Globe Visibility Prepaid now at Php1,895

Globe Visibility Prepaid now at Php1,895

Globe’s Visibility prepaid kit is now down to just Php1,895, a Php605 drop from the previous Php2,500 price a couple months ago.

The prepaid kit gets you the 3G USB dongle, a USB cable and 1.5 hours of free 3G internet.

Globe apparently listened to its customers about the charging scheme and is now doing the duration-based charging with multiple re-connections. Their Q & A section says it all:


Q: What is the enhanced Duration-Based Charging?

A: In the enhanced Duration Based-Charging, the subscriber will not be charged for multiple connect-disconnect browsing. For as long as it is within the 15 minutes browsing you will only be charged P5, regardless of how many times you connect and disconnect.

Now it’s even with Smart Bro. They just need to bump the speed to 2Mbps.

Disclosure: Smart Bro is an advertiser on this blog and several other blogs I author.

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18 Responses

  1. any feedback sa mga nakapag-try na nito?
    mas ok ba sya sa smart bro?

  2. Ann says:

    Hay nako 2 years na ko naka-Globe Visibility on the unlimited plan. It was okay when it was just starting out, but the past year is just terrible. Latency is unberable, and sometimes data transfer just stops completely. You have to reset the data card to get it flowing again (rinse & repeat every couple of hours). Most of the time, video streaming is near impossible.

    Download speeds are great on off-peak hours, but peak hours are very slow. I use it around the QC, Pasig, Cainta, and Pampanga area, by the way, and while the service is better in Pampanga (less users, more bandwidth?), it’s getting bad na rin.

  3. It’s nice to see prices going down. Very beneficial to the consumers

  4. CC Lozano says:

    I guess competition (or lack of market impact) brings the price down, which is really good for us. Smart Bro user here…

  5. Jay says:

    bring this service to the farthest provinces and even the lowly farmer will be happy @ 7.2Mbps.

  6. John ray Cabrera says:

    the difference by the way lies on the 30min usage block of the Smart. if you get disconnected less than the 30min of the first charge usage, your reconnection is still covered within 30min block time, then exceeding to that has a charge.

  7. Are these prepaid packages really worth it? How do they compare to getting a 3G/HSDPA capable phone and using it as a modem? I just busted the touch screen of my ancient XDA2S and I was finally thinking of getting a new 3G/HSDPA capable phone which I was planning to use as a modem for my laptop, until I read this post. Now I’m confused.

  8. lad says:

    been using globe visibility for almost a year now. the first few months were ok, but recently the service became terrible. download is almost impossible and at times, the CONNECT button is unclickable. You have to wait for like 20 minutes before you can click it and connect to the net, which is very slug-esque.

  9. dave says:

    hi yuga…. just want to know what is better smartbro? globe visibility? or sun broadband? im going to use this for my laptop… thanks in advance

  10. micah says:

    hi all. I’m thinking of getting the sun broadband too… its all coz of the price. But can it deliver on the speeds? I currently use my 3G phone to connect to the net on my laptop (globe) and i have been satisfied. Although, i guess being in a globe supported building does bump up speeds. I get full signal access to globe’s 3G network. But i find it quite costly… Php5.00 for every 15mins. I’m looking for a worthy unlimited package. Any recommedations?

  11. Aly says:

    Hi Guys,
    for those who hae tried globe visiblity, maganda po ba talaga yungnetwork connection or pangit?

    BTW i live in batasan Hills, QC do you think maganda network nun? i rilly have no idea and now i nid ur help, im planning to buy po kasi…

  12. VinoSG says:

    Hi, from my experience , it suck. When I went on vacation last feb from Singapore, I decided to go for Globe Visibility 999 kasi malakas ang signal ng Globe sa Pasig. My family started using it but most of the time they could connect but it’s so slow. We can Skype, but couldn’t hear each other clearly. Surfing is super slow. Initially I thought it was because of the PIII PC that they were using. But now I brought back a Dual Core 2.2GHz PC from SG but it’s still slow. I could see that my connection speed is 3.6 mbps (EDGE/WCDMA @97% Signal Strength), but the download data only varies from 0.0kbps-15kbps (swerte na ang 30kpbs), worst pa sa dial-up???!!! Try mo munang mag-search sa mga forums kung ano ang other alternative bago ka kumuha. Baka ipa-discon ko na ito, kesa magbayad ka monthly na wala kang nakukuhang service…

  13. alexi says:

    globe visibility prepaid kit…suck!!!
    i’m from buendia-taft ave. (gil puyat ave.), boundary of manila/pasay/makati. maswerte na makakuha ng full signal HSDPA during off-peak at 100-250 kb/s in downloading, and that’s i think once in a blue moon. as i experiencing at this moment (11:16pm) , im getting a connection of full signal HSDPA at 5-0.01 kb/s. it sucks! gumagapang ang green lines (and most of the times none) in the Statistics tab (of Mobile Partner prog.) i eat up an average of P50-P100 load everyday. ciyet.. pumunta nlng sana ko sa internet shop. @_#

  14. wsamiley says:

    I have my globe visibility (USB) for less than a year.. pero hindi ko pa nagagamit ever since.. ilan beses ko na niloadan.. it always connect at full bar.. pero pag nagbrowse ako… bad trip!!!!

    I live at Guadalupe makati.. HSDPA.. it SUCKS!
    I work at Starmall Edsa Shaw.. HSDPA… it sucks!
    At my computer Shop in Angono… IT SUCKS!
    At San Lorenzo, Sta. Rosa…. IT SUCKS!
    At Tagaytay… It suck!

    Kahit san yata ako magpunta.. bwiset yang GLOBE
    invisibility na yan… SHET! .2kbps instead of 2mbps!

    kahit pagbebentahan wala ako makita may gusto.. for one year binebenta ko kahit 1k lang.. wala kumuha.. kung saan saan lugar na nakarating!

    IT SUCKS!!!

  15. henjjor says:

    suck madalas nag didisconnect khit kakaconnect palang_kaya ung load na 20 pesos dahil sa kakadisconect 5 pesos nlng natira kaya 15 mins nalang nagamit q

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