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Sun 1-Day Unlimited Internet for Php50

Nothing beats Sun Cellular when it comes to mobile promos. I guess that’s because if you’re at the bottom of the heap, you get to shake things a bit if you want to seriously compete. Just take a look at this 1-day unlimited internet for only Php50.

Sun Broadband Prepaid now offers 1-Day Unlimited Internet for only Php50 flat. That’s a way better deal than the unlimited Php20/day per mobile site Smart and Globe are offering.


You can avail of the Sun Broadband Wireless Php50 (SBW50) 1-Day Unlimited via Xpressload or thru a scratchcard you can buy in local stores.

Using your Sun Broadband modem’s interface, just key in LOAD followed by the 9-digit data card number and the 5-digit PIN found at the back of the card, (LOAD 123456789 12345), then send to 2225. After successfully loading, you will receive a text message indicating expiry date/time of your load.

Sun alwas ups the ante and I have this feeling Smart and Globe would do something similar soon (that’s right after they settle the “Who’s the Fastest Mobile 3G” dispute).

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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71 Responses

  1. VinS says:

    may times na mabagal ang Sun, pero oks na yun kesa wala, much better ang sun wireless broadband kesa sa Smart bro and Globe tattoo.

  2. bryanflurry says:

    Speed is faster when this first came out, but hey, at 50 pesos, I’m not complaining. What I don’t like about the 20pesos unli from the other mobile carriers is the limit. For twitter, it’s not only about status updates anymore, it’s where you shares links, twitpics, youtube links, etc. How about access to those?

  3. Pedro says:

    My Sun Unli Broadband sulit na rin… I only use it for surfing and for facebook… :p

  4. Turbo Slice says:

    In the metro area, this might seem as a good promo, but here in the provinces, where 3G is a no-show, it’s hard to attest that the speeds will be promisingly stable.

  5. chrislpc says:

    i tried sun SBW50 unlimited and got mixed results. Downloading and surfing are both faster than smart and globe, but when the speed reaches 1.2 Mbps or thereabouts the connection is terminated. This goes on and on, with frequent disconnections. If I limit my connection to 900kbps i do not get disconnected. Aha! Neither smart nor globe can reach this speed in my area.

    Then I got myself a postpaid unlimited Sun account and my problems worsened. I never got the frequent disconnections because my speed now hovers between 50 and 150 kbps. Horrors! I was gypped by sun! Time to have my account disconnected.

  6. jb says:

    Ano to lahat ng website pwede ba dito o katulad din ito ng smart at globe na ini-offer nila?

  7. cutemoboy says:

    ive been using this promo for like 3 weeks now.. SBW 50
    im using my fone’s 3g connection.. u dont need to upgrade ur Sim TO avail the promo. its the fastest! compare to Globe.. u can visit any site u want! Watching youtube is fun no Buff. dirediretso logging in to my nimbuzz & fring account swabe! u can also download apps for ur fone. unlimited surfing for 24 hours.. nothing can beat SUN! apir!

  8. Bachan says:

    may bandwidth limiter ang sun/digitel sa downloading or p2p

  9. herbert says:

    Add this to the fact that the SUN USB Dongle is now at P 888.

  10. Great promo! Perhaps the cheapest ever in the world. Competition works…..

  11. gtr says:

    nice that’s why i love sun cellular because of their promos.

  12. sun has done it again. Promos tlga nila ang humahatak ng customers. I wonder what Globe and smart will be doing para tapatan tong sun promo :D

  13. yeah.. nice one… cheapest in the market… I think Smart and globe will see if this will shake thing up a little in terms of subscribers… then they may follow suit…

    like what the big 2 are always doing… they take it up a notch!!!

    do I hear… 30 pesos unlimited surfing?


  14. yeah.. nice one… cheapest in the market… I think Smart and globe will see if this will shake thing up a little in terms of subscribers… then they may follow suit…

    like what the big 2 are always doing… they take it up a notch!!!

    Do I hear… 30 pesos for unlimited surfing?


  15. yeah.. nice one… cheapest in the market… I think Smart and globe will see if this will shake thing up a little in terms of subscribers… then they may follow suit…

    like what the big 2 are always doing… they take it up a notch!!!

    Do I hear… 30 pesos for unlimited surfing?

  16. roberts says:

    I hope they have one for mobile phones.

  17. sun postpaid does not work. disconnects all the time.

    prepaid is better though. very fast. but after a while it slackens, sometimes gets dc. very erratic. i hope sun gets its act together. ganda pa naman ng promo nila. might go smart if things don’t perk up with sun.

  18. quezacolt says:

    etong promo na to ang dahilan kung bakit ako napabili ng kit nila kagabi :))

  19. chocnutaddict says:

    though something I must add about Sun Cellular, it’s UNLIMITED offerings are NOT just PROMOS, BUT are actually THERE TO STAY. Unli calls and text nalang, let’s see if Smart and Globe will keep that up during the Christmas season? kaya yung mga “promos” nila, until Dec 19 lang daw, their system can’t handle being TRULY UNLIMITED

  20. Martin says:

    I have a SBW Plan 799. Sluggish at times, but when I’m away from my PC, I transfer the SBW sim to my 3G-enabled phone. Voila! Internet on the go! Forget Globe’s P2,000/month Super Surf – where the only thing that is super is the price tag.

  21. wilde says:

    Has anyone used torrents with this promo?
    How is the experience? Thanks!

  22. jpeb says:

    just found out that smart now has unli plans similar to this. P50 = 24 hours; P300 = 7 days; P1200 = 30 days

    to get the plan, register at http://m.smart.com.ph/surf via the browser on your phone.

  23. atom* says:

    no comment sa SUN cellular!!! my first bill has just arrived last month at nakakagulat na 4mos na bill not settled for the sun easy broadband at nakakatawa pa nito lahat ng arguments ko barado nung collector… to make the long story short haha basta good luck sa kanila kasi hindi ako nagkulang ng pagpunta sa sun wireless centers to ask ask ask tapos malli pala yung information pero kasalanan ko daw?? isang malaking EWAN!! sa sun pa lang ako nasira kasi sila magulo pero okay naman yung signal nila hehe

  24. bryanflurry says:

    Torrent speed 58kbps tops. Phone E63, app SymTorrent, 3G connection, area Makati, been using the app for 2 weeks now.

  25. Drew says:

    I want to avail sun’s unlimited… KESA NAMAN GLOBE… I hate globe tattoo the slowest broadband ever… lagi Gprs connection ko.. kapag globe

  26. jason says:

    i notice using sun wireless broadband, when downloading big files it stops downloading at a specific %, why is that so? even if i try to dload it again it will stop at the same %

  27. moimoi says:

    reason: they capped it.. if your reach 2mbps++ the result is disconnection…try to limit your bandwith, browsing and dowloading less than 2mbps, bout 150kB/s..

  28. emil says:

    wow..shocks..lahat pala tayo..akala ko ako lang nagsasuffer sa medyo mabagal na connection ng SWB..
    thanks nabasa ko to, plano ko pa naman magpostpaid.hehe. tamang prepaid na lang pala. thanks!

  29. randy_d_turd says:

    1st time i bought the sbw prepaid, oks naman. madalas mag-hang but when it gets going i could get up to 200kbps download speed limit from megaupload and rapidshare. e nasira, nabaha kay ondoy. so buy ako ng promo nila 888. daming problema! super bagal, disconnections, hanging, couldn’t even download a 5mb file fr MU. i was ready to throw the effing thing sa creek sa may banda sa ‘min but then i read moimoi’s advice and tried it (thanks man, btw). installed firefox plug-in firefox throttle, limited the speed to 768 kbps (tho you could customize it to any speed you want which i didn’t have the balls to do coz i’m not that tech savvy) et le voila! no more disconnections, no more hanging. dl speed parked at around 20-30 kbps and a 100mb file downloads in about an hour. in the meantime, pwede kang maglinis ng kasilyas, maglaba, maglinis ng kuko, etc. while downloading your bootleg movie which you can watch with kmplayer complete with foreign language subtitles pa!
    man, i love the internet!

  30. lance roxas says:

    gusto ko talaga bumili ng sun pero gusto malaman kung puwede ba talaga mag txt at mag call kc nakalagay sa manual nila puwede daw pag puwede chaka ako bibili at pano pala i adjas ung speed ng mbps sa kbps para hindi mag lost conecsion

  31. dexter says:

    may download limit ata ang sun.B4 i used to have a download speed at around 500kbps to 2mbs.I downloaded a lot from torrents to youtube..etc.then ngaun..I have this speed from 0kbps-50kbps.I don’t know how much gigabyte one can allow to download per month…sana next month everything will be ok.

  32. Burns says:

    i have a sun broadband wireless prepaid. when i tried downloading from rapidshare sobrang bagal!
    mabilis pa yung nakukuha kong wifi sa kapitbahay using wireless lan i bought from cd-r king. same with utorrent, kupad din.

  33. jenjen says:

    kakabili ko lng ng sun prepaid broadband. at sobrang bagal tlga. 0kbps. swerte ng umabot ng 50kbps.nakakainis tlga. hindi makadownload at upload, laging nawawalan ng connection. hay. buti nlng di ako nag monthly plan. anu kyang pwedeng gawin para bumilis? hinintay ko hanggang madaling araw, wala din sobrang bagal khit pagbukas lng ng yahoo wala. badtrip tlaga ang sun kahit kelan, sa call walang signal, sa txt late msg at ngaun sa broadband ang bagal! guys pls nid help. should i buy new broadband?

  34. acepretty says:

    bkt ung sun ko prepaid wireless broadband ko ok nmn ung speed? i use it in my laptop ang problem ko every 2mins or 5mins nagddrop ung connection! nakakainis. so every5 or 2 mins disconnect tapos connect ulit. meron ba kaung alam na way para tuloy tuloy talaga ung net?

  35. lance roxas says:

    hi acepretty na try ko na ung ganyan palaging nag tatime out ung sbw ko date pero try mo gawen un install mo ulit at chaka mo i install ulit

  36. Lubstring says:

    Sobrang bagal ng SBW, 1 kbps lang ang maximum speed dito sa Cavite… Kaya ang ginawa ko, SINILABAN KO YUNG MODEM AT SIM CARD… Anyway free lang naman yung kit sa binili kong laptop. I don’t want to waste my time with this crap telecom company!

  37. Sun Insider says:

    Alam nyo ba kung bakit madalas mag-disconnect then mag-reconnect ang SBW? Ayaw kasi nilang gamitin nyo yung SBW for downloading ng mga MB to GB sizes na mga files like from rapidshare.com or megaupload.com, mahina at tinipid kasi ang infra ng Sun Cellular, kaya nga naman pag panay download lang ng mga files, eh baka gumuho yung infra ng Sun Cellular. Where can you find naman kasi a telecoms company using servers na dual core lang at virtual lang yung OS… dito lang sa Pilipinas, Sun Cellular yun! Tsekwa kasi may-ari kaya masyadong tinitipid, kaya pati quality of service apektado!

  38. josh says:

    Where can you find naman kasi a telecoms company using servers na dual core lang at virtual lang yung OS… ——-> When it comes to speed, dito sa lugar namin sa bulacan (sta.maria) i’d go all the way for Sun Broadband Wireless Preapaid. I unlocked my kit which i bought for P888 to be able to compare the speed of the three networks. Of all three, Sun beats the other two (smart/globe) when it comes to speed. I have a full HSDPA signal here and my dowload spead even reaches 1.5mbps, but hover at around 300kbps to 500kpbs on the average.

    I don’t get that speed from the other two! Yung fact nalang na HSDPA ang signal for the most of the day surprises me na e. Neither Smart nor Globe was able to keep an HSDPA for longer than 5 minutes!!! Well then again, maybe maraming towers lang ang Sun dito (i can’t confirm) but for me Sun works!

    I don’t care if they are using dual core servers nor using a virtual OS. If the OS is Linux then i don’t care at all! I’m a Linux user myself so i don’t doubt any linux OS, be it running entirely on RAM or installed in the hard drive.

    And for my case, with the speed that i’m getting, i think the quality of service is at its best.

    Syempre we don’t live on the same area so my experience may not be true to you and you can say that sun is slow and wot not, and I won’t disagree. speed really depends on a lot of things, (no. of base-stations or towers that covers your area, the more the better/ number of users in an entire area/specs of your pc/interference of signal etc)

    I’m just happy i bought Sun Broadband Wireless. Its fast, its cheap, its just what i need and more. I’m starting to love it. :)

  39. tine says:

    bakit ganun? ayaw gumana sa akin ng unli50? sinunod ko naman yung instructions pero laging message sending failed :(
    is there anything wrong?

  40. gloomy.joy says:

    i’ve been using SBW prepaid for almost 2 weeks.. well wala kong msabi sa 1 day unli nila khit tulugan mo n magdamag ok pa..minsan nga ung 24 hours nila naeextend pa ng 1-2 hours.. well sna nga lang gumana na rin sa mga provinces coz i usually go to bicol.. luging lugi kc q sa smart bro lalo na when i have deadlines..

  41. i heard they already have the 250 good for 1 week. have yet to see it in the load up stations though

  42. Xuck says:

    Hi, just wanna as kung pano mag convert ng regular load na 50 to 1day unlimited na internet? Thanks!

  43. cheche says:

    is it possible to convert my regular load to 1 day unlimited 50php? if yes .. how. i really cant access a one day unlimited. and its expensive to use a per minute rate.. pls help me . Thanks

  44. val says:

    im using SBW, yong 799 a month na post paid…bakit mabagal siya sa pc ko. I am using a core i3 compaq laptop…nagtataka ako na mabagal siya…kala ko maganda ang sun? wala akong alam sa mga sinasabi nyong MB,GB,kbps,as in i have no idea…i need help, i need someone who could teach about those terms, kasi pag isinalpak ko na ang SBW sa pc ko, wala na akong pakialam, basta ang napapansin ko lang medyo may kabagalan ang aking internet…yon lang po…

    help naman pls? 09158011258


  45. meticuloso says:

    I tried to avail globe prepaid’s supersurf50. Ok naman. Ang bilis ng downlink at uplink kaso parang hindi rin unlimited, coz ur limited to 1 gig of data usage.

  46. jc says:

    pwede ba sa ordinaryong tindahan ako mag pa load ng 50php tapos i avail ung 1day internet ng sun? plsss help…

  47. jc says:

    oo nga buset na globe yan may nalalaman pang fair policy, paano naging fair yon? unlimited internet connection pero limited to 1 gig data usage buset talaga.

  48. meticuloso says:

    @jc: pwede ka mag avail ng 50 sa ordinaryong tindahan basta alam ng tindera ung SBW50. may iba ksing tindahan na ndi alam ung pagloload nun. pero kung regular 50 icconvert sa SBW50, call ka sa sun hotline kung pano. i suggest bili ka na lng sa sun shop ng card. meron na sila SBW100. 3 days unlimited yun. sulit na din kahit hindi kasing bilis ng globe ung connection. at least 3 days. hehe.:D

  49. jc says:

    @meticuloso cheers… dude you helped me a lot anong broadband gamit mo?

  50. jc says:

    today i went to sm batangas and went str8 to sun shop to buy sun brdbnd and i talked to a guy he asked me where will i be using it? i said ”probinsya eh.. sa tingloy” tapos sabi nya ”wala pang signal ng sun dun sir” and i said ”kahit may tower ng sun dun?” ”yes sir”. so end up wasting money for pamasahe and not getting what i want. totoo kaya yun? bakit globe pwede. im confused.

  51. Amphie says:

    Sun, Smart, and Globe.. Nasa 3rd floor ako at nasa metro manila.. So wala ako problem sa signal.. however yung Smart minsan gprs.. unlike Globe and Sun na laging hsdpa.. way to go Sun!

  52. Mobile Games says:

    so far, i can only enjoy Globe broadband tatto kasi ito lng yung malakas ang signal dito sa area namin.

  53. mike says:

    Signal? Depende lang yan lahat sa area natin mga pare….

  54. sprakanitezz says:

    ako ang ginagamit ko ung 100 3 days unli na galing!…. no other networks can provide this.

  55. crish says:

    guys pano bah mag pah unli sah sun .,?d ko kasi alam weh
    patulong lng poeh

  56. lorna says:

    how ca i register in unlimited internet (Php100 for 3 days or Php50 for a day) if i have a regular load? please help, thanks..:)

    • noemi pabico says:

      how ca i register in unlimited internet (Php100 for 3 days or Php50 for a day) if i have a regular load? please help, thanks..:)

  57. zipdrive says:

    for me the best ang sun! thank you for the info!

  58. ricky gamboa says:

    Pano ba mga Register ng unli50 sa internet ?
    pano yung code?

  59. irene salao says:

    it’s not applicable to mobile?

  60. jerome2345 says:

    how ca i register in unlimited internet (Php100 for 3 days or Php50 for a day) if i have a regular load? please help, thanks..:)

  61. MyGX says:

    i100 (3days unlisurf) or i50 (1day unlisurf) send to 247.

  62. cathrin says:

    panu po mag register ng unli internet 1 day if my load is regular?

  63. Kristopher says:

    kailan nag eexpire and card ng sun broadband 1 day 3 day at 7 day unlimited. I mean un card po pag hindi na scratch. kailan expiration?

  64. hugs says:

    pano mag pa register ng unlisurf 50 sa sun.?nag pa load lang kc ako sa eload station kaya hindi card ang gamit ko….

  65. kriszanne deguia says:

    pano po pag ang simcard na gamit ay indi sa braodband regular sim lang pede ba gamitin sa broadband po un??

  66. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on luotot-webbisivu.


  67. karlbenson says:

    gamitin nyo nalang ay globe dahil supersurf50 send to 8888 1 day sinubokan ko sun hindi ko alam paano e regester kaya bye bye sun hellow globe ang ganda ng globe lakas na internet bilis na to surf kaya globe na TARA PaLiT Na NanG SIM globe tattoo………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

  68. Sun says:

    pwede bang gamitin ang sun broadband sim sa cellphone?

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