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Bad ISPs according to Azureus

The Azerues Wiki compiles a lists of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) around the world that have been monitored to affect Bittorent traffic in their networks. In the Philippines, they one list one such candidate. Guess which one it is.

The following is a list of Internet service providers (ISPs) that are known to cause trouble for BitTorrent clients or other P2P clients and the reason why. If you are using one of the following ISPs, please consider finding a new, better one {source}.

Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT)

Score Card:
Limits BitTorrent bandwidth: No
Tier 1 partners might shape: No
Proposed Encryption Level: 0
Limits bandwidth for accounts with a high traffic volume: Yes
Limits bandwidth during certain times of the day: No
Prevents Seeding: No
Prevents/filters .torrent download: No
Causes Unsolvable NAT problem: Yes
Offers no real flatrate: No

Looks like Globe Telecoms and Eastern Telecoms are not on the black list. According to PLDT’s scorecard, they’ve been observed to limit a customer account’s “bandwidth” if they notice high traffic volumes. I’m not sure how much is high traffic but tolerance levels could be in the range of 10 – 20GB per month.

Scrolling thru the list, you’d notice that a lot of telcos in other major countries are actually limiting bittorent traffic in general — Argentina, Australia, China, Brazil, France, Germany, Malaysia, Portugal, Spain, UK, and the US. Looks like we’re better off than most of them since PLDT is only clamping down on the heavy users.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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22 Responses

  1. Lyle, RN says:

    Does this explain why my PLDT myDSL Plan 999 (plus a separate monthly phone bill) speed varies from 384 kbps – 1.6 MBPS?

  2. yuga says:

    Are you a heavy bittorent user? Then, yes. ;)

  3. sylv3rblade says:

    Ouch. I wonder when someone will port this to utorrent.

  4. were you referring to bitorrent traffic only or all traffic when you mentioned “tolerance levels” ?

  5. yuga says:

    Yup, just on bittorent traffic only.

  6. Mark says:

    in the philippines, we pay for “bandwidth” but in other countries, there is an allocation of e.g. 12GB per month depending on the plan. in excess, either the user pays extra or the speed is throttled down. i think they are more upfront that way rather than a “pseudo” unlimited account that in reality, are throttled silently.

  7. vance says:

    There are service abroad that has unlimited access to the net. It varies from country to country and most of the time its around 60USD a month.

    The biggest challenge in the US, there are new laws that are being created to filter their DSL lines which means no access to Torrent Sites or any malicious site. AOL i think is one of those said companies..

    I though Bayantel would be the lousiest in Manila hehehe being that it doesn’t have its own backbone. harhar

  8. vance says:

    BTW, I’m not surprised why PLDT is the Lousiest according to bittorent. Its the most well known DSL service in the country compared to Globe or Bayantel!

  9. Mikko says:

    Good thing for me I’m using dialup. They won’t care to throttle it down. ;D

  10. We pldt dsl users don’t even get the bandwidth that we paid for. However, as long as I get my downloads done, I’m happy with it. hehe

  11. Eugene says:

    Of course, since it’s a wiki, it’s entirely possible that Globe and Bayantel and other DSL/Cable ISPs are just not there yet when they should be.

  12. I am glad Im with Globe though I am not a heavy user of p2p.

  13. calvin says:

    crap… kaya pala nangalahati yung speed ko. from 80Kbps per month for the first month naging 39Kbps na lang. sana di na nila mababaan pa. download addict kasi ako.

  14. LiNTEK says:

    its one of the reasons why I did not subscribe to MyDSL……

  15. Andre says:

    Is it just me or has PLDT slowed down recently, im finding my bandwith limited especially when I’m downloading a torrent, I’m on the plan 3000.

  16. Ordnacin says:

    Am not sure it’s limited to bittorrent traffic only. I have a 3.x mbs connection but now I only get 400+ kbp in speed tests…

  17. dominik says:

    worked for me.

  18. jake says:

    any comments with smart bro?

  19. Venet says:

    Go with Eastern, for me they are the best among the Telco’s here in the Philippines although i dont think they are as big as PLDT. But that can be an advantage as well, they can focus to every customer, unlike PLDT, if you just have an average plan, say, P3,000 a month, your after sales service support is snail slow. Two weeks without Internet? Sheez..

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  20. Ric says:

    Just stumbled into this. Are they still throttling bandwidth on torrent downloads?

  21. Skyboy says:

    I’ve been a user of Sky Broadband 3mbps for 3 years , this year 2012, I began to experience terrible traffic throttling for Bittorrent it would max at 35 Kb/s for Torrent while i get sometimes 400 Kb/s with IDM. seems that Sky began to throttle down our bittorrent traffic =/.
    and BTW : i’ve been torrenting since three years, only this year i began to experience throttling on bittorrent traffic, I got a trial from a VPN service (IPredator) and i experienced high bittorrent speeds while using bittorrent over VPN .
    Hope this helps somebody out there..

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