Globe makes Zac Efron the 1st iPhone 5 subscriber

Globe makes Zac Efron the 1st iPhone 5 subscriber

Last year, it was Pres. Noynoy Aquino who became the first Globe iPhone 4S subscriber. This year, the first official iPhone 5 from Globe goes to Zac Efron.

This is the first time that Globe has made any promotional move on an iPhone before they’ve officially announced it. Apple is usually very secretive about announcing telco/country availability.

Apparently, Zac is heading to Manila for the Penshoppe’s FanCon 2012 on September 29 at the SM Mall of Asia Arena. He’ll be using the Globe iPhone 5 while staying here. And the postpaid number — 0917-1434ZAC.

This only means that Globe already has stocks of the iPhone 5 ready and set for local release. We might be hearing the official announcement of Globe iPhone 5 release soon.

Update: I spoke too soon. I was told this was one of only 5 units of iPhone 5 that was initially seeded to Globe. No large warehouse stocked with thousands of iPhone 5. We’ll just have to wait a little bit longer.

Update 2: Got in touch with Globe and they denied giving an iPhone 5 to Zac Efron. What they admitted was the nano-SIM that comes with unlimited roaming.

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33 Responses

  1. Ram says:

    Will we be seeing simultaneous launching from both Globe & Smart again this year? Hmmmm…

  2. Oi GLOBE! dapat pinoy ang unang magkaron ng IPHONE 5, hindi si Zac Efron!

    • Zacequalsnada says:

      Dumb move = colonial mentality. Bakit black eyed peas na pinoy d nyo binigyan or jessica sanchez na lang. Stupid pr gimmick. Ayusin na lang nyo service nyo.

      Guess what…Yes joyce ramirez ng globe – tanga gimmick nyo. Dami lang naaasar.

  3. Jan says:

    I would’ve wanted an iPhone 5 but I don’t think we, in the PH, can use every bit of functionality and features the iPhone 5 has to offer.

    • Samboy says:

      Since Iphone 4s came out with siri It caught me thinking will Siri be applicable here. Well hence forth my thinking to buy a samsung S3. I totally love my Iphone 4 when I have it but I sold it to my friend so I just can have an iphone 5. Functionality wise its a big gamble but its still the most friendly phone I have. I’m still contemplating to what phone to get and its killing me!

  4. Evan says:

    wew sana katulad ng dati.. namigay ng iphone 4s.. :D

  5. JKisaragi says:

    Isn’t it that iPhone units from Globe are network-locked? Is this intended for use only within the duration of his stay?

    Now I’m thinking that they may have just bought this unit somewhere else (and is not part of their actual stock for the PH release), just for Mr. Efron.

  6. gary says:


  7. lora says:

    onga may pagka stupid. unless that efron guy decides to live here… adik lang

  8. rico says:

    Para po sa lahat pagkatapos nyong bumili ng Iphone5 Bili din kayo dito wise investment po tapos di pa sya binabaha..

  9. Sam Wittywicky says:

    So…. since the phone number was posted, that means it’s okay to text and call him? >__>

  10. Sam Sung says:

    Get a Samsung Galaxy Note II instead of an iPhone 5! Way better!

  11. Globe needs all the good publicity it can get now. To make up for all the bad PR it’s been getting for the horrible service it’s alleged to be providing. =D

  12. benchmark says:

    5 units? Zac, Pres. Aquino….and kanino pa kaya yung tatlong units? hehehehe

    well they gave the postpaid number of zac…nyek! edi daming mag te-text dyan! heheheh and alot of scam din! nyak!

  13. ronald says:

    Nice move globe. Giving an expensive item to a person who can easily buy it.

  14. Manong Ben says:

    A Filipino is NOT worth being the first Globe iPhone 5 owner?

    At may tigas pa sila ng mukha para ipaalam sa buong mundo?

    not an iPhone5 fan pero nakakainis to.

    F U Globe!

  15. aw says:

    doesn’t make sense… dapat pinoy unang sumubok bakit tiga labas pa? dafuq that is…

  16. hmm says:

    hmm. sana mga pinoy modern unsung heroes na lang binigyan para nakaka-inspire pa sa mga pinoy… may kakupalan din yung PR nila.

  17. Jeric says:

    nilagay pa talaga yung post-paid number! 0917-1434ZAC — matawagan na nga.. ahaha

  18. rfc says:

    globe posted the number to generate more income because they know people would be stupid enough to text, more income for globe.

  19. Kendra says:

    wrong move! si kuya kim nga may ip5 na kaso globe or smart user kaya sya? naku for sure sa basurahan ang no. ni zac pag umalis yan dito sa pinas…jeez!!

  20. nerdbarf says:

    Pautot lang ng Globe yan. As if Zac Efron will PERSONALLY use that phone, baka PA lang humawak. Also publishing that number for everyone to see is already a sign na for publicity lang siya.

    Actually gray iPhone5 units are already available in the market; you just have to hunt for it and also be able to shell out around 1.5x retail price. Yung iba, bumili pa sa ibang bansa to get it. Most probably the Globe unit is provided by Singtel (which already sells the units since last week).

  21. Name: says:

    seriously? ..143-4-ZAC?, just like in their TV ads, *143#, would be like globe for ZAC,it does makes sense….kaya Zac, go lang ng go,,,,,

  22. Joyce gago says:

    Guess what came in… Gung gung news. Sana ma kidnap ka gago!

  23. Lonista says:

    Sinong naniniwala na makukuha mo c zach sa telephone number n yan baka makuha mo yun PA na bading.

  24. Perry says:

    Grabe talaga pinoy. Anlaki ng mga problema. Maging hollywood actor na lang kayo para kayo na ang mauna sa ip5.

  25. sandies says:

    as usual nakuryente na naman tayo sa inaccurate reports…

    seems like that iPhone 5 unit was not from globe..
    yung paper bag lang at yung sim…..

    apple has yet to announce when will the iPhone 5 will hit Manila…

    probably DEC…

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