NESIC speed test shows Smart Bro bests Tattoo

NESIC speed test shows Smart Bro bests Tattoo

A recent speed test conducted by an independent professional engineering service, NESIC, showed that Smart Bro got better results, over-all. See some of the findings of the tests below.

The tests were conducted from July 4 to 6, 2011 in 100 test locations nationwide. The results were shared to members of the media during lunch today with reps from NESIC and Smart answering questions from the press.

The tool used to measure the data was and the text server is located in San Francisco, USA (SF Monkey Brains server). Average speed test is taken from a sample of 5 tests.

Here’s the summary of the test done by NESIC:

– Smart is faster in 99 of the 100 test locations.

– 2.66Mbps highest peak speed for SmartBro (tested in Plantation Bay Resort)

– 1.23Mbps peak speed average for Smart Bro vs. 0.23Mbps of Globe Tattoo


– Average of 1Mbps faster in 47 of 100 locations.

– Average of 1.5Mbps faster in locations.

– Cebu has highest average speed difference of 1.38Mbps vs. Globe Tattoo

– Tondo, Manila has highest average speed difference of 2.29Mbps vs. Globe Tattoo.

Globe actually beat Smart Bro in only 1 of the 100 test locations (that’s at the Matutina Restaurant in Dagupan).

Smart’s network has been upgraded to HSPA+ as well with 3,116 base stations on HSPA 7.2Mbps and 154 base stations on HSPA+ 21Mbps.

It is interesting to note that NESIC was also used by Globe Telecom to do a similar test in 2009 (see our Globe-NESIC story here).

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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34 Responses

  1. PaulC says:

    Yeah but both are subpar performance. inconsistency, unrealiable service, customer care sucks what more can you ask for?

  2. I think its best if we didnt compare both networks, either ways people will still complain whatever network we are in

  3. jonski22 says:

    kaya pala mabilis at maayos ang Smartbro dito sa Tondo…or tama ba pagkaka-intindi ko..:)

  4. camhi sergio says:

    after i converted my smartbro plug it to canopy this year, i never had connection problems so far.

    and my download speeds were consistent and noticeably got faster…

  5. Manny Pangilinan says:

    Thanks Abe for doing this article! As usual, your blog is biased to Smart again :)

    • xx says:

      There’s really something wrong with this statement: “The results were shared to members of the media during lunch today WITH REPS FROM NESIC & SMART answering questions from the press.”

      So, was the survey funded by SMART? Again, I refuse to believe any surveys sponsored by some entity that is part of the survey. Second, why didn’t they get atleast five servers from different locations for use in speedtests, do 3 to 5 tests per server, average them per server and average the five location’s average. For all we know since Smart knows the test is being conducted, they made some tweaks with their own servers.

      Lastly, if this survey is non-biased and indeed reliable, WAKE UP GLOBE! I still love Globe Postpaid mobile internet service (Supersurf) though. The true unlimited NO BANDWIDTH CAP mobile internet service. If they’ll follow SMART’s bandwidth capping, I’ll hate them then.

    • Jade says:

      I disagree with you.

      These results are real. Smart Bro is indeed faster than Globe on most locations.

      I have the opportunity to take my internships sa SMART nang summer and we participated in this testing sa Quezon City and I can tell you that Smart Bro is faster than Globe (and Sun).

      Smart will use this results to further expand ang capacity and madevelop yung consistency ng net.

    • Calvin says:

      hmm last time i checked Globe’s supersurf still has that 800MB cap per day.

    • We are not affected by the 800mb cap limit if we are not downloading P2P. If you are, then use [email protected] broadband packages! :[email protected]

  6. Arl says:

    In our hometown in nrgris, smart’s the reliable one…

  7. VP says:

    Many ISPs cheat when they detect that a user is using or any internet speed beching site. some even include youtube to their whitelist for unthrottled access.

    have them do actual downloads of random linux ISO distributions, and i’ll take their results into consideration.

  8. Smart subscriber take the advantage, but little difference almost can’t be notice.

  9. kokomarten says:

    Good paid blog entry Yugatech!

  10. fr0stbyte says:

    I can vouch for this. Palipat-lipat kami ng bahay these past 3 years. Muntinlupa, Las Pinas and Sampaloc, Manila. I use an open-line SmartBRO dongle and the average speeds were higher for Smart SIMs, both BRO and Buddy. Exceptions include when you’re constabtly moving (inside a car) and congestion hours during the evening up to midnight. Daming kaagaw sa bandwidth e.g. mga takng FB kaagad ang bukas pagdating ng bahay, especially the students.

  11. Kenth says:

    I agree somehow with the result that SMART is faster than Tattoo.

    In may experience Smart Bro prepaid is much faster than Globe prepaid. But Globe postpaid internet access is better than Smart Bro prepaid. At least in the locations where I used it.

    Again, 3G wireless broadband internet is very subjective to the location. But Globe better fix the internet speed/services for their prepaid.

    Actually even smart has to improve their internet speed/services. Just because their a bit faster than Globe that means they are good.

    I guess all telcos providing 3G internet service have a lot of room for improvement. :)

  12. I can vouch that speed in Plantation Bay in Cebu. The speed is so fast in that area.

  13. daniel says:

    walang duda kung bakit may 41 million subscriber ang smart. tapos galit na galit pa ang globe sa smart dahil sa sun-smart merger… eh ung sun for sure super magbe-benefit sa infrastructure ng smart. haha poor globe sorry but you dont have the enough financial power to challenge MVP in any deals :) behlat!

  14. Nick says:

    Basun lama’g mahitabo ni sa Siaton…

  15. lockex says:

    great, now for something we didn’t know

  16. quzaqi says:

    mukha yatang may fans pati mga telcos natin. nakakatawa. pathetic yong ibang mga tao talaga. para sa akin naman, ayoko sa globe at smart. wala rin internet ang sun dito sa amin. yong dalawa na mero, naku, basta na lng meron. kaya dito, sobrang kumikita pa rin mga internet cafes na may connections na DSL (di ko lng sure kung yon lng talaga). both smart and globe lie to some extent. that’s why it’s so funny na may mga taong nagdedefend ng mga network na yan. i just wish na darating ang panahon na lahat nh networks reliable. ok lng cguro kung ang charge nila sa areas na mahina ang connection is proportionately lower. but of course, that’s not going to happen.

  17. Jose Gold says:

    Wow at this article’s misleading information.

  18. Marian Ramos says:

    I wonder how much this guy was paid to write this article. Really sad for SMART to stoop this low.

  19. jonhe says:

    ano ba to, paid post nanaman? ang galing ng smart sa pagsponsor ng blog posts!

  20. Baluga says:

    kalokohan. wlang signal ang smart sa kwarto ko. sa globe lang ako makakapag-3G. tsk.

  21. Angkor says:

    Kahit anong service naman magrereklamo ang mga tao eh.

  22. ChrisW says:

    I agree, that it looks like the blog is biased and the tests could have been manipulated to the benefit of Smart. The main problem is, that both services are have very inconsistent fluctuating bandwidth, even in major cities. I’m using both in Davao City and usually I get peak download speeds of 1 to 2 Mbps on Smart and about 0.5 Mbps on Globe. During certain times of the day Smart only delivers 0.2 Mbps. The upload speed of Smart is consistently low at about 0.1 Mbps even at the best of times, whereas the upload speed of Globe is usually better at 0.3 Mbps. I have been getting better download speeds from Globe of around 2 Mbps when using multiple concurrent connections with a download manager.

  23. jibz says:

    basta ako dito sa las pinas mabilis ang smart kumpara sa globe. i’ve tried to compare both broadbands and smart gave me the faster internet connection. so ngaun naghahanap ako nang mas mabilis kumpara sa smart dito sa las pinas.. would anybody recommend me what would be the best to use in las pinas (near rfc)?

  24. smartbobo says:

    itong smartbro canopy ko na lang test nyo para malaman nyo kung gano kabagal talaga kabagal.

  25. william says:

    I both have Globe Tattoo(384kbps connection) and Power Plug It (7.2mbps).. I tried both on the same time 10:30 here in Olongapo City but unfortunately… Smart bro power plug it sucks! I dont see the advantage.. I only got 34kbps. Holy crap!

  26. Ano po ba ang maganda Smart Bro OR Globe Tattoo ang location ko po ay 3039 santan st. vergonville las pinas,Manila

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