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Smart Bro Share It Wireless Router

Smart Broadband, a subsidiary of Smart Communications, today launched SMART Bro Share It, a wireless router with HSDPA capability.

The device is basically a wifi router and 3G/HSDPA modem in one.

smartbro share it wireless router

Smart Bro Share It is available with a Plan 999 monthly subscription, which comes with up to 90 hours of Internet access, at speeds of up to 2 mbps in key cities in the country. Usage in excess of 90 hours will be charged P.35 for every minute.

Initial cash-out for the 12-month subscription is Php3,499, which includes the one-time payment of Php2,500 for the device, plus the first month’s fee of Php999. The monthly subscription fee is Php999.

The device can share the 3G internet with up to 5 computers. Of course, if you have a laptop, you can just follow this short guide on how to share 3G internet over wifi.

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100 Responses

  1. Avatar for router router says:

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  2. Avatar for royet royet says:

    do they have smartbro case

  3. Avatar for GhariD GhariD says:

    smartbro shareit worst product na na try ko sa smart. grabe laki ng gasto ko nito cosidering i was one of the first who subscribe to them. ung may bayad pa ung modem..

  4. Avatar for Jill Jill says:

    Tuloy mo na lang canopy mo tapos magpakabit ka ng wifi router. Yung linksys na tig 2500 pwede na yun.

  5. Avatar for ma3k ma3k says:

    im planning mag palit ng connection from smart bro canopy to smart bro wifi..kaso ang daming ng rereklamo s modem n yan..ok ung canopy ko nmn umaabot sya ng 2mbps pag madaling araw pag s tanghali nmn karaniwan nsa 1mbps nahihirapan ako mag set up ng wifi kya gusto ko palitan canopy ko..anu b magandang gawin? canopy p din? or mag pa smart wifi modem na?

  6. Avatar for zander zander says:


    ganyan ang speed ng smart bro paksht
    nung 11-3-2010 Wednesday
    mga 10 ng gabi nawala net namin hanggang umaga
    sabihin muna 6AM tapus ganyamn na net q

    tanina yan
    2 days na ganyan speed q

  7. Avatar for Jerome N. Ramirez Jerome N. Ramirez says:

    bulok and smart bro share it. Tell your friends to use other internet providers. mahina dito sa malaybalay and they don’t do anything about it. bulokkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk kayo! Mabuti pa yung canopy na antena noon. NIloko nyo ako smart bro. More than 4 years akong customer nyo sa internet tapos ganito na lang ang servce na ma offer nyo?

  8. Avatar for Faust Faust says:

    is there any workaround or tweaks to be done on the smartbro share it device? at least the surfing would be faster?

  9. Avatar for Home made 3G booster Home made 3G booster says:

    Guys off topic lang just want to ask if na-try nyo na ito at home to increase 3G USB signal. Using homemade materials. Improve 3G USB Signal Homemade

  10. Avatar for Smart Bro APN Smart Bro APN says:

    tulong lang guys. kaya bang gamitin yung sim sa iphone or sa ibang 3g na phone? ano ang apn, username and password?

  11. Avatar for dens dens says:

    one year na ko sa share it and so far satisfied naman, kahit sa regular hours umaabot sa 200-250kb/sec yung torrents ko, sa gabi hanggang madaling araw mga 300-350kb/sec… i guess depende sa area yun, before i applied tiningnan muna sa smart center (pumunta ako personally) kung may hspa signal sa area ko and nung sinabi na meron and malakas signal, only then ako nag apply.. take note that the HSPA signal of the share it is different from those 3G signal on your phones, unless your phones are HSPA capable then yes its a good gauge for your speed.

  12. Avatar for ironbanana ironbanana says:

    to “don’t get smart bro share it” sounds like the agent ran away with your deposit. Changed your name or erased it on the smart system or wasn’t even a Smart agent.

    Did you get a receipt ? A receipt should have been given to you when you gave the cash…if you did not demand that receipt then you just lost all your money as that would be your legal tool to get your money back versus just word of mouth.

    I was going to get this plan but now will not. It seems that it is SLOW.

    The best way to test your coverage without signing up for 2 years is to use a 3G Phone and connect it to your PC and use the phone to connect to the Smart Internet (10 pesos per 30 minutes i think). When your connected use speedtest.net and find out your download speed. mines here at San Fernando is only about 90 kbs. Thats versus the Canopy that was used previously at 500kbs.

  13. Avatar for don don't get smart bro share it says:

    To those who plan to get Smart Bro Share-it, don’t!!!

    Some time in May we applied for Smart bro share-it here in SM marikina and they recommended us an agent for demo of this router. We were ok with the demo so we paid the agent the installment fee of 999.

    She said the unit will be installed after 2 weeks at most.
    2 weeks passed but nothing happened yet so we started to demand from them the installment of the unit.

    After 2 months of demanding from the agent STILL nothing , so we just decided to just get a refund.

    We went to Smart bro and we found out that the unit was out of stock so they just gave us a refund form and told us to come back. How could they not inform us about the unit?
    It is as if they don’t care for customers like us.

    the next time we returned to get the refund, we were told that our deposit wasn’t in their system? Is this some kind of a joke?

    We went to smart two times already but they couldn’t even give us a refund and even told us that our account name must have been spelled incorrectly.
    Is this some kind of a racket?
    Is there connivance between receptionist of Smart and the sales agent they recommended?

  14. Avatar for Sandy Sandy says:

    Hay nako, SMART SUCKS FOREVER!!!!!!!

    Promote ng promote ng postpaid at prepaid internet, and when you finally avail of it it doesnt even get you 5% of the promised speed!!!!! F you.

    Share-it na never naman nasshare?
    Up to 2 mbps na never malang umabot ng 100kbps?
    Familiar to us all.
    You may be willing to invest in an antenna but Smart didnt really pay for that now did they?
    You be the judge.

    I threw out my SmartBro plug-it na. Tried Sun, but they have capping and as more and more subs get one pabagal lang ng pabagal… SmartBro though is still the ire of my life.

    Even on my mobile, I’m switching to GLOBE na sa sobrang inis lang.

  15. Avatar for manny manny says:

    sir. mam

    pls help me 4 configuring and share-ring my smart bro share it to my 3 desktop… thanks po

  16. Avatar for Sherwin Sherwin says:

    Would anyone know what the APN of the smart bro Share it Plan is? (mine is unlimited 2mbps up to 5 people but gusto ko nalang ilagay sa ipad ko)

    *internet and smartbro does not work

  17. Avatar for shin shin says:

    hi im buying disconnected smartbro share it modem.. . benta nyo nalang sken guys kesa hindi nyo naman na magagamit.

    sa mga interisado PM nyo ako sa YM floppy_disk0****@****.***

  18. Avatar for JP JP says:


    100mbps is you local speed (computer to modem)

    try logging on to “speedtest.net” then run it.

    After that, all I can say is “Welcome to reality”…

  19. Avatar for BagoNaman BagoNaman says:

    i replace my 3g wireless under globelines with this smartbro share it 3g hspda and after some adjustment i able to maximize the signal and its much better than globlelines 3g..ang problema ko lang ay pag may DL or sabay2 na ang panonood ng youtube o mga videos sabayn mo pa ng loading sa mga games ng FB bigla na lang bumibitaw ,kailangan mo pang i reset. hope someone can give his idea to lighten up my mind about this problem.
    anyways, sa mga naglagay ng external antenna sa inyong mga share it at walang nagbago sa signal lalo na sa speed connection try niyo tingnan ung switch ng mismong modem ng share it baka hindi mo na nailagay sa ext.ant na position kasi by default int. antenna ang pagkukunan niya ng signal..

  20. Avatar for aj aj says:

    im not having problems with shareit. it’s pretty cool. it’s fast. i like it! =) i dunnot but… speed indicated here is 100mbps *lol* how’s that?!

  21. Avatar for masoud masoud says:

    smart share it is just shit
    get it if you like :
    have a very slow connection
    have many times call *1888
    have problem with the Sim card and router

    smart company is LYING its not 2mbps. in the best condition its just 800-900 kbps. mine is only 70 kbps.
    yea only 70

  22. Avatar for I HATE SMARTBRO I HATE SMARTBRO says:

    Smartbro Share it sucks! Don’t subscribe to them, magsisisi lng kayo. Walang kwenta ang letseng Smartbro Share it na yan, maniwala kayo.

    Walng araw na naging mabilis ito, matutulad kayo sa king na magiging keyboard smasher!

  23. Avatar for dominick dominick says:

    ok sana ang smartbro kung sa ok kaya lang naka lock cya sa city kung ano ang nakalagay sa application mo. Nakaisa naman ang smart!

  24. Avatar for beautiful stranger beautiful stranger says:

    gez wat i cancelled my application for smart bro share it.. *lol* i got some suggestions from some of my colleagues and they are suggesting this 4G broadband from wi-tribe. hmm… let’s see… gotta update y’all… cheers!!!

  25. Avatar for Nald Nald says:

    Lint@k na SMART SHARE IT yan! Wag na po kayo mag subscribe if you have any plan. Sayang lang ang pera nyo. They’re not worth it. :(

  26. Avatar for frustrated-with-smartbro frustrated-with-smartbro says:

    beautiful stranger,

    yep me cable xa na pwede mo ikabit sa desktop mo just in case hindi wi-fi ready ang desktop mo. Either way, mabagal talaga. Lalo pa ngang bumagal ngayon. Dati pag off-peak hours medjo bumibilis, nkakapanuod ako ng videos. But now, kahit 2am na, super bagal pa din. Di na talaga ko mkpanuod ng videos. Would you believe, there are days na di ko nga mabukas email ko. Focker talaga. Pardon my words. Pero yung smartbro canopy na lang ng kapatid ko ginagamit ko kasi 1 hour na dipa ngbubukas email ko. Calling techsupport doesn’t help either. Pare-pareho lang papagawa sau, delete history, restart router, restart pc. SO bago kyo mg-apply, please check nyo muna if someone in your area has it and kung malakas signal.

  27. Avatar for beautiful stranger beautiful stranger says:

    just wanna ask, my desktop it not wi-fi ready. ung router ba may kabitan ng network cable sa likod para you know i could attach it to my desktop so i could use it. =p cheers!

  28. Avatar for beautiful stranger beautiful stranger says:

    @ frustrated with smartbro

    the agent told me that Smart will soon be phasing out the canopy. they will be pushing this share-it and plug-it (plan and prepaid)

  29. Avatar for beautiful stranger beautiful stranger says:

    @ frustrated with smartbro

    the agent told me that Smart will soon be phasing ut the canopy. they will be pushing this share-it and plug-it (plan and prepaid)

  30. Avatar for beautiful stranger beautiful stranger says:

    really? maybe because of the location… that’s why you are experiencing poor signal. =p omg… please guys post post post your experiences about smartbro share it. i actually signed an application but i told the agent to hold it first. coz i wanna be sure that the product im getting would give me satisfaction. don’t wanna be burried in 24 months paying P999 for bad service.

  31. Avatar for frustrated-with-smartbro frustrated-with-smartbro says:

    hi guys. I just want to rant. P***na smartbro shareit na yan. 1 month pa lang ako gumagamit pero from the first day pa lang pinagsisisihan ko na. Nk-lock pa man din. Gusto ko man papalit ng canopy, no choice kasi me contract. Kapatid ko na kapitbahay namin nk-canopy and super fast so I thought 2mbps promise ng shareit kya mas mabilis to kesa sa kanya. And I have to say, mas mabagal pa xa sa dial-up. Di nga ko mk-download ng maayos kya sa kapatid ko na lang ako nkikidownload. Now gs2 ko mnuod ng drama online, which is nkahati na yung drama by 9mins each link, di ko pa din mpnuod. DI na nga ako mk-you tube eh. Waaahhhh!!! Kainis. Kahit na sana yung plug-it na lng kung pwede papalitan.

  32. Avatar for alromary alromary says:

    Stay away from smartbro shareit , they have same probelms as in first year of smartbro canopy..they dont know how to keep it working…i had it three months and only first 3 weeks was any good monday they get it back..

  33. Avatar for Marlowe Marlowe says:

    I’m currently subscribed to shareit. Sometimes I’m getting more than 2mbps and most of the times it’s really freaking slow. I don’t know what else to do. It has something to do where I live. I’m only getting a 3G signal instead of HSPA. Does anyone know a device that can boost my signal?

  34. Avatar for Boost_iT Boost_iT says:

    Hi, I’m subscribed to SmartBro share it. I just bought a hi-power signal booster wireless AP L-9186 from cd-r king. Can anyone help me with the installation and configuration? I can detect the booster pero walang internet, local only.

  35. Avatar for jour jour says:

    oi moonlight ganyan din nangyari sa akin.. tapos talagang madaling araw ka lang makakapag internet na maayos. pero pag katapos nun whole day nanaman na mabagal talaga everyday…

  36. Avatar for Alvin Miguel Alvin Miguel says:

    i am planning to subscribe to Share-It. But reading the above negative comments, I am thinking twice already if I still want to.
    What if I subscribe and it failed to live up to its promise, then I cannot do anything because there is a contract/lock-in period of 24-months.. That’s pathetic.

    Somebody share CONS and PROS please so I can decide.

    Otherwise, DSL would be the most appropriate service.


  37. Avatar for manny manny says:

    Speed depends on the proximity of their antenna tower. Am in Makati and hitting more than 1 mbps.

  38. Avatar for moonlight moonlight says:

    who told you na walang magagawa ng mga plan holders ng Smart Broadband?

    it is true, there is a holding period of 24 months; but are we willing to sacrifice our P24,000 for a speed of 0.03 to 0.06 mbps (in my case – Smart Broadband Share It – but never was shared)? i will be happy if it reaches 0.5 to 1 mbps at most but it looks na walang pag-asa

    haven’t heard about the consumer protection?
    false advertising?
    we have agencies where we can place our “reklamo” like NTC, DTI, and DOJ.

  39. Avatar for Anonymouse Anonymouse says:

    After reading the following comments, satisfied na ko sa Canopy ng smart bro. Ngayon alam ko na kung bakit mas mataas ang max speed, less hassle installation, free wifi router ang shareit kaysa Canopy for the same price. For a few days now, I was planning to ditch my Canopy+TP-Link340G fixed spot only for the share it which can be placed anywhere in the house.

    I’d stick with the hassle of having two devices for the internet together with the cable hassle of the Canopy para nalang sa Stable speed; 1 device solution pero pangit naman Internet performance.

  40. Avatar for guy_frm_bukidnon guy_frm_bukidnon says:

    so.. pwede nating ma tweak ang IP? kung sinasabi nyo na malakas noon ang speed pag 203.X.X.X yun IP tas bumagal ng 191.X.X.X na, meron na bang hack para dun tayo ma divert sa 203.X.X.X na IP?

  41. Avatar for SmartBro_ken SmartBro_ken says:

    need help on my smartbro connection, I am using smartbro shareit plan 999 ok naman dati pero starting dec 24 ayaw na internet ko… full scale signal nmn all green lights pero hindi ako maka connect sa internet, ano kaya problema dito? tried to call smart pero( *1888 ) sabi nila ok nmn daw at walang problema sa cell site na kinokineckan ko ? may problema kaya share it router ko ? sya nga pala nag default factory setting na ako pero ganun parin… meron po bang kailangang settings sa router para maka connect ako sa internet…. thanks sa lahat ng makakatulong….

  42. Avatar for smartest smartest says:


    IP starts with 203.x.x.x now allocated to new smartbro plug it plan, thats why your getting slower connection. Smart is smart to attract new subscribers for their new plug it plan.

  43. Avatar for incognito incognito says:

    @smartest i tried looking for an unlocked B933 or D100 3G router, the latter available in the uk lang daw, so when i saw your post regarding the B933 i immediately clicked the link… i noticed mura nga, pero credible ba yung site? i mean, ndi kaya scam yan? have you tried it yourself? thx

  44. Avatar for argiepig argiepig says:

    damn, i wish i’d read this post before i purchase this crap..buts its too late…

    here’s my rant….

    am only a 10 day old smart share it user. for the last 3 days 200kb max lang yung download ko, before umaabot nag 2mb..

    i dunno what happened..oh yeah am in cebu city..and before when i ran a speed test sa speed test.net the IP starts with 203.x.x.x whice is getting 1.5 average download, pro ngayon yung IP ay 121.x.x.x na then yung download ko ay yung 200kbps na lng…am not sure if it has something do with the IP’s…
    an one more thing, the server that was tested before was in cagayan pro ngayon manila na..

    dunno whats happening with this thing…still waiting for their resolution..

  45. Avatar for smartest smartest says:

    Huawei B933 aka Smartbro share it for only P2500. visit link http://gpscdma.en.alibaba.com/product/268777718-0/B933_hsdpa_modem.html

  46. Avatar for smartest smartest says:

    want to buy share it modem?? visit http://gpscdma.en.alibaba.com/product/268777718-0/B933_hsdpa_modem.html?

  47. Avatar for smartbro smartbro'er says:


  48. Avatar for Dracule Mihawk Dracule Mihawk says:

    my problem is that the router stops giving internet connection every 3hrs or so, I need to reset it to get back on browsing. Is there a way to fix this? cuz its really annoying to reset the router over and over again to have internet access.

  49. Avatar for shahibaaz shahibaaz says:

    smartsis bumili ako sa cdrking ng antenna.2.4 ghz wifi antenna sya at 250 pesos lng.d sya mg tulong sa pg lakas sa smartbro signal kundi para sa wifi signal lng yan.at sinibukan ko nun ito nung gumana pa ung shareit ko at tlga lumakas ang wifi signal.abot pa sa pangatlong bahay.
    icheck nyo rin ung maliit na switch tabi ng antenna connector dapat nka internal sya kng ext sya d gagana ang shareit nyo atall.
    sakto na man ang conector sa huawei shareit ko.parang parepareho ang connector yata lahat.pati ung mga wifi router.
    bulok tlga ang share it na yan.d tlga ako mg babayad.bahala na.dapat meron tayong association ng mga smart users.para maka ka aksyunan ang smart.wla ma ga gawa ang governo natin dahil malaki ang suhol nag tnatangap nla.
    anu nangyari sa snasabi nla na prepaid bills on paper?para malalaan sana natin ng mga prepaid users na san punta ung load natin!!!! pero wla.
    isang senator lng yata ng taas ng boses laban sa mga cellular provider pero alam ko malaki halaga na tangap nya kya wlng nangyari.
    bt ganon tayong mga pinoy???pg dayuhan ang kalaban natin ang lakas loob natin cla labanan pero pg tga satin ang mg gawa ng sala eh wla tayo magawa.why why why …..
    ang taas ng curruption sa bansa natin.harap harapant tayo linoloko.
    tignan nyo sa thailand,kunting bagay lng deretso cla ng welga.

  50. Avatar for SmartSis SmartSis says:


    Meron ba may alam kung saan nakakabili ng antenna pra sa smartbro share-it router? Sabi sa customer service ng smartbro try sa cdr king. Sabi sa cdr king wla sila ganun antenna pra sa brand ng Huawei kc naiiba ang connectors ng Huawei router.

    Nag try ako sa raon, quiapo sa isang tindahan ng wireless broad band… wla rin sila ganun antenna pra sa Huawei naiiba rin daw ang connectors. SAAN BA TALAGA NAKAKABILI NITO???

    Na kaka pag taka bat itong router na eto walang kasamang antenna bat ang nabibiling iba kasama na.


  51. Avatar for charms charms says:

    alam nyo ba guys na im supper suffering with 50-70 kbps sa connection…grabe…kainis maxado ang smart…im in digos city….not with the beach thingy and it’s near davao city…grbe khina na i don’t feel like unlimited ako…i feel so limited sa magawa ko thru this…can’t stream you tube..i’ve been calling customer service and they also tell me to wait for 24 hrs…worst, yung png-3rd day call ko, they drop the call…hayyyy…naku bwisit na smart…

  52. Avatar for biggie9385 biggie9385 says:

    Sigurado ako ang atong mga politicians hindi gumagamit ng smart share it. kasi kung subscriber sila nito at na-experience nila ang ating mga dina-anang kalbaryo, malamang ito na ang topic sa senado at kongreso everyday. :D

  53. Avatar for shahibaaz shahibaaz says:

    d po tlga kaya ng SMART mg sabay-2 ng unli calls ska HSDPA or HSPA service.me ng sabi skn na me kinalaman ang mga unli calls dto sa pg ka bagal ng share it.
    paano na yan???? wla bng customer’s right protection group dto sa pinas????
    ang pgtataka ko is why globe philippines di pa ng launch ng service tulad ng share it??? dahil ng launch na din cla ng globe tattoo,which is bagal din sa area namin,(palawan).even though we are HSPA coverded na man.
    full bars ng HSPA signal ng share it ko pero mya kunti puputol ang connection ska ung pinaka huling blue light minsan ng blink at minsan magiging white bluish.wla na man ito nka lagay sa manual ng huawei.
    lam ko mautak ang globe alam nla cguro bka ma palpak ang globe shae it nla kya d cla ng launch ng service na ganon.
    pero alam nyo cge pa ng issue ang smart ng units ng share it,kahit d nla kaya ng handle ung problem sa connection.WHY SMART WHY????

  54. Avatar for legolas2351 legolas2351 says:

    hello guys, im planning to subscribe to
    Smartbro share it, kaso medyo duda ako bka mbgal ang koneksyon,, gusto ko kc ung mkkpanood ako ng dretso ng videos sa youtube or other sites. Located ako sa Betterliving Paranaque, anyone here from paranaque kung mganda koneksyon nyo? Im also thingking to try the Sun cell unlimited broadband..

  55. Avatar for korky korky says:

    It’s my 2nd day using smartbro share it 999. so far…1 star lang talaga ma i rate ko sa speedtest.com dahil kahapon evening mga 230kbps dl ko. ngayon, mga 200kbps. nakapag tataka, pag demo ng tech dito it was 700kbps (magician yata yung tech na nag demo)…at sabi (ng no earth na sales agent), “ok lang yan smart always improves their system”….ok fine. always give them d benefit kahit dehado na tayo in the first place kasi up to 2mbps sabi eh…pero halos d umuusog buffering sa stream and i already paid 1 month full. buti no installation fee (ang saya ng consolation!).

    dahil bka next year pa kasi aabot landline ng pldt dito using ngn…cge lang tayo dahil asap ang needs natin.

    maybe unfair din dahil 2 early pa to make judgement already….cge babalik ako sa page na ito and we’ll see :)

    am in cdo btw, and sabi 2nd customer daw ako sa subdivision namin (wow ang saya!) i sure hope d signal improves kasi if not, al find a way to get what i paid for :D

    what does this mean?
    Your TCP Window limits you to: 2621 kbps (328 KBytes/s) @ 200ms

    Your TCP Window limits you to: 1049 kbps (131 KBytes/s) @ 500ms

    did i miss a config?

  56. Avatar for shahibaaz shahibaaz says:

    ung ng tanu tungkol sa antenna ,bumili ako sa cdrking for 250 pesos lng.pero d ako sure kng para san yon!!!!kasya na man yon sa smartbro shareit.pero wla na man nangyari sa speed ng connection,ganon pa rin.bka para sa boost ng wifi signal cguro yon.
    pg dating sa connection ko gumana sya after more than two weeks.nkaka tawa is sa gabi lng sya bumilis,pg aro sa 200 kb or around it lng sya.anu kya gnagawa ng multi billion dollar company ng smart???
    lam ko kailangan ko byaran ung bill ko kahit d ko na ginamit,kasi kng d tayo mg bayad sa bill ipipa habol nla tayo sa third party utang collectors,wla tayo laban dun.cla ung me pera.kya lumulubug ang economy ng pinas dahil mga mayayaman lalong yumayaman at mga mahirap lalong humihirap.
    tulad skn me maliit ako internet shop,ok na sana kita kaya lng bagsak ang smart bro share it.buti na lng kamo d ko pa disconnect ung smartbro canopy ko,kng hindi masara na sana ang shop ko at na sa kalsada na sana kmi.dahil un lng ang hanapbuhay ko.maliliit lng ang mga anak ko.
    wla kmi ibang pgpipilian ng internet connection dto sa lugar namin kng di smart lng.

  57. Avatar for MJ MJ says:

    d2 sa bulacan ok naman ang signal ng share it. nde nga lng umaabot ng 2Mbps pero consistent naman ung connection. last test ko 1.46Mbps ang speed d2.

  58. Avatar for biggie9385 biggie9385 says:

    hehehehe! yup. share it is so slow na ngayon that i always think that i made a wrong decision giving up my canopy account and subscribing to the so called up to 2mbps connection. nganyon, ang support group na ng smart ang tumatawag sa akin kasi i have been reporting my slow connection since october. until now, slow pa rin to the point that i’m only getting 40kbits/s.

  59. Avatar for Green ka da Green ka da says:

    “Down lang yung connection lately due to sudden increase in subscription of both bro prepaid and share it”

    @Green: ano naman kinalaman ng connection sa increase ng subscription?

  60. Avatar for shahibaaz shahibaaz says:

    green na sa barrio kmi kng bga tourist place na me marami beaches.at wla pa landline dto.6 units lng ang ginagamit ko sa share it at ung ibang pc me sarili cla smartbro ung me canopy.
    wla kmi choice eh.an lng available na internet connecton dto samin.

  61. Avatar for shahibaaz shahibaaz says:

    green na sa barrio kmi kng bga tourist place na me marami beach.at wla pa landline dto.6 units lng ang ginagamit ko sa share it at ung ibang pc me sarili cla smartbro ung me canopy.
    wla kmi choice eh.an lng available na internet connecton dto samin.

  62. Avatar for shahibaaz shahibaaz says:

    hi green
    tlga me malaki problema ang smartbro shareit.hangang gayon ganon pa rin.sobra one week na at snabi ng customer care nla sa *1888 na with in 24 hours aayusin nla,palpak.wla pa rin at sabi nla mg tatawag sakn ung technical team nla pero tulala ako sa hangin hangang gayon,wla ng tumawag skn.
    please help na man mga bro kng anu gagawin ko…..

  63. Avatar for Green Green says:

    shahibaaz, di naman po pang internet cafe yang Bro Share it. Down lang yung connection lately due to sudden increase in subscription of both bro prepaid and share it. you will have the super bilis speed back soon! and regarding china equipments di naman ganun ka cheap yun. quality naman sila at affordable to the public.

  64. Avatar for shahibaaz shahibaaz says:

    hay nku mga bro.nka postpaid ako ng shareit.5 days na pka gandang service sa internet cafe namin.6th day bagsak,me signal pero halos d ka mka browse.mutik ko na pa putol ung smartbro ko di antenna.sa sobra tuwa ko sa bilis nito nka print pa ako ng karatula na me nka lagay na fastest internet connection in town dahil ako pa lng me shareit sa town namin.pero palpak na man pla.
    tawag ako ng tawag sa smart bro cust ser. na *1888.pero lagi nla ako sinasabi na wait raw ako ng 24 hours.gayon 4 days na.
    chinese brand kasi ung wifi router nla na huawei.ska ang cheap na man ng smart na gumagamit ng low class chinese products.bka pati ung mga ibang equipments nla also china made.mga walang hiya.

  65. Avatar for Drastic bandwith user.. Drastic bandwith user.. says:

    This is not suitable for me.. For sure it will cost a lot..hahahaha…Internet browsing should be unlimited..

  66. Avatar for Anonymouse Anonymouse says:


    Sorry di ko nabasa yung latest.

  67. Avatar for Anonymouse Anonymouse says:

    Hindi yata worth ang 999 per month for 90hours of up to 2mbps bandwitdh. Di ko gusto performance ng mga prepaid na up to 2 mbps. I had used globe prepaid and smart bro prepaid(These were my friends’ though) and I can’t even download Yahoo messenger from sites like Filehippo due to very slow speeds. Dial-up weeee. I haven’t used this personally pero I’d rather get a 1mbps plan DSL 1000+700php DSL 1mbps+Telephone than
    999php+ .35/minute 2mbps. At least dun sa DSL, fixed payment; Dito naman sa shareit, baka umabot pa ng 7560+999php yung bill mo if gagamit ka ng 15days worth of browsing excluding sa 90hours free.

    Currently using Smart Bro 512kbps 999php together with a Wifi Router with 3 computers with no problem at all.

  68. Avatar for CLCTech CLCTech says:

    Good Day po.. May kunting wrong information lang po about sa new service of Smart Bro Share It (wireless router) plan.. The Plan Smart Bro Share It (Wireless Router) is not “limited to 90 hours per month”, it is now “Unlimited”. For reference visit the smartbro official broandband products site http://smart.com.ph/bro/products/ .

  69. Avatar for bONG bONG says:

    bakit router ng smartbro share it walang antenna. Di ako makabili sa labas iba kc designed ng connector nila. Signal ko laging napuputol. Sana gawan nila ng paraan.

  70. Avatar for hey hey says:

    my connection with this smar share it is fine. And it became better after having their HSPDA.

  71. Avatar for globe wimax is better globe wimax is better says:

    better get the globe wimax instead of this smart wimax labeled as(smartbro share it) globe doesn’t charge you with the wireless router for 2.5k since it’s free with the plan.

  72. Avatar for Knoxville Knoxville says:

    so whats the real deal now? im abt to get this and have my regular smartbro unlimited replaced. do you think it’s worth it? how abt stability of the signal? thanks guys!

  73. Avatar for rvr rvr says:

    so what can you say about the service of share it? Lagi rin ba syang napuputol gaya ng residential line nila na may antena?

  74. Avatar for mika mika says:

    unlimited na ang Share It plan.

  75. Avatar for Angeline Angeline says:

    This is ridiculus. First, Smart Bro Share It technology is years behind, as Wireless N is already in the market. Just buy a router, and you avoid the monthly limits. Second, 90 hours a month isn’t going to get you anything. What will that do for me? Download 12 songs from iTunes? Finally, PLDT sucks. They monopolize the phone industry and think that with no competition available, they can set limits on online access, installations months after the set date, and employees that don’t know anything past the time when it’s time for lunch.

    Smart Bro sucks. PLDT sucks. End of story.

  76. Avatar for zero zero says:

    Meron na ko nyan sa globe unlimited kasi tapos kinuha ko yung sim nilagay ko sa globe tattoo gumana mas mabilis pa kahit saan pwede ka na mag internet

  77. Avatar for zero zero says:

    Meron na ko nyan sa globe unlimited kasi tapos kinuh ko yung sim nilagay ko sa globe tattoo gumana mas mabilis pa kahit saan pwede ka na mag internet

  78. Avatar for king king says:

    tell me guys f u want internet?

  79. Avatar for mr_butch mr_butch says:

    Dh0n2x is right, had mine installed 4 days ago.

    Wondering if anyone knows where to get an external antenna for this. As Jay said, this can be carried around during travel.

  80. Avatar for Dh0n2x Dh0n2x says:

    FYI guys, u can get this at globe for a plan of 995/month only! U don’t have to pay 2500 for this and it’s unlimited!!!!

  81. Avatar for Jay Soriano Jay Soriano says:


    the device is Huawei B933


    guys meron na kiang nag-uunlock nito? so we can use SUN, SMART, GLOBE and even bring it abroad.

  82. Avatar for Kokoy Kokoy says:

    Anyone got one of these already? Can you buy it for Php2500 without any plan?
    I’d be also interested in the manufacturer (PDF manual), if it is an internet sharing device only, or if it is really a regular router for LAN use with WPA etc.
    Further if you can use it with a different APN and login (thinking of weroam which runs on Smart too)
    This would be an awesome deal, as the D-link/Linksys alternative is mga Php 9000 + Php 4000 for a PCMCIA 3G card, IF (!) you can find it at all in PH.

  83. Avatar for kerman kerman says:

    For those who want to get this device pls read carefully there advertisement before you decide to get one of these…. coz they said 999 monthly but only 90hrs free after that your will pay .35cents per minute so if you will use internet 12 hours a day its a lot of cost in 1 month bill the excess should i pay is 5,620pesos so the total bill is 5,620pesos excess min. + 999pesos monthly = 6,619.00 pesos. Whoooh beware of this will wait until they lower ther price.

  84. Avatar for Albert Albert says:

    What device is this ? ZTE ? Huawei ? D-Link ? etc …?

  85. Avatar for neis neis says:

    anyone knows where to find an openline 3g router like this one? ^^; i have decent speeds using my visibility, wish globe pops one soon…

  86. Avatar for SoNn SoNn says:

    Well, it’s not unlimited. And you can already share your internet using ad hoc network

  87. Avatar for Anonymous Anonymous says:


    Definitely it have a management console to set typical parameters on setting up a router.

  88. Avatar for think think says:

    but how about security? are we really that safe using wifi through a nearest access point? aren’t we using a single real ip and possibly being filtered at the gateway?

    just curious.


  89. Avatar for Doc Hary Doc Hary says:

    Maybe for small homes with just very light internet needs. I’m still going to compare Globe Tattoo and the Sun Wireless modems and see how they stack up to Smart Bro. Unfortunately, Smart/PLDT is a bit congested in my area (San Andres Bukid/Malate).

  90. Avatar for NetGirl NetGirl says:

    that’s an interesting product. sure i’d prefer unlimited, but i think it’s gonna be a hit with families and barkadas, even restaurants or cafes that wanna offer wifi for a fee to their patrons. plus i read from other blogs that this hspa thing is pretty darn fast. sana smart will come up with a prepaid version so that my barkada and i can just buy a unit and use it with our laptops, then we’ll just load every now and then.

  91. Avatar for BingM BingM says:

    mahal, wireless only …you can actually get your own router (wired & wireless in one) connected to your BRO modem, share it with other users in your place.

  92. Avatar for Abe Olandres Abe Olandres says:

    @information – nope, I don’t own Smart stocks. Was actually looking into BPITradeOnline some time ago. They’re a regular advertiser on this blog though.

  93. Avatar for information information says:

    Ok lang naman pag walang wire port.. Di naman ganun kabilis an connection kaya ok na rin yun..

    Pero parang di ganun kalakas demand ng 3G dito sa pinas.. but its good na smart tries to innovate..

    Yuga, dba investor ka ng smart? ano ba requirements and benefits?

  94. Avatar for Ton Ton says:

    This is like you and 4 of your buddies sharing an espresso shot….sure you can do it, but it just doesn’t make sense.

    And to those who do plan to share costs:
    Say you check your facebook and yugatech, and I download the latest American Idol episode on Torrent…do we pay the same? How would you know what I do online? Will you monitor packets? How would you know which ones are mine? What if I download while you were sleeping? Would you believe me if I told you you were sleep browsing for 6 hours?

    Should create fun (ex) roommate stories though, I’d give it that.

  95. Avatar for Kiks Kiks says:

    Excellent move from SMART! Will get me one of these ^__^

    Just what I needed kasi barkada kami lagi gumagawa ng ng research… hati hati nalang sa bayad, hehehe.

  96. Avatar for Bob Reyes Bob Reyes says:

    Does it come with “wired” LAN ports?

  97. Avatar for Andre Marcelo-Tanner Andre Marcelo-Tanner says:

    pag nag unlimited kasi unlimited din mga data rates ng cellphones. they should though eventually, but i dont think the demand is enough, plus signal sucks in other places.

  98. Avatar for Obed Obed says:

    I don’t get it? They should put it in unlimited browsing time.

  99. Avatar for seoulbox seoulbox says:

    cool. but it costs a lot. and pag yun pala walang signal sainyo ng hsdpa. malas.

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