Globe Visibility Mobile 3G goes Prepaid

This was just texted to me by a contact from Globe — that their Visibility plans are now available in prepaid — a move that directly competes with SmartBro Prepaid. This is on top of their postpaid GV 799 and GV 999 plans I reported earlier.

globe-visibilityNaturally, the Globe Visibility Prepaid plan allows for per minute charging of Php5 for every 15 minutes. The starter kit costs Php4,500 (one time) with free setup fee.

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Likewise, Globe has terminated their Globe Visibility Unlimited plans (the one that costs Php3,000 a month for unlimited Mobile 3G internet). No explanation was given why this offering was canceled but my guess is that customer take-up has slowed down.

The battle for mobile 3G is going prepaid so every can just switch anytime making customer loyalty dependent on network stability and speed.

Personally, I’d much prefer the unlimited plans as long as they’re affordable enough. Another telco contact once told me unlimited mobile 3G can go as low as Php1,000. It’s just that the players don’t want to go that low this early. Maybe some more competition will prompt them to move faster down that path.

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11 Responses

  1. Avatar for mannielyn delantar mannielyn delantar says:

    Pwd po b mgpakbit ng smart broadbnd plan 999 pero cp lng po ang gmt,wla p po kc cmptr eh,,tska mgkanu po installtn at mnthly..mlakas po kea ang sgnal near calamba laguna mlpt s bhay n jose rizal

  2. Avatar for George George says:

    This product is so bulok, nakakainis to the max.Speed sa coffee bean trinona 1 kbps, cauayan isabela 2 kbps, proj 6 qc 5 kbps, subic 0 kbps. Don’t buy this kind of product, niloloko lang kayo ng globe.

  3. Avatar for Rolly Rolly says:

    So how about the existing unlimited 3G plan subscribers? I left a Visibility sim with my sister in Metro Manila and I’m not sure what’s the status of that account. My contract hasn’t ended yet though.

  4. Avatar for sherwin sherwin says:

    Sun Cellular already has postpaid wireless internet products similar to these. They’re offering it cheaper, too, at packages of P500 (35 hrs) and P1000 (75 hrs).

  5. Avatar for MiGs MiGs says:

    Lets wait when SUN releases their own promo like this. for sure it would be cheap.

  6. Avatar for Albert Albert says:

    They wouldnt dare go down to P1,000 … it would make the network congested.

    Even the pipe used for prepaid visibility is not that fast. the APN for prepaid and the APN for postpaid Visibility is different.

  7. Avatar for JC John SESE Cuneta JC John SESE Cuneta says:

    Yep, I inquired about Globe Visibility last Wednesday, they told me that the prepaid is now available.

    But it’s too expensive LOL. And they won’t bother talking to you unless you are wearing a formal attire (talk about discrimination from Globe personnel).

  8. Avatar for P365D P365D says:

    Wait I got lost, what do they mean on “mobile internet hours?” and WI-FI??

  9. Avatar for Jeric Jeric says:

    They should offer it low right now if they want to have a lot of sign-ups. Can they make the initial payment a little low too?

  10. Avatar for Erin Erin says:

    and the question still remains: will it run in linux? if it does then i am going to get one when i get my hand on a MSI wind. :D


  11. Avatar for jhay jhay says:

    Why don’t they offer it low, low prices now? It would definitely create a rush of take-ups.

    With the craze for ultra portable notebooks and regular ones there should be enough demand by now.

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