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Globe iPhone Forever Plan Promo Explained

Globe’s introduction of the iPhone Forever Plan will certainly confuse some subscribers so we’ll explain it to you as simple as possible.

The first clarification would be that the iPhone Forever promo is a completely new set of iPhone specific plans. This is on top of the existing MySuperPlan and Platinum Plans.

The basic premise of the iPhone Forever Promo is that under that plan you are able to get a new iPhone each and every year it is released with Globe at NO additional cash-out as long as you surrender your old iPhone.

With the regular MySuperPlan and Platinum Plans, you will have to wait for 2 years. With the iPhone Forever, each year there is a new iPhone you can switch your old one with the new for free. Your contract is still 24 months and is not extended.

Here are the promo plans under iPhone Forever:

iPhone Forever Plan 1599:
Free iPhone 5C 16GB
Php 601 consumable
1GB PowerSurf LTE
24-month lock-in
* New iPhone 6c free next year

iPhone Forever Plan 1999:
Free iPhone 5S 16GB
Php601 consumable
1GB PowerSurf LTE
24-month lock-in
* New iPhone 6 free next year

iPhone Forever Plan 2999:
Free iPhone 5S 16GB
Php101 consumable
Unli LTE Surf
Unli Calls and Text to Globe/TM numbers
* New iPhone 6 free next year

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iPhone Forever Plan 5599:
Free iPhone 5S 32GB or iPhone 5C 32GB
Platinum Blue Membership
Unli LTE Surf
Unli ALL NET Calls and Texts
* New iPhone 6 free next year

iPhone Forever Plan 6999:
Free iPhone 5S 64GB
Platinum Blue Membership
Php1,000 Consumable Roaming
Unli LTE Surf
Unli ALL NET Calls and Texts
* New iPhone 6 free next year

The iPhone Forever Plan promo is only valid from November 15 to December 31, 2013.

Here are the requirement for the free switch every year.

* You will have to continue with your existing iPhone Forever each year you switch to a new free iPhone.

* For the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5S, eligible handsets for the free switch is the iPhone 4s and the iPhone 5.

* Other handsets will also be accepted (like the iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 or Galaxy S3, Note 2) but you will have to make an additional cash-out.

* Maximum cash-out if you lost or don’t have your old iPhone or handset for the plan is Php12,999.

* The free switch to a new free iPhone will be in effect on your 13th to 24th month of the Forever plan.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

54 Responses

  1. camille says:

    do you think there will be another iphone forever promo in 2014?

  2. Paul says:

    what if I have a postpaid account in globe but the handset im using is not from globe?

  3. Kat says:

    Hi. May tanong lang po ako. If ever magsubscribe po ako sa Forever Plan, yung iPhone 6 po ba free lang talaga siya o ibibigay lang po in exchange nung 5s na nka-plan o ibibigay po yung iPhone 6 and at the same time sa akin din po yung 5s nun?

  4. janesa mae ararao says:

    can i still apply for the globe forever plan even if i don’t have iphone at the moment?

  5. Ernst says:

    Then dun sa iPhone Forever Plan 1999 is not Unlimited internet. I thought na LTElang yung 1 gb yun pala both LTE and 3G e 1gb lang. For sure lalangawin yan. May maganda offer ng Smart ngaun.

  6. Zeerows says:

    Hindi maganda ang experience ko with Globe. Had to have my then iPhone 4S replaced thrice right after kong mag-avail ng Business Plan 1799. Hina ng signal, hina ng data…1Mbps at most. Pag Smart na sim gamit ko, nasa 5-7Mbps palagi. I don’t think I’d avail of Globe services even if I was paid to do so!

  7. den says:

    I just called globe telecom about this, they told me na I still have to pay the termination fee. Im my case 1 yr na plan ko so I have to pay 15,000 plus admin fee na 550. After paying the fee trade-in ko pa yung phone. Sobrang lugi naman ata…

    • Sam says:

      BIG SHAM! Stay away from Globe!!!

      Actually, yeah. It’s a big dismay. Hindi ito promo, this is actually sort of a big sham. Di ko alam if Globe is trying to keep their customers or scare them away.

      I went to Globe and here is what they told me,
      1. Pay 26,000 pre termination fee
      2. Give them the S4 they issued me
      3. Pay P4,999 to get the iPhone 5s

      So technically, 26,000 + 4,999 = P30,999 PLUS THE VALUE OF THE S4 and then back to 24 months contract pa.

      It doesn’t make sense to pay the pre-termination fee when in the first place, the pre-termination fee covers the cost of the phone in the first place. So for them to ask for the unit back + ask for the full pre-termination fee simply doesn’t make sense. So even if a Samsung S4 costs P15,000 for a second hand unit, the total cost you’re handing over to Globe for a 5s is 45K+. Doesn’t make sense at all.

  8. boknuy says:

    question sa iphone forever plan na 1999, may nabasa ako na unlimited daw ang 3g data nito, pero ang LTE is 1gb lang. tama ba? atleast may unli data ka pa rin pero 3g nga lang. pero ok na yun kesa walang unli net. korek me if im wrong? at paano pala sa lugar na wala pa silang LTE? hindi rin worth it kung walang unli data 3g.

  9. Dae Lim Napoles says:

    ehhh hindi naglabas ng iPhone 6 o iPhone 6c patay tayo diyan

  10. fanatic says:

    grabe naman yang globe, ung LG G2 ayaw niu irelease!

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