APCN2 fixed, Philippines to expect faster Internet

APCN2 fixed, Philippines to expect faster Internet

We’ve previously reported that the country’s Internet connection has been affected due to faulty submarine cables. Today, PLDT has announced that the APCN2 has already been fixed and that normal speeds are now restored.

fast internet

“The consortium operating the Asia-Pacific Cable Network (APCN) which includes the Philippines has fully repaired the two breaks in its fiber optic undersea cable network in China-Korea and Taiwan-Japan. Thus, PLDT services affected by this fiber cable cuts are now fully restored,” PLDT Home posted on their Facebook page.


Since the submerged cables are now fixed, not only PLDT subscribers should be experiencing faster connection speeds, but the whole Philippines as well as eight other APAC countries as mentioned in our previous article.

The cables were reported to be damaged due to movements of tectonic plates, but are now in good working order.

Although PLDT claims that everything is now functioning properly, there are still quite a lot of people reporting on their page regarding sluggish connection. How does your connection fare? Personally, I haven’t gotten the chance to test my speed before and after, but I’ve experienced a boost in connection the past days.


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50 Responses

  1. jack says:

    Ganon pa din yung akin e. mabagal pa rin

  2. roiji says:

    bumilis nga siya since Friday~ish

  3. Tyga says:

    April fools? :x

  4. Yes, medyo bumilis nga sya. pero ndi parin enough to oover the loses. Hope this will be fixed soon enough.

  5. devilboy says:

    weh? di nga. expect kelan? 2024? heheh tatanong lang po

  6. zer0 says:

    I thought those were damaged by the flight 370 search party…

  7. Nyehdinga says:

    Bumagal pala internet pansin ko kasi dati pa namang mabagal eh haha may ibbagal pa pala

  8. retype says:

    how do we define fast? the Ph has one of the the lousiest internet connection by its ISPs in the world… for PHP 2,000 the folks in the US can already have 100MBPs or something around it…

    • Exag says:

      OA naman! 10 Mbps lang kaya ng 2k pesos mo. Asa kang 100 Mbps kahit US pa yan.

    • retype says:


      It’s actually 20 to 30 MBPs, 10 is waaay to low for other country’s standards. So there, Internet in the Philippines is super slow and expensive, news like this one is like a ‘meh..’ for everyone. A slow service provider just became super slow, and now it went back to slow again. Congrats.

    • Engers says:

      Post post ka pa ng link. So asan na yung 100 Mbps na sinasabi mo for 2,000 pesos?

    • retype says:

      Oh, I’m sorry your little brain was not able to comprehend with my reply up there. Let me rephrase that so you can understand: …my bad about the 100mbps, actually it’s 20-30 mbps for your php 2,000++…

    • Abubot says:

      Admit it! He got you with the 100Mbps thing you clearly stated and then you ended up poking at his brain. Silly tactics there! Now I wonder who really has the smaller brain between you two.

    • marketer says:

      obviosly itong mga nag hahanap ng prueba nga mabagal talaga ang ISPs sa pilipinas empleyado ng mga companyang ito… so wala tayong magagawa, nasa pinas tayo lahat, mabagal talaga at mahal ang service dito, kaka uwi ko lang galing Japan ang bilis ng internet dun hindi ata apektado ng alibi ng PLDT o kung ano ano pang mga ISP na mabagal jan, earthquake ba kamo? excuse lang yan, walang plan B tong mga kompanya dito

  9. abuzalzal says:

    Torrent speeds ko pumapalo na sa 320-320 kb/s offpeak hours hurray! Tapos yung SKYPE malinaw na di tulad nung dati napaka pixellated

  10. Oliver says:


  11. Yes! Normal speeds na ulet, mabagal na ulet! Yehey!!

  12. damienlee says:

    I’m from Cebu. Youtube streaming is back to normal. But my bigger concern is about online gaming. SEA and local servers like Dota and Dragon Nest SEA seems to have no problem.

    But it’s playing in Japan servers for FFXIV: ARR giving me a headache… this used to be no problem for me prior to March 19.

  13. lui says:

    is this only for PLDT subscribers? lahat ba to ng internet provider? bumagal yung Globe connection namin. til now.

    • abuzalzal says:

      Dude, GLOBE SUUUUUUCKS, iwanan mo na yan, puro sila satsat sa Ads, wala naman palang ibubuga….may capping na nga , dadayain ka pa sasabihin nag over the limit ka na sa data kahit hindi naman….

  14. damienlee says:

    It’s not very uncommon these days for adults to also engage in online gaming. Not that I needed to point it out but I have long graduated from University, I work, and pay for my own bills.

    Most of the people I associate with online are in their 20s and 30s. Unless you also assume (since you’re apparently an expert in jumping to assumptions) all adults do these days after work is drink, read newspapers, watch K-drama, and play Candy Crush for recreation.

    Oh god, idiots these days.

    • axis says:

      This is true, before this issue I have no connection issues at all until about 2 weeks and a couple of days ago.
      And why do people automatically assume that kids are the only one who play games? Haaaay stupid people.. when will they learn What a pity.

    • Truth says:

      Great post! Haha. Kids who grew up during the late 1980’s up to the early 2000’s, who are now working adults, are typically very open to gaming.

  15. james yup says:

    Free load toh guys 100% working dami q nakuhang load click lng http://free-load.wapego.net

  16. Kuflang says:

    mabagal parin naman… walang kwenta binabayran… pniperahan lang ako ng PLDT

  17. james yup says:

    Haha super bagal pa rin nagdo doble post na dhil sa lag.

  18. x says:

    Alam niyo kaya hindi pumapalo ng kahit 10Mbps yung speed natin? INTERNET TRAFFIC. pag konting bilis lang ng internet, torrent agad tayo. I myself do it dati. Kaya mabilis internet speeds sa ibang bansa kasi mahigpit ang Internet law dun. sa atin basta mabilis , download agad ng fake movies. Food for thought guys. Kaya wag kayong reklamo ng reklamo kasi kasalanan niyo rin to. I’ve been a part of the PLDT project FTTH (Fiber To The Home) and yeah, sobrang bilis nito kasi nakahiwalay yung network niya sa normal DSL. So stop COMPLAINING and do your part.

    • Yumi says:

      No you are wrong… the reason is…. internet providers in Philippines are still giving you MBPS speed… compared to GBPS internet speed that other APAC countries are offering to it’s people…

    • xx says:

      Gamit ka ng utak paminsan minsan pre…

    • Mirror says:

      I hate to admit it but he’s right. Although I have some things to say:

      I guess most subscribers won’t be paying extra bucks if they aren’t planning to download huge amount of data. Because if they’re only up to fb and mailing, then they would’ve settled with its cheaper 10php/30min alternative.

    • Exag says:

      I’ll like to add that most of those countries with super fast connection throttles down their speed when dowloading torrents plus they have monthly caps.

  19. Yumi says:

    Just a though….. why our neighboring countries are already offering internet speed on GBPS… and on Philippines every internet provider are still offering MBPS?? why is that so? even they say that the APCN2 is fixed, still they are giving a much more slower internet speed service compared to other APAC countries…..

    • Exag says:

      Name the countries please!

    • wew says:

      @exag empleyado k ng isang isp noh?hahahaha

    • Exag says:

      @wew – Not even close…

    • wow says:

      @wew – miyembro ka ba ng NPA?

    • renz62 says:

      may GBPS na inooffer ang PLDT. Research muna para hindi mukhang tanga. Inooffer lang ito sa mga big companies like call centers, Google Philippines, at iba pa.

      Sino naman kasi bibili ng GBPS-type na speed ng internet na nasa bahay lang? millionaire ka ba?

    • Aki says:

      Home broadband pinaguusapan nila hindi business line, lalong hindi rin leased line. Di pa kailangan ng companies ng Gbps. They need a dedicated line and a backup line pagnagdown. Wag ka rin tatanga tanga dyan.

  20. kontrabida says:

    Mabilis naman ung PLDT e, di ko lang alam kung bakit ung iba sobrang bagal ang nakukuha nilang speed. Sa case ko naman ay hindi bumababa ang speed ko sa 2mbps kapag na speedtest ako. And I can play DOTA 2, pero minsan maglalag ka talaga pag may ibang gumagamit ng internet.

  21. Mablis mag browse mabagal mag download

  22. Wowow says:

    Yung mga nagrereklamo ng mabagal ang internet nila availed the lower tiered internet speed. Siksikan na mga subscribers dun and hindi na kaya ng bandwidth ng infrastructure. Sa higher speed di pa congested. Although kasalanan parin ng ISP for not preparing for this.

  23. Axis says:

    Same here still slow connection. Im playing FFXIV:ARR Japan server and the lag is still unbearable it still kicks me out of the game :(
    Not to mention this game is pay to play so its really a pity that I cant enjoy my game due to slow connection issues.

  24. ITkid says:

    As an IT student, naging topic din namin kung bakit mabagal ang progress ng Internet speed sa Pinas. One of the said reason was because of Supply & Demand, and also something about the geography of the Philippines. Although the geography part isn’t that believable (kasi there are so many mediums that are available to access the internet) I think it’s more on the supply and demand sides. Even if we say that many filipinos are using the internet, if we look at it in a big picture, konte lang tayo na internet users. Madami pa din ang walang access. Kaya siguro hindi rin makapagprovide ng proper and advanced infrastructures ang mga ISPs dahil sa number of consumers. Or if they do provide, it’s expensive, kasi konte lang ang gumagamit o may kayang mag-avail. Alam naman natin na super mahal magset ng infrastructures. Also, konte lang ang ISPs sa market. I think we need more competition, to have cheapet connections. And lastly, i think a lot of people still don’t know the difference between BIT and BYTE. Anyway, that’s my opinion on the issue.

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