime in the comments section and share with us your favorite one!

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  1. Alex says:

    Poor grammar is difficult to read.

  2. Alex says:

    Reading comprehension is just fine or I would not have noticed the poor grammar ;-)

  3. JIN says:

    For web developers Firefox still the best bcoz Firefox has firebug.

    By the way Yugatech, why is it UC Browser not included in the list?

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