Samsung Galaxy S3 finally gets Android 4.3

Samsung Galaxy S3 finally gets Android 4.3

After the frustrating delay, the long wait of the Samsung Galaxy SIII users is now coming to an end. Samsung has finally started rolling out the much-awaited Android 4.3 update to the last year’s flagship.

The former Galaxy flagship gets the treat it deserves. Skipping the 4.2 update, the Galaxy S III is jumping right ahead to Android 4.3 “Jelly Bean” which brings some new features under-the-hood. Also, the latest version of Samsung’s proprietary TouchWiz is on board. That means you’ll get some Galaxy S4 and Note 3 features.


Here is the list of changes and improvements (by SamMobile):
– TRIM Support (Makes the device much faster)
– ANT+ Support
– Core UI elements updated to the ones on the Galaxy S4 (Galaxy S4?s theme all over)
– New Samsung Keyboard
– GPU drivers have been updated (Higher GPU benchmark scores)
– New Lockscreen: Multiple Widgets, improved ripple effect than Android 4.1.2, ability to change clock size and set a personal message
– New Screen modes (From S4): Adapt Display and Professional Photo
– Daydream
– Driving mode
– Actionable notifications
– Move-to-SD-card feature
– New Camera mode : Sound and Shot
– New Additions in Notification Centre
– Completely revamped Settings UI (Tabbed interface – Exactly like the Galaxy S4)
– Implementation of Voice controls (Let’s you control various parts of the phone using voice commands – Galaxy S4 feature)
– New Samsung Apps: Calculator, Clock, Contacts, Gallery, Music
– Full screen Samsung apps
– New S-Voice (from Galaxy S4)

The update is currently rolling out first in Ireland. Other regions of course will follow including the Philippines. Keep in mind that the update is for the international Galaxy S III (GT-I9300).


This article was contributed by Daniel Morial, a film school graduate and technology enthusiast. He's the geeky encyclopedia and salesman among his friends for anything tech.

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120 Responses

  1. kim says:

    bossing may idea ba kayo regarding the i9305? wala kasi ako nabasa so far for the ETA for i9305 eh. sana soon yay.

    • Daniel Morial says:

      No known news yet. Sorry.

    • kim says:

      @Daniel thank you ng marami bossing for the immediate reply :), hoping soon for the i9305 as I’m craving for it for a long time, hindi ko kasi gusto ung custom roms like cyanogen daming bugs pa eh I prefer customized stock.

    • luiz says:

      pards! bat d mo nlng itry LG G2. mas detailed yung captures nya dahil sa OIS camera! astig to pramis! #honesto #G2

    • kim says:

      @luiz tinanong ko specifically iyong i9305 kasi ito ung phone ko, I’m not asking to buy a new phone. Anyway still up to this day wala pa rin for i9305 even on xda sadly.

    • Marry Lou says:

      kim. try mo mag LG, napakaganda talaga ng features. grabe. yung knockOn palang at yung rear key nakakabelieve na :)

  2. mang kanor says:

    Daniel, ikaw ba iyong kumanta ng “neseye ne eng lehet”?

  3. jtuazon says:

    panu naman yung s3 mini?

    • Yusuf says:

      From what I’ve heard, the S3 mini won’t be getting the 4.2/4.3 update because of TouchWiz issues.

  4. jayo says:

    akala ko may new update na sa pinas..

    • Arn says:

      If updates lang rin nmn sa pinas pag uusapan. why wont you try LG G2. It’s debut has already been launched. See more details sa page pards :)

    • Marc Daniel says:

      If all you want is update, LG G2 is already out in the market. All of the comments in all of the articles are positive. Check them :)

  5. cimone says:

    4.3? i heard there is 4.4 kitkat now from Nexus 5

  6. nile says:

    nexus has Android 4.4 kit kat :)

  7. carlito says:

    i think g2 is better to other smartphone

  8. Reinhard says:

    Tagal pa ung sa pinas,globe plan akin and nag search ako mga 2-3 months pa… cant w8, ayaw ko ng magroot gsto ko official :D

  9. mrkwuzhir says:

    A rooted version of this will be better. S3 user here. :) hi yuga!

  10. gian says:

    How about note 2 guys,
    do you have any information?

    • luiz says:

      kung detail rin lng nmn ang concerns o na di mabigay ng gusto mong brand. Why won’t you try LG G2. Actually informations are already flooding the market :)

  11. carla says:

    really 4.3 I’ve heard, the S3 mini won’t be getting the 4.2/4.3 update because of TouchWiz issues.

  12. jay says:

    i wanna try LG G2 nababasa q sa ibang link this G2 is the best smartphone…

  13. zorro says:

    i wish that, i can afford bka sobrang mahal nyan..

    • luiz says:

      If price rin lng nmn pag uusapan, try to consider LG G2. SRP 2990 lng. Full blown with exciting features na agad! pede mo rin iplan sa globe ng Plan 1799 :)

    • twodirection says:

      ngayon ata yung G2 is 1399 na sa globe plan.

    • Todd says:

      It is available at globe. Yours at 1399.

      999 Postpaid Plan
      400 cashout/monthly
      24 month contract

      Great deal, trust me! :)

  14. zorro says:

    do you have a promo this no. and dec.bcoz i dont have a anything news..

  15. joy says:

    hmmmm, much better if you also try smartphone like LG G2. :)

  16. dimple says:

    how about the price? bka sobrang taas ng price nito.

    • Lennie says:

      LG G2 fan na talaga ako. HAHA! sobrang exciting ng feature. d ko na to kaya. I must grab one now.

    • toeknee says:

      true, like other phone panget yung specs then sobra mahal. unlike LG better na yung quality and phone features talang worth to buy.

  17. genie says:

    introducing phones every month! they still don’t get what their market need? mmmh? i hope they can think like LG! trying to chose btw G2 and S4, happy to chose G2 ^^

    • luiz says:

      aw. grabe! HAVING A g2 IS LIKE A DREAM COME TRUE! sobrang fun ng mga pede ko iexplore. you must grab one now :)

    • Ray says:

      Well, we really can’t ignore that Samsung is also doing well in terms of adding features.

      But I have to agree with you on this one. LG is currently doing well in their products and innovation. Mostly focusing on providing their consumers a better smartphone “experience”.

    • luiz says:

      yap. Samsung is really a good product but sometimes we have to try something new. Something that can trigger you mind like LG G2 :)

    • Lennie says:

      Luiz I thin you’re right. Maybe it’s about time to try something new, something better, something like LG G2 :)

  18. fanatic says:

    onga samsung mag release na kayo ng SRP ng makapag decide na kung LG G2 ba o S4

  19. luiz says:

    aw, grabe. LG debut fever na talaga to! I want LG G2. Sana this Chrismas meron na ko :)

  20. kenjie says:

    super agree ako that G2 is the best smartphone in the word because of new features like knock on,guest mode and OIS camera…

  21. mary gent says:

    awtsu. LG fever in the house. kaya dapat na tayong pumunta sa mga pinakamurang mall para bumili. early chrismas promo. LG+pocketphoto+quick window case :) db ang saya :) SRP 29,990 :)

  22. rizamae says:

    android 4.3? try nexus android 4.3 :)

  23. yesh says:

    yeah LG Nexus is android 4.4

  24. alexandra says:

    you can try G2 that have many specs and features also affordable price…

  25. fakunoda says:

    really 4.3 I’ve heard, the S3 mini won’t be getting the 4.2/4.3 update because of TouchWiz issues.

  26. jhonny says:

    G2 fever they have many promo for us.. compare to other company..

  27. sarah says:

    nice article, Nice LG G flex.

  28. ryan says:

    as I was browsing through the comments to know or to at least have an idea why my i9305 has no 4.3 update yet, di ko mapigilan mapansing yung comments about sa LG G2. Are you guys from LG? srsly?

  29. prince says:

    Lg sucks seriously note 2 kicked G2’s a$$

  30. ven says:

    Iisa lang ang nagpopost ng LG G2 na yan. Look at the smileys at way ng pagcocomment, pare-parehas lang.

    Anyway, still waiting for the update. It’s taking too long to arrive. Nauna nag-announce ang Samsung kesa sa HTC sa update na ‘to, 2 weeks yata, pero nauna pa silang mag-update kesa satin, WTF, Samsung?

  31. raindrops says:

    tagal naman ng 4.3 update :/

    • samsung fanboy says:

      I checked kanina and meron na update though hesitant ako to install it due to the articles I’ve read online regarding the numerous bugs sa updates released sa other regions. May nakapag install na ba and kumusta naman so far?

  32. Danna Carissa says:

    I have samsung galaxy i9035… and my current ios is 4.1 something.. am I already left behind??

  33. john says:

    i read in some reviews nexus has 4.4 kit kat OS already

  34. Danna Carissa Calma says:

    Will the update be applicable in s3 LTE? Cause I have the model i9305

  35. dondhie says:

    Samsung has finally started rolling out the much-awaited Android 4.3 update to the last year’s flagship.

    —-great :)

  36. Nakapag-update na ako. Hindi sya lumitaw sa auto-update, kailangan ko pang icheck sa Settings. Subukan nyo, baka available na sa inyo. Good luck sa update, guys!!

  37. samsung fanboy says:

    Meron na ngang update! Sino na updated and so far kumusta? Ironed out na ba mga bugs? May significant changes?

    Hindi siya lalabas sa auto-update, you have to manually check for software updates sa S3 or use Samsung Kies :)

  38. Lloyd says:

    meron na sa pinas.
    solve na lahat ng issue.

  39. magian51691 says:

    I think the reason why the update for s3 took so long was because it was reported to had many issues. I had updated my s3 few days ago, so far, I had no serious problems experiencing. I’m still waiting if I’ll have battery problems (although I already had it even before). The only drawback is that my Toucher Pro is not working completely okay. Anyway, it’s no biggie.

  40. chris says:

    I Updated my GT-I9305 last week via OTA so far wala naman bug and It made my phone faster visual wise ang nag bago lang dito ay ung transparent notification panel, revamped UI (which looks like SGS4 and Note 3) and tons of new bloatwares from samsung the only thing that I like is the Knox

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