PLDT to spend Php86 million to double bandwidth capacity

In keeping with the steady rise of demand for high-speed broadband internet in the country, the Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT) has released a statement that the telco is planning to invest $2M to upgrade the Asia-America Gateway (AAG) cable system 100 Gigabit standards, increasing the bandwidth capacity by 200% in the process.

Back in 2007, PLDT is one of 19 multinational parties that signed up to invest on a 20,000-kilometer, high-bandwidth fiber optic submarine cable that will connect South East Asia regions to America.


The trans-Pacific link, which is later dubbed as the Asia-America Gateway (AAG) Cable System, has a total cost of USD500 million, of which 10% came from the MVP-led telco, making them the biggest investor of the multinational project.

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To date, PLDT has a total of four international cable systems, two of which, the Asia Pacific Cable Network 2 (APCN2) and Japan-US Cable Network (JUCN), are already upgraded to 100G, while the Asia Submarine-cable Express (ASE) is currently being upgraded to the said standard.

“Attuning to globalization and meeting world standards, we’ve readied our network not only in our domestic capacity but also in our international links to better future-proof PLDT in the foreseen surge of more intensive and bandwidth-hungry services, particularly to and from the US,”

– Roland Pena, PLDT Technology Head

Upon completion, the Pangilinan-led telco will have an additional 15,000 kilometers of new fiber optic assets by the end of this year. Moreover, PLDT is also planning to spend an estimated Php1B to further extend their reach to almost 100,000 kilometers of fiber optic cables which, according to the company, is four times more than what the competition has to offer.


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This article was written by Ronnie Bulaong, a special features contributor and correspondent for YugaTech. Follow him on Twitter @turonbulaong.

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  1. Avatar for underagency2014 underagency2014 says:

    I hope na sana bumilis ang internet connection dito sa pilipinas. hindi sa pagiging reklamador. pero dito sa amin 1 linggo na walang connection. at pag naayos na yung connection namin tsaka worth it ang pag-aantay namin na magkaroon ng connection. matagal na kaming nakasubscribe sa dsl almost 10 years na yata o 8 years at naiintindihan ko naman ang ginagawa ng mga taga PLDT.

  2. Avatar for LenovoLover LenovoLover says:

    kudos to PLDT!

    I hope you will also allocate budget para sa pagrepair ng mga sirang dsl lines, para naman makahabol tayo sa ibang asian countries!

  3. Avatar for someguy someguy says:

    Napaka negative naman ng mga tao dito. Gumagawa na nga ng paraan then inuunahan niyo agad ng bad judgement. Palibhasa mag totorrent lang naman kayo.

    Let them deal with it first bago tayo mag conclude.

  4. Avatar for Me Me says:

    they are joking, right?

  5. Avatar for irv irv says:

    ginagawa lang nila to dahil minura sila ni Teddy Locsin sa twitter.

  6. Avatar for Justin Justin says:

    Yun! Bibilis na ang porn streaming!!!

  7. Avatar for Karen Santiago Karen Santiago says:

    Yung refund ko almost 2 months na di padin nila binabalik sabi 2-3 weeks lang turn around time ng refund. Putek!

  8. Avatar for bopol bopol says:

    double bandwith, double subscribers same bullshit speed.

  9. Avatar for Hen-Sheen Hen-Sheen says:

    Promises are meant to be kept and broken. Detractors will rise because of this; as long MVP is still the owner, consumers like me will be instantly screwed! I wish the Government would speed up the implementation of the Anti-Trust Bill so companies like PLDT won’t alienate the industry. If not, MVP will own the entire country and possibly buy all of the stocks of the Big Conglomerates. MVP succeeds then we’re heading back in the 90’s recession or (Economic Downfall)….. D.T. much?

  10. Avatar for malas niyo naman malas niyo naman says:

    Malas niyo namam samin 2 days lmg nagpunta kagad haha and 1.6k lng binabayaran namin minimum speed is 5mbps

  11. Avatar for Marvin Marvin says:

    Supot naman service ng PLDT. January ako nag apply tapos follow up ako ng follow up. June na dumating yung mag iinstall. Bravo bravo

  12. Avatar for TeddyBoy Locsin TeddyBoy Locsin says:

    I’m paying P3,900 for 0.57 mbps. Hoy, PLDT Putangina nyong lahat!

  13. Avatar for T_T T_T says:

    anong gusto nyo libre? malamang may bayad business yan eh.

    Punta ka dun sa cambodia. dun ka na tumira

  14. Avatar for trollol trollol says:

    putang inang mga telco… cambodia mas mabilis pa saten. putang ina! cambodia?!?!?!?!

  15. Avatar for Marc Marc says:

    Double the bandwidth, double the price. Double the installation time. Nag-apply ako sa PLDT noon after 1 month magreply sa confirmation na pwede na ako magbayad for installation. Win!

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