Globe intros Super One Unlimited Text & Call

Globe intros Super One Unlimited Text & Call

If you’re not yet sold with paying Php499 a month for Super Duo, then how about unlimited text and calls for Php150 per month?

Got this text alert from Globe offering Super One to all Globe and Touch Mobile subscribers.

Globe Super One allows you to link up a specific number to get unlimited text and call to that number for a flat fee of Php150/month (Php175 for My Super Plan subs).


To register, text SUPER ONE < 11-digit # > ON to 8888 (postpaid). For My Super Plan subscribers, text SUPER ONE < 11-digit # > to 8888. Promo is until 9/15/10.

This might be targeted to couples or spouses who often call and text each other but does not have the budget for the Php499 on Super Duo and Php349 for Super Txt. Super One is still part of Globe’s My Super Plan.

Update: Here’s what Customer Support clarified — “We regret to inform you that Globe Super One is available for Globe Postpaid and Globe My Super Plan subscribers only. But this service will be made available to Globe Prepaid and Tattoo soon”.

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54 Responses

  1. justinecastillo says:

    @abeolandres 1 Number? :-D

  2. justinecastillo says:

    @abeolandres 1 Number? :-D

  3. flowgalindez says:

    @abeolandres as in one number lang di ba lugi ka dun?

  4. flowgalindez says:

    @abeolandres as in one number lang di ba lugi ka dun?

  5. CHOBiE says:

    Open to Globe and Talk & Text? You probably meant TM :)

  6. Sir Abe, thanks for this! I’ll inform my bro in Davao to buy a globe sim now! Whew! I can now get in touch with my families while I’m away here in Makati!

    PS. Sir, I think you’re referring to Globe and Touch Mobile subscribers not Talk N’ Text, hehehehe

  7. detlef says:

    and talk and text subscribers? really?
    globe to talk and text?

  8. MyMaria says:

    Wow… finally a reason for me to switch back to Globe! :) Sir Yuga, that’s probably TM you meant (honest typo?) not Talk N Text subscribers… ^_^

  9. Hi Abe! Thanks for the info. Reposted in my blog. :)

  10. miko says:

    totoo b ito? wow ah.. mura.. so pag prepaid 175? may nka try na nito?

  11. Ayel says:

    This makes me want to shift back to Globe.

  12. dave says:

    It’s a nice offer from Globe that will save a lot of money. Will it be possible also for roaming numbers of Globe and TM?

  13. kyutums says:

    This service is just for postpaid. It’s not available for prepaid. :(

  14. Calvin says:

    is that one number restricted to a Globe number? or pwedeng ibang network. or better yet, overseas number? GASP!

  15. Tiger says:

    Hope Globe offers the P499.00 internet plan for 45 hours surfing for the MY SUPER PLAN category. P1,200.00 is too high for people like me. And hope they revive the CALL BACK ALERT feature too.

  16. frehl says:

    wow! i think i’ll like this. as much as i want to shift back to globe, think i won’t as of this time. sana tatapatan to ng smart! :D

  17. frehl says:

    i think i will like this. but i cannot transfer to globe as of this moment. i hope tatapatan ito ng smart. please!

  18. zero says:

    the promo is for postpaid only.. :(

  19. leojay says:

    Wow,at last, this is what Im waiting from Globe..thanks abe..

  20. flipden says:

    is it confirmed that prepaid users can’t get a piece of this action? :(

  21. Kinny says:

    SUPERDUO is more worthwhile for me because all my friends, family and 70% of my other contacts are Globe. So I call and text more than 1 number often. This is perfect for a lovey dovey couple.

  22. zero says:

    its confirmed. try it your self.. your load will not be deducted, i just tried it a while ago got a message from globe 8888 that the promo is only for postpaid

  23. sylv3rblade says:

    but there’s a prepaid pricing indicate up there o_O. Guess will wait for sir abe to confirm this one.

  24. boo says:

    for prepaid users, may 1 month din na unlimited texts sa Globe/TM subscribers. Supertxt 349 ang keyword.

  25. yuga says:

    @zero and Flipden – postpaid has the different activation as prepaid. I can’t try it myself since I’m still out of the country.

  26. zero says:

    @sir abe
    thanks for the reply

    i guess will have to wait for you or any prepaid subscribe that has activated this promo to post here :)

  27. ben harris says:

    sir yuga tinanung ko sa operator pero pang postpaid lng daw ang promo wala sa prepaid

  28. yuga says:

    Hi Guys! I updated the post above based on the reply sent to me by Globe CSR. It’s Postpaid and My Super Plan subs for now and will be available to Prepaid and Tattoo subs soon.

  29. Les says:

    Just want to ask the difference between prepaid and tattoo?

  30. jhaymes152 says:

    mag top of the plan ba to?? naka G-Flex plan kasi ako

  31. nexus3g says:

    Globe now has a fully-revamped POSTPAID offerings!


  32. laila says:

    cool.I tried this.this is cheap.^^

  33. aie says:

    ayy sana pwede na sa prepaid subscriber hehehehe ok na to kahit ONE lng

  34. macky says:

    just talked to csr of globe, and super one would be on top of your bill if your on gflex plan

  35. jr says:

    Still it’s for globe postpaid subscribers only.

  36. joshane says:

    as in 1 number lang?? ngee.. so, kung dalawang number 210 talaga?? yan po ba ung ibig nyong ipahiwatig?? hehe

  37. global says:

    To register, text SUPER ONE ON to 8888 (postpaid).

    For prepaid, text SUPER ONE to 8888.
    Promo is until 9/15/10.

  38. bka may nagtanong na,hnd q lng nbasa..

    pano pag postpaid ung nag register tpos prepaid ung gusto niyang tawagan at i-text ng unlimited..? ok b un..?

  39. kath says:

    pwede kya sya sa fully loaded plan? :D

  40. Ben44 says:

    can i ask does it have a cut off limit like after calling 1 hour straight it cuts me off automatically and call again??

  41. Gema says:

    when u subscribe to this offer automatically subscribed kn for 3 months, meron xa auto renewal and if ever na mg unsubscribe ka, may fee na php 450.

  42. Gema says:

    that is if ng unsubscribe ka within 90 days. But for me this is super affordable na. Thanks Globe.

  43. Marie Charlotte Gaw says:

    How much po ba sa Globe if unlimited calls and text? :) Thanks!

  44. Rj says:

    Does this promo still work?

  45. amaineDC says:

    :/ kaSAD naman. Sana magkaroon na rin sa globe tattoo as soon as possible *excited?* :D Nice promo po sobrang makakatipid :D FINALLY!

  46. Alex says:

    pano po magchange number?

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