The Share-a-Load, PasaLoad Text Scam

The Share-a-Load, PasaLoad Text Scam

There’s a lot of new text scam going around but this one I just got this afternoon targets postpaid subscribers. The MO is simple and easy but some folks might still get duped.

Here’s the screenshot of the text message being sent.


Of course, the tell-tale signs are there (sender uses a regular number for sending the message and so is the recipient). Anyone else encountered this kind of scam before?

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31 Responses

  1. Cindy says:

    I received this message too!!!

  2. JM says:

    actually nadale ako ng ganto dati sa Smart yung baguhan pa lang ako nagka-cellphone :)

    ang modus message ganto.

    “Congratulations! You have a pending load waiting for you. To claim, send 0918xxxxxxx to 808.”

    Ginawa ko, tapos may confirmation na dumating.

    “You have successfully transferred P10 worth of credits to 0918xxxxxxx. Thank you for using PasaLoad.”

    nawala sa isip ko na kapag number lang pala ang nilagay mo, default un na 10 pesos lang. badtrip talga ako nun..buti 10pesos lang..ahahaha

  3. Hideki says:

    first heard about this but on SMART load retailers. hahah

  4. bryan_mmx says:

    I’m pretty sure these scammers and spammers are using softwares or even apps (nokia store has one) that spams.

    It has a arithmetic/consecutive pattern. (Example 09178000001 then 09178000002 and so in). Our family owns 3 numbers that are consecutive and we all receives spam in a consecutive manner. I’m pretty damn sure if Globe is not lazy, they have already put up a system that will block the spammer at his 11th outgoing text. And I’m pretty damn sure that no matter how coincidentally it is, your phonebook won’t contain more than 10 numbers that are consecutive.

  5. Chris says:

    This is one more reason why sim must be registered to an owner.

  6. Cocolumboy says:

    Uso pa pala yan, alam nyo na tawag sa kakagat sa mga ganyan, isang malaking T___A

  7. Quacker says:

    Yes, I have experienced it before! So tempted to reply that the sender was an idiot, but why waste P1 doing so?

  8. buko says:

    BOBO lang naniniwala sa mga ganito! INUTIL kumbaga :)

  9. tobats says:

    Yep, why waste one peso. Kahit free text di ko bibigay dyan. Hehehe

  10. tobats says:

    Yeah. Kahit free text, di ko rereplyan yan! no way!

  11. Ochie says:

    Walang sinabi dyan si Sam Mendoza.

    Nung nalaman ko (via Google) na scammer sya, nag-SMS Bomb sya sakin! As in every minute!

  12. Badong says:

    Marami pa rin pala ang naloloko sa mga scam na ganito.

    Ako pag nakakatanggap ako nga mga ganyan binabalikan ko rin.

    Tulad nung mga sasabhin sa text “si Kuya mo to may pinadala akong box dyan na padala nyo, kaso wala na akong load para matawagan ko kayo baka pwede pasahan mo ako ng P100 para ma contact ko kayo kung kailan darating”

    Ginagawa ko reply ako “Kuya baka pwede pasahan mo ako ng P5 para ma txt ko sayo yung prepaid card no. sayang to eh P500 nabili ni mama para sayo”

    What happens next this stupid scammers will fall in to my trap ayun libreng P5 papasahan naman ako.

    Tanga din kse yang mga yan eh kung magpapa uto ka talo ka pero kung wise ka din you can SCAM them right back

  13. Vatch says:

    Bakit puro post paid subs ang target nito?
    Hindi ba Inside job to?

  14. garz says:

    Only an idiot would fall for this trick.

  15. Jong says:

    Wala kayo sa nagtetext na nagbago daw sya ng roaming number…musta na kayo jan? dito na kayo magtext.magpapadala ako next month..loadan nyo muna itong roaming number ko..CACALOCA!

  16. Blue says:

    Nakakagulat na meron nabibiktima ang mga sms na to. I ignore these messages. Pati offers for personal loans and franchises. I ignore them all. Magsayang sila ng load for all I care. The only one that irked me enough was the Sam scam. First message pa lang alam mo na scam. She promises to do “anything” basta bigyan mo ng pamasahe. Nakakairita lang because she is relentless. Odd hours magsesend ng message. I was ignoring her pero nagmimiscall at the wee hours of the morning like mga 2 or 3 or 4am. Nakakainis di ba? I searched online on how I can have her number blocked. Found the email for NTC. I emailed NTC and they asked for copies of her messages – which I provided. Ayun, wala na si Sam. Now all that’s left are the personal loans, franchises and the eto bagong roaming number ko what not.

    • doppelganger says:

      yep same scammer…buti wala na yang sam mendoza…makulit na scammer yan, target mga postpaid na globe subscribers…

  17. Enzo says:

    Never pa akong nakakareceive ng ganito. Mas nakakairita ata yung mga nagtetext ng express Loans or di kaya mga nagbebenta ng condo na Spammer din.

    Lahat siguro ng Postpaid subs nakakareceive din ng ganito. Sabi ng iba, globe pa nagpapakalat ng mga # natin sa mga kumag na to.

  18. guyrony says:

    I received this kind of message too! Hahaha!

    I simply replied: Great! Kindly give all my prize to a reputable humanitarian institution.

    No reply from sender.


  19. Alex says:

    obviously may maloloko…
    lalo na yung mga users na hindi naman alam ang syntax ng PASALOAD…

  20. denisexy says:

    Received a similar message pero Sun naman. Good thing sanay ako magpasa ng load sa sister ko so pagkakita ko pa lang sa number na you’re supposed to text, alam ko na agad. Nireplyan ko na lang ng “Reported your number to the NTC for scamming. Di ako tanga na gaya ng iniisip mo.”

  21. marcus says:

    This is a VERY OLD TRICK and why r people still so naive? In KSA, it’s much worse! U will get a message with recepient’s company name (say Bank of KSA) and not just an unknown number on your inbox. After they’ll tell u to pick up the prize on this location and bring passport etc… They’re using some computer software to hide their number and replace it with a name or company they wanted to represent.

  22. cienne says:

    how did you get rid of sam mendoza text messages?

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