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Asia Pacific Broadband Penetration

I previously posted some statistical data on the internet penetration here in the Philippines. Yesterday afternoon, a couple of speakers from the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) presented the current status of ICT in Malaysia during our workshop. In that presentation, they also shared research figures of Asia Pacific’s broadband penetration.

Asia Broadband

Leading the pack is South Korea and Hong Kong with 75.1 and 74.6 on the total households followed by Japan and Taiwan tied at 58.6, then Australia (50.9), Singapore (44.1) and New Zealand (31.2). At the bottom are the Philippines (1.0), India (0.7) and Indonesia (0.1).

Gurney Hotel
View from the 22nd floor of Gurney Resort & Hotel, Penang, Malaysia. So many free wifi around!

During the Q&A session, I threw them several questions regarding Malaysia’s current status on Mobile TV and Mobile 3G. Surprisingly, they are still also in the extended testing phase for Mobile TV and mobile 3G is priced at an eat-all-you package of RM120 or roughly $35.

One of the delegates later showed me their mobile 3G and its just similar to what we have here. They tell me I can even buy a prepaid SIM card and use my 3G phone to surf though I might need to top up the load credits first. Now, if only Smart 3G or Globe Visibility could also do international 3G roaming, that would be great too.

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7 Responses

  1. Migs says:

    But who’s bringing 3G to Indonesia? Pinoys!

  2. Migs says:

    Also, India’s poor showing tells us like the Philippines, there’s a big gap between the ICT/outsourcing folks and common man.

  3. Jeffrey says:

    Indonesia, at the last? They’re more economically well off than the Philippines! Ironic, i must say.

  4. Migs says:

    Not to look down on the Indonesian people, but I think we are better off. And, while Malaysia may be better in broadband and some other things, I think we’re ahead in ICT. As far as BPO is concerned, it’s “Philippines and India.”

  5. kid says:

    Globe has 3G roaming for Postpaid subscribers in 12 countries. I know it works here in Singapore. I’m assuming it goes the same for the Globe Visibility product.

  6. Miguel says:

    But roaming GPRS is crazy expensive due to its current architecture. Of course the powers that be are working on it.

  7. Julius Mab says:

    Hi everyone!I am an engineering instructor in Mandaluyong. I need help on how to forecast broadband services demand in Metro Manila…some sort of a formula to compute demand up to the 20th year projection. Any help will be graetly appreciated. Thanks!

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