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Globe Tattoo Black is 42Mbps LTE, starts at Php1,799

So Globe Telecom came out today with another teaser for their LTE service. Dubbed, Globe Tattoo Black, the soon-to-be-launched LTE service also promises speeds of up to 42Mbps with a monthly service fee that starts at Php1,799.

And that’s all that we know of the Globe Tattoo Black for now. There’s no mention of the dongle (although we suspect it’s going to be the same Huawei 4G dongle), the coverage areas or if there’s any bandwidth cap.

The newspaper ad on the Inquirer today says it all.

If Globe is going to keep its motto “Live without Limits” as shown in the print ad, are we then to say that their LTE service will be unlimited? We’ll have to ask them this Tuesday during the round-table discussion.

It would be a big hit is they’d really offer unlimited LTE for only Php1,799 a month.

Update: Globe posted the details on their blog here.

Tattoo Black Plan 1799 is up to 28Mbps at Php1,799 per month.

Tattoo Black Elite 2499 is up to 42Mbps at Php2,499 per month.

The plan comes with a free Superstick dongle.

The Globe Tattoo Black uses both LTE and HSPA+ so the connection is still high even if you’re outside the coverage area. And both plans are unlimited according to Globe’s rep I talked to this afternoon!

Updated: There’s still no final list of coverage but the first city to get LTE is whole of Makati.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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49 Responses

  1. Neil says:

    5GB maybe?

  2. neo says:

    There’s always a catch. I’m just hoping for a stable connection ALWAYS. We’ll see..

    • james says:

      agree, catch is always there , sana nga mabilis and unlimited

    • itachi1 says:

      then subscribe to a dsl service… no one in their right mind will say na stable ang wireless over wired internet service.

    • Sasuke says:

      Kabadtrip nga yang mga kumukuha ng wireless tapus ang taas ng expectation. Nakakabadtrip na nakakatawa. Pagbigyan mo na sila kuya itachi :))

  3. jeff says:

    great speed but cap at 800 mb per day…

  4. Kane Enable says:

    They lost me at ‘unparalleled customer service’.

    • itachi1 says:

      ahahahaha… lol… that unparalleled thing was a good one… doesn’t matter which telco ‘coz it applies to all of them… rofl!

    • wat says:

      it should read as “paralyzed customer service”.
      for goodness’ sake, customer service in telcos are always horrible.

  5. Alex Castillo says:

    alam ko 800MB per day limit applies on sa prepaid but postpaid wala naman sila talaga limit.. mag tatalo na lang talaga sa average and stable speed

  6. LTE Challenge says:

    I demand an LTE challenge!!! Calling Smart and Globe! Gameeee!
    Let the consumers win this time. Sino ang pinakamabilis. Wag daanin sa ad lang!

    By the way, di ko nakita yung nakalagay na UNLIMITED sa website nila, Sir Abe.

  7. Ramon says:

    And so it begins, hopefully, globe’s 1.8k price would force smart to lower there price, and that in turn would hopefully force globe to improve their service

    That’s the beauty of not having a monopolized industry :-D

    At dapat talagang unlimited ito, di yung 800MB limit crap, false advertisement yang “live without limits” motto ng globe kung sakali >_<

    • nexusboy says:

      there’s no speed shaping or daily cap in Globe postpaid plans.

    • Obed Cutaran says:

      There’s a daily cap in Globe Postpaid plan, it’s 1GB per day, after than you’ll get a 56-128kbps speed.

      That’s according to SM Mall of Asia reps

    • nexusboy says:

      the daily cap for postpaid subscribers may not be fully or strictly implemented. i’ve been a tattoo subscriber for two years now and never been capped in terms of speed even if my usage for a day reaches beyond 1 GB. at least at the moment, baka in the future they’ll implement it strictly.

    • Edu says:

      @obed, I agree with you as per my own experience. I am subscribed to unlimited data but I believe globe throttle my data connection when I reached a certain data. Globe is evil!

    • Ramon says:

      Thanks for clarifying, but I still consider a data cap and throttling the connection speed as a “limit”

      I just don’t like the way company bend the truth just to lure more customers =p

      Yea, I know it’s all business and it’s almost a given in any advertisement, I just think that it should change before it goes out of hand =p

  8. topgun says:

    if it’s really unlimited,then these will gonna attract more customer than smart offering..hoping that it would have a decent speed..atleast 4-8mbps on average that would be reasonable for me..

  9. John says:

    Unlimited !!?!?!?!??! Globe for the win !!

  10. Ben Astorga says:

    its too good to be true haha

  11. nexusboy says:

    SMART started the data cap practice in the Philippines. definitely not a “SMART” move.

    • vince says:

      smart started it? i dont think so. what about wi-tribe? sun bro postpaid also had a cap a log time ago.

    • Ramon says:

      Vince is right, wi-tribe had the data cap when they started years ago…

      I was interested on the “first 4G” in the philippines when wi-tribe arrived…but as soon as I saw the fine print… lol

    • nexusboy says:

      Thanks for the clarification. Wi-Tribe pala ang nauna. i stand corrected. :)

  12. nexusboy says:

    I’m so happy Globe can offer LTE service w/ the same speed but 30 percent cheaper than SMART LTE, unlimited pa! unlike Smart’s 10 GB cap. Globe just made SMART look stupid for giving out high price and taking advantage of the consumers.

  13. Obed Cutaran says:

    I doubt you’ll get the 28mbps and 42mbps accordingly. I’m paying for the 21mbps Globe Tattoo and the average speed I get is 1-2mbps. Take note my house is located near a cell site of Globe

  14. John says:

    iPhone 6th gen (iPhone 5) @ LTE plan 1799 with 10k cash out!!

    kuha agad ako asap! =)

  15. pavements says:

    anung lte frequency ang gamit ng globe? same ng sa smart?

  16. Bayanpages says:

    Ay nako sana ayusin talaga muna nila coverage ng 3G services nila..

  17. Loki says:

    Globe ka mo??
    Never again!!

  18. Benchmark says:

    why can’t they post the minimum speed, instead of the “upto” word? mas natatakot ako sa upto na ganyan, for sure sa huli, kahit may LTE LTE pa, ending nyan, speed lang ng EDGE ang makukuha mo lang.

    This is for all telco, if they can’t provide a good speed sa umpisa, eh LTE pa kaya! Kung ako may ari ng telco, I’d rather spend alot sa speed ng 3G, HSDP, to make them stable…and kung ok na, that will the time I will go LTE.

    Lokohan kasi yung mga speed speed na yan eh.

  19. Marc says:

    There is no unlimited internet service from globe. All of them are under the fair-use policy making them _limited_.

  20. jeanie says:

    unlimited my ass!

  21. Unlimited Your Faces says:

    Reklamo kayo ng reklamo, kung gusto niyo ng unlimited at stable na connection, kumuha kayo ng DSL line! O baka mas gusto niyo yung mobile wireless pa din dahil may hacks para libre ang gamit? Jeez, magbayad kayo! Ang mobile wireless hindi yan magiging stable kung hindi kokontrolin ng carrier ang data ng mga subscribers, magiging congested pa yan.

    Kaya sa mga matakaw sa torrents ng pirated contents, ahem, kumuha kayo ng fixed line. Kung ayaw niyo magbayad then shut up, wala kayong karapatan magreklamo.


    • nexusboy says:

      I whole-heartedly agree. Fair-Use policy is created for the general welfare and not for a few. if you “REQUIRE” higher bandwidth/speed, you have to upgrade and pay the price accordingly.

    • KEK says:

      may daily data capping na din ang fixed dsl lines ng globe (5mbps ko is 10gig per day, after nun 1.5mbps na lang sya).

      pero mga old subscribers na hindi nag upgrade wala pang capping.

      PLDT dsl – no capping :D

  22. bruno says:

    challenge for LTE-ready devices:

    it drains battery dramatically.

    consider that when you intend to use LTE on your mobile phone.

    a back-up battery when charger is not accessible..

    or a not-so high expectations of how long will your juice lasts.

  23. Inday says:

    Can we order only one “Samsung Galaxy Note to China dual Zim for personal use? That can connect to the internet?

  24. Oscar says:

    The data cap of globe only applies to supersurf, wimax,and dsl. The rest of their products don’t have a data cap. Each product have it’s own cap.

    source: globe’s fair use policy on their website

  25. Mark says:

    *Unlimited browsing is until January 31, 2013 only, after which data volume cap will be implemented: 12 GB for Plan 1799 and 15 GB for Plan 2499.

    it’s written on their website..

  26. Paul says:

    Their data cap is too low… these days 12-15GB per month of data cap is nothing. What’s the point of LTE if you are just going to use up all the bandwidth very quickly?

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