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Movie and TV spoilers on social media – What’s the deal?

So you’ve seen the season finale of Game of Thrones. There were just so much intense scenes that happened and you feel like you need to share it to everyone. So what’s the first thing you do? You go to Facebook and tell the whole world that the scene where (insert character name here) dies was just too unexpected and it totally blew your mind! Well, congratulations. You just spoiled all the fun for those waiting the whole day to get home just so they could watch it.

spoiler alert

It’s not that it’s wrong to post what’s on your mind. After all, that IS your profile and you have every right to post whatever you want. But there’s this little thing called social media courtesy. I myself am a victim of this. I’m currently at season one of Game of Thrones (I know, I suck) and when I heard about what happened at the Red Wedding episode (unsurprisingly, through a friend’s status post in Facebook), my enthusiasm to watch faded ’cause I already knew what would happen and who will be killed.

In contrast, when I watch a movie and there’s a great reveal at the ending, I keep it to myself since I know the surprise is a big chunk of the story and has been intended to be enjoyed that way – when they catch you off guard. The most I’ll tell someone is, “You should watch it, you’ll like the ending” or something along those lines. That way, I just give them something to look forward to until they eventually see the movie.

The point of this short article/rant/preaching is so we could hopefully raise awareness that it doesn’t make you “cool” to spoil the raunchiest of details and take away the magic of the show just because you couldn’t contain your feelings, let alone if you just want to be a douche and brag that you’ve watched it. Spoiling or pre-empting the scenes isn’t a big thing for some people, but some consider it sacrilege and would freak out after seeing one. People might say, “then just get off the Internet!” but some of us just really couldn’t do that if checking and monitoring social media sites are part of our job descriptions.

So to those who love updating us with every movie or TV series out there, thank you but we don’t need it. We’d like to be taken by surprise as well and experience the same mindf*ck that you were experiencing before you posted that spoiler. :)

Kevin Bruce Francisco is the Senior Editor and Video Producer for YugaTech. He's a Digital Filmmaking graduate who's always either daydreaming of traveling or actually going places on his bike. Follow him on Twitter for more tech updates @kevincofrancis.

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16 Responses

  1. omar123 says:

    Hey, in the movie “The Passion”, Jesus Christ dies at the ending.

    what else… in the movie “Jose Rizal”, Jose Rizal dies in the end.

  2. archie says:

    Have friends doing this. 24/7 posts about show spoilers, their ugly kids in awkward pose and tons of food porn. Unfollowed them in my newsfeed, the best option tool facebook has given to mankind.

  3. Easy E says:

    Rant. Yes i agree with this. Spoilers are evil.

  4. Zobel says:

    Most of my friends are the baduy types. They’d rather watch the garbage coming out of ABS-CBN.

  5. Respoks says:

    It’s like having people stand around entrance of cinemas and telling people movie endings

  6. yogi says:

    my rule is that if the story is already on the series’ official website and/or social media page, then it’s open season for discussion online.

    also, please don’t rant here. i’ve been a fan of this website for years. i’ve also worked with Abe before and i’d like to think we’re friends. pls don’t use this site as your blog to rant about your tv viewing habits. or at least dress your posts up so it won’t look like a personal blog entry.

  7. hcetaguy says:

    ***** will train to be an assassin and will learn warg abilities. And oh, she’ll lose eyesight.

    ***** will fall from grace, shave her head bald and do the walk of shame (walk naked) on Baelor.

    ***** loyalty actually belongs to House Targaryen. Tyrion’s “straying” into his father’s bedroom and finding Shae there is actually part of his scheme.

  8. Loser says:

    Yes! Spoilers are big dbags but if you’re stuck at season 1, don’t blame the people for posting something from season 3 (season 4 just ended). Either you keep up with the show or shut up. Don’t blame the internet for posting such discussions. It’s your fault for not joining the bandwagon a little earlier. Hahaha.

  9. YugaFan says:

    Dear Article writer,

    Yugatech, Philippine Tech News and Review. It is not a place to rant as if this was your own personal blog. As to your thoughts, “thank you but we don’t need it”.


    Quality is always better than quantity. I would still prefer reading 4 or 5 well written tech articles in a week than read the rants of your writers on a daily basis.

    Very Truly yours,


  10. Santa says:

    just another one who jumped the “because everybody is watching it” bandwagon. Game of Thrones, AKA A Song of Fire and Ice has been around way before the series. Do yourself a favor and read the books. Actually, if you have read it in the first place then you won’t be ranting :P and to answer Hceguy (which im guessing read the book), its


  11. quake says:

    Wow….seriously?…yugatech article ba tong binabasa ko o fb post?

  12. Justin says:

    “I’m currently at season one of Game of Thrones (I know, I suck)”

    … Uhh… yeah, you do.

  13. diego delos santos says:

    sorry but I don’t dig the game of thrones. its too mainstream and ordinary. im more into the SUPERNATURAL series. ive been waiting for grant Morrison’s THE INVISIBLES. it was aired in bbc. currently watching 1966 batman, 1960’s green hornet, mam from uncle and the avengers (Patrick mcnee and Diana rig as emma peel).santa is right, its good to read books. Sherlock holmes and other classics are a good read. you’ll be surprised to know things from the past.

  14. Krypton says:

    Hey you writer of this article, if you don’t want to get spoiler for Game of Thrones do not check your FB or Internet at all until you finished Season 4. Lolz! YOU really SUCK BIG TIME here. What a LAME article.

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