Technorati’s Philippine Top 100 Blogs

The Philippines Top 100 Blogs is an editorial compilation of Pinoy or Filipino-descent bloggers and their respective blogs that tops the Technorati Authority Ranking. The current list may changed on a daily basis and may not reflect the actual standings. This list will be updated as regularly as possible.

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    Philippine Top 100 Blogs by Technorati

  1. P o n d P e r s p e c t i v e by ribbiticus
    Technorati Rank: 2,317 – 1,524 links from 787 blogs
  2. Le Superstar Fabuleux by Bryanboy
    Technorati Rank: 3,023 – 1,310 links from 668 blogs
  3. Midlife Mysteries by Cathy Babao Guballa
    Technorati Rank: 7,004 – 732 links from 395 blogs
  4. Finestkind Clinic and Fish Market by Nancy Reyes
    Technorati Rank: 7,107 – 819 links from 390 blogs
  5. Touched by an Angel by Noemi Dado
    Technorati Rank: Rank: 7,860 – 1,420 links from 360 blogs
  6. Online Blog of Jessica zafra
    Technorati Rank: 8,730 – 592 links from 341 blogs
  7. Dessert First by Lori Baltazar
    Technorati Rank: 9,488 – 588 links from 316 blogs
  8. Alaism by Ala Paredes
    Technorati Rank: 9,897 – 518 links from 305 blogs
  9. The Biotech Weblog by Ruth Schaffer
    Technorati Rank: 10,298 – 1,976 links from 300 blogs
  10. shmula by Peter Abilla
    Technorati Rank: 10,806 – 606 links from 291 blogs
  11. The Parenting Weblog by Melissa Atienza-Petri
    Technorati Rank: 10,896 – 2,044 links from 289 blogs
  12. Misteryosa by Shari Cruz
    Technorati Rank: 11,162 – 764 links from 283 blogs
  13. Manuel L. Quezon III by Manolo Quezon
    Technorati Rank: 11,606 – 739 links from 273 blogs
  14. The Composed Gentleman by Eric Ariel Salas
    Technorati Rank: 11,606 – 1,329 links from 273 blogs
  15. Pinoy Cook by Connie Veneracion
    Technorati Rank: 12,145 – 726 links from 263 blogs
  16. The Flyaway Weblog by Melissa Atienza-Petri
    Technorati Rank: 12,429 – 2,020 links from 260 blogs
  17. Jammed: Full into Capacity by Jam
    Technorati Rank: 12,703 – 800 links from 257 blogs
  18. Leon Kilat ::: The Cybercafe Experiments by Max Limpag
    Technorati Rank: 12,855 – 429 links from 255 blogs
  19. Adventures of the Coconuter
    Technorati Rank: 13,221 – 367 links from 250 blogs
  20. Pinoy Tech Blog
    Technorati Rank: 13,450 – 669 links from 246 blogs
  21. Rickey by Rickey Yaneza
    Technorati Rank: 13,618 – 672 links from 243 blogs
  22. House on a Hill by Connie Veneracion
    Technorati Rank: 13,921 – 954 links from 238 blogs
  23. Nostalgia Manila by Nostalgia Manila
    Technorati Rank: 13,921 – 1,063 links from 238 blogs
  24. Inside PCIJ by Shiela Coronel & Aleck Pabico, et. al.
    Technorati Rank: 14,159 – 1,124 links from 234 blogs
  25. Basang Panaginip
    Technorati Rank: 14,303 – 521 links from 232 blogs
  26. Peri’s Postings by Peri
    Technorati Rank: 14,665 – 386 links from 226 blogs
  27. Our Awesome Planet by Anton Diaz
    Technorati Rank: 14,221 – 1,428 links from 233 blogs

  28. Allergizer by Ruth Schaffer
    Technorati Rank: 14,303 – 1,502 links from 232 blogs
  29. Shai Coggins
    Technorati Rank: 14,618 – 405 links from 227 blogs
  30. Make Money Online by Shai Coggins
    Technorati Rank: 15,040 – 381 links from 223 blogs
  31. The Man Blog by Mike Villar & Co.
    Technorati Rank: 15,213 – 932 links from 221 blogs
  32. L U V E D {dot} net by Pat
    Technorati Rank: 15,289 – 535 links from 220 blogs
  33. Rebel Pixel by Markku Seguerra
    Technorati Rank: 15,354 – 602 links from 219 blogs
  34. A Bugged Life by Jayvee Fernandez
    Technorati Rank: 15,568 – 746 links from 216 blogs
  35. Filipina Soul by Grace & Maricar
    Technorati Rank: 16,015 – 355 links from 210 blogs
  36. Let’s Visit Asia by Ruth Schaffer
    Technorati Rank: 16,015 – 355 links from 210 blogs
  37. The Scent of Green Bananas by K. Santos
    Technorati Rank: 16,091 – 505 links from 209 blogs
  38. Writing on Air by Jim Paredes
    Technorati Rank: 16,162 – 328 links from 208 blogs
  39. Escape Blog by Melissa Atienza-Petri
    Technorati Rank: 16,455 – 516 links from 204 blogs
  40. Tops 2 Bottoms by Sasha Manuel
    Technorati Rank: 16,631 – 369 links from 202 blogs
  41. *Jozzua by Elymar Apao
    Technorati Rank: 16,972 – 357 links from 198 blogs
  42. Europe String by Melissa Atienza-Petri
    Technorati Rank: 17,070 – 404 links from 197 blogs
  43. The After Mac by Dickoy Magdaraog
    Technorati Rank: 17,498 – 323 links from 194 blogs
  44. Manilenya by Nalen
    Technorati Rank: 17,724 – 783 links from 192 blogs
  45. Pinoy Big Blogger by Retzwerx
    Technorati Rank: 18,697 – 712 links from 183 blogs
  46. Cellphone9 by Jayvee Fernandez
    Technorati Rank: 12,407 – 656 links from 182 blogs
  47. Alleba Blog by Andrew dela Serna
    Technorati Rank: 19,116 – 308 links from 181 blogs
  48. Self Help Diva by Shai Coggins
    Technorati Rank: 18,924 – 322 links from 181 blogs
  49. Random Takes by Migs Paraz
    Technorati Rank: 20,538 – 420 links from 169 blogs
  50. Manila Daily Photo by Analie Astorga
    Technorati Rank: 21,722 – 417 links from 160 blogs
  51. Mga Kwentong Tambay by Nicanor David
    Technorati Rank: 21,853 – 1,048 links from 159 blogs
  52. Let’s Visit Asia by Ruth Schaffer
    Technorati Rank: 16,220 – 234 links from 150 blogs
  53. by Marc Macalua
    Technorati Rank: 13,309 – 261 links from 150 blogs
  54. Roland Tanglao’s Weblog by Robert Tanglao
    Technorati Rank: 24,220 – 418 links from 143 blogs
  55. Super Bianca by Bianca Gonzales
    Technorati Rank: 24,853 – 190 links from 139 blogs
  56. Filipino Librarian by Von Jobi
    Technorati Rank: 31,151 – 390 links from 112 blogs
  57. SEO Philippines by Marc Macalua
    Technorati Rank: 32,683 – 339 links from 107 blogs
  58. Katesgasis by Kates Gasis
    Technorati Rank: 33,036 – 493 links from 106 blogs
  59. Parallel Universes by Dr. Emer
    Technorati Rank: 36,256 – 220 links from 98 blogs
  60. Market Manila by The Market Man
    Technorati Rank: 23,458 – 316 links from 148 blogs
  61. Jaypee Online by Jaypee Habaradas
    Technorati Rank: 24,775 – 243 links from 141 blogs
  62. Notes from the Peanut Gallery by Dean Alfar
    Technorati Rank: 26,839 – 301 links from 129 blogs
  63. Ajay’s Writings on the Wall by Annalyn Jusay
    Technorati Rank: 27,249 – 299 links from 127 blogs
  64. Ellen Tordesillas
    Technorati Rank: 27,889 – 607 links from 124 blogs
  65. Ups And Downs by Hezron Mariano
    Technorati Rank: 28,641 – 177 links from 121 blogs
  66. Pinoy Travel Blog
    Technorati Rank: 29,724 – 419 links from 117 blogs
  67. by Victor Villanueva
    Technorati Rank: 34,346 – 306 links from 103 blogs
  68. Wifey Steps by Toni Marikit
    Technorati Rank: 34,727 – 279 links from 102 blogs
  69. The Sassy Lawyer’s Journal by Connie Veneracion
    Technorati Rank: 38,345 – 448 links from 93 blogs
  70. Philippine Culture | A Filipino Family on the Web by Manuel Viloria
    Technorati Rank: 38,812 – 1,166 links from 92 blogs
  71. Village idiot savant by Dominique Cimafranca
    Technorati Rank: 40,164 – 311 links from 89 blogs
  72. Rockers World by Karla Vanessa Redor
    Technorati Rank: 40,692 – 238 links from 88 blogs
  73. Beautynomics – The Economics of Vanity by Sophia Joyce Uy
    Technorati Rank: 41,618 – 415 links from 86 blogs
  74. Mental Foreplay Journal by Pam Pastor
    Technorati Rank: 43,168 – 173 links from 83 blogs
  75. Eating the Sun by Ian Casocot
    Technorati Rank: 43,693 – 141 links from 82 blogs
  76. By Jove! by Jove Francisco
    Technorati Rank: 44,775 – 206 links from 80 blogs
  77. Now What, Cat? by Cathy Black
    Technorati Rank: 45,326 – 555 links from 79 blogs
  78. I Flail at Life [blogging since 1996] by Lauren Dado
    Technorati Rank: 33,614 – 162 links from 77 blogs
  79. Ivan About Town by Ivan Henares
    Technorati Rank: 34,045 – 207 links from 76 blogs
  80. The failures in life of Mike Villar by Mike Villar
    Technorati Rank: 47,170 – 352 links from 76 blogs
  81. gameshogun by JC John SESE Cuneta
    Technorati Rank: 34,545 – 1,002 links from 75 blogs
  82. Pinoy Penman by Jose “Butch” Dalisay Jr.
    Technorati Rank: 48,452 – 126 links from 74 blogs
  83. Twelve Seven; silly journal
    Technorati Rank: 35,028 – 131 links from 74 blogs
  84. Motorcycle Philippines by Bimbo Isidro
    Technorati Rank: 49,841 – 184 links from 72 blogs
  85. GeekLamador by Jong Abad
    Technorati Rank: 35,987 – 140 links from 72 blogs
  86. Newsstand by John Nery
    Technorati Rank: 36,495 – 1,202 links from 71 blogs
  87. A Gelay Log by Angela Solis
    Technorati Rank: 50,606 – 231 links from 71 blogs
  88. Byahilo by Eric Dormido
    Technorati Rank: 51,362 – 293 links from 70 blogs
  89. Gigi Goes Gaga by Gigi
    Technorati Rank: 37,550 – 243 links from 69 blogs
  90. Mobile Philippines Online
    Technorati Rank: 39,939 – 249 links from 65 blogs
  91. (11/12) how now, brownpau? by Paulo Ordoveza
    Technorati Rank: 39,939 – 158 links from 65 blogs
  92. Pinoy Urban Blog
    Technorati Rank: 55,500 – 199 links from 65 blogs
  93. English Patis by Celia K
    Technorati Rank: 56,437 – 167 links from 64 blogs
  94. allergy-free!
    Technorati Rank: 41,236 – 162 links from 63 blogs
  95. The Shadow Of Abaniko by Abaniko
    Technorati Rank: 41,236 – 144 links from 63 blogs
  96. PinayExpat by Melissa Atienza-Petri
    Technorati Rank: 58,441 – 175 links from 62 blogs
  97. Mga Turo ni Tito Rolly
    Technorati Rank: 44,104 – 109 links from 59 blogs
  98. Ate Sienna
    Technorati Rank: 44,867 – 140 links from 58 blogs
  99. Masterbetong’s on-going journey
    Technorati Rank: 63,015 – 498 links from 58 blogs

159 Responses

  1. Avatar for bob bob says:

    I also want to join this program but my blog is only 2 months old. How to join? Please let me know.

  2. Avatar for Mikejuha Mikejuha says:

    How can one join?

  3. How I wish I can be one on the list soon…

  4. Avatar for markus markus says:

    is this some sort of formula to get to the top..? shed some light guys…

  5. Avatar for Kristina M. Kristina M. says:

    Great share, great article, very usefull for me. Your thought of article is very much creative and interesting to read.

  6. Avatar for Minda C. Minda C. says:

    Thanks for this useful article. Your site is very useful for me .I bookmarked your site!

  7. Avatar for rockpinoy rockpinoy says:

    paano mapapasali site ko sa ranking?… thanks

  8. Avatar for rockpinoy rockpinoy says:

    paano mapapasali site ko sa ranking?… bago lang kasi ako sa blog…

  9. I’m submitting my website for entry.
    L.A. Zamboanga Times was established in Los Angeles on Oct. 12, 1986. On August 8, 2000, L.A. Zamboanga Times became an online (only) publication. As of today we have had close to 250,000 hits. Thank you.

    John L. Shinn III

  10. Avatar for John John says: Come and join the blog and express your thoughts towards matters in the Philippines that the government is purposely ignoring or just does not care. Lets bring back responsibility to the country

  11. Avatar for Kristine Kristine says:

    Hi, I was trying to submit my blog (about freelance writing, as well as freelance writing jobs and leads – I update it daily.) to Philippines Top Blogs, but I always get an error :(

  12. congratulations sa mga nakapasok sa top100

  13. Avatar for jonhar jonhar says:

    These are the best blogs in the Philippines. I am hoping to be part of this list within this year. :)

  14. I checked the blogs and they look great

  15. Hi! this is my blog stat: Rank: 24,900 Authority: 169 How will I know if I am qualified? Thanks!

  16. Avatar for PLAYLIFE PLAYLIFE says:

    how can I have this in my site?

  17. Avatar for sherwin sherwin says:


    i’d love to be included in this listing.

    here’s my current ranking at technorati:

    Rank: 60,385 (167 links from 70 blogs)

    Thanks and more power!

  18. Avatar for anton anton says:

    Hi Abe,
    pa update na lang yung technorati rank ko :)


  19. Avatar for Abe Olandres Abe Olandres says:

    Hi Tess,

    Unfortunately, I am filtering out bloggers who have joined in the 2000 Blogger Project as it was used to artificially inflate rankings in Technorati.

  20. So do you rank blogs by relevance or authority?

    Philippines, Pilipinas, Filipino, Pinoy?

    How do you actually do it?

    Culture Shiok!

  21. Avatar for aaron aaron says:

    wow doc tess, heavy!

  22. Avatar for Tess Termulo Tess Termulo says:

    Here’s mine:

    Prudence and Madness
    Rank: 5,715 (751 links from 504 blogs)

  23. Avatar for Eugene Eugene says:

    Im filipino but dont blog about filipino/philippines, will my site/blog qualify as filipino blog?

  24. Avatar for nightfox nightfox says:

    wow.. amazing..

  25. Avatar for aaron aaron says:

    I don’t know if I’m valid for this but

    Aaron Roselo : This Boy’s Back in Town
    (362 links from 91 blogs)

  26. Avatar for Euri Euri says:

    @ fruityoaty, jhay ~
    The ranking is being updated manually by Abe, just in case you didn’t know. That is why there are a lot of Filipino blogs that aren’t included in the rankings. :)

  27. Avatar for benj benj says:


    Rank: 63,531 (130 links from 60 blogs)

    I made it. lol.

  28. Avatar for jhay jhay says:

    I wonder how does a blog really makes it into the list?

    I checked my blog and here’s what Technorati shows:

    Rank: 23,113 (647 links from 157 blogs)

    Does this qualify my blog for inclusion? I’m just really puzzled as to how blogs make it into the list.

  29. Avatar for fruityoaty fruityoaty says:

    Rank: 36,808 (146 links from 98 blogs)

    Doesn’t that put in the Top 100?

    I’m Filipino-Canadian. Technically speaking, I actually have dual citizenship… so, I’m eligible, hmm?

  30. Avatar for Elber Elber says:
    Rank: 63,827 (269 links from 58 blogs)

    Hindi pa ako nakasabit sa top 100! Oh well…

  31. Avatar for Jaypee Jaypee says:

    Btw, I’m now using and not the .tk domain.

  32. Avatar for Jaypee Jaypee says:

    How come my blog is not included in the list? :(

    From my current Technorati ranking, I should have made it to #63.

  33. Avatar for Abe Olandres Abe Olandres says:

    Sorry, the original explanation for this was removed when I updated the list. Checking is done manually although I have a database of over 5,000 Filipino blogs. The Philippine blogosphere is so small it’s hard to miss a popular blog.

    I did several cross-searches thru Technorati tags search and Google Blog Search as well as all the blogs included in PinoyBlog & PinoyTopBlogs.

    Surely, I could have missed a couple but the bigger question is what makes a Philippine blog or a blogger Filipino? There’s a loose definition and this list is by no means a definitive one. Anybody can actually make their own list.

  34. Avatar for benj benj says:

    If he does use a manual way of checking links, there’s a huge a possibility of leaving out other blogs. That’s why people have been leaving comments about possibly “left out” blogs.

  35. Avatar for Jericho Jericho says:

    So, what benj is saying Abe has his own formula?

    Does he mind explaining it?


  36. Avatar for benj benj says:

    That wasnt my point.

    The blogs are ranked based on the number links. Technorati is a site that tracks the number of incoming links towards a particular site. Obviously, Abe can’t just manually check all the sites in the the Pinoy Blogosphere just to check the rankings. He must have some technorati compiler that does this for him.

    Hey Abe! *cartwheels* over here! hehehe

    Peace, man.

  37. Avatar for Jericho Jericho says:

    I’m also wondering the same thing as what benj mentioned… How do you rank the blogs? There’s no mention in technorati? Is these all just the OPINION of the blog author?


  38. Avatar for benj benj says:

    Abe, do you manually collate all these blogs or is there a function that allows you to track the top 100 per country?

  39. Avatar for Grace Grace says:

    hi, it’s good that Filipina Soul is recognized, yey! unfortunately when I clicked on the link it’s actually Let’s Visit Asia by Ruth Schaffer. Filipina Soul is a different site and written by Grace and Maricar. :-)

  40. Hi Abe, just checked again today. It’s now “Rank: 30,845 (701 links from 112 blogs)” Thanks!

  41. Avatar for yoru yoru says:

    Is this still working?

  42. Avatar for karla karla says:

    Bago na pala ranking ko :D
    197 links from 76 blogs

  43. Avatar for JONCABRON JONCABRON says:

    wow astig list.. looking forward to make it on this list pag sikat na ko … bwahahahah!

  44. Avatar for Sir Martin Sir Martin says:

    Cool list! Here’s mine, from a social science teacher with a lot to say. Well, most of the time.

  45. Avatar for Jaypee Jaypee says:

    ooppss..that last comment didn’t post everything i typed. what i wanted to say was, is that me Beng was referring to?

    also, i wanted to ask how often is this list updated. hopefully i make it on the next update. :)

  46. Avatar for Jaypee Jaypee says:

    I was never aware I am listed on Philippine Top 100 ’til Jaypee visited my site. Thank you very much for everything.

  47. awww, too bad didn’t even place. :P :)


  48. Avatar for hezron hezron says:

    pls visit my blog @ and

  49. Avatar for kathy kathy says:

    Aww first time here….just landed here when im checkin’ my friend ‘s rank in Seoph…was amazed i made it to 100th place huh?! not aware of it really coz i dun mind how many links are on my blogroll coz i do add only those who really read and givin’ time to read my post and not only wanting to be on my list for something, but its nice to know that im on the rank 100. Nice blog u have here yugatech :) and thanx for the info.Godbless…


  50. Avatar for talksmart talksmart says:

    Hi Again Abe. Is it ok if you place my name beside my link, just like the others? #28 The Composed Gentleman by Eric Ariel Salas


  51. Avatar for talksmart talksmart says:

    Wow…#28 pala ako! I checked Technorati again and I already moved up to #23. Thanks for the banner Abe :-)

  52. Avatar for Beautynomics Beautynomics says:

    Hi, please add my blog with its corresponding Technorati rank :

    Rank: 40,101 (167 links from 65 blogs)

    :) Thanks alot! :)

  53. Avatar for Ivan Ivan says:

    Hi Abe, just checked my Technorati rank today. It’s up to “Rank: 36,495 (175 links from 69 blogs)”


  54. Avatar for Shai Shai says:

    Just wondered why is no longer listed? It’s still at – Rank: 22,496 (175 links from 108 blogs)

    My other blogs are also missing out like – Rank: 26,781 (129 links from 93 blogs) and – 28,268 (138 links from 88 blogs)

    They’re all under my Technorati profile –


  55. Avatar for angelo angelo says:

    Hi Abe. I Claimed NBA Obsessed na =)

  56. Avatar for Abe Olandres Abe Olandres says:

    Hi Angelo,

    You need to claim your blog first at Technorati before we can validate and add it.

    Beng, congrats!

    The rest, I’ve updated the list na.

  57. Avatar for Beng Hafner Beng Hafner says:

    Hi Abe,

    I was never aware I am listed on Philippine Top 100 ’til Jaypee visited my site. Thank you very much for everything.

  58. Avatar for angelo angelo says:

    Hi Abe. My is supposed to be there at around number 53. Technorati: 26, 236 (284 links from 94 blogs)

    Hope to see you again sometime

    – Angelo, bro of abuggedlife’s and cellphone9’s jayvee =)

  59. Avatar for Glo Glo says:

    great list!

    nice to see Filipina Soul up there. BUT it was formerly authored by me (formerly The Philippine Culture Blog) now Grace Ibay of is blogging.

  60. Avatar for jhay jhay says:

    Didn’t made it, hehehe

    Technorati rank: 51, 750 (315 links from 49 blogs)

    There’s always the next update. :)

  61. Curious, is there a way to merge two domain names so they’ll get one result? We changed our domain name from .info to .ws and of course they have two separate result.

    Or maybe the Top 100 List you have recognize it?

    Thanks ^^

  62. Avatar for Kates Kates says:

    Nadyan pa pala ako. hmmm….

  63. Avatar for jong jong says:

    hay kala ko wala na ako sa list. :)

  64. Avatar for Paul Paul says:

    Hello, count me in please:

    The Unlawyer

    Rank: 57,040 (81 links from 48 blogs)

  65. Laki pala binagsak ng J Spot since I moved to my own server. Pero ok lang. In a span of three months balik top 100 agad. Heheh.

    Hey, still has:
    Technorati Rank: 29,312 (212 links from 87 sites)

  66. Avatar for Ivan Ivan says:

    I was about to post, it’s here na pala. Hehe! Thanks!
    By Ivan Anthony Henares
    Technorati Rank: 52,943 (91 links from 51 sites)

  67. Avatar for Cathy Cathy says:

    Wow! I just found out about this today through my friend Noem (Touched by Angel) who mentored me in blogging. And I was STUNNED to find out that I’m at #27!!! This really made my FRIDAY! What a blessing :) Thanks very much!!

  68. Hmm… a few days later..
    Technorati Rank: 46,202 (759 links from 57 sites)

    And I still don’t understand how Technorati computes it :p I’ll take sometime reading next time I go online.

  69. Avatar for cross cross says:

    They are all cool blogs I admit,,, but nothing compares mine.!

    cross lounge
    My personal portfolio and blog. You can also play games and “makinig sa mga tutog” :) and chat. Site has great a great layout and design, made through macromedia flash.

  70. Close lol… la lang, hehe, it’s fun to see rankings ;) I ignored ranking sites since I first created my site 10 yrs ago… its really fun after all :p

    A month later…
    Technorati Rank: 58,037 (726 links from 48 sites)

  71. Avatar for retz retz says:

    kuya abe na-claim ko na ulit blog ko.

  72. Avatar for eric eric says:

    hay nawala na ako sa top 100. eheheh

  73. Avatar for andy andy says:

    hi, i’m just wondering why blog-city doesn’t have any blogsites in your lists?
    nagtataka lang ako.
    and paano ba masesearch yung sites ko thru google? is it compatible with blog-city?

  74. Avatar for Abe Olandres Abe Olandres says:


    When I edited this post a few days back, it didn’t load all content in teh form so by the time I hit the Save button, it only updated up to that point.

    I am now trying to re-populate the list as I don’t have a back-up list locally.

  75. Avatar for Eric Eric says:

    abe bat putol yung post mo? hanggang #31 na lang sya? nasaan na yung 32-100?

  76. Hmm our blog is still very far… hehe

    current rank as of the time of this writing:
    Rank: 69,556 (299 links from 41 sites)

  77. Avatar for fel fel says:

    hi … count me in pls … thanks

  78. Avatar for emac emac says:

    pano ba to gumana?

  79. Avatar for Toni Toni says:

    Wow! #49 isn’t bad. *L*

  80. Avatar for Gigi Gigi says:

    Hi Yuga – claimed my blog ( :)
    Rank: 39,934 (115 links from 53 sites)


  81. Avatar for Anne Anne says:

    Hmm…if my eyes are not failing me i think I should be around 96 or 97

  82. Avatar for Abe Olandres Abe Olandres says:

    Retz, baket hindi sya na claim? I can’t get the Technorati details.

  83. Avatar for retz retz says:

    uhm, 94 sites na po kuya abe ^_^

  84. Avatar for staticblu3 staticblu3 says:

    wow, nakapasok ba ako? hehe look look
    Technorati Rank: 38,920 (103 links from 53 sites)


  85. Avatar for Eric Eric says:

    nagulat ako nasa #20 ako! woohoo! i never expected na mapapasama ako sa who’s who Pinoy Bloggers.

    thanks abe!

  86. Avatar for beautynomics beautynomics says:

    Good afternoon! :) I’ve been reading this blog for a long time now, and Pinoycook is also a favorite blog that I read. I do have a question, though, …how do you get people to link to you? :) I just started @ Technorati and I’m soo at lost with how to add someone or link someone. For example, I want to add to the list that links to yugatech, how do i do that? :) Thank you very much :)

  87. Avatar for Abe Olandres Abe Olandres says:

    The blogs have been added. Thanks!

  88. Avatar for Shai Coggins Shai Coggins says:

    Oh, and yes, this other blog –
    (Yep, it’s already added to my profile, I believe.)

    It has these stats:

    Rank: 5,912 (1,293 links from 211 sites)

  89. Avatar for Shai Coggins Shai Coggins says:

    Thanks! Actually, It’s up now –

    (Well, when Technorati’s not experiencing a huge load of traffic, anyway… ;-))

    Technorati Rank: 364 (1,910 links from 1,293 sites)

  90. Avatar for stef stef says:

    hi abe, i don’t see roland tanglao’s site on there and he should be in the top 10:

    Technorati Rank: 4,979 (738 links from 240 sites)

  91. Avatar for Abe Olandres Abe Olandres says:

    Hi AnP,

    You should keep both domains but for SEO sake, adopt one domain to be your primary URL. ;)

    @ Shai

    Sure, just claim your Web Logs blog and add it to your Technorati profile so I can get the exact stats right. :) Thanks.

  92. Avatar for Shai Coggins Shai Coggins says:

    Thanks, Yuga. This is cool. I just found out about it. :-)

    Pero, what about my other blog/site – ? Yes, yes, ego attack too — like AnP. ;-)

  93. Avatar for AnP AnP says:

    haha true. that was just my ego talking. it doesn’t really matter since I intend to keep both domains.

  94. Avatar for Abe Olandres Abe Olandres says:

    @ An P

    I noticed that too that’s why I used the domain that was highly linked. With Technorati, it’s not always 2 + 2 = 4, rather you might still get something like a 2 + 2 = 3 or even 2 + 2 = 2. It means, that those linking to your .com may have at one time or another linked to the .net and thus would have been coutned by Technorati.

    It would be great if you could send a note to those linking to you to switch .net instead.

  95. Avatar for AnP AnP says:

    thanks, Yuga. But is there a way to combine two? My personal site ranking is way low due to the fact that technorati (rather linkers) as using both my .com and my .net sites.

    sorry ha. ego attack. bwahaha

  96. Avatar for jayvee f. jayvee f. says:

    i didnt even know i made the list. lol!

  97. Avatar for bambit bambit says:

    yep, i dropped out too, buti nalang natanggal ko na yung button sa site ko when i dropped to the precarious rank of 99. but it was good while it lasted, Yugs, thanks!

  98. Avatar for ronallan ronallan says:

    Oops. Not anymore. :-)

  99. Avatar for ronallan ronallan says:

    I think I may be qualified…barely…I hope. :-)

  100. Avatar for Azrael Azrael says:

    my blog Azraels Merryland is on top 16



  101. Avatar for Gelay Gelay says:

    Ngayon ko lang nalaman ‘to! Hehe. Salamat kuya Abe! :)

  102. Avatar for bambit bambit says:

    wow nakasingit din pala kahit paano :)

    bilib ako sa pasensya mo with research Yugs.

  103. Avatar for aiRah aiRah says:

    wow.. cool naman… :D hehe..

  104. Avatar for Euri Euri says:

    Woot~! Accurate ah. ;)

  105. Avatar for Ederic Ederic says:

    Uy, kasali rin ako. :)

  106. Avatar for duke duke says:

    uy kasama pala ako dito.. thank you for the info, yuga! :D

    Merry Christmas!

  107. Avatar for Abaniko Abaniko says:

    Aba, nasa Who’s Who list na pala ako sa Philippine Blogosphere. Anbilibabol! Hehe.

    Thanks for this info Yuga. Ang tyaga mo, dre! :)

  108. Avatar for Abe Olandres Abe Olandres says:

    I’m removing my blog on the list so it will not skew the rankings. Or, you can opt to not link back to my blog.

  109. Avatar for kid kid says:

    Hehe! Pag nilagay ba button sa website counted as link yun sa blog mo? Magiging no.1 ka nyan.

  110. Avatar for kiwipinay kiwipinay says:

    ayus! nasa #12 pala ako. thanks for the info. ka-aliw. ;)

  111. Avatar for Sarah Sarah says:

    oh.. so i need to have that technorati link.. tinanggal ko yun kasi kala ko it’s not important.. hehhehe.. anyway, i placed it back.. so tell me if it worked.
    thanks.. sorry if im bein annoying. hahahhaha!

  112. Avatar for jangelo jangelo says:

    Latest stats from technorati:

    The J Spot
    Technorati Rank: 14,827 (344 links from 102 sites)

    New button? Wow! Another cool linklove idea! ;)


  113. Avatar for Sarah Sarah says:

    i don’t get it. sabi na claim ko na daw yung blog pag naka log in ako sa account ko sa technorati. ??clueless. do i have to add a code to my site??

  114. Avatar for jong jong says:

    woohooo tumaas yata ung sakin.. pero still not yet in top 100 hehe… Rank: 67,254 (61 links from 34 sites)

  115. Avatar for Abe Olandres Abe Olandres says:

    @ everyone

    I added a nice button you cna use on your blog. Just to help spread the word.

    @ sarah

    Hindi pa rin eh. Check here.



    @ AJ

    Technically, they are still considered as blogs. [email protected], though a full blown website has a blog component/section. The [lyrics] blog is 95% lyrics has a category called [reviews!] which constitutes original blog content.

  116. Avatar for AJ AJ says:

    a little rant here:
    some sites are not even blog sites..
    ex: [email protected]

    i think you should exclude them from the list as it caters to another kind of market.

    just a thought. :)

  117. Avatar for mlq3 mlq3 says:

    cool, a new button!

  118. Avatar for erisac erisac says:

    Here’s mine: WISH YOU WERE HERE

  119. Avatar for vonjobi vonjobi says:

    this looks very cool! thanks =)

    just one request: it’s just supposed to be “filipino librarian.” i made a conscious decision not to use “the” in the blog’s name because i don’t claim to be the only one.

  120. Avatar for Sarah Sarah says:

    na claim ko naren yung sakin eh.

  121. Avatar for Jaypee Jaypee says:

    lugi ako pag yon url ng free webhost ko ang gamitin ko pag claim kasi most sites know my blog url is the dot tk one. :(

  122. Avatar for The Ca t The Ca t says:

    tenks yuga for the info. I claimed my blog aready.

  123. Avatar for jong jong says:

    ahaha eto ung akin… nalugi wahuhu…

    Technorati Rank: 72,451 (59 links from 32 sites)

  124. Avatar for Mikey Mikey says:

    Sad :( I made it to the list with only 49 incoming links.

  125. Avatar for Abe Olandres Abe Olandres says:

    Hi Jaypee, use your original (non .tk) URL to claim it.

  126. Avatar for Jaypee Jaypee says:

    i’ve done that..i’ve claimed as my blog. can’t i use the dot tk url? i have to use the url of my free webhost? i tried that but it says the url is unclaimable.

  127. Avatar for Abe Olandres Abe Olandres says:

    Login to your Technorati account and do a “Claim a WeBlog”.

    Claim a Weblog

    Enter the URL (web address) of the home page of your blog to claim it. For example:

  128. Avatar for Jaypee Jaypee says:

    I’ve already claimed my blog last June 17 –, is there something else i should do or configure in my Technorati account?

  129. Avatar for Abe Olandres Abe Olandres says:

    Jayps & Sarah! Pa claim ng blog nyo sa Technorati. That way, we could get the actual numbers.

  130. Avatar for Sarah Sarah says:

    HUWAWWWWWW!! number 29 daw ako o??? wow wow wow!! ahehehe!! [email protected]@@ kahit napaka walang kwenta naman nung mga pinaglalagay ko dun sa blog ko! hahahah!! sana dapat may juice yung topics ko.. like what you do here.. hehehe!!

  131. Avatar for Fleeb Fleeb says:

    #100 – Unpopular Blog


  132. Avatar for Jaypee Jaypee says:

    hmm..if i’m correct i think i’ll be in 48th place..coz it says in the search results that i have 72 sites linking to my blog. :)

  133. Avatar for Jaypee Jaypee says:

    how’d you get this results? go to Technorati’s site and type in the name of the blog and search?

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