Globe completes Phase 1 of Network Modernization

Globe completes Phase 1 of Network Modernization

Globe Telecom Inc. has recently announced that it has already completed the first phase of its $700 million network modernization plan.

“The first phase of the modernization is practically done. We have immediately moved to the next phase of optimizing our new equipment for maximum performance. This concludes the modernization of our access network,” said Emmanuel Estrada, head network strategy of Globe Network Technology Group.


The first phase includes the replacement of cellsites and existing hardware like power sources or generators, base stations and switches, with new technology equipment to boost mobile and data services. According to Estrada, 54% of Globe’s cell sites are already running on 4G HSPA+.



For the next phase, Globe will focusing on improving its customer solutions which they expect to be finished by the end of the year. “To radically improve our network performance and our customers’ experience, we need to replace more than cell sites.”

The obvious question now becomes — are you feeling the network modernization? Are SMS still delayed, experiencing drop calls or is your mobile internet faster now than last quarter?

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This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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79 Responses

  1. tarush says:

    In our house, yes
    In our office, the signal drops from 3G to 0 most of the time

    For calls, no problems so far

    • truthie says:

      telcos will never ever tell the truth just to protect their business.

      hindi ko naramdaman ang so called modernisation nila.

      Dapat modern approach din ang pag upgrade nila na hindi dapat nacompromise ang existing services. gasgas na ang “sorry for the inconvenience” achuchuchuchuchuchu

  2. Justin says:

    While “Globe completes Phase 1 of Network Modernization,” Smart already completed their entire network modernization plan…. since last year!

  3. theSandies says:

    SADLY A BIG LIE!!! WHERE IN OUR COMMUNITY District in Tayuman Area drop calls and delayed SMS still persist. Even choppy signal still occurs. ALL THIS PR IS PUBLICITY!!!

    • mark says:

      tama! taga tayuman din ako. useless din ung mobile data kasi kapag nag switch from GSM to WCDMA wala na signal.

  4. pixel says:

    kalokohan na tapos na yung first phase. Isa ako sa mga involved sa modernization na yan. Ang masasabi ko lang na tapos na talaga ay yung swap ng BTS equipment samantalang yung transmission, transport, power, civil works etc karamihan pa nga ay proposal pa lang.

  5. Adrian Cabrera says:

    This is 4G HSPA+. How about 4G LTE? Is there information on their LTE deployment?

  6. johny says:

    I have not yet experienced any improvement on mobile data speed here in some areas in Bacolod city.

    Globe should hurry up!

  7. jefdev says:

    The actual first phase of Globe has been completed and that is making a LIE. then the 2nd phase is lying some more, have you watch this video..?

    • Charliemanok says:

      I just watched the video haha. So, are we experiencing oligopoly here in the Philippines??

  8. jherwynne says:

    Sus!!! Wala pa din. Walang kwenta Globe dito sa Taytay! Pati Wimax, kailangan pa ng outdoor antenna para lang magkasignal, tapos 1Mbps pa. Wala pa daw coverage ng 2Mbps. Asa naman na magkaroon pag ng LTE. Yung Tattoo myfi ng officemate ko, walang signal dito.

  9. Edgar says:

    Improved? Only in press releases. GSM pa rin. Yun lang.

  10. Danny says:

    “4G HSPA+” WTF globe please stop that false 4G advertisement already, you’re confusing the mass especially with your 4G Dongle Sticks that aren’t really 4G

  11. Gizmo Freaked says:

    What network modernization?

  12. rnel88 says:

    ok na ok na signal dito sa Davao… tweet pa ng ka.kilala q… nakaka.abot na rin daw ang 3g (or 4g ba yan?) signal sa tass ng Mt. Apo.. Nka.tweet pa xa doon sabay post with pic on the spot… Not bad.. Smart nalng ang kulang para ok na lahat…

  13. Wha Antolin RIGOS says:

    Di ko maramdaman.

  14. JP says:

    Social media helps in voicing out opinions, but it does little when you know that the top execs at globe have shareholders to breastfeed, and they could care less about your problems, even more so that the telecom oligopoly in our country is alive and well.

    Vote with your money, people.

  15. Momo says:

    Globe 4g what a big fat lie. Last year i subscribed to their mifi 4g.and for thr first 6 months walang net as in lahat bill adjested. Tapos lajat ng supervisor and agents tanga. Walang maibigay na sagot kung hindi ongoing maintenance
    Hindi ganoon kabilis ang smart but in fairness reliable sya

  16. Karasu says:

    Sa bahay namin (Bulacan Area), maganda at malakas ang signal. 7mbps ang download speed. Kapag 2pm – 8pm nasa 4 – 6 mpbs.
    Itry ko yung 21mbps nila.

  17. Name: says:

    Maganda ang service nila in Metro Manila. May mga parts nga lang dead spot ang 3G pero super konti lang. I’m using an iPhone 4S under postpaid unlimited internet and I’m super satisfied! Sa Baguio naman (which is considered as one of the country’s major cities), super concentrated ang 3G coverage sa business district, particularly sa Session Road-Burnham Park area. Very sensitive ang 3G reception sa Baguio, konting galaw lang mawawala na agad ang 3G, siguro dahil na rin sa uneven elevation ng lugar. I live in one of Baguio’s outskirt barangay, hindi 3G covered! Same situation goes for Laoag City in Ilocos Norte. Concentrated ang 3G sa city center. Kung labas ka na sa center, wala na! Nung nagupgrade sila, the only upgrade that I’ve noticed is the shift from
    GPRS to EDGE in non-3G areas.

  18. Deezh says:

    I’ll feel the network modernization when LTE covers NCR fully :)

  19. edisson says:

    Kelan nila natapos? Meron pa rin kasing delayed messages eh.

  20. emwm says:

    I fell it. AO lang mag react. Hindi naman magic ang technology. Ang pag implement.pag deals ng mga contractors. Mahabang proceso at malaki punto. Patience lang kayo sa area nyo. Mabuti nga globe totoong unlimited. E sa kabila? Good luck na lang sa data plan nila na unli

    • FELL says:

      Yeah. You FELL it. How deep is it? And how long til’ you touched the ground?

    • Alex Marquez says:

      Weh? Maka-correct naman ‘to! Di nga alam ang tamang paggamit ng is/was, eh? Di rin alam kung paano gumamit ng apostrophe…

  21. trololol says:

    4G HSPA+??????

    Dito sa Caloocan (10th Ave.; malapit sa City Hall) parating GRPS ang signal ng mobile data. Bihira lang maging 3G. At kahit 3G na, sobrang bagal pa rin. Madalas nga hindi ako makapag open kahit isang page man lang :(

    Mag apply rin sana ako ng Tattoo DSL nila kaso hindi raw sakop ng service. WiMax lang ang available kaso wala akong tiwala sa wireless broadband dahil yung SmartBRO connection ko, sobrang bulok!

  22. Louie6380 says:

    You keep on ranting about Globe but you still remain with them… Globe totally is so inconvenient in so many aspects… Whether its prepaid, postpaid, signal, customer sevice, coverage, etc. I switched to Smart last December and I must say though its not a perfect network, I feel better with them in so many ways, better network coverage, no dropping of signal strength, good LTE signal for my iPhone 5 and fairly better customer service… Now I rarely experience bad stuff with my network. So dont complaint if you wont switch to a better network… Again, Smart is not perfect but significantly better than Globe…

  23. gabriel07 says:

    Hoy Globe! narinig ko na yan

  24. magic says:

    sobrang bagal dito sa pasay, nag dadrop ang signal sa cellphones and wimax

  25. oyo says:

    Ganda pakinggan, ilang pinoy na naman kaya ang maloloko dito? dagdag pa sa naloko na.

  26. globsubs says:

    Can’t feel. parang wala naman. LTE areas. piling pili…

    HSPA+ is NOT 4G!!!!!
    HSPA+ is NOT 4G!!!!!
    HSPA+ is NOT 4G!!!!!
    HSPA+ is NOT 4G!!!!!

  27. Greg says:

    No difference in call or sms quality. But one thing I know, globe mobile internet is still slow.

  28. pixel says:

    Globe – powered by Huawei :D

    • zac says:

      …and it’s hackable. huawei cpe security is based on its physical address which you changed it easily. hehe…

  29. alex says:

    I was in Makati today (specifically in the area of Ayala Avenue, Salcedo, Valero and Makati Avenue) but I never got an LTE signal on my iPhone 5. I even had the “o” signal.

    • Mona says:

      Same here! Never experienced LTE and have been complaining for more than a month already.

    • Luis says:

      Baka hindi k pa naka lte sim. Araw araw ako sa area na yan nakakasagap naman ako ng lte ayun nga lang hindi din ganun kabilis

  30. Name: arvinsim says:


    Before, I only have to go to a Globe BC to solve my problems. Now, I have to call their hotline, EVEN IF I AM IN THEIR CENTER ALREADY to solve my problems. Bobo nang system. Ano bang use nang Business Center kung hindi sila ang umaayos nang mga problema mo? Grabe, sobrang incompetent talaga.

    Not to mention their speeds. I still get dial-up speeds on their so called 2mbps plan.

  31. rocastro says:

    Parang wala naman, especially for broadband. Still getting 0.01mbps upload and >0.2mbps download speeds. Can’t even post less than 500kb pics in Twitter orFB. It is that bad.

  32. Dave says:

    These last few days, (until now, actually, as I am writing this comment) I noticed sobrang bagal ng Globe broadband. It says in the brochure “up to 2mbps” but when I check on speedtest nasa 0.10 mbps. Tapos panay pa nadi disconnect. Nakakabwist ang Globe lalo na para sa mga nagwo work from home.

  33. Alex Marquez says:

    Kapag naka-GSM Mode ang phone ko malakas ang signal ng Globe sa lugar namin kahit sa loob ng bahay pero pag naka-WCDMA only Mode na, waley. laging no service. kaya walang kwenta ang data plan ko sa kanila. kailangan ko pa lumabas ng bahay para makasagap ng kaunting signal.

  34. Vincent says:

    Using globe tatoo for 3months na, connection speed is trash. Promised upto 7mbps daw. Pero makukuha mo lang is .1 mbps… Yes .1 lang, hindi yan typo. Manila area here.

  35. Mich says:

    Postpaid subscribers with a supersurf subscription should get a rebate especially when such person lives in a province where Globe’s 3g connevtion is poor. Always ‘o’ signal sayang 999 :(

  36. Lucifer says:

    Ang hirap ksi sa mga tao dito hindi muna inaalam ung signal sa lugar nila bago mag subscribe or mag-apply ng postpaid, tapos tsaka sila aangal hahaha kawawa naman kayo you didn’t do your homework, ngayon pinayayaman nyo lng ang Globe with your hard earned money, basta ako masaya ako sa globe sawang sawa ako sa LTE ngayon.

    • Hudas says:

      So everywhere you go may LTE… just asking bro…. pero paano kung GLobe mismo nagsabi na ok ang signal… pero i know that sa amin ay poor ang signal… however, some of my relatives nagcommit sa globe pero they are not that technical… nahikayat lang ng globe… til now nagbabayad parin sila and ndi nila iniwan ang globe… ndi ba panloloko yun..?

  37. WeirdButTrue says:

    Guys, try nyo, weird ng globe dito sa davao. Kasi sabi nila LTE na daw pero wala namang location sinasabi na LTE hotspot. At isa pa pag mag speedtest ka sa globe tatoo o sa iphone 5 na LTE plan ang lumalabas, sa Speedtest dito sa davao.


    Nki tap na ba ang globe sa SMART?

  38. meh says:

    They should be ashamed, i run globe speedtests and its always 2mbps or less the speeds are terrible.

    Government should require all provider to give a minimum of 5mbps over wireless with no cap…. to be considered 4g…

  39. DOE says:

    Globe congrats sa modernization!


  40. bokoi says:

    Dati 2-3mbps lg ako. Ngayon 5-7mbps. Malas nyo lg kung pangit globe sa area nyo. Hahaha.

    • UpLink says:

      Parehas tayo, laing 5 – 7 mbps na din ngayon sa akin. Pero sa speedtest 2 – 3 mbps lang lumalabas pero kapag nagdownload na 5 – 7 mbps.

  41. Paquito says:

    I live and work within Ortigas, and I must say that I am very much delighted with Globe’s speed. At the moment, my LTE speed is between 10-20mbps.

  42. FinnTheHuman says:

    They notify me thru sms that they will conduct their so called “modernization” a few days later they notify me again that it is done, nah i dont feel any change at all. Im expecting a signal boost or at least they make 3G signal available to our area (Cainta, Rizal) but with no luck, it left me disappointed. I expect too much on you Globe…

  43. roiji says:

    internet is still spotty but i found calls to be less choppy

  44. daniel says:

    super reliable talaga ang Smart or PLDT kesa other ISP sa Philippines… ung nga lang mahal talaga compared to what you get…

    In Japan… you get 92mbps on a Plan 3000 (peso na yan) internet connection. Ok Japan yan eh :)

  45. Ibaling Sa Iba says:

    Congrats Globe! Clap…… Clap………… Clap…………………… Clap

  46. Annie says:

    I’m glad that Globe tries to improve its service. It’s actually better now. Hoping that it will get more an more better. Thank you Globe for the great service!

  47. Vern says:

    Here in Calamba parang ganon pa rin with the internet. I’m always getting Edge on auto while if it’s Smart it’s always 3G/HSDPA even on auto. Forcing it to WCDMA doesn’t do much as the signal is unstable. Maganda nga Smart in terms of internet connectivity and speed kaso gahaman at kung ano-anung charges napasok sayo prepaid or postpaid.

  48. I hope Globe would improve their signal at Nagpayong, Pasig City. There are A LOT of Globe subscribers in the area but it can sometimes be referred to as Barangay Dead Spot :(

  49. Terrence says:

    Globe? been a globe subscriber since 2004 prepaid. Been through a lot of disappointments but I’ve experienced their improvement with their network. In Cavite, at my house, only 2bars of signal for GPRS/EDGE 1 bar for WCDMA, after their “modernization” went to Full bar for GPRS/EDGE and 2-3 bars for WCDMA with speeds up to 7mbps(WCDMA) for non-peak hours… big improvement.

  50. Mark says:

    Tagal na ng upgrade na yan ha… matatapos na yung contract ko eh ndi ko sila niloko at iniwanan… binabayaran ko parin… pero the service … poor signal parin… dont commit… dami nyo na naloko… good thing is that im switching to other network… malapit na… Globe tigas mo! Kapal face mo

  51. Globe says:

    Im globe, dont trust me.

  52. Fubby says:

    Globe… yousucks!

  53. Smart says:

    No im not, im using smart telco. And im paying premium, switch na! =)

  54. Jerome says:

    Yah right. Globe manloloko! Suckyou!

  55. Reblntoria says:

    HOY Globe!!! Umayos kayo at ayusin nyo na yan, minumura na kayo!

  56. Reblntoria says:

    Hindi ba downgrade to ng Globe. Lalo nawalan ng signal eh!

  57. renzkiejr says:

    I was complaining to Globe before because of a very slow GPRS internet in our small town but in fairness to this telco, they are really doing improvements bacause right now our signal is from GPRS-Edge to 3.5G so am quite satisfied for now for what Globe is doing….sana the next step is to provide wimax connections in our area so more people will benefit from it as most people in our area uses internet to get in touch with their love ones abroad….cheers Globe!!! Happy New Year…

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