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Globe Unlimited Prepaid Blackberry Plans

That didn’t take too long. Learned about this a couple of days ago but held off until it was official and the prepaid prices have been finalized. This is Globe Telecom’s response to Smart’s Unlimited Prepaid Blackberry Plans.

Subscribers can get unlimited BlackBerry service on their BlackBerry smartphones with new prepaid service plans for daily, weekly or monthly rates.

Daily Personal BlackBerry: Php50
5-Day Personal BlackBerry: Php220
Monthly Personal BlackBerry: Php1,200

The rates are almost similar to that of Smart. Smart’s weekly is Php300 for 7 days while Globe’s 5-day price is Php220.


The new prepaid BlackBerry service plans provide unlimited access to (push) email including Yahoo! Mail and Gmail; instant messaging via BlackBerry Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, Google Talk, and Windows Live Messenger; and social networking sites such as Facebook and Flickr.

To activate the prepaid BlackBerry service plans and experience unlimited BlackBerry service all day just text BB ON and send to 8888 (e.g. BB ON 50). This is available to all Globe prepaid subscribers nationwide.

The prepaid BlackBerry service will be activated on the customer’s Globe prepaid account and BlackBerry smartphone within 24 hours following the text message registration. Internet browsing is not included in the unlimited service and will be charged like any GPRS service for prepaid subscribers — P5 for 15 minutes for time-based browsing or P0.15/KB for volume-based browsing.

Note: Free use on Blackberry APN only. Additional charges will apply when Globe APN is used.

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415 Responses

  1. Jom says:

    Yeah, I just saw Globe’s ad on this in the papers this morning. They’re also offering a Blackberry prepaid kit. Is Smart offering a similar Blackberry kit?

  2. Sunofa says:

    Darn, I thought I could use this promo to surf on my non blackberry phone…

  3. Tiger says:

    I am waiting for Globe to match the price of Smart in terms of unlimited internet browsing via mobile phone. Would you have information when Globe will lower their pricey, unreasonably priced unlimited internet service?

  4. marvin says:

    too bad for me! I don’t have a blackberry to try

  5. cobra says:

    are your sure BB ON to 8888? coz it aint working. =(

  6. natsumeh says:

    it didnt work for me. called globe & they did not help. I cant register to globe.blackberry.com for the push mail

  7. chris says:

    I don’t have blackberry does it work with iPhone or does they offer same on iPhone?

  8. Actually, Kudos to Sun Cellular for leading the way that’s why Globe and Smart are being distracted and keep on offering the same unlimited stuff. I hope that this is just a beginning and more unlimited offers to come. Hopefully, all handsets all unlimited all prepaid that kind of thing.

  9. cobra says:

    anyone can confirm this as working?

  10. BBB9700 says:

    does this really work? how to subscribe?

    i’m a globe user but since Smart offered the prepaid BB service first, i use Smart on my BB.

    tried the Smart BB prepaid and it works. it’s just that it’s too difficult to renew the service.

    please provide update on this if you subscribed successfully. thanks

  11. BBB9700 says:

    i want to try this but i don’t know how to subscribe. tried to search google about the new Globe offer but there is none at this momment.

    in addition to, i already registered my PIN and IMEI to Smart BIS when i tried their service. is there a way to unregister it? :( because if there is no way, i can’t use my sim Globe for my BB.

  12. dongv says:

    isn’t smart blackberry prepaid plan include browsing with the blackberry apn/service book? you are only charged extra if you use the internet APN,
    so Globe has no browsing like Smart BB?
    pls correct me if I am wrong,

  13. cobra says:

    just do a wipe on your handheld before inserting the prepaid globe to be sure to remove all service books. Then it will be provisioned to your new sim (IF this promo is really working that is)

  14. BBB9700 says:

    to be able to use the Globe BIS, you need to register your device again right? please correct me if im wrong..

    i’m having a problem with this because Globe BIS site does not allow me to create a new account. this is because my pin/imei is already registed in the Smart BIS. :(

  15. cobra says:

    as soon as your device is provisioned in the globe BIS then it will automatically be disconnected from the smart BIS, its like a change device. Then you can now create your globe bis address to be used to configure your push emails. problem occurs when there are service books left from your previous simcard. so to be safe just do a handheld wipe. upon provisioning, new service books will be automatically be downloaded to your device.

  16. cobra says:

    just called up globe csr. they do know about the promo but they don’t know that it’s still not functioning. wtf!

  17. BBB9700 says:

    @cobra: now i understand. thanks!

  18. bella says:

    It should be BB ON 50 and then text to 8888 for one day
    BB ON 220 text to 8888 for 5 days. You have to text the denomination and not just BB ON

  19. j says:

    Can anyone confirm that this is working? I’m on Smart BB week plan right now after switching to another sim coz the renewal was just effed up. Called Globe csr this morning to confirm and they said this only applies to BBs which are bought under Globe and I can’t use mine coz it’s from the States. I just kind of laughed coz I don’t think it’s true..any confirmations?

  20. @ j says:

    Hi, J! Yes the globe prepaid blackberry service is working. Globe can guarantee only for globe provided handsets, u can use non globe provided handsets but it’s not guarantee that it will work and globe will not support if ever your handset is registered to blackberry website to different network provider.

  21. 1timnatupa says:

    slightly unrelated pero pwede na rin:
    GLOBE just announced the unlimited surfing for iPhones. Saw an ad sa Manila Bulletin. It’s 1200, similar to the unlimited Blackberry plans.

  22. Communicator says:

    Smart plan at same prices is unlimited surfing while Globe plan is limited to social sites and email so not equal plan even if same price http://globephilippines.blogspot.com/

  23. Communicator says:

    Smart plan at same prices is unlimited surfing while Globe plan is limited to social sites and email so not equal plan even if same price

  24. VinceBerry says:

    @Blackberry9700: With smart, after an expensive trial and error, what the customer assistants dont know, everytime you want to renew your BB prepaid service, you have to txt MMS ON to 211 first before txting BB DAY or WEEK to 2207 then battery pull after

    Globe’s a bit hassle… really? 24 hours after subscribing? Smart only takes a few seconds, the reset of the handset itself takes longer!

    I’ll stick with Smart for the meantime.. until Globe fixes issues

  25. natsumeh says:

    I tried it again, it worked. :)

  26. bblove says:

    I tried registering but I still can’t send it. It says “short message transfer rejected” :( can somebody help me?:(

  27. miguelmallari says:

    globe works..unlimited web browsing din to!!im using it!make sure hndi 5 and above remaining balance mo para di ka mcharge!sbi lng nila ung 24hours..im using this right now.50 cents lng extra load ko and im here at yugatech!haha

  28. bblove says:

    Was able to register na pero it says I’ll receive a confirmation message or I’ll be able to see EDGE or GPRS on my signal indicator. I’m still waiting for it now. Does it really take long?

  29. miguelmallari says:

    mgbattery pull ka muna..saglit lng yan

  30. bblove says:

    ok na it’s working. but i cant create a new account for my email :( ikaw ba?

  31. miguelmallari says:

    bro pnta ka lng globe.blackberry.com on ur device… walang problema dyn.dun mo iregister email mo..pin moko 20e0ca81!!

  32. damnvixen says:

    migrating from smart bis to globe.. everything else seem to work fine except for setting up my email.. it says your account has been suspended. Please contact the system administrator.. any help on this? thnx

  33. miguelmallari says:

    this service is cool i subscribed yesterday morning and my subscription should be expired this 1030 in the morning but now its 9pm its still working!!nice one globe!!hahahah!!..!..

  34. shinydiscoball says:

    i sent bb on 220 to 8888 and nothing happened. i tried resending and i got a “kasalukuyang pinoproseso ang iyong naunang request” how long should it take for globe to reply and let me register, etc? thanks :)

  35. yuga says:

    Hello Guys!

    For more info, details or support, please send message to Globe via their Twitter account at @talk2globe

  36. Maye says:

    blahhhh. globe sucks. if di pa gumawa ng move si smart, di sila susunod. pfft.

  37. andre says:

    Tried using this…it’s working naman :)

  38. damnvixen says:

    sino ang naka try na mag renew?

  39. jack says:

    Ano ba APN ng Blackberry?

  40. sam says:

    I don’t understand why there’s this “fine print” about the service not working with BB handhelds not bought with Globe? Is there a difference?

    I tried the SMART BIS and it worked but I’d like to try the Globe service and the CSR wasn’t any help. Just repeated the line that they will not assist if unit is not purchased with Globe. This after the registration of 50 pesos. I wonder if there are other “victims” like me. Please email me and let’s file a class action lawsuit.

  41. Marky says:

    @sam one possible reason, your Smart BIS left service books on your BB. Service books cannot stack which means you need to do a battery pull (remove the battery while your BB is on, then place it back again after 1 minute).

    I personally think this (pag refuse nila to assist non-Globe BB handsets) as a bad move for Globe since they’re trying to refuse additional clients. Ayaw ba nila non, sa Smart na ang handset, tutal 1 time payment lang yun. Sa kanila yung service, na everyday binabayaran.

  42. Zyrich says:

    SO which is better? Globe or Smart prepaid BIS package? Para diretso subscribe na ako….

  43. miguelmallari says:

    Go for globe..mas malakas signal…ako ngsubscribe ng 1day s globe..3rd day ko na ngaun gumagana parin.hahahaha.saya!50 3days and counting parin!

  44. japorms says:

    Sa Smart, more often than not ang signal ko is only GPRS. very seldom lumabas ang EDGE.
    Sa Globe naman baliktad. More often EDGE at bihira lang ang GPRS.
    Btw nasa Metro Manila area ako not sure if ganyan din ang trend sa mga provinces or other major cities.
    Same as Miguel I subscribed to the P50/day scheme. After about 28hrs I received a advice the BIS service had been deactivated. but its been almost 72 hours after I received that message pero my Globe BIS is still active. Pamaskong handog ng Globe??
    Sa Smart putol agad when they send you that last 30mins message na deactivate na nila ang BIS.

  45. sam says:

    I did a battery pull and that made it work for the internet service (FB, Twitter) but not for the push email. Tried registering to the BIS site but still to no avail. It won’t let me register the PIN & IMEI. Can anyone help? Or is it true what they say on the “fine print” that it’s a touch-and-go whether the service (email) will work or not?

  46. sam says:

    Also tried doing the email setup but there’s no provision for setting up the BIS email. Only BES.

    C’mon! :-(

  47. miguelmallari says:

    sam go to globe.blackberry.com on ur fone…that will do it…dun ka mgregister…still going ung globe bis ko…3:02pm dpat xpired na to 2 days ago ng 1030am..hahaha

  48. Shy says:

    waaah how come I can’t make it work? I txted BB Status and it says my BB service is already active but I can’t see my edge signal with ALL CAPS.

  49. damnvixen says:

    when i registered for globe prepaid bis ( i initially registered for smart) tagal na unsuspend ang bis account ko.. lagi sabi na suspended/deactivated ang bis ko need to contact chuva. after a few HOURS (meaning nakatulog ako at nagising)naka register na ako for push email sa globe bis site.

    ung push email lang naman ang na delayed but ung ibang service like BBM Ubertwitter and all other apps relying on bis got activated around 10mins after sending bb on 50 to 8888.

    im also 3 days extended and counting sa bis ko.. cool tlga.. baka pamasko satin ng globe para sa mga help ng test ng system..

    pin nyo ako 25772b17

  50. Red says:

    @ Shy: You can call globe hotline to check status in the provisioning site of blackberry.

  51. cooler says:

    How is the BIS service of Globe? Did anyone know Globe provisioning site.

  52. miguelmallari says:

    Pnta lng kau s mobile network options kng activated na ang snsbi s status..tpos run diagnostic test..kng yes ung nkalagay s blackberry registration nd all mkkrcv ka ng ur fone has been registered to the wireless network

  53. natsumeh says:

    Try registering your device.
    Options > Advanced Options > Host Routing Table > Menu Key > register. :)

    It worked for me.

  54. damnvixen says:

    hmm mukhang expired na ako ah.. after 4 days.. tnx globe for the free 3 days..

  55. ameng says:

    Mine has expired as well. Anybody nagtry na mag-renew? Hirap kasi nung sa Smart before nakain lang mga load ko.

  56. miguelmallari says:


  57. damnvixen says:

    d muna ako mg rerenew gumagana pla bis pag naka wifi dito lang nman ako sa bahay

  58. ameng says:

    How about dito sa Globe? Nagswitch na kasi ako to Globe, nagtry ka na magrenew with this one?

  59. japorms says:

    nagsubscribe ako ulit sa globe. kinain yun P50. when subscribing send muna nila yun terms and conditions na kailangan mo reply sms BB YES. nakatatlo na ata ako BB YES (all within 1hr after nag BB ON 50 to 8888) kasi walang dumadating confimation subscribed na ako. mag 2hrs na wala pa din confirmation dumadating subscribed na ako and my gprs and edge indicators are still lower case. i hope medyo delayed lang at hindi hinawaan ng smart ang globe. up to now wala pa din ako BIS.

  60. japorms says:

    spoke too soon. yun message thanking me for accepting their terms and conditions nila dumating na. after 1 min nag all caps na din EDGE indicator ko. mabagal lang ata magisip system ng globe almost 2hrs bago naactivate yun renewal sub ko na P50

  61. ameng says:

    oo nga e thats why im hesistant to renew sa globe kasi wala pa ko narinig na updates from others na nagrenew na. hopefully it’s just delayed. keep us updated :-) thanks!

  62. japorms says:

    teka lang upper case na EDGE ko pero hindi pala ako makapasok sa YM and BBM and sa browser. WTF!!
    Although complete attendance naman ang HRT and Service books entries ko.
    teka try ko magbattery pull

    Itong Globe at Smart BIS malapit na maubos dugo ko sa kanila. at least nga pala ang Globe meron pakunswelo na P50 supersurf na 3days =) sa Smart parang Meralco, putol agad kapag dumating disconection notice

  63. japorms says:

    again spoke too soon. right after i sent my last comment kumalembang na BBM tones ko. in short hindi na ako nagbattery pull. pero right after i subscribed around 12nn till the time dumating confirmation ko (after 2hrs), think i did around 3 battery pulls

  64. Red says:

    @ ameng, Actually renewal from globe is easy and fast compare to new registration. Y, because you will not be deactivated to Blackberry provisioning site, you just have to text BB ON AMT to 8888 to activate again the service, then if it is already register to the globe system, then you can use again the service.

  65. Red says:

    Hi, All! If you have a problem with Globe Prepaid Blackberry Service, you can twit globe @talk2globe or chat with their chat support http://www.globe.com.ph/support and ask for assistance.

  66. ameng says:

    renewing was easy, i tried it yesterday after posting here and within minutes i received the confirmation then after had to do a soft reset (the ALT+RIGHT SHIFT(CAP)+DELETE) instead of doing battery pull and when it reboots I’m then connected. Renewing was a breeze thanks guys!

  67. damnvixen says:

    ooh aus pala mag renew as per ur comments.. excited tuloy ako mag renew :)

  68. bblove says:

    @japorms that happened to me also. i called the CSR of globe tapos they told me na the activation period is within 12 hours so we have to wait :)

    @miguelmallari hahahaha i got 3 days free din sa globe bis!! super thanks globe :)

    @damnvixen madali lang naman magenew. ako nakapagrenew na ako like 3 times already :)

  69. curious says:

    Will this work for blackberry messenger???

  70. sam pilgrim says:

    Finally got BIS working after repeated attempts in calling GLOBE’s customer-doesn’t-care hotline. Or maybe I’m just lucky that with the nth call I got a rep who was a bit more knowledgeable than the others I spoke with. Hay.

    I wonder how many BB prepaid subscribers there are now? Can we PIN each other for support on issues?


  71. sam pilgrim says:

    @marky, @miguelmallari – thanks for the suggestions. Perhaps the BIS just took some time in the activation, who knows. Globe won’t give a clear answer. At any rate, my BB is functioning now as expected…hopefully the service will function without hiccups when (or if) I decide to renew. Thanks guys!

  72. dongv says:

    I have tried to renew my prepaid BB subscription this morning around 9,
    got confirmation to wait, but until now, no sign of BB connection yet, tried txt BB STATUS to 8888 & replied its active,

    what should I do?

  73. glaihness says:

    can anyone help me with the globe bis? i didnt buy my bb smartphone from globe, do u think it will work?

  74. puhretty says:

    i registered to the bis service but didnt get any confirmation as to its status. but i did resend the bb on etc to 8888 and it says its still active. weird tho i cant even use it. plus i dont see the EDGE indicator. how do i make it work? :(

  75. MrPuppet says:

    your account has been suspended. please contact the system administrator. need help please.. TIA

  76. dongv says:

    anyone else has problem with Globe Prepaid BB?
    I try to renew my prepaid BB yesterday am & got the terms & condition & replied BB YES & also got the sms to wait for it to activate but its more than 30 hrs & several calls to Globe CS but still no BB connection,
    I am afraid to make another new subscription as it might also be ‘eaten’ as per senator Enrile would said.

    pls comment on your experience on Globe BB Prepaid,

    btw I have 3 successful subcription since Globe launch their prepaid BB and all ok, but the last one takes about an hour to activate then now it has no response after Globe takes the load

  77. mrpuppet says:

    Gumawa sa akin.. Patience lang kelangan.. Malakas signal d2 sa cebu.. E2 pin ko.. 214FC72D hit me up

  78. PROBLEM! says:


    When I subscribed to this, I am now unable to send text messages! It keeps saying “Requested facility not subscribed”

    What does this mean?? I am using a Blackberry Bold 9700!

    Please help!

  79. puhretty says:

    i got a connection once the other day, when i tried renewing it wont connect anymore after eating up my load.

  80. dongv says:

    puhretty: have you try renew again?
    anyone else has renewal nightmare?

  81. cooler says:

    Globe and Smart can make BB as auto renew service. If the users don’t want the service anymore they can go to business center or send message network carried to terminate the service. What do you think guys? Parang laging may problem kasi sa renewal ng service.

  82. Joanna Ong says:

    I’m a Smart user before and then I switched to Globe and I can’t register to http://globe.blackberry.com. I get the same error, “Your account has been suspended. Please contact the system administrator.” What should I do? Please email me for answers. Thanks! :)

  83. Mr. PuppeT says:

    @puhretty .. i got renewal problem also.. i can’t register to BB enterprise ..
    @joanna ong .. register ka lang http://globe.blackberry.com. yan din problem ko nung nag subscribe ako .. pag ka tapos ko mag register.. na ok na ..
    pin me214FC72D ..
    wifi gamit ko, magagamit ko pa rin services nang BB kahit d ako naka unli ..

  84. kabayong itim says:

    Hi Everyone. I was able to activate my non-globe BB and everything seems to work until I tried to send some test email to my yahoo account. The device indicated: “Service blocked”. Has anybody encountered this and had some solutions to make it work? Thanks in advance.

  85. sam pilgrim says:

    All those with concerns re: renewal of service, I’ve tried renewing several times already. It really does take awhile with several battery pull-outs needed. Hope this helps.

  86. berryberry says:

    i have the same problem with ms joanna ong. i did not subscribe to smart BIS for two days already and today, i switched to globe. before subscribing to the globe BIS, i performed a security wipe. just the same, can’t create a new account in globe bis.

    what i did was text BB ON 50 to 8888 then globe sent me the terms and conditions. i replied with BB YES then globe said thank you blah blah blah. after this thank you message, the BIS is not yet working and i still have to wait for another message saying that the BIS is already active right? and only then i can register to globe.blackberry.com. please correct me if im wrong.

  87. berryberry says:

    my problem is solved. battery pull solves it.

  88. JJ says:

    This works on my BB Storm 9530 :) Thank you, Globe!

  89. sakura says:

    so ibig sabihin, i need to do a battery pull everytime i will renew service to this one???

  90. zeddy08 says:

    ok lang ba khit hindi ko sa globe bnili ung unit ko? kasi nakapagregister na ako for almost a week sa glode…tpos d other day nagregister ulet ako… ngexpire na ung registration ko d ko man lang nagamit…tumawag ako sa globe sabi ng customer rep nila…wala daw clang magagawa abt my problem kasi d ko daw sa knila binili ung unit ko…until now wala pa din ako BIS…2 araw na ako nagregister hoping na magamit ko ung BIS…ang problem until now wala pa din….ano kaya pwede ko gawin? Help po….

  91. Corsair says:

    I was just wondering, bakit ang daming mga palipat-lipat?

    Kung nag-Smart BlackBerry prepaid na yung iba, bakit lumipat pa ng Globe? Ano po bang problem with Smart? Di po ba parehas lang?

  92. damnvixen says:

    for me lumipat ako sa globe after registering sa smart kc globe user tlga ako.. i was just trying out smart kc cla ung nauna sa prepaid bis service.. so when globe offered it, the natural thing for me to do was migrate my bis to globe.. ^^

    The ViXeN’s LaiR

  93. lala says:

    i need help with a BB9700 unlocked from the u.s, cant connect to the internet using globes wap, i keep getting a message, that im in a area that can’t handle data communication what to do? thanks

  94. Red says:

    @lala, are you subscribed to Globe Prepaid Blackberry? If not, blackberry phones requires a blackberry subscription for you to use the data connection using the globe network.

  95. jc says:

    same problem as lala, im using BB9700 from the states. i was able to use it for a day tapos next day. cant connect na daw. error message kept on getting msg that im in a area that can’t handle data communication.what to do help! thanks

  96. benz says:

    ok lang ba mag register kahit hindi sa globe binili ung BB.. kasi ung BB ko galing sa US? help pls

  97. damnvixen says:

    @benz yup ok na ok.. basta openline lang yan

  98. annoyed says:

    This is my 5th time to renew… the past 4 times have worked properly, only had to wait 10 minutes each. It’s been a couple of hours now since I registered and my gprs/edge indicators are still lower case.

    How long does it usually take for you guys??? I hate globe sometimes!!

  99. tin says:

    Hey! I tried it last night, 50 denomination and until now, it’s not working! my gprs/edge indicators are still lower case. i called customer service and what scared me most is when they said it is not 100% guarantee that it will work on BB that aren’t bought from globe. It so happened that i got mine from abroad, in Saudi Arabia. Is anyone here experiencing the same trouble? HELP please!

  100. Corsair says:

    @tin if you read the lengthy thread of comments above, you’ll find a lot of the people just do a simple battery pull. That works/solves almost everything. Try it!

    I myself can’t guarantee it though, since i’ve been using the service without a hitch.

    @damnvixen that makes sense. Akala ko ganun kabilis magpalit ng mga number ang mga tao these days (all though dati nung may mga SIM swap na nangyayari, sobrang bilis talaga palitan number).

  101. julieann says:

    nag try ako nito last Sat yung Php50.00, ok naman siya..then nag expire na so nag subscribe ulit ako ng Sunday now yung Php220.00 since ok naman nga yung last subscription ko..up to now di pa rin siya activated..meron sinasabi yung customer service agent di daw nila ma-guarantee na gagana ulit I did not purchase daw may BB sa kanila mismo..halatang-halata yung mga customer service agent nila hindi pa masyadong alam ang BB kasi iba-iba sila ng sinasabi..bad trip

  102. zeddy08 says:

    Korek ka jan @julieann…

    globe shld do samting abt their
    customer representative.
    Nde alam ang mga pnagsasabi.
    Gnagawang escape ung rison na
    d ntin nbli sa knila ung unit
    ntin. Ksi how s it posible na
    gumagana minsan at minsan hindi.
    D b kalokohan un. Parang niloloko
    nila tau. Dpat lhat tau na may BB
    mag reklamo sa globe. Sa smart
    ksi walang ganyan na dpat sa knila
    ntin bnili ung mga unit ntin.
    Wala naman ako reklamo sa BB
    services ng globe ang nirereklamo
    ko eh ung mga csr na hindi alam
    ang gngawa at cnsbi sa mga
    customers nila. Nkakabdtrip. Heheh.

  103. julieann says:

    zeddy08, Oo nga..nag tweet na ko sa kanila para they can be aware of our problems..di talaga ako kumbinsido don sa reason na dahil hindi natin binili sa kanila ang BB unit, kaya walang guarantee na gagana yung subscription natin..sana kung ganun nag lagay sila ng disclaimer para aware tayo..

  104. miguelmallari says:

    wow…its been a while since i visited this page again..im gonna share my experience with u guys..
    i used the prepaid bis with my blackberry bold 9000 which came from at&t all my one day subscription worked until dec.27 when i registered for a 5day subscription…it didnt work…i called the cs and they told me there is no guarantee that it will work since it ddnt came from them…TOLD EM…”FUCK YOU WALA NGA KAYONG BINEBENTANG PREPAID KIT TPOS MGOOFFER KYO NG PREPAID SERVICE TPOS SBIHIN NYO SKIN THERES NO GUARANTEE?”after that she issued me a reference number and i told her to put in that report that my subscription on dec.22,23,24 worked so why will it not work for me now..last jan.3 i got my refund which is P220.00,i registered on jan.2 for the 1 day bis and up to now its still working..thanks for their fucking hassle moves…my 1 day subscription is working for 11days now…

  105. Mizuki says:

    @miguelmallari , lol lucky you!!

    I will try this soon..

  106. kat says:

    i had the same prob since yesterday..BOBO super ang mga agents nila isama mo na supervisors nila..i reg for 1 day subscription for 2 consecutive days and ok nman sya then nung pang 3rd time ko na bigla na lng nagka prob..i called there cus srvc htln paulit ulit ang cnasbi nila dhil nde daw sa kanila binili yng unit so wlang assurance..sbi ko crap how come na b4 wlang naging prob tpos for the 3rd time ko mag reg bglang nde na..the always give me the same crap excuse about there TOU..and u knw wat pissed me off the most.sabi pa sakn ng SUP nila..”ac2aly mam swerte pa po kayo kc 50 lng ang nkuha nyo..i told her..r u fuckng serious??i should be thankful pa dhil 50 lng nakuha nyo sakn??is dat wat u tel 2 ol ur subscribers na nina2kawan nyo..ANG BOBO talaga ng supervisor na un..in case u get 2 talk to her,her name is grace..SUPER BOBO

  107. kat says:

    we should help each other wid dis same prob..nde dpat nila gnaganun mga subscribrs nila..kya nde umuunlad ang pilipinas kc mismong kapwa pilipinp..gnagago..

    im very disappointed to globe..and 2 top it all off..wla daw clang maga2wa kc sa TOU nila itys indic8d na der is no assurance pro ive read it agen..wat dey are jst reassuring is the registration of the BB push email subscription to our units..pro isnt it na pag nagamit mo na ang BB mo on the 1st attempt ang it worked..nag se2nd lahat ng application..so there fucking TOU is not applicable..nabasa ko na lng kc ulit yng TOU..expired na ung dapat nka reg ko na 1 day subscription..dhil pnaghintay nila ako ng pnaghintay..giving me false hope na wid i jst hve to w8 wid in 24 hrs and it will be activ8d..pro nung 2mawag ulit ako dahil alm ko na malapit na mag expire yng registration ko..duhn na nila cnabi ng cnabi na wlang assurance…dhil nakita nila sa history ofmy case notes na since last nyt pa yng sunscription..hope may makabas n2 na corporate ng globe…bc0z the hell wid globe…they dnt value there customers…

  108. Mizuki says:

    gaaah this won’t work on me since I’m postpaid.. I thought it would work! ><

    I know there are blackberry plans for postpaid too , I registered for it THRICE! but still, NONE! sheesh! I want to try smart's postpaid plans but the thing is, no one will text me anymore since majority uses globe. T.T

  109. stacy says:

    Can anyone help me cus the Glob people are EXTREMELY useless.

    I’m using a BB Gemini from the States, but it’s open line now so I can use any sim. I’m using Globe so I decided to try this Unlimited BB Plan. I tried the P50 first to test it, it’s been more than an hour and the edge signal’s still in lower caps, and I haven’t received an activation message. But I checked the status by texting BB STATUS to 8888 and it says it’s active already. I’ve tried doing battery pulls too but it’s not working. Help?

  110. Mr. PuppeT says:

    @stacy register ka po d2 http://www.globe.blackberry.com .. this will help .. try mo ..

  111. stacy says:

    @Mr Puppet- I can access the other stuff na like BBM and Ym, Facebook. But my emails no padin. When I open the browser it says “account suspended”?

  112. Mr. PuppeT says:

    @stacy .. dnt register sa phone mo.. use a pc or laptop dun ka register.. same din tau nung nag register ako .. account suspended din ..
    pin me sa bbm 214FC72D

  113. kakammi says:

    do we have to always register sa globe BIS everytime we renew?

  114. Mr. PuppeT says:

    @kakammi .. yep register pa rin .. same instructions pa rin ..

    TEXT BB ON 50 send to 8888
    after cnfrmation
    BB YES send to 8888
    hintay mo lang ma activ8..

    sana ma aus nang globe yung renewal nila..

  115. dogs says:

    did anyone try to avail of the 1,200 denomination?

  116. Mizuki says:

    question, ano dapat ung apn? blackberry.net? =) I think prepaid is better kasi unli 50/day 220 5 days pa.. eh postpaid 1,200/mo lang. waah un nga lang hindi hassle sa pag register/renew :)

    I’ll buy a globe sim para itry to. hehe!

  117. miguelmallari says:

    Still my 1day bis is working since jan2…pati s sister ko ung sknya since dec 22 pa…lagpas 20days na sya 1 day lng snubscribe namin both..free bis for us!!! Don’t use the 5days or their 1 month..try the 1day first…malay nyo swerte kayo tulad namin..

  118. Mizuki says:

    yun nga eh, kaya I wanna try baka maswerte din ako..

    Do I have to delete my service books ba kapag nilagay ko ung new globe prepaid sim?

  119. Joanne says:

    Hi Guys! What does Blackberry APN means? Does APN stands for Application or not?

    Parang what i’m getting kasi is unlimited browsing ka if gamit mo yung blackberry APN, and not Globe APN? Please correct me if im wrong.

  120. Joanne says:

    @Mr. PuppeT- Hi! Question, i tried n mgregister sa http://www.globe.blackberry.com through my lap top, then after co ma input yung PIN and IMEI, may error message na lumabas:

    Cannot create account:

    Your BlackBerry® Internet Service Account is suspended or deactivated. Please contact
    your wireless service provider at (+632) 7301000 or 211 (using your Globe Handyphone)
    or [email protected].

    Could someone help me pleeaaassseee :)

  121. Mr. PuppeT says:

    @joanne – try to contact globe, just try and try registering .. i dont know wats the problem with globe..

    just try registering again..
    is this the first time u register?

  122. Pat says:

    I’m currently using the prepaid 1200. This is my 2nd time to use it and its working fine naman :)

  123. Mizuki says:

    Gaaah, it will work via wi-fi kapag may laman HRT .. nung nag deactivate nawala ung HRT kaya ayaw wi-fi.. tapos i can’t use din my postpaid sim. walang laman HRT. grnesss. I think I have to avail the 1,200/mo sa postpaid.. T.T

  124. kakammi says:

    i cant register sa BIS! i tried going to globe.blackberry.com but all i get is account suspended or deactivated! HELP!!

  125. Frances says:

    I think this was my 3rd time subscribing, still not convinced to take the BB monthly unlimited cuz the service sucks!!! for whatever reason, the service dies on me for most of the day then suddenly expires like wth? lol does it work for openline BB’s? I’m starting to think that it’s the culprit- Cuz I bought mine from T-mobile but I am using a globe sim though. The first time was ok but for the succeeding days OMG the Data service was just too CRAPPY! yea that’s how I would describe it.

    Is smart any better? thanks!

  126. jordan says:

    @miguel: I experienced the same, nakain yung 220 load ko when I registered for 5 days and called their CS and everyone of them are f*cking useless! Even supervisors, am asking for refund pero until now wala pa rin, gusto ko na sumugod sa opisina nila! Kkstress telcos dito!

  127. Calebus says:

    People, need your comments:

    Say I buy a Globe Blackberry Prepaid Kit, and use my Globe Postpaid sim on it to surf the internet ( i.e TIME BASED browsing ), will that work?

  128. Maye says:

    @ Calebus: it worked for me. :)

  129. desh says:

    can i used bbm twitter using wifi for blackberry 9000?
    just curious i will have my BB next month its unlocked from AT&T will it worked here in philippines?

  130. Calebus says:

    @ Maye: Thanks for the comment.

    I decided to get the BB Bold 9700 instead via a Globe plan upgrade from 800 to 999 ( though there will be PHP15,400 cash out ).

    I was negotiating for a Curve in exchange for extending my postpaid subscription for another 24 months, but I think they are having a hard time to ddecide. It took me about 5 to 6 discussions with ddifferent customer service officers before reaching a conclusion, that they will not allow me that. So the BOLD it is.

    The next thing to figure out is how I will get to access Lotus Notes corporate mails, without the idea of push email. We will find out if time based browsing will be manageable, at least for me.

    Comments will be very much appreciated people.


  131. sHeLi says:

    guyz help me plz…evrytym i register dey replied you are not allowed to used this service..whats the meaning of that?thankz

  132. niCoLe says:

    hi pin me 2189116B

  133. MARLENE80 says:

    hello poh…its my second time to avail the 1 day unlimited prepaid plan ng BB using globe…my first time was not that bad tho, nakakapagsend ako ng pin msgs tru BB mesenger kaya lang every time i try to invite my fiance sa BBM ko, it always says pending kahit accept na nya ako sa BB nya..then got some trouble din in setting up my email account(hanggang natapos na ang subscription ko on the following day)..I do a lot of research on how to work it out and( on my second subscription ) finally, i followed some people here na to pull out the battery of my BB and put it back after 30 sec. then create an account na ako sa globe.blackberry.com… and it WORKS!!! now i’m receiving mails sa BB ko…NOW, ITO NALANG ANG PROBS KO, I STILL CAN’T ADD MY FIANCE ON MY BB MESENGER…PEDING PA RIN XA UNTIL NOW..BEEN TRYING SOME STUFF JUST TO MAKE IT WORK BUT WALA PA RIN…ANYONE GOT THE SAME PROBS JUST LIKE MINE??? PLS HELP NAMAN OH.. THANKS..

  134. frank says:

    hey! bukas dadating ung BB 9700 ko which i bought online, ano po ba una kong dapat na gawin? im a first time user po.. sana matulungan nyu po ako.. salamat.

  135. dongv says:

    can anyone help? was trying to setup my niece blackberry, it was given to her lang, I have subscribed to 1 day prepaid and its activated, everything works but the email,
    already setup an account on globe.blackberry.com and is ok, but no service book received on the phone even tried to sent several times via BB website, also tried to register on host routing table and is successful but still no email acct service book received,
    I found out that if I tried to setup email acct using the phone setup wizard, there is only BES & no option to add email,
    does this mean that the phone is setup for BES and what should be done for it to be able to use the BIS on prepaid?
    anyone encounter this and fixed it? many TIA

  136. dongv says:

    update lang,
    tried the sim with my other 2 BBs, all works expect emails. the other 2 BBs were both working before but now it wont send nor receive email, but everything else works, will it problem of the prepaid sim? or is there something wrong with the push email?

  137. Homer says:

    got my bb from globe, having no problems, tried the 220 first then i’m now using the 1 month unli plan, having no problems at all. :)

  138. niCoLe says:

    Hi gUyz.. Me too No prob on mY suBscriptioN sa gLobe…

  139. 9530 says:

    Hi. My bb was sent to me from the U.S. and is under verizon wireless. i had it unlocked. upon learning that globe offer bis prepaid, I tried registering but no confirmation. edge & gprs are still on lowercase. I applied all solutions posted by bb users on this forum but still not working. I visited a lot of globe sites but those people are dumb with regards to bb.

    Is there any other solutions u guys know?


  140. Homer says:

    hmmm maybe naka register lang sa verizon ung device mo. hindi kasi sumasagot yung iba sa PIN

  141. 9530 says:

    yun na nga eh. carrier kc ang verizon nitong fone ko. eh xempre wla nmn verizon dito so i have no choice but to use different service provider. sana man lang may procedure ang Globe sa mga ganitong kaso lalo na sa mga Globe users. tsk3

  142. Homer says:

    oo nga. tsk tsk. pero yung sa iba gumagana naman eh. diba storm ung 9530 mo? hala wala ka din wi-fi. tsk tsk. pero ung sa iba gumagana naman eh. nakapagregister ka na sa globe.blackberry.com? how about your service books?

  143. Mizuki says:

    @9530 > as in natry mo na din ung battery pull? yun kasi ginawa ko tapos biglang nagcaps ung edge at gprs. Minsan small case sila pero gumagana padin bis, tapos magccaps na sha later on.

    Yung akin, natagalan ako nung una, tapos tinignan ko ung status, okay naman na daw. Kaya nagtry ako battery pull. Tapos ayun, solve na :)

  144. Homer says:

    hope that battery pull makes it work:) anyway my PIN is 21C9798A

  145. gonein60secs says:

    follow our BB tambayan group. PIN me so that i can envite you. 212262b3

  146. gonein60secs says:

    tweet tweet

  147. jayyo says:

    Why can’t I register my BB9700? Tried registering it and the unit says it sent a registration message.. How will I know If my unit is aready registered?

  148. vixendmd says:

    Bad service ang bis ng globe sobrang tagal maactivate, worse kakainin pa load mo.
    Dala nako dito, switched to smart so far ok (wag sana mawaha sa globe)

  149. Homer says:

    @jayyo, you are supposed to receive a message asking you to accept the terms and Agreements…@vixen, we have a BB group and as far as i know we are all using Globe BIS, so far no problems at all…

  150. cocoy says:

    I also have the same problem that most of here is experiencing. 1st time na nag-avail ako ng globe prepaid BIS, ok naman. Actually, nahuli lang na-activate yung sa push email but generally, it was okay. Then nung nag-expire na sha, which is this morning lang, I re-activated it this time for 5 days with their 220 denomination. Yun ang problema coz until now, hindi pa sha activated. I noticed na nawala din yung laman ng HRT so I’m really bothered. Talaga bang nawawalan ng laman ang HRT everytime nae-expire ang prepaid BIS? I just called their customer service and they gave me a ticket which I will mention pag mag-follow up ako ng status anytime within today….hopefully, maging ok.

  151. ambisyosa says:

    kadiri, battery pull? hahaha…

  152. ELLE says:

    i think meron ako kailangan puntahan na site para ma verify ko yung unlimited ko kasi ayaw pa nya what site is it?

  153. Metatron888 says:

    GLOBE BLACKBERRY DATA SERVICE SUCKS!!!!! I’ve had it with GLOBE sayang pera ko! OMG nakaka highblood talaga tong GLOBE WALANG KWENTA!

    Tried SMART and after registration INSTANT ang activation! TAENANG GLOBE BULOK!!!!!! tapos na lang ang 24 hours wala pa na activate nag expire na lang ang registration di pa nagamit LOL!!!!! Mawalan sana kayo subscribers! *BOW*

  154. Gaz says:

    I’m staying in cebu. And I’m alone 25years old guy. Korean
    Need friend. Please pin me 2190AA8C

  155. "Oatmeal.... god for your the heart" says:

    after switching from smart blackberry prepaid (bb day), got tired with all those MMS On to 211 thing. i manage to switch to globe blackberry prepaid 50 (BB on 50). after my subcription expired last night, 1) i renewed my service (bb on 50); replied terms and condition “YES”, after 1 hour, my bis is up again. no hassle na…. PIN: 23f9d2e3

  156. luckyveloso says:

    pa clarify po..
    do i still need to register at globe.blackberry.com everytime i renew…???

  157. chedv says:

    no need to go to that site luckyveloso

  158. Marcus says:

    Ok now that App World’s available, I’m a bit confused. I’ve been wanting to have BB 9700 (way cheaper kasi dito sa Middle East compared sa Pinas – greenhills.com.ph) HOWEVER, after seeing several comments on this site bout BIS plan with Globe and Smart, parang I’m “hesitantly wanting” to have one. Kasi sabi sa thread:

    1. matagal mag subscribe and even renew ng BIS plan.

    2. you have to at least maintain 1 peso load, and that’s it. Otherwise it will be gone in no time due to some unknown hourly data charges. So paano kung may tatawagan or tetext ka? Dun ka lang pwedeng mag load ng extra?

    3. (sorry if this might sound dumb for a newbie) without BIS plan, by all means, is it not possible to use apps like Facebook and YM through regular data charging?

    4. and finally, both Globe and Smart’s reps have successfully made your day making you feel hopeless to setup BIS on your BB.

    Don’t get me wrong, as I’ve said recently I WANTED to have one pero parang andaming complaints sa thread coming from BB users. I don’t want go buy BB and subscribe to BIS plan here just to find out na mahirap pala siyang i-setup/register sa Pinas doing all handheld / service books wiping, provisioning and stuffs that I’ve never heard. I hope someone will hear me out. Sa mag reply, thanks you pow and bless you! hehe…

    YM/FB “, [email protected], saka na yung PIN pag convinced nakong mag BB hehe..

  159. gonein60secs says:

    To Marcus

    Huling uwi ko sa pinas was January 2010. I am using a 9700 that time. I subscribed it both to Globe and Smart. Both was flawless and easy. Load ka lang and text to subscribe. After a few minutes and a Battery pull ok na ang BIS.

    Just an advice. Better na maging familiar ka muna how to set up and trouble shoot the berry. Karamihan ng problem naman dyan madaling solusyunan. Most of the times Battery pull lang ang kailangan if its technical. Pero kung subscription related problem eh no choice ka talaga kundi mag reklamo sa provider. Pero during my stay sa pinas, wala naman akong na encounter na provider problem.

    Better to add some BB users as buddies once ok na ang BIS mo. They can help u more on problems related to BB that the Globe and Smart CSRs.

    Buy the 9700 tol, di ka magsisisi. The best sya sa lahat ng BB models so far. PIN mo ko kung may tanong ka. Im always ready to help. 216b18a9. BTW. 9700 user pa rin ako. :)

  160. chedv says:

    guys just would like to ask. i went kasi sa indonesia and suprisingly i can call that country a blackberry country dahil sobrang dami gumagamit ng bb and ang daming accessories. that time wala pa ko bb and dito ko sa pinas bnili ung 9700 ko. ask ko lang if may alam kayo san pwede bumili ng bb 9700 accessories like jelly case, capdase, silicon case and other stuffs. tia!

  161. dongv says:

    chedv: try pin 258B3CFB

  162. chedv says:

    guys..help lang po..been using globe BIS for two weeks na using 220 denomination. today i tried using ung 50. status say its activated na and tried to do battery pull couple of times pero wala pa din. ano kaya prob? thanks

  163. G says:

    Guys, I need help, I bought a unit in Greenhills yesterday and I want to use App World but I couldn’t get it to work…do I need to have the BIS from Globe first before I can install it?

    and one more thing, ive tried to register to the prepaid BIS for 50 pesos and I still didnt get the activation, is it really that long?

    anyone help pls.:(

    PIN 21DAB167


  164. jorgebase says:

    Is the unli bb will work on ubertwitter?

  165. Taz says:

    Hi guys!

    If you need help about how to setup your blackberry please add me in your Yahoo Messenger and I will be always available to assist you…my YMid is t_a_z08…hope to hear from you guys…

  166. chedv says:

    guys, how do u configure bb globe prepaid for roaming? thanks

  167. JC says:

    Ok. I have my BB for about 4 months now. I recently subscribed to the SuperSurf plan by Globe, and they sent me a message that it was already activated. They also sent in the same msg that I had to wait for the edge beside the signal bar to be all caps before I went to the globe.blackberry.com site to register my email. After reading a few stuff here (battery pull, sometimes others still small caps but able to use BB services) I went to go to the site using my BB. I added my mail to the existing account, which the previous owner did not logout, and deleted his. I tried to login again using my account (the new one approved by the blackberry site) and it said I had the wrong username and password. I tried several times, more than 10 in fact, and it still can’t register my username. I have been using WiFi the whole 4 months until now that I wanted to contact my friends on BBM. I still use WiFi for browsing now, because I can’t access the BB service. The WORST part of all now, is that I CANNOT SEND NOR RECEIVE TEXT MSGS. It says back “Requested facility not subscribed” EVERY TIME I attempt to send a text. I have not changed anything on the settings. I can call, but not text. THIS IS BOTHERING ME because I communicate with my everyone mostly through texting (who doesn’t?) but I just can’t bear the fact that it has been disabled. I have checked online and I haven’t found anything that would solve it. Is it network related? How can I activate my BB services? Can this legally settled? (Ok, medyo exagge) Please help me. Sobrang naiinis ako!

  168. NICA says:

    (For pre-paid subscribers only)

    Globe BB service is working for some BB units. It is not guaranteed that BB service will work for all BB smart phones especially if it is not from Globe.

    If you bought your unit at Globe, just go to the nearest wireless center and they will assist you in configuring the BB service.

    I bought my BB at Greenhills and I’m lucky that BB service is working. you just have to be patient to talk to service center agents. Some globe service center agents are not really helping. i tried to call globe services a couple of times and the last agent really helped me. After registering through SMS, there is still an activation online using PC, you must enter your PIN and IEMS(? or something like that, it can be seen in the BB box)

  169. jehzlau says:

    Correction: Internet browsing IS INCLUDED. :)

  170. charles says:

    nakakainis yung globe, nag register ako ng 1 day sa bis, tumagal ng 1 month. tapos nag register ako kanina, maraming beses na din ako ng battery pull pero its still not working :( do i need to wipe my bb?

  171. y says:

    hi charles, i have the same problem. i called up globe and they just told me to wait for 24 hours. i have a feeling they won’t do anything about it.

  172. mike says:

    guys need help, ive been on the Globe BIS for quite some time now,pero weird enough kanina naubos load ko while my BIS was still active (im on the p50/day service), so i decided to reload ng 100 para may laman ulit. kaso ngayon even though naka caps yung EDGE/GPRS or 3G w/ blackberry logo, wala akong ma-access na BIS service; ang labo din kasi when i tried to renew my BIS sabi ng globe active pa daw yung blackberry service ko. what gives??? anyone else has this problem? i’ve tried doing batt pulls about 5 times now to no avail…. help

  173. mike says:

    [email protected] talaga GLobe!!!! after telling me sa BB status na active pa BIS ko; i decided to just cancel the one day, so i sent BB OFF and confirmed with BB YES. bigla ba naman reply ng 8888 : “Sorry, ikaw ay hindi nakaregister sa Blacklberry”

    what the hell was that???? automated service na from english naging tagalog tas wrong spelling pa???

  174. NICA says:

    @mike, on Browser go to Options->Browser Configuration then change Browser to Internet Browser (other options are myGlobe, Hotspot Browser), change also the Options->General Properties->Default Broswer to Internet Browser

  175. pbtco says:

    Globe sucks! kaya daw di gumagana yung bis ko is bcoz hindi daw binili sa kanila yung BB. They told me to just register @ their site and text BB ON.. I tried the 1 day connection, hintayin ko lang daw. so i keep on registering pag nageexpired. I keep on following it up dahil 1 week na it’s not yet activated. arrgghhh! Same lang ba ang Smart. I am thinking of trying Smart… feedbacks anyone?

  176. desh says:

    for me globe is better than smart my BB bold is not from globe or smart its unlocked from USA but i got GLOBE BIS successful one and lucky i got wifi at home so i can use BB for chatting and emails unlimited haha…
    i registered to smart too twice before but unfortunately they just eated my load,,, even they told me my BB subscription is already active but it still doesnt work..

    so globe for me..

  177. BB_France says:

    Globe din para sakin mas ok.at first i tried smart. twice ako nakapagregster,ok nman,pero ung 3rd attempt ko,nag register pero never nag GPRS ang signal.i even brought my BB to a cp technician,he had it upgraded to ver. 5 and then nag GLOBE ako.laging 220 nireregister ko,ok nman.mnsan nga lng few hours before ma-activate.but that’s better than smart na wla k ng hihintayin.
    and by the way, ung unit ko BB Gemini from france,openline. ;-)

  178. Oneville says:

    hi guys,

    On a unrelated subject, where can i get oem blackberry stuff in Manila…my 9700 keypad is cracked.Searched the net to no avail…thanks

  179. option says:

    @oneville, got a credit card or paypal accnt? you’ll just about any bb parts on ebay, most of them are from china too so it’s nearby. lolz

  180. option says:

    just about find*

  181. gh says:

    To all have problems with BB activation try after 1 or 2 hours (this because globe said inside max 12h the service can be activated) go to your phone menu *OPTION* inside look for *ADVANCE OPTION* and * HOST ROUTING TABLE* (if there you dont have the registration write somethings like this “GPRS PH (515) [51500530}” open the sub-menu and click register now.

  182. sam says:

    i have a question, i’m globe postpaid and i don’t want to subscribe to bb plans. will bbm work without these plans?

  183. arch88 says:

    @sam, no it will not work… BBM will only work if you have bb data service :)

    bbm pin 211ABB91

  184. Meggy Andrade says:

    Hi, i have been trying to text BB ON 50 to 8888 and it keeps on sending me this message that i’ve typerd an invalid key and all of this TM unlitxt and globe stuf comes out with that messgae
    what should i do? I want to use the BBM but i can’t since i cannot register for the BB surf..
    pls help

  185. Red says:

    Hi, Meggy! YOu may report your complaint to Globe Customer Service, 211 using your globe mobile phone, or chat assist online. http://www.globe.com.ph/support

  186. mike says:

    @oneville: if you have a paypal account, try going to myblackmod.com.sg or search for my black mod; i remember they sell parts for BB’s including custom colored parts and other oem parts. I got my bb9700 charging dock from them.

  187. paco escobar says:

    New problem sa mga globe prepaid users… Ayqw na gumana ng mga apps kapag wifi ang gamit… Dapat mag bb on ka muna… di ka din makakapag log in sa globe.blackberry.com pag di kna nag bayad sa bb on… Blackberry internet service suspended or deactivated… Mga apps di gagana kapag di ka nag bayad… This may lang ata sila naging ganun… Kaya wag na kayo mag bb on para magamit nyo pa apps nyo sa wifi…

  188. karen says:

    @paco escobar, what do u mean na wag na mag bb on? un din kasi problem ko ngaun eh…

  189. paco escobar says:

    Wag mag bb on kasi it updates your service books… Too late na para sayo kasi we share the same prob… Nung may lang sila nag update… dati pede mag connect mga apps using wifi pero ngayon di na

  190. paco escobar says:

    Wag mag bb on kasi it updates your service books… Too late na para sayo kasi we share the same prob… Nung may lang sila nag update… dati pede mag connect mga apps using wifi pero ngayon di na… Hirap explain here’s my pin 31215BA5

  191. paco escobar says:

    @karen… Check mo site na to… Read the last few posts… http://borgy.net/?p=1824

  192. karen says:

    @paco escobar, hindi ko alam kung gumagana pa ung bbm ko pero ive tried to add you… i did read that and i dont think i can do the whole switch to smart cause i bought my bb at globe… anyway thanks for that >.<

  193. dongv says:

    so it means globe changed their setting, once deactivated, your service books will be automatically deleted so no access to any BB apps if bb service is not active?
    unlike before, you can still access via wifi temporarily as service books are not deleted when prepaid subscription expired?
    is it true?

  194. paco escobar says:

    @dongv… Yes… You have to subscribe to bb on if you want to use your apps like fb… Bbm… Twitter… You can’t use them without bis… Dati pede wifi pero ngayon nag eexpire na pati servicebooks kaya wala kwenta wifi… No use…

  195. paco escobar says:

    @karen… Di na gagana bbm mo kapag di ka nag register sa bb on… Dati kahit wifi lang pede na… Sa smart kasi kahit wifi gagana pa din lahat apps pati email… Dati ganun sa globe ngayon di na… Pede ka mag switch sa smart… All you have to do is to have your phone unlocked… And ask globe to release your pin or delete your accnt… Para pede kna mag register sa smart…

  196. paco escobar says:

    I found a chat application that works over wifi kahit walang bis sa globe… Its called im+ lite… I’m using it right now… Its a free app… Downloaded it from appworld… Pede ka mag ym… Fb chat… Even twitter… Di ko lang alam kasi lite lang xa… Baka nag eexpire din… Bka ilang araw lang trial… Hope not… Maganda xa para sa mga nka globe prepaid na di na makagamit ng apps sa wifi… Sna nakatulong ako…=)

  197. karen says:

    @paco escobar, thanks for the heads up dun sa app! :D

  198. paco escobar says:

    Maganda sna beejive kaya lang 30day trial lang available…
    im+ ftw!

  199. ed_co says:

    Hi guys, I think na mas ok pa rin ang Globe kesa sa Smart. Dati kasi I tried yung 1day ng Globe, after 5mins, lumabas na yung BB logo sa tabi ng 3G signal ko. Nung naisip ko na baka mas maganda sa Smart, nag register ako kaagad sa 1month(1200)package nila.. Nagkamali ako ng desisyon.. Hanggang ngayon via wifi ko lang nagagamit ang Smart BIS ko. Pinakamatagal ko na nagamit ang Smart BIS ko ay 12hrs, after that, pahirapan na naman uli. Nasa 2wks na ang subscription ko na hindi ko magamit ng maayos. I’m already asking for a refund. After ko makuha ang refund ko, lilipat na ako sa globe. Mas impt kasi sa akin na nagagamit ko cya outside, kesa via wifi lang.. Pina check ko na rin unit ko sa Smart Wireless Center, wala naman daw prob unit ko and tama naman ang mga settings.

    Here’s my PIN: 216D0E68 add me up.

  200. djordi says:

    Add me up: PIN 215ebd7c

  201. paco escobar says:

    Great news again! Just found out that uber twitter works through wifi even without bis! Just set it to direct tcp under network settings…

    Die you globe!

  202. lawrence says:

    what if hindi ako bumili sa globe ng unit? pwede ko parin ba gamitin ung BB prepaid nila without subscribing sa BIS??

  203. paco escobar says:

    @lawrence.. Yes you can as long as that unit is not registered sa ibang network… Di mo kasi mareregister sa globe kapag sa iba ka naka register… Lalo na yung mga galing sa ibang bansa na unit… And nakaka bwisit ang globe lalo na kapag di sakanila galing yung bb

  204. lawrence says:

    @paco – so i dont have to subscribe dun sa 2k a month na something sa globe? :)

  205. paco escobar says:

    @lawrence… Nka prepaid
    ka ba or postpaid? Kung nka postpaid kylangan mo mag subscribe sa bb plan… Pero kung prepaid ka pede ka mamimili kung 1day… 5days or 30days ka nkaregister sa globe…

  206. marfin says:

    Thnx pin me @ 21AAC25B

  207. lawrence says:

    Which is much better? 8900 or 9700?


  208. Mizuki says:

    epal globe nagiba settings. Kaya pag times up, no wifi din. X(

  209. paco escobar says:

    @mizuki… Yeah you’re 100% right.. Epal talaga globe! Have you tried the apps I suggested ? They work kahit wifi even without bis… Either settle for those apps or switch to smart… Tough huh? Globe sucks… Bigtym!

  210. ed_co says:

    Guys, wala na rin ang BIS thru wifi ng Smart. Never din naman nila naayos ang Smart BIS ko. Nung mag try akong mag Globe BIS, after registration, wala pang one min after receiving yung confirmation message, activated na kaagad BIS ko..

  211. dongv says:

    does this means the earlier subscription to prepaid, after expiration puwede connect via wifi parin, but now when expired, wala na rin service books?
    wonder how Globe able to do it?
    I have a sim connected to my old BB and I still using it via wifi in office, suwerte pala?

  212. Andre (21A52400) says:

    I’m a bb user since last year and I’m on prepaid as well. Initially, they released a prefigured service books and it went well for some-actually some had a free coverage of bis for more than a month for free and I experienced that. Probably globe found out that and so they reconfigured it and made a new service book plus they improved the activation of their bis. Now, upon registration, you will also be notified as to when it will expire unlike before-you will jst guess. Anyways, despite of the new settings, I can still use my bb via wifi. If urs doesn’t work, try to call 211 or their csr-just be patient and they will manually activate and reconfigure your settings.

  213. paco escobar says:

    @andre… When was the last tym you registered to globes bb on?

  214. Andre (21A52400) says:

    @paco: 6 hours ago. Sometimes some phones aren’t configured to switch connections right away (bis to wifi or vise versa)–that’s why i would suggest that they turn off their mobile network first (by going to manage connections) then just use wifi alone so that they can check if their settings aren’t working properly.

  215. mrpuppet says:

    pati smart wala na rin wifi..

  216. al says:

    i’ve been trying to bb on and bb max on globe since yesterday but i can’t seem to get any confirmation sms from them. in fact the bb max 300 has only returned replies that they are unavailable to process the request and that i should try later. the bb on would reply that they got my request and that they will confirm if i am already connected. i text bb status and i am really not connected.

    anyone encountering the same problems? labo ng globe!

  217. sai-e says:

    i hope Sun cellular would release their own BB plans soon, I bet they would have lower rates. hehe… (asa?) :)

  218. blairbear says:

    i registered 2hrs ago sa globe BB plan, okay naman. but then now hindi nako mkapagbrowse. okay naman signal ko, i mean okay naman gprs.. what seems to be the prob kaya? help pls..

  219. blairbear says:

    not bb plan pala, sorry. prepaid lang ako, so its BB on. i cant browse. what do i need to do?

  220. BBopenline says:

    Need help po with my bb curve 8520, I can send emails but won’t receive incoming mails. this happened when our company issued globe bb sim was upgraded, it was working perfectly before then. I tried using prepaid smart sim, but won’t receive incoming emails as well. baka may namiss lang ako na configuration or settings because it doesn’t work with both globe and smart na. thanks

  221. zzZZ says:

    i manually program my BB and Able to access globe internet for free…i work also from globe…geezz hehe pm me for my sideline job looking for blackberry phone user that are not globe BB phone users….try to fix the problem and access the net anytime anywhere for free.

  222. kumag says:

    @zzZZ: Share please c:)

  223. Mr. PuppeT says:

    @zzZZz share po please .. we need the configuration..

  224. tristan says:

    after registering to BB prepaid service (BB ON 50) you may do the battery pull (means turning off the device and pulling out the battery, putting it back and turning it on) and the service will be there (EDGE/GPRS should be all caps).

    All the configuration will be active :)

  225. Meggy Andrade says:

    actually dahil sa BIS na yan na iinis na ako sa blackberry and hindi rin kase dito binili ung BB ko and im using postpaid and i think if ipaconfigure ko sa globe di nila ggwin kse as said earlier hndi nila ginagawan ng settings kapag di sa kanila binili.. im thinking of switching back to iphone 4 na lang kase nkkinis na my bayad pa ang Apps sa BB

  226. Meggy Andrade says:

    pero is there anyway na ma register ung bold 9700 ko? kahit kase linalagyan ko sya ng prepaid sim ayaw pa rin niya amg register.. so i dont know what to do na adn im losing hope of ever getting my BB settings to work.

  227. kabulls says:

    @meggy tanggalin mo muna battery for 1 minute, tapos try mo lagay prepaid sim mo then text mo yung BB ON 50 (na lang muna baka pumalpak sa yo but it worked for me bold 9700 gamit ko from att) then send mo sa 8888. then pag na receive mo na yung reply ng 8888 go to http://www.globe.blackberry.com register your pin and imei. then that’s it gana na siya, sana mag work sayo.

  228. jeram says:

    hi guys new bb user here ur forum helps me a lot…. guys may twitter application ba sa bb?

  229. aubrey says:

    your forum has been really helpful.. but pls help me.. ive registered sa globe bis and i texted the status, it says my bis is already active. but when i open my ym it says data services unavailable and when i open my facebook using the bb application, it says YOU DO NOT HAVE SUFFICIENT WIRELESS COVERAGE TO LOG IN TO FACEBOOK. i already registered my pin at globe.blackberry.com and i already tried several battery pulls but it still doesnt work. pls HELP! :(

  230. khris bacani says:

    My friend has been using BIS for free, she’s on globe prepaid, i can’t manually do that on my BB, anyone who could help me please?

  231. paco escobar says:

    Kris bacani… How is your friend using bis for free? Enlighten us please

  232. damnvixen says:

    i get free bis and Im on globe whenever there’s wifi connection available.. last time i registered for bis was way back april..

    The ViXeN’s LaiR

  233. Khris Bacani says:

    @damn Vixen and paco escobar, she doesn’t register to globe prepaid BIS and she’s using all the services on her BB, that’s why i think she’s using it for free.

  234. white9700 says:

    can somebody help me please…. i’m a prepaid globe user i tried the blackberry service of GLOBE. i typed the BB ON 50 then sent it to 8888. i received a message saying that i have to make an account asking for my BB PIN and IMEI but the message says YOUR BLACKBERRY INTERNET SERVICE IS SUSPENDED OR DEACTIVATED. I already tried the basic troubleshooting like the battery pull soo many times even tried the Advanced Options+Host Routing Table+Menu+Register Now then registration message sent but nothing happened my signal is still in lower case! I also tried the Mobile Network Options+Menu+Diagnostics Test+Run sad to say but nothing happened. I even called the GT CS hotline which is 211 for assistance i was able to talk to the Technical Support Rep. and told me that they can’t do anything with my case since i didn’t purchased my BB Bold9700 from them. the Technical Support Rep. even told me that my PIN an IMEI is blacklisted by BB maybe because it is already registered with another network provider which is impossible because i got my 9700 fresh meaning it is factory open line by BB! i’m losing patience now with globe! is this the way they value thier customers?!!! this is CRAP!!! can somebody help me pleaaase… huhuhu!

  235. white9700 says:

    can somebody help me please…. i’m a prepaid globe user i tried the blackberry service of GLOBE. i typed the BB ON 50 then sent it to 8888. i received a message saying that i have to make an account asking for my BB PIN and IMEI but the message says YOUR BLACKBERRY INTERNET SERVICE IS SUSPENDED OR DEACTIVATED. I already tried the basic troubleshooting like the battery pull soo many times even tried the Advanced Options+Host Routing Table+Menu+Register Now then registration message sent but nothing happened my signal is still in lower case! I also tried the Mobile Network Options+Menu+Diagnostics Test+Run sad to say but nothing happened. I even called the GT CS hotline which is 211 for assistance i was able to talk to the Technical Support Rep. and told me that they can’t do anything with my case since i didn’t purchased my BB Bold9700 from them. the Technical Support Rep. even told me that my PIN an IMEI is blacklisted by BB maybe because it is already registered with another network provider which is impossible because i got my 9700 fresh meaning it is factory open line by BB! i’m losing patience now with globe! is this the way they value thier customers?!!! this is CRAP!!! can somebody help me pleaaase… huhuhu!

  236. white9700 says:

    is there a phone settings or configurations that needs to be setup before i can use my Bis?

  237. MILLE says:

    I have problem guys please help, i registered my bb, but i forgot my username..=( please tell me what to do

  238. guwapo says:

    how about if I migrated to Canada? can I still apply for BIS wothout any hassles like PIN and IMEI registrations? Hindi ba mahirap magpadeactivate ng registration sa SMART/GLOBE?

    please help… :-)

  239. paco escobar says:

    Guys I need beejive… Sino meron license? Help pls

  240. ed_co says:

    Try using nimbuzz. It also has FB chat. Just go to nimbuzz.com via ur fone browser to download.

  241. paco escobar says:

    Nimbuzz needs bis… Beejive doesn’t… it works kahit wifi lang…

  242. ed_co says:

    Ofcourse you can use wifi (even without BIS). Just go to options, select connection settings and select “wifi” as your startup connection.

  243. Ryan says:

    So which BIS is better, SMART or Globe’s?

  244. nicole says:


  245. n says:

    Globe rocks! Switched from Smart postpaid BIS to Globe’s prepaid BIS. Just did a batt pull (to erase service books), sent BB ON 1200 to 8888, then bb yes to 8888, did a batt pull again then okay na. was also able to set up my email accounts with no problem. :)

  246. n says:

    oops, mali pala. encountered some delays with push email. I did miguelmallari’s advice about running a diagnostic test.

    no problems now. Thanks!

  247. katrin says:

    Can someone help me? :/

    I just owned a BB 9700 last Wednesday and last night, I first ever tried Globe’s BIS. I tried BB ON 50 so i got a message that my request is being process and should wait. Mga 10:30PM na yun, it took so long that i fell asleep. The following day, i saw gprs on my signal display pero nung nawala yung signal ko, nagbalik sa 3G and hindi upper case yung gprs.

    Until now I can’t connect to their BIS at all. What could have been the reason/s? TuT

    My BB unit was brought in Dubai and is already openline naman. There are some BB users that the BIS service in Phils works for them kahit hindi sa pinas binili yung unit.

    Halos nabasa ko na lahat ng comment dito, and ginawa yung mga simpleng troubleshooting but still, it wont work. hayss
    Kastress to -.-

  248. Chaiskiberry says:

    Hi people,share lang. Para na rin ke white9700.
    I bought this second hand bb 9700 sa greenhills, twas wow! Really makinis! Nakasave ako ng 4k,i thot ok na ko dun, then nung tinry ko mag bb on, at mag reg sa globe.blackberry.com, pin deactivated daw! So nainis na ko,i tried to call globe cs,di naman kami magkaintindihan ng csr! So bumalik ako greenhills para ireklamo yung unit,pinapunta pa ko ng pinagbilhan ko sa globe at sila daw mag aayos nun, so pumunta naman ako,then sabi ng globe,nareg na daw sa ibang bansa yung pin ng bb ko kaya di na pwede dito sa pinas! Fresh yun no carrier logo pa nga,and nabasa ko rin sa net na pwedeng reported as stolen yung fone kaya deactivated na ang pin. Darn, kaya di ako pumayag na di nila palitan ng bnew willing ako magdagdag na lang… Dami pa nilang pasikot sikot! Kaya buddies, dont buy 2nd hand bb hanggat maaari para at least virgin ang phone nio=)

    ayun ok na ung bnew nabili ko,super enjoy na rin sa globe. Nakakareg ako agad after mag expire ng bb on ko, i dont do batt pull,feeling ko ambilis masisira ng fone pag laging ginaganun, what i do is i turn of mobile network, then turn on again,maya maya lang andyan na yung EDGE… add me na lang=) no rude guys pls,salamat yugatech! 22452D7A

  249. Angel says:

    First register ko sa Smart BIS, hindi ko nagamit.. kasi mali lahat ng settings! hindi naman marunong yung CS ng smart.. ginawan lang ng report hanggang nag expired nalang yung data service ko… empty yung HRT ko. as in wala lahat… tapos nag try ulit ako today, BB DAY… and FINALLY, gumana na.. nagamit ko na siya! :D

    BB 9700 white yung phone ko…

    pwede ko kayo turuan kung magagawan natin ng paraan yan.. message me sa facebook.


  250. chedv says:

    guys — just found out today na i cant receive mms despite data plan is active. may nagsend kasi sakin mms pero ang sbi sa globe message na “your mms might not be configured properly”

    is there a separate configuration for mms? d ba pag nagsubscribe ka sa data plan dapat automatic na un?

    pls help


  251. jjnikki says:

    Im on a globe 1599 blackberry plan, but that only gives me 30MB of data each month. SO Ive been availing the BB MAX 300 for 5 days during weekdays so my KB charges wouldnt go up. once my BB MAX expires, my old blackberry plan doesnt go back to its usual settings. I dont want to register anymore for the unlimited BB MAX since im on a blackberry plan anyway and can use wifi when Im at the office.

    Called Globe CS and I will die of frustration!! The CS kept telling me that i cant get on the BB BIS because i havent registered yet. (IM ON A FUCKING BLACKBERRY POST PAID PLAN)
    tried the battery pull a lot of times but still dont have my regular blackberry settings to access anything online.

    can anybody help??

  252. paulinev says:

    i bought my white bb curve from globe last july 17 lang, and i did not have any problems with it, even bis. i could not even remember how i registered my bis. globe.blackberry.com would not let me make an account cos it says that my account is not accessible via web so i guess via text or over the air ko naregister yung sa akin. :) i’m glad that i bought at globe. less hassle. i feel sorry for you who can not have the best bb experience. lesson is you should always consider quality and warranty, not just price.

    i just wish they’d have lower bis rates. :) globe is so pang mayaman. hahaha ;)

  253. janeskiberry says:

    just got my bb 9700 from globe yesterday. i tried the supersurf for 1 day just a while ago and its a breeze. currently downloading applications.

  254. janeskiberry says:

    btw i’m on globe reg postpaid and they said there’s no BB supersurf for 1 day if you’re on postpaid. i tried sending info to 8888 and found out there was indeed a super surf for blackberry for just a day for P50.

    where can i join bb tambayan? pin me 223FE9CA as Chaiskiberry said no rude guys please!

  255. bibeberry says:

    so ano ung pang postpaid? yung friend ko naka regular postpaid pero bb yung phone nya, pano sya mag unli BIS?

  256. janeskiberry says:

    @ bibeberry when i sent BB INFO to 8888 i saw that 50/day is also available so i tried it, used it, renewed wala naman prob so far. i’m just getting the hang out of it. try sending BB INFO to 8888 pra sure sya.

  257. bibeberry says:

    @janeskiberry oh cool, yehey makaka pag bbm na kami :)my bb 50 just expired, i want to get the 5 day 220 again. sana 7 days na yung 220 para mas mababa sa 300 ng smart. at 999 na lang din yung 30 days tulad ng sun :)para special talaga ang globe bb users diba :)

  258. erwin_sniper says:

    I have a bb 8300 everytime i want to go online. It always prompt the error “Your device does not currently have any browser configuration service book entries. Please contact your service provider to enable the browser on your device.”
    Wat shld I do? help me pls…… my cp# is 09277226126… thnx….my pin 24138E34…
    Natry ko na magcreate ng acct sa globe.blackberry.com….. mmya il try to reg dun sa nbasa ko na BB ON 50 to 8888….Yun ba solusyon sa prob ko???? i hope someone can help asap…Thnx…Godbless im Erwin

  259. Julienne Mendoza says:

    Anyone who have bought their Blackberry Unit (preferably the bold2) from Kimstore (Multiply Online Gadgets seller). Ok naman ba? Di ba mahirap/matagal magregister for BIS sa globe? Thanks!

  260. xxxxcherrie says:

    what if i am postpaid and i registered on BB ON how much will it charge me? coz when i tried to turn it on, its activated:D

  261. janeskiberry says:

    @ xxxxcherrie if you typed just BB ON you will be subscribed to P1200/30 days globe unlimited BIS. pls note that BB ON is auto renewed unless you opt out from it.

  262. patricia says:

    Globe is very unfair! After getting my 1200 credit they tell me to wait for my bbm serivce and so far it’s been 2 days, so disappointed in globe. I want to boycott the network, I can’t imagine other people going through the same hassle, I’m sure I’m not alone.

  263. nikki says:

    @patricia, i am somehow on the same boat…

    i registered for the nth time for the BB, after 6 days I’m being charged everytime I use any of the widgets! hayz, it is so frustrating and disappointing. sayang the 1200 load.

  264. bibeberry says:

    Ouch naman yung nawala na lang yung 1200. Were your bis working beforehand? Baka di pa kasi activated. I have been using bb on 50 and 220 and I want to try 1200 soon but with your experience, I’m thinking twice now. Anyone else who has used bb 1200?

  265. Frances says:

    My BB subscription works fine kahit non-Globe yun nabili ko but unfortunately for my cuz, na detect and her handheld won’t support the subscription. Asar nga e lol anyways try IM+ Lite it’s WAY BETTER than Beejive and Nimbuzz. Works fine with Wi-fi or data service, downloadable @ BB app world ^_^

  266. tj says:

    paanu pinapa release un pin sa globe??

  267. mb_yeah says:

    guys patulong naman po. hndi ko binili sa globe ung white blackberry 9700 ko kasi black lang meron sila and ayaw nila i-activate yung BIS ko pag di daw galing sa kanila. sinubukan ko na rin mag BB ON pero di gumana, sinubukan ko mag register sa globe.blackberry.com pero sabi deactivated or suspended daw account ko. sinubukan ko sa site nang smart, ganon din ang sabi. naloloka na ako. i super love my bb pa naman pero wala din silbe kung hindi ko magagamit mga features niya :( please help :(

  268. emc says:

    mb_yeah mine is white 9700 but i’m using it with smart. ok naman hassle at first when subscrbing pero nagamit ko naman bis, bbm infairness hehe. switch ka nlng sa smart if nagkakaproblema white 9700 sa globe. :)

  269. bibeberry says:

    @emc, did you not read that mb_yeah’s phone does not register thru smart either? ugh.

    @mb_yeah, where did you buy your phone? some ppl have probs with second hand and US-based ones. your pin may be reported as stolen hence it was deactivated. sorry. make sure to buy from any of the 3 telco’s here in the philippines so you’re assured that it will work and you have support. i bought my white curve from globe and i did not have any need to contact them at all.

  270. bbboldlover says:

    i bought mine sa afghan. magagamit ko ba ung features niya like BBM? if yes pag nag subscribe ako thru globe with their prepaid plans free use na ung bis as long as di ko gmitin ung sa globewap?rep asap po please im exvited to use my bb hehe:)tnx!

  271. GG says:

    @mb_yeah we have the same issue, I got my blackberry curve 8310 from the states. I went to globe telecom yesterday to have my browser to be configured pero sabi ng globe hindi daw nila magagawa yon kasi hindi naman daw doon binili yong handset ko. I have tried to register on BB_ON, the network indicator is naka upper case naman so it means activated na also nag register na din ako sa globe.blackberry.com ang sabi it is now active but unfortunately hindi pa rin ako makapag browse kasi hindi naman na configure yong browser ko. How sad, hindi ko man lang ma enjoy ang BB ko. :(

  272. Ed says:

    Hi everyone.. I have a question for those who are in Globe postpaid. I didn’t purchase my bb storm2 at Globe but I availed for their superplan 559. I tried Globe’s BB service (BB ON 50) and was able to use it.. I’m just wondering why the 50php doesn’t appear on my unbilled charges?

  273. Totem says:

    Will this one work with an unlocked Blackberry 8830?

  274. carlo says:

    guys, just want to ask. my lil brother just got a bb and he is trying to setup facebook. i dont know anything about bb cos i am an iphone guy. my question is, does my brother need a bb plan to make facebook work? kahit naka connect na siya sa wifi?

  275. ed_co says:

    Hi Carlo. Yup, your lil brother would need to subscribe to BIS in order for him to be able to use the bb fb app.

  276. janeskiberry says:

    question: anong map (philippines) ang downloadable na magwowork with gps. i’m on globe postpaid (personal account). nag-inquire na kze ako sa custserv ng globe and sabe GPS/MAPS will only work on a corporate account. totoo ba ‘to? bb 9700 unit ko. many thanks!

  277. ed_co says:

    Google maps is workable. You can download it using your bb’s browser. Just go to “google.com/maps”. Just no voice guidance tho.

  278. bong says:

    gano ba talaga katagal maactivate ang BB ON 220 ng globe? sabi nung reply saken wait ko lang daw mag ALL caps yung EDGE or GPRS. pero 2 hours na wala pa din

  279. ed_co says:


    Try mo mag battpull. Then tgnan mo kung maging “GPRS or EDGE” na cya.

  280. ed_co says:

    Btw guys. Sa mga 1st time magre-register sa BIS, just to be safe, yung one day muna ang i-register nyo. Usually kc, pag 1st tym palang magre-register, minsan nagkakaroon pa ng glitch sa systen nung network pag 1st registration. After dat, pag ok na, tuloy-tuloy na naman na magiging ok mga susunod na registration.

  281. liz says:

    Pwede ba sa postpaid yung 220php/5 days?

  282. balonly says:

    help po, ndi kc aq mkregister sa bb on 50, wrong keyword daw? hope someone can help

  283. john says:

    hi guys…. ask ko lang, kung binili mu ung bb mu sa globe libre na ung BIS??? kasi ako binili ko ung bb ko sa trinoma and im still registering their promo BB ON……..and im planning to have the blackberry max plan…. help me please

  284. Bianca says:

    hi ask ko lang po. naka pag reg po kz ako ng 1 day… normal po ba talga na nagbabawas cla ng loadng d pa dumadating ung activation… ung nreceive ko po on process then ung ng try po ako ulit ang sabi nka subscribe n ko sa BIS sa globe :(

  285. khay says:

    i cant register on my bis and i keep bugging globe about it. pls help. i have white 9700 bb. everytime i visit globe.blackberry.com,it always states that my account has been deactivated or suspended. but according to globe cs,i dont have an existing account with either blackberry or globe. its hard cause i cant enjoy my phone!

    its my first time to subscribe to BIS but it just ate my load! :c

  286. khay says:

    btw..i already tried pulling out the battery,wiping out everything,run the diagnostics but stil..it doesnt make any difference. badly need your help. :c

  287. khay says:


    yup. kinakain muna yung load then its activated na. mine has always been activated according to globes cust service pero never ko nagamit, badtrip lang.

  288. bibeberry says:

    khay, maybe your phone was a stolen phone so your pin was suspended or blocked. i bought mine at globe so im sure that it is brand new and the pin has not been registered yet.

  289. charles says:

    hi guys. ask ko lang. i have registered my BB 8520. so no 3G for my phone. ask ko lang if mag browse ako sa net using WIFI. would my regular load be consumed since i am also registered sa BIS for a day? thanks

  290. Carlo says:

    @Charles: You wont be charged for internet browsing over Wifi. Just make sure you are connected to your Wifi hotspot before browsing to make sure :)

  291. Joan says:

    can I use BBM while roaming free of charge?

  292. cherry says:


    Got the same prob too. white BB 9700 din yung akin. Where mo po nabili phone mo? Saken kasi sa cyber widget sa moa eh. Kakainis! Pero brand new naman siya eh nung nabili ko :(

  293. jehzlau says:

    @Bianca – minsan nangyayari yan sa BB, hindi nag a activate agad ang BIS kahit activated ka na sa system ng Globe or Smart. Lalo na pag bago pa ang unit. Malas pag ganun. O__o

    At minsan, nauubos na ang load mo hindi parin activated ang BIS.

    One workaround is turn of mo yung 3G, gawin mong 2G muna. Then restart your phone. This normally solves the problem.

    99% kasi ng employees ng Globe walang alam sa BIS, so they can’t help you if you call.

    Another reason is that naka flag sa system ng Globe na BES-only yung phone mo. This time you have no choice but to call them and tell them na e indicate sa system nila na you BIS ka. Then you want your Service Books to be resent. Just tell them na you want to talk to someone who knows BIS, para di na uminit ulo mo. :)

    First time ko nag Blackberry I registered for 1 month, then 3 days ako walang BIS, kahit ang BB Status ko sa Globe is activated na (You can check this by sending BB STATUS to 8888). Then activated na din ang Radio Data ko sa phone (Options > Mobile Network > Diagnostic Test > Run), pero I still can’t use it.

    Good thing I never encountered this problem again na and I’m so loving my Blackberry. ^_^

  294. jehzlau says:

    @Joan – You can, but not free of charge. And you can still use BIS while roaming as long as you’re on a WiFi Hotspot. Just make sure your BIS is activated before you leave the country :)

    @khay – Are you using a White BB 9700? The first batch kasi na dumating sa Philippines ay naka lock sa BIS ng US mobile networks, so you can’t use it here sa Philippines. Kaya you need to change your BB.

  295. BBFirst says:

    Hi, I have a new BB Bold 9700 Black. Binili sya sa Abu Dhabi this month. I haven’t tried registering it to any data plans but I’m planning too pero after all the feedback nakakalungkot at nakakadiscourage na. Nagtry aq na mag BB ON 50 pero ang sabi lng eh “network out of order”. Ask ko lang anong way para makapagregister sa BIS ng globe kc prepaid ung sim ko. Hope you can help me. First time q magkaroon ng gantong phone sana maenjoy q ung apps and features. Wifi based apps lng ang mga nagagamit ko.

  296. kHay says:

    @BIBERRY: its not stolen kasi i have the box and its a complete set. i bought it brandnew sa greenhills. and i contacted globe about it and wala akong account sa kanila so how can it be blocked or suspended?:c

  297. bibeberry says:

    @khay maybe you should ask the vendor at greenhills. maybe they would be willing to exchange it for a fresh pin.

  298. ettenoj says:

    gumagana ba ang PUSH EMAIL sa iphone 4? ayaw ko kasi ng blackberry. im just wondering kung meron push email s iphone 4 kagaya s blackberry. ayaw ko yung need pa mag connect sa wifi etc. gusto q yung narereceive ko yung email kahit nasan ako

  299. gizelle says:

    @BBFirst there’s no way.. tumawag ako sa globe and i have the same problem. pag hindi daw binili sa globe, hindi na makakapagregister ng BIS once nadetect na hindi nga sya from globe..

  300. edsailormoon says:

    @gizelle: Have that CSR give u a written copy of that policy. Never believe what the CSRs say.

  301. kiel says:

    hi! i just got a 2nd hand BB curve that was brought from globe. i tried to create a new account sa globe.blackberry.com and upon confirming my PIN and IMEI, it said na “your device has not been registered with the network.. etc..” does this mean kailangan ko muna mag text nung “BB 50” keyword sa 8888?

  302. ettenoj says:

    wah ang mahal magbenta ng globe eh

  303. Janie says:

    Tried it today…works fine :) it was easy enough to do. the service was activated in about 30 mins after I sent the sms registration for one day. So far so good :)

  304. kiel says:

    same here!!! nakapag-register ako kahapon and right then dumating yung activation ng BIS. ok naman sya.. smooth sailing =)

    for BB’s that are locked on a specific telco, i think naka-configure sa kanila na kailangan mo talagang mag-avail ng data plan or BIS para magamit mo yung social networking sites.

  305. edsailormoon says:

    mas smooth tlga for me ang bis ng globe kesa sa smart. Dati nag reg ako sa smart ng one month, oras ko lang nagamit. Kaya nagpa refund ako.

    Sa globe naman maayos, just make sure na yung one day muna ang i-reg nyo, para ndi masyadong malaki ang mawala if ever na ndi mag work ang unang registration nyo.

    Btw, ang pin ko naka register pa rin sa smart bb site, pero nagagamit ko cya ng maayos sa globe.

  306. kiel says:

    sino na sa inyo naka-subok ng BB SOCIAL ON? eto yung one month for 30 days ng globe. naka-focus lang ‘to sa social networking sites pero no mobile browsing.. im wondering kung pwede isabay sa wifi (para may mobile browsing) while naka-subscribe sa BIS ng globe?

    anyone? thanks.

  307. bibeberry says:

    i’ve been using bb social since nov 26 2010. yeah you can use wifi cos mobile browsing via globe wap is not allowed. twitpics will also not show cos they said it needs mobile browsing. it will show when you’re connected to wifi though, if you’re using twitter for blackberry. if you’re using ubertwitter or other twitter clients it will not work with bb social. bb social works with official rim apps only. here:

    facebook for blackberry
    twitter for blackberry
    bbm, ym, gtalk, msn, aim

    there’s also bb messaging 300 (bb msg on to 8888) which has emails (very impt for business users) bbm ym gtalk msn aim but no fb or twitter.

    all these are great for 300 pesos but promo will end by January 15, 2011. :( i hope it gets extended or even permanent.

  308. Louie says:

    Hi wanna ask how to activate Facebook with my BB Storm2 using SMART Prepaid Sim? Anyone can help?

  309. Martin says:

    Can anyone help me.. new lng po ako sa bb and i want to use the BBM. can anyone help me how to use my BBM i have my blackberry torch 9800.

  310. Djordi says:

    for you to activate facebook and bbm, you would need to register your bb in bis or blackberry internet service. After registration, you can download facebook in bb app world and you could also start inviting contacts in your bbm.

    21AC95FC pin me if you have more queries

  311. Martin says:

    Great!i’m using BIS now on my blackberry torch 9800..

  312. kiel says:

    bibeberry: thanks! i hope i-extend nila yun since todo advertise ang globe ng blackberry prepaid kit.

    is there a way para ma-customize yung shortcut icons sa homescreen? hindi ko kasi mapalitan, though yung displayed wallpaper napapalitan ko.

  313. martin says:

    Sino po naka try na ng BB SOCIAL? Gs2 ko sana mgtry yung 1 month kylmg di ko alm kung ok din na un. Ang na try ko pa lng is yung BB ON. Anyone po n nkpg try na ng bb social?

  314. bibeberry says:

    @kiel just click bb button on menu view and choose move and put it on the topmost layer.

    @martin we were just talking about the bb social. please read na lang.

  315. kiel says:

    bibeberry: thanks. i mean, diba every theme may particular shortcut icons sa default screen.. (contacts, calendar, messages, browser.. etc) pano yun i-customize?


    i think nandito yung option para mabago yun kaso naka-custom at hindi ko ma-edit.

  316. bibeberry says:

    hindi sa options, sa menu mo imomove yun.

  317. kiel says:

    bibeberry: ah.. got it. nabago ko na.. thanks! =)

  318. bbbbbbbbbbb says:

    I am registered to globe bb social but i can’t use uber twitter. Can anyone tell me why :(

  319. martin says:

    Kpag naka register pob sa bb social pag my nagmsg b sau sa fb mkakareceived po b me ng alert txt. Pra mlman ko po kgad n my ng msg or nagcomment skn. Kc dba sa bb on gnon.. Gnon dn b ang bb social? New user lng dn po kc me ng bb. N try ko pa lng ung BB ON and it was great.. Kc evrytime n my msg sa fb ko or mgcomment nllaman ko kgad dhl nrereceived ko prang txt. Gnon dn b ang bb social?

  320. kiel says:

    bbbbbbbbbbb: naka bb social din ako pero nagagamit ko yung ubertwitter. may lumalabas bang error message when retrieving your timeline?

    martin: opo. same thing lang din sila pag dating sa social networking sites. depende na lang po yun sa pag-customize mo ng alerts.

  321. bibeberry says:

    @martin yes same lang :) hindi sya text alerts, push notifications ang tawag dun. :)

    @kiel glad you got your custom icons done!

    off topic, would you guys know if there’s a service from any telco which has unlimited replies to chikka texts from your phone? my dad kasi replies lots to chikka texts it costs him 2.50 per reply eh thank you!

  322. kiel says:

    bibeberry: meron po!

    Chikka plans for cheap SMS rates. UNLI for P20/day text UNLI to 2814

    P10 for 20 messages for 1 day. text 10 to 2814

    P5 for 10 messages for 1 day. text 5 to 2814

    PS: i haven’t tried this though.

  323. bibeberry says:

    @kiel, anong network ito? sana puede sa dad ko to grabe kasi yun nakaka 200 pesos minsan :( salamat ha

  324. kiel says:

    bibeberry: sa smart ko kasi nagtetext yung friends ko na gumagamit ng chikka. Hindi ako sigurado kung may offer sila sa globe or sun.

  325. eric says:

    May bago akong curve, tumawag ako sa globe to inquire about BB services. nagulat ako sabe ng agent hindi ko daw magagamit kasi hindi ko binili yung handset sa globe.

    I was able to activate it using BB ON 1200. Kasi naman pag nag send ka ng BB INFO sa 8888, may instruction nakalagay lng BB ON P999/30days. Yun pla pang POSTPAID yun.

    Sana mag improve yung customer service ng globe or give more details.

  326. kiel says:

    eric: ganun talaga pag hindi mo binili sa globe yung BB mo. may tie-up kasi ang RIM(BB) at Globe. that’s why yung mga “BB ON” na keywords pang-activate yun ng BIS (blackberry internet service) for your globe prepaid sim. though, may mga nakakalusot naman dun na hindi under globe yung handset, yun nga lang walang assurance na 100% makakalusot and worse walang assurance na support from globe kung kainin lang yung load mo.

    “BB ON 50” na lang kahit 1 day lang atleast hindi masakit sa bulsa kung kainin o hindi yung load mo.

  327. kristineb9700 says:

    sa ngayon po ba wala sa SUN ng ganyan? :)
    patulong naman po kung pano ayusin yung ganyan, magpapalit na ako…either globe or smart..
    pano po kung hindi ko binili yung BB sa globe/smart?? ano gagawin ko?? kailangan po ba sa kanila ka mismo bibili or kahit di na?

    lagay niyo lang po yung fb account niyo message ko nalang po kayo pag nakabili na ko ng globe/smart..

    salamat po! :)

  328. janeskiberry says:

    just an info for all of us bb users… i’ve tried all the bb services and it work really well for me (maybe bec my unit came from globe), this is the trick i always do and it works all the time. whenever i subscribe, right after sending BB ON etc i will just turn my unit off and when i turn it on all caps na and ready na BIS ko, and i’m a postpaid subscriber. recently while i check my unbilled charges through text i was shocked to find out abt my blackberry usage amounting to php4,7++. so, i called their hotline right away and guess what they told me… mawa-wipe out daw lahat yun come my cut-off and they can’t check on it bec the bill isn’t generated pa. so i contacted a friend working at globe before and i found out globe is having maintenance chuchu kaya ganun and all the cust reps are not from globe mismo instead outsourced na kaya mostly not knowledgeable abt bb. so right now, i’m waiting for my bill and i got this feeling na susugod ako sa bus center instead of calling the hotline.

  329. kiel says:

    kristineb9700: di ko sigurado for prepaid subscribers ng SUN.. ipapatanong ko sa kakilala ko dun. :)
    anyway, ang alam ko sa postpaid ng sun 990 lang per month. may BIS na din.

    about sa pagbili ng BB, it’s up to you.. weigh the pros and cons kung bibili ka ng under ng globe or smart. kung may BB ka na na hindi under ng globe or smart.. i think magwo-work pa rin yun nga lang walang assurance na mabibigyan ka nila ng full support pag naka-encounter ka ng problem with their services.

    janiskeberry: same here! it usually do the battey-pull out. (di ko na aantayin yung sinasabi nilang automatic na magiging all caps.. hehe..) sa friend ko na naka-postpaid din, ang sabi sa akin on top pa yung BIS service “BB ON” sa bill mo unless you’ve availed of their Data Plan na 1200 (i think). hope it all goes well to you. :)

  330. bibeberry says:

    about sa superfree, di ako makaregister pati dad ko. nanloko lang ang globe na magload ng 199 ang daya, ang sabi pa sa akin ng CS eh dahil daw sa BB social! bakit naman ganun di naman gumagana ang browsing ng bb social eh ill use the texts lang naman. pag ba black and white ang phone mo di ka din makakasuperfree dahil walang internet? di ko sila magets. anyway ang dad ko hindi naka bb pero di pa din sya makareg. magsun na lang talaga ako pag may lumabas na ng prepaid data plans.

    ang reply ng sun sa akin sa facebook, 50 per day 250 7 days 1000 30 days ang postpaid plan nila. may 3 days pa nga eh nakalimutan ko lang how much. malapit na raw sila magoffer for prepaid :) buti na lang na-unlock ko na tong bb ko using a code given to me for my phone specifically ng cellunlock.net yehey. i hope next month or after bb social promo expires may sun na :)

  331. janeskiberry says:

    my bb just keep on rebooting… when i’m abt to check for a msg white na lang yung screen then me nakaprompt na JVM error 102 then sa baba me reset. nagrereset naman cia kaya lang on the middle of rebooting gnun pa din lumalabas. i’m off to globe bus ctr. 1 more thing, i reprinted my current SOA amounting to 1,6++. of course shocked na naman ako. most of it came from blackberry service amounting to 1,7++… hello billed na ko last cut-off pa! and when i try calling their hotline… i just wasted 1 hour of my time just waiting for a cust rep to become avail! na i’m definitely sure na hindi nila masasagot what happened. and there’s a voice recording na nagkadelay daw sila sa pagbill ng internet, 3g, etc browsing usage from dec 1-15, 2010 kaya ang bill ay mas mataas sa usual fee. hello! since i turned off my bb max di na ko nagsubscribe sa any BIS! ayaw ko sana magshift ng ibang telco kya lang globe is giving me a lot of BS! wait till i talked to them sa bus ctr mismo we’ll see what do they have to say!

  332. kristineb9700 says:

    @kiel – sayang nga po kung alam ko lang na hindi ko magagamit yung FB app pagka prepaid edi sana nagpostpaid nalang ako… Anyway,thank u po.. try ko nalang mag-globe… sure po ba yun magagamit ko yung facebook application sa BB pag nag-globe ako’t nagregister sa prepaid BB plan? :) THANKS PO ULIT! :)

  333. janeskiberry says:

    my bb is going to be sent to singapore for repair. when i ask abt the blackberry services charge ang sabi yun daw yung texts para makasubscribe sa bis. so ang sabi ko naman my last bis was dec 13 pa and i was already billed for it. so cust rep (@ bus ctr)went inside the office holding my reprinted bill (i haven’t receive the bill coming fr them) and just told me if its okay if they will give me feedback after they assess and review where it really came from. buti na lang i wasn’t on war mode. i’m definitely sure that they’re going to source out the possible answer but i will never give up bec on that said cut off i never sent or used bis other than the bbmax which should expires on jan 13 and was turned off on jan 7. just wondering why are these telcos charged so much and they let the system read and print the wrong reading to the poor subscribers. what if other subscribers are not like me who takes note on their usage?

  334. nobodysbitch says:

    When I first bought my BB I was informed that I wont be able to use it with prepaid. Since I need BBM I purchased a handheld from Globe bundled with a plan (1,7k). The cust serv who attended to me at the time told me that if I dont use the network I would just be billed 999 for the handheld. Since it was new to me at that time I used the network quite often (fb, twitter, bbm etc.) I got billed around 2,7k. I thought i was just fine since I used naman the service really so I paid it. After a month I seldom use the network na and even turned it off na lang and I just connect using the wifi at home. I was still being billed the same as I was when I was using the network. This month I was billed 4,2k even though I seldom use it since wifi connection ang preferred connection ko. Last night I removed my post paid sim na lang and opted to use a prepaid sim since I felt I was being robbed off by Globe. I could never understand how they bill a customer for usage. Sometimes I think it’s my fault din for using the network but come to think of it I only use it when Im out of the house which is very seldom. I was thinking of using Smart but i have another cp with smart and their connection sucks as well. Never could understand why these telcos offer up their services for a skyhigh fee but their service is down in the dumps. I hope Sun would do a better job than smart or globe though.

  335. bibeberry says:

    2nd week na nila kong di binibigyan ng superfree! yung friend ko kahit naka bb social nakasuperfree naman! ang daya daya ng globe. sobrang antay ako sa prepaid bis ng sun! lilipat talaga ako! kahit sa globe ko binili yung bb ko naunlock ko na. hay.

  336. newbie says:

    Tanong kulang po if kahit tapos na kayong mag browse or mag FB lumalabas pa rin ba yung loading icon at the middle of the screen? kasi sakin it alwats pops up matapos akong mag FB and it’s consuming my battery and within an hour and a half low battery na.

    Help nman po. Pls?

  337. kiel says:

    newbie: sa akin walang loading na lumalabas. panong “loading icon”?


    para sure na na-exit mo yung application and its not running on your background.

    wifi connection also consumes battery badly hehehe… turn it off na lang after you use it.

  338. gracer says:

    Hi question.

    my gf will give me her old bb. which is tied to globe bis prepaid. do i need to register my number to bis? or pag send ko ng bb on using my number ok na sya? i can use the service na? im using globe postpaid pala.

    Thanks :)

  339. kiel says:

    gracer: i think ok pa rin sya, makakapagregister ka pa rin ang catch lang dun i think, is pag dating sa billing baka on-top pa sa monthly bill mo yung bayad para pag avail ng BIS. kindly review your terms and conditions na lang on your postpaid subscription para sure.

    Guys, sino gumagamit sa inyo ng YM app sa BB? weird kasi hindi ko makita yung avatars ng contacts ko and yung contacts ko naman black lang yung nakikita as my avatar, though naka-on naman yung display avatar ko. by the way, nasa current version yung YM ko na 2.5.69

    sino naka-experience rin ng ganito?

  340. bibeberry says:

    new prices daw ng unli BIS sa Globe? 999 na lang monthly?

  341. kiel says:

    biberry: sad to say, only for postpaid lang yun. though, extended yung BB social hanggang april 15.

  342. bibeberry says:

    ay postpaid lang? so mas mura pa rin ang sun sana 1000 lang din ang prepaid. ang postpaid pay per use kasi nila for 1 month 1000 :) 50/day, 125/3days meron din. feeling ko same prices na rin yan for prepaid pag nalaunch na, sa poster kasi nila for it, may nakalagay na for prepaid, use regular load. yehey! :) we all owe Sun one way or another. :)

    btw i checked globe and til june lang ang promo na 999 for postpaid. oh well prepaid pa rin kesa macharge ako ng bb activation fee every month. grabe maningil ang globe. dunno about sun and smart bb users.

  343. arkitek says:

    ung 999 ng globe pwede rin sa prepaid.

  344. bibeberry says:

    @arkitek, talaga? yehey! anong keyword? mageexpire na ang bb social ko sa 26 :) at 3rd ko yun sa bb3plus1 so i’ll get the bb on for free for my 4th month right? :)

  345. kiel says:

    arkitek: really? wow!!! nice!!! kasi sa website ng globe for postpaid lang nakalagay, pero sa notification text ng Globe sa akin ina-advertise din nila yung 999. ayoko lang subukan kasi mahirap na baka kainin… almost 1K din yun. hehehe

    bibeberry: eto yung syntax

    BB ON send to 8888 (P999/30days)

  346. arkitek says:

    yup :) im currently using 999 (prepaid) :)

  347. bibeberry says:

    woohoo! perfect timing for my bb3plus1 on feb 25 pala i checked my status kanina i thought it was 26 :p nov 26 kasi ako unang nag bb social eh, pa bb on 220 lang ako noon :P thanks arkitek at kiel!

  348. dongv says:

    any other that verify 999 also applicable to prepaid? kasi sa web, its marked for postpaid only, for prepaid its 1200 pa rin

  349. kiel says:

    bibeberry: ano yung bb3plus1? twice pa lang ako nag bb social

  350. keith says:

    heyy everyone, i wud jus wnn ask bout po dun sa blackberry lite plans for globe un bb social and bb msg is it still runnin? ska pwd po ba xa sa prepaid? 300 per month un po ba un? saka ano po un difference bet. two services? ano po mas mgnda gmitin? thank you! ngayon pa lang kasi q mgtry gmitin un e.. :p

  351. kiel says:

    keith: bb social and bb msg is up to april 15 kaya pede pa. :)

    parehas din P300/month at pwede sa prepaid.

    bb messaging: Unlimited Email, BlackBerry Messenger,
    IM (via Yahoo! Messenger, Google Talk,
    MSN Messenger, AOL Messenger, ICQ). Mobile Browsing not allowed

    bb social: Unlimited Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, BlackBerry Messenger, IM (via Yahoo! Messenger, Google Talk, MSN Messenger, AOL Messenger, ICQ).
    Mobile Browsing not allowed.

    personally, dun ako sa bb social since hindi ko naman habol ang email services plus sa bb social covered din nya yung YM, google talk etc. yun nga lang walang mobile browsing.. kung magbo-browse ka may charge na yun sa load mo at use wifi na lang.


    ok ba yung 999/month sa prepaid? sino pa ang naka-try na?

  352. bibeberry says:

    @kiel, nag end na ang registration for bb3plus1 nung jan 31. pag naka 3 consecutive months ka nag 1month subscription ng any bis package from january to march, yung sinubscribe mo sa march, magiging free for the april.

    since nov 26 pa ako naka bb social, before that bb on ang ginagamit ko. for my 3rd month in last week of march, i will use bb on 1 month (999)

    for the person asking for confirmation on the 999 price, type bb info to 8888 :) you will see updated price there.

    yung sa nagtatanong ng difference ng bb msg sa bb social pakibasa ang previous posts ko. :)

  353. keith says:

    wiiiiii.. thanks kiel && bibeberry.. imma go try this one!! thanks a bunch sa infos!! ^_______^

  354. tseng says:

    tried to renew registering for BB SOCIAL but everytime i do it, message prompts me that im still registered with another BB/mobile service. my first reistration(30 days) was dec. 31 then when i tried to renew my registration for same number of days failed na palagi. i lready calle d globe cs and had an incident report but didn’t get any feedback from them. did battery pull and reboot my bb but nothing happened. please help me =(

  355. bibeberry says:

    @tseng OMG THE SAME THING HAS BEEN HAPPENING TO ME SINCE LAST NIGHT! nagexpire yung bb social ko around 630pm last night. since then yun din ang sinasabi sa akin. i called CS kasi i need to be registered before february ends or else lilipat na ako sa sun no point using globe. they told me to remove the sim (what??) pero i still did but nothing happened same thing pa rin. i called again and they said na ifoforward na lang daw sa technical team. :( ang sabi pa sa akin walang problema sa bb social yun pala i’m not alone! :(

    if i’m not registered to bb social by feb 28 11:59pm, march 1 first thing in the morning i will load 1000pesos in my sun (hello 180 free texts) and put my sun sim in my curve. sun cell is offering prepaid BIS na rin woohoo. pero sana maayos na by today ang bb social sayang rin kung 300 lang instead of 1000 :)

  356. dongv says:

    try nyo unregister command, I just forgot what is the keyword,

  357. tseng says:

    @bibeberry – un din sabi sakin, wal adaw problem sa bb social nila, eh kung wala pa pal bakit ndi magamit? it’s globe’s access code so sa end nila nag problema. nakakpagtaka kasi ung friend ko naka-pagregister ako lagi failed.

    @dongv – kuya kung mag-unregister naman, sayang ung load na nabawas sau to have their service diba.

  358. keith says:

    yaaay.. gara nmn pla bka nga sa Globe na un problema.. >.< naku, balak q pa naman nxt month magtry nun bb social.. kktkot bka makaen un load.. wag nmn sna.. and sna ma-solve din un prob na yan or mabalik man lng un nakaen nila na load pra di nakakapanghinayang if ever i-unsubscribe.. :/

  359. bibeberry says:

    ok na ang bb social, nakapag reg na yung friend ko last night and this lunch naka reg na ako. sana na lang mag count pa sya sa bb3plus1 ko since feb 28 pa lang naman.

  360. fast says:

    what did u do to fix this problem? i’ve been experiencing the same problem. it says im still registered but im really not.

  361. tseng says:

    @ bibeberry – i just tried to register again, same message “still registered with a previous bb service’…anu ginawa mo?

  362. bibeberry says:

    wala akong ginawa, tinry ko kahapon kasi sabi ng friend ko nakapasok na sya the night before.

    i now have another prob. this is my 2nd bb social of the year, and bb3plus1 texted me that they received my 1st subscription and i need 2 more subs to be able to get the 4th month free. but i have gotten this message for my january subscription. i should have gotten the message saying they got my 2nd month of sub right. sighs.

  363. tseng says:

    ayaw pa din :( panu naman ung bb3plus1? anu ung syntax and magkano?

  364. irkedcustomer says:

    I enrolled my phone to the BB SOCIAL service on the first week of December. But I had to disable the service (I believe it was BB OFF to 8888) before the 30 day period expired because I felt like they were over charging me. I called CR to complain about the charges and even asked if my phone was still under any Blackberry service they said it wasn’t. I told them to make sure anyway and disable anything if it was still on anything. That was in January- When my next bill came it still indicated I was using the internet/web/wap whatever when I wasn’t. I even stopped using WIFI for the fear of being charged for that as well. The thing is, prior to the BB SOCIAL, I could use my internet just fine. And I wasn’t being charged for anything. Come February, I visited Globe CR because I felt like the CR on the phone wasn’t proving to be helpful. They said my phone was still under a service (which I never signed up for in the first place). So I told him to disable it. The major problem with that is that although I am supposedly under a Blackberry service, I never used my phone’s applications that required a connection. I used it like a regular phone, just texting and calling. In fact, I turned off my phone completely for an entire week. And upon checking my unbilled charges, I discovered I was still incurring charges. Like, seriously. WTF is that. I went to Globe again this March and they basically told me I was to blame. Of course they didn’t say it directly but that’s what they were hinting at. They said it was my lack of knowledge using the device. They showed me an option I had to turn off, which I never turned on. I think it was automatically turned on upon the activation of BB SOCIAL but they didn’t turn it off when I disabled the service. The quality of Globe’s service was on the papers a few weeks ago. Apparently Globe also overcharged some people at the Congress. The congressmen and congresswomen of course, due to their status and for making the problem public were not required to pay for their bill. I’m just really pissed off why they have to “investigate” further on my complaint. When their shit is already on the broadsheets, and when public figures already addressed this. If they reimbursed the congressmen, it means they are accepting that they have caused an infraction. Why can’t they do the same with other people? I have been with Globe for 6 years already, 2 years as a prepaid user and 6 years as a postpaid user. Why can’t they jsut take my word for it and trust me. My credit history is clean and well.

  365. irkedcustomer says:

    I should also let you know that after I asked them to disable everything and anything my phone was under, I am now no longer able to use my own WIFI.

  366. tseng says:

    para maayos ung bb social ko, ngpunta n alang ako sa service center nila..ung cs rep pina-manual activation nya dun sa end nila, kaya ayun nagagmit ko na sya..ndi ko lang alam kung mag work pa ulit bb social ko after magexpire nito

  367. bluemint says:

    question: since wala namang social plan for iphone sa globe pwede rin kaya ako mag register sa bb social plan?

  368. bibeberry says:

    @bluemint, no since it uses the blackberry servers it will not work with non-bb devices. for iphone you should use supersurf.

  369. aidan valin says:

    ask ko lang po kung bibili ako ng iphone4 sa Abu Dhabi, UAE, gagana po ba dito sa pinas? thank you po!

  370. jaybb says:

    hello.. tulong naman po.. yung bb 9700 ko po hindi ko maopen ang browser.. :( nagswap lang naman po ako ng sim tas wala na ko ibang ginawa..nag-ganun nalang siya bigla…
    anung gagwin ko po..

  371. kiel says:

    aidan valin: siguro gagana naman. basta ipa-open line mo para marecognize nya yung sim mo.

    jaybb: try to check your broswer settings. baka naka hotspot broswer sya kaya naghahanap ng wifi connection before you can browse.

    Options>Advanced Options>Browser>Default browser configuration> (pili ka na lang kung ano ang gagamitin mo)


    kelangan mo mag-register para magkaroon ka ng BIS. eto yung BB ON 50 send 8888. one day supersurf (just make sure na hindi naka-hotspot browser browser setting mo)


  372. bibeberry says:

    @jaybb, i’ve experienced that. do you have backups of your settings on the bb desktop software? i had to restore my browser settings din after i changed sims from globe to sun. you can do that to or update or downgrade your OS via the desktop software if you dont do backups.

    • jaybb says:

      wala akong backup ng mga files and setting eh.. hindi ko kasi ginagamit yung sa desktop… :\
      salamat sa INFO.. Ok na ang BB ko now.. ^^,

      may nakatry na po ba sa INYO dito na magpalit ng housing/faceplate ng blackberry??

      tanong ko lang din mabo-void ba ang warranty nung phone kung palitan ko halimbawa ng housing? :)

    • bibeberry says:

      i don’t think the warranty will be void with just a faceplate change. i have not tried it, though. i love my whiteberry :)

  373. Blake says:

    Add me on your BBM, pin 21aa4580.. thanks!

  374. pearl says:

    hi meron ba bagong promo ang bb social for globe since expired na sya tommorrow?

    • kiel says:

      sana i-renew nila yung bb social. before kasi yung bb social hanggang jan15 lang.. then nag-renew nanaman sila jan-apr. sana this time ganun pa rin.

  375. Honney says:

    parang ang gastos ng BB ‘no? does it mean required ang data plan? pano kung ayoko nun? hehe.

    • kiel says:

      hi! depende naman on how you will use your BB. use data plans kung kailangan mo talaga gamitin yung mga services like email, etc.. or kung gusto mo ng 24/7 na internet (or BIS for that matter). may mga promos naman yung globe para sa mga walang data plans. you can use that to acquire BIS but for a specific duration of time.

      if you have a postpaid plan, registering to the promos for prepaid subscribers will be charged on top of your monthly bill.

  376. Inno says:

    Add me up! Here my BB pin.


  377. jhen says:

    hi there :) just want to ask if i can use my international no. in philippines for BB messenger..
    thanks a lot :)

    • kiel says:

      i think magagamit mo pa rin yung BBM mo provided na covered pa rin sya ng BIS ng mobile network mo abroad. if not, kailangan mo mag-subscribe ng BIS offered ng local service providers dito.

  378. marlon says:

    i just received my postpaid plan using BB. i had my bis activated. then today i received a message that my unbilled charges went up to 1500!WHOA! in three days lang un from 16 to today…i always turn off data service and when i use it, one minute or two lang.anong ggwin ko? i wanna use bb social na lang pero sabi sakin di daw pwede kc i have to consume the 30 days of BIS. WTF! Now, i’m so pissed off with globe kc i want to switchover to their bb social 300 kaysa sa mag kb browsing which is highway robbery. anything you can suggest to me?

    • kiel says:

      naka-data plan ka dba? i guess tiis na lang na matapos mo yung 1 month. make sure na lang na naka-off yung apps mo na nagrerequire ng location mo.. GPS.. etc.. switch to bb social or other prepaid BIS services na lang kung limited lang yung paggagamitan mo ng BIS.

  379. Bbuser says:

    Can I access Uber Social for blackberry if I’ll register to BB SOCIAL? Please answer. Thanks and God Bless!

  380. el says:

    can i ask? about the blackberry curve 8520 plan. if i would pay 999 can i get the phone? and how many months would i pay 999 for this phone? thanks

  381. anne says:

    how will i change my browser from hotspot to other browser? wala kasing pagpipilian, hotspot lang meron. thanks! :)

  382. Tess says:

    Anne: Nakaregister kba sa bb social or something? If not, try to insert another sim, then use the internet for a few minutes then ibalik mo ung original sim mo.

  383. dien says:

    i’ve read some threads and it helped a lot….but im still encountering problems with the BB. im trying to change the browser options but there’s no way for me to change it..if i go to Options>Advanced Options>Browser>Default browser configuration> wlang drop down options.. :(

    your reply/replies will be higly appreciated!

  384. chel says:

    getting crazy about my BB

  385. Iver says:

    Balak sana namin mag asawa mag try ng BB..because of the BBM. Seafarer sya… Pag nag subcribe ba kame ng BIS local service provider d2 magagamit b sya anywhere abroad? meron bang International data plan ang Globe?

  386. Stressed bb says:

    Why is my BB SOCIAL ON registration taking so much time? I registered at around 11:40 and it’s 4:20 already and still no sign of active bb social (capitalization of signal indicator e.I : EDGE/ GPRS) what will I do? This sucks. -__-

  387. kiel says:

    dien: baka registered ka sa bb social. ganyan din kasi sa akin pag naka-bb social ako.. walang drop down menu para palitan ang browser config. only hotspot browser lang.

    iver: hmmm.. sa tingin ko hindi nyo magagamit. alam ko may BIS service (data service) ang globe para sa subscribers outside the phils. (ang alam ko, ginawa nila yun para sa mga mahilig mag-travel abroad.)

    stressed: try battery pull out. or soft reset your BB. press ALT + right shift key + del


    btw, BlackBerry MAX! Unlimited push e-mail,streaming,surfing,social networking,BBM.To register,txt MYBB MAX ON to 8888 (P599/30 days)

  388. bibeberry says:

    @kiel, yung bb max ba yun yung full BIS? diba 999 sya before? bumaba na ba ang price? thanks

  389. Lester says:

    Kung meron naman kayong wifi pwede naman yun ang gamitin niyo for surfing the net o kaya yung mga bagong wifi pocket at least hindi magastos sa sun 799 unlimited na globe and smart yata 999

  390. BB Newbie says:

    Why is my BB SOCIAL ON registration taking so much time? I registered at around 11:40 and it’s 4:20 already and still no sign of active bb social (capitalization of signal indicator e.I : EDGE/ GPRS) what will I do? This sucks —i’m encountering the same problem. Tried pulling out battery and soft reset but still no good. I still have P201 balance. Help please!

    • kiel says:

      Hi! nag-send ba sayo ng confirmation na processing na yung request mo? tsaka ang alam ko.. BB social 300 pesos yun. if that’s the case, insufficient ang load mo to avail bb social. try mo gawin 301 load mo baka um-ok na. :)

  391. kamz says:

    hi! sa may mga alam.. pwede ba ko kumuha sa globe ng blackberry torch? nde ko kc maintidihan plan nila..
    pwede ba ko kumuha ng cp.. kung monthly ung kukunin ko..?? pero wla kong credit card? pwede kaya un? atska kung blackberry torch ..magkano kaya monthly na babayaran.. pero hindi plan ung kukunin ko aa.. atska magkano kaya ung unang bayad nun..?? thanks! ([email protected])

  392. kamz says:

    eh pano kung gusto ko kumuha ng cp sa globe…
    pero wala akong credit card.. kung sakaling hulugan ung kukunin kong cp..?? paki-email nlng po ako kung pano at kung magkano po ang blackberry torch monthly.. pati na rin po kung magkano ang unang bayad.. thsnk! ([email protected])

  393. jax says:

    tanong ko lang po kung pwede ba gamiting yung BBM international? pero prepaid lng po. puwede kaya mg BBM pag nasa Philippines k tapos ka BBM mo nasa saudi.

  394. christel says:

    hi can i register BB Social On to Blackberry Storm 1 9500? plx reply

  395. keixen says:

    hi! can somebody help me.. magagamit ko ba ung BB social on ko if na ibang bansa ako like OHIO? gagana ba yung facebook at ym at bbm dun?? anu gagawin pag hindi??? BB STORM 2 9550 gamit ko…

  396. keixen says:

    hi! can somebody help me.. magagamit ko ba ung BB social on ko if na ibang bansa ako like OHIO? gagana ba yung facebook at ym at bbm dun?? anu gagawin pag hindi??? BB STORM 2 9550 gamit ko… need reply

  397. jax says:

    hi po ask ko lang nakablock ba yung BBM o BIS s saudi… ind q kasi alm kung bibili ba ako ng BBM o ind.. bibili q ind dn pla q mkktipid :D
    thank you :)

  398. mahree says:

    I availed of the blackberry promo that they are offering right now, it’s unlicall +text + unli social.. I’m still waiting for the sim to be activated, do I have to register or will it be automatically registered? thanks!

  399. Michael says:

    Pwde ba akong gumamit ng globe tatto using blackberry playbook?

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