Globe, Smart changes load sharing to combat text scams

Globe, Smart changes load sharing to combat text scams

Due to rampant incidents of load sharing scams, both Smart and Globe have changed the way they operate sharing of eLoads. Majority of text scams deceive subscribers into claiming free credits but inputting and replying to specific SMS queries.

Globe started making restrictions in their Share-a-Load services several weeks ago (first time we experienced this was September 1). The new scheme requires confirmation that a load is being shared and requires another affirmative answer to validate it.


Globe has also limited the amount of sharing to just Php300 and has removed the Php500 option (which is the usual and maximum amount used by text scammers). They explained this in Globe’s updated FAQ:

P500 is the most commonly used amount of Share-A-Load scammers. You have probably received a text message from an unknown number asking you to send Php500 to a number starting with 2 instead of the usual 0 (e.g. 2917xxxxxxx). Doing this (for instance, sending Php500 to 2917xxxxxxx) will send P500 to that number. Making the P500 denomination unavailable, helps protect you from being victimized by these scammers.

Note that the P300 denomination is available to Globe Postpaid customers only. Also, effective August 9, 2014, the P500 denomination via Share-A-Load will be temporarily unavailable until further notice. You can use other denomination such as P1- P150 or P300.

For prepaid, the maximum load amount per transaction is Php150. The SMS confirmation needs to be responded to within 5 minutes in order for it to be validated.


Smart has also followed suit and released an infographic about it today:

Smart’s website was not updated if there were changes in the maximum amount that they can do for Pasaload.

Both Smart and Globe have made significant changes to the way they processes loading sharing via SMS. Biggest of them would be the text confirmation. In Globe’s case though, legitimate subscribers would have a harder time if they want to send out bigger denominations (like having to share Php300 and Php200 separately and pay Php2 charge instead of Php1).

At least, both telcos are acknowledging the rampant problem of text scams. The solutions may be crude and simple, something that will not really solve the problem complete, but it’s a start.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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11 Responses

  1. benchmark says:

    It is really good to have second confirmation…got one when i am sharing a 60 load to my other globe number. Yun lang i am not sure if i am being charge for the second confirmation…sana wala.

  2. SunCell Subscriber says:

    As usual, Smart, “the leader in mobile”, has to follow suit from their itsy bitsy competitor. Even the YES keyword has to be the same.

    Buti the pasa-load concept came from them, else I’ll have to slap Mon Isberto’s face bwahahaha

    • Multo ni Mang Kanor says:

      anong gusto mong keyword, ‘YADA-YADA’, ‘OHYEAH’, ‘OPO’. napaka-bobo mo naman. gusto mo pang pahirapan mga tao. itago mo na lang kabobohan mo sa sarili mo.

    • SunCell Subscriber says:

      How about ‘GO’, ‘CONTINUE’, ‘OK’? Mang-aasar ka nalang, mga non-sense pa suggestions mo. OHYEAH? Pucha ikaw nalang ata gumagamit niyan ng magkadikit! Hahaha! Sinong bobo ngayon? :p

  3. meiji says:

    I think Smart’s pasaload is more safe since you need to send it to 808 which is very obvious that your sending it to pasaload. Unlike for globe, using 2 instead of 0 is less obvious that your going to share your load away. But in the end, security feature is still nice. Hopefully they will implement something for SPAMMERS (advertisement of insurance, condo units and the like) because obviously their harassing people and abusing the unli-text.

  4. sham says:

    Hindi kaya madami lang talagang eengot engot na subscriber????

  5. Totem says:

    Bakit hindi nalang nila iimplement ang mandatory registration ng mga numbers?

    • kingzyke says:

      kasi they cant claim that they have 40 million subscribers yan ang pinapakita nila sa board at public anouncements nila

  6. Corr says:

    how to share a load if i don’t have pin?

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