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Pilipinas Anti-Piracy Team warns Downloaders

People downloading illegal copies of movies, tv shows, songs and softwares will be the next target by the BSA, according to a recent report from Inquirer.

The PAPT provides consulting services to the Business Software Alliance in the Philippines:

BSA consultant Bienvenido Marquez III said in an interview that end-users should also be liable for piracy, even if downloads are for personal use.


The growing usage and decreasing cost of broadband Internet services in the Philippines are now allowing people to download larger files, such as software and movies, into their hard drives.

It will be hard to trace or track people on P2P networks and torrent sites but I reckon the BSA will follow the same strategy that the RIAA and the MPAA in the United States are doing — picking out a handful and making examples of them.

The report adds that Congressman Rufus Rodriguez and Senator Edgardo Angara have already proposed amendments to the current Intellectual Property Rights Code.

I hope though that those amendments will also include provisions to help individual publishers (bloggers, webmaster, web designers, photographers) from having their online content being ripped off.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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80 Responses

  1. techme says:


    pinoy nga nmn

    kung anung gwin ng KANO tlgang ginagaya

    dami-daming problema ng pilipinas yan pa ang inuna nio!

  2. gizno says:

    im really curious on how they will implement this…

  3. seoulbox says:

    surely, they also benefit from torrent sites.

    (currently downloading call of duty 4-modern warfare using Bittorrent)

  4. Paul says:

    Naku, hindi mangyayari yan. ^_^

  5. BrianB says:

    I only buy orig from Apol Toons.

  6. notocongressmen says:

    @techme ur ryt Philippines has more problems like poverty and most of all corruption. Congressmen should make a bill for corrupt congressmen because they are pirating the money of the Filipinos. They are the real pirates who steals our money from us. In my opinion, end-users should not be liable for this. It’s only for personal use and most of all we’re not making profit out of it. It’s just like sharing what you purchased to all your friends. As I remember sir Edu Manzano said that downloading is okay as long as it’s for personal use and not for profit.

  7. notocongressmen says:

    @techme your right Philippines has more problems like poverty and most of all corruption. Congressmen should make a bill for corrupt congressmen because they are pirating the money of the Filipinos. They are the real pirates who steals our money from us. In my opinion, end-users should not be liable for this. It’s only for personal use and most of all we’re not making profit out of it. It’s just like sharing what you purchased to all your friends. As I remember sir Edu Manzano said that downloading is okay as long as it’s for personal use and not for profit.

  8. fdafadfa says:



  9. Thundercats says:

    Let’s put it this way, politicians who implement that law, will lose on the next election.

  10. Thundercats says:

    “I hope though that those amendments will also include provisions to help individual publishers (bloggers, webmaster, web designers, photographers) from having their online content being ripped off.”

    That’s the exception I hope Abe, but let’s analyze it, they are doing that to please the big fishes, they probably won’t care about us small guys. Why? Probably to get money to fund their next election campaign.

  11. paul says:

    the day authorities are able to completely shutdown quiapo from selling bootleg dvd’s/cd’s/software is the day i’ll believe the BSA can stop illegal downloads. ;)

  12. techme says:


    yup! poor Filipinos needs more attention from the government! Rather than spending the Filipino’s money into some nonsense projects like this and instead of losing the money to corruption why not just give it to the POOR FILIPINOS it’s just the same the only difference is that the politician will now become the poor ones! haha


    FILE SHARING IS NOT ILLEGAL! (here in our country)

    when we are little our teachers taught us to share what we have to others who are needy!


  13. Harold says:

    With this implemented, the government will need to spend hundreds of millions to expand prison cells like the pasay city jail coz around 99% of internet users are technically “violating” these.

  14. aaron says:

    another day, another random blah at the government.

  15. CarloBlogg says:

    Ok din yan, for legality and economic’s sake; but of course, a lot of pinoys do not have the buying power to buy stuffs like DVDs and games, so ofcourse, they resort to the net. 20 or 50 pesos rental of internet on your local computer shop for 1 Gig of songs/games freely downloaded in the internet? nothing beats that.
    Still, piracy is bad, so this is a step forward. Problem is the big “HOW”. :)

  16. Odri says:

    Well, goodluck na lang sa kanila. Kung sa US nga hindi masolve ang piracy, sa Pilipinas pa kaya. :-)

  17. siraniks says:

    Grgrgr… kakainis kung i-implement nila yan dito, hirap na pinoy pahihirapan pa tayo sa mga maliliit na kaligayahan sa ating mga computer at internet.

    Buti sana if lahat tayo may mga pera para bumili ng ganito’t ganyan e wala naman.

    Dapat tingnan muna nila yung brightside and badside of that project before they act, maraming aaklas na pinoy nyan.

  18. Milo says:

    Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid. Along edsa alone, there are thousands of pirated softwares, and DVDs being sold. MMDA overpass, hundreds vendors of pirated materials. Staircase of MRT stations have pirated materials….

    In Quiapo, Makati Cinema square, guadalupe, landmark, divisoria, etc. thousands of pirated materials.

    If they clean all these vendors out, then I would take this online action seriously. How stupid could they get?

  19. zerogear says:

    bakit hinde kaya unahin yung mga buraot na mga nakaupo sa pwesto, financial crisis is knocking at our doorstep and yet kanya kanyang papogi na ang mga politiko para sa 2010.. Y_Y

  20. tama says:


  21. I must agree with the skepticism of the other comments. I don’t see why this is a priority for the government, and I’ll be very surprised if they actually implement this.

  22. Nemo Trinidad says:

    haha, if they implement that law, i’m sure at least 90% ng mga Pilipino makukulong, kasi lahat yun nagddownload ng mga files from torrents. Nagmamalinis pa yung ibang politician diyan, if I know mga end-users din yung mga yan na nakapagdownload na from torrent sites at least once :P

  23. Gwapito.com says:

    I’m okay with it. ;)

    Downloading and using illegal software is also corruption. So it’s now fair and square to both the complainers and the politicians! Wahaha…

  24. Jam says:

    I also wonder how they’re going to implement it. Illegal downloading has been a worldwide problem, and anti-piracy advocates have been acting on this problem, but to no avail.

  25. OO nga daming problema sa pinas, ito pa pinag-kaka abalahan. Aside from corruption baka pwedeng global crisis muna ang harapin natin.

  26. koolitz says:

    sa tingin ko pwede lang mangyari ito kng ang mga ISP sa pinas pag-aari ng goverrnment…

  27. Bob Reyes says:

    I tell you, this will NOT be implemented until the 2010 election period is done — if ever there will one.

  28. pow says:

    yeah whatever. they’re such losers hehe. wala namang DMCA sa pinas eh

  29. taksan says:

    how the hell are they going to solve this if they can’t even stop people selling pirated DVDs and software in the streets! If they would stop people from downloading online, then might as well buy from the streets!

    They might implement it.. but how will they work on it?

  30. crestfallen says:

    and how are they gonna do it? hmmm?
    suntok sa buwan!

  31. Ton says:

    FYI, the RIAA does it by compelling the ISP to disclose IP heuristic data (IP address + time + data/port used for connection).

    Once they are able to “match” subscriber account info to data transfer, they have information on what may be called cause to file a complaint.

    I’m curious though…

    1) Data privacy MUST be inviolable. I wonder how this will be implemented without violating that.

    2) What’s the use of a fast internet connection if you are not going to use it. If I am prohibited from downloading stuff, might as well have dialup. The broadband market thrives on bandwidth, and yet for what then?


  32. heyru says:

    ANd how about wifi users like in malls and cafes? Boo!

  33. Gwapito.com says:

    @heyru – then that would be easy for BSA/police to catch them. :D

  34. richbutpoor says:

    ang sarap maging pinoy! tuloy lang tayo sa pagpipirata… hehehe.

    kung ano yun libre at mura yun ang tatangkilikin natin dapat.


  35. koolitz says:

    Hulu nalang at Megavideo lol

  36. Everybody is so passionate about it :)

    I think it is a balance, and right now, since we are on a crisis, BSA may see that piracy is eating way too much over their threshold, so they do this initiative to bring piracy down to acceptable levels.

    As much as BSA hates piracy, I think they in some indirect way need it, as it is the only way most of their softwares and other content get the mass numbers needed to evolve a product or content.

    How else will Photoshop become mainstream if only people who have 50k to spare can use em. With more users come more income :)

    This will pass, as will all the other initiatives they engage in. For the time being, be careful lang muna tayo.

    Just my two cents worth :)

  37. vance says:

    well, piracy helped the industry for some reason. Some who purchase the pirated one end up buying a legit one after.

  38. DEATHSTER says:

    Kalokohan to…

    Kill the Piracy…

    Kill the Internet First…

  39. leecher says:

    kalokohan to.. ha ha ha

    kaya nga sumisikat sila dahil sa piracy… dyan umiikot industria..

    kahit mga big guns like apple, microsoft.. ng umpisa mga pirata rin mga yan pw*H!!!.. watch the documentary “pirates of the silicon valley’ and you’ll learn that the industry is a bunch of leechers and pirates even from the start!!


  40. notocongressmen says:

    file sharing is legal… it’s non-profit… for personal use only… If they will track the people by their IP Address it would be unfair for those who have dynamic IP Address. There’s nothing illegal with file sharing!!!

  41. naghahanap na naman ng pagkakakitaan

  42. jammy says:

    There’s no way that I’m going back to my old life renting VCDs on Video City just to watch a movie.

    Viva aXXo!

  43. Unahin muna nila ang mga nagbebenta ng pirated DVDs sa bangketa.. Goodluck sa gobyerno kung kaya nilang habulin lahat ng nagdadownload online.

  44. Cafekko says:

    kalokohan to, eto pa inuna nila.

  45. Ah my friends, we are missing the message they’re trying to sent across through the article.

    They’re telling us that, “if we can confiscate PCs, fine, and even shutdown iCafes and Large Businesses, we can do it on the individual level.”

    We can all say “they should just use the money elsewhere” all we want, but they won’t care. But they won’t care, for them, there are agencies already in existence for those problems like poverty, economy, and education.

    We can also dismiss it and say “ASA” all we want, but the possibility that they can and will do it and make an example is there, waving at us, saying hello.

    “It is better to overestimate your opponent than to underestimate him.”

    I am not giving them too much credibility or scaring anyone, but by the likes of it, they found a way to target the individuals.

    Quoting from the Inquirer article (if you bothered reading it):

    “We can’t prosecute individuals because there is no such law. However, we can go after individuals or even shops caught sharing or selling downloaded items,” he said.

    Whatever they’re backing on or leaning on, they think they now have the power to “go after individuals caught sharing or selling downloaded items”.

    I say, just be careful, you do not want to be the first example IF they can really do it (which just like you, I doubt that they can).

    Watch your backs, especially outside. Keep your download sharing and selling forums and sites, dunno, private? (But I’m sure they can still arrange an entrapment.)

    Again, don’t get me wrong. I don’t believe they can do it, but the best way to become Example #1 is by turning a blind eye and deaf ear to the possibility that they can.

    And IF, okay, IF they do make an example out of anyone of us, I just hope that those people are “false” tips, entrapment, or whatever you want to call it.

    I won’t say publicly how WE (you and me) can do it. As it stands right now, we are still 10 Steps ahead of them (in my PoV). But it isn’t an excuse to put down our guard.


    Btw, use GIMP NOT Adobe Photoshop. USE Ubuntu GNU/Linux NOT Microsoft Windows. Support FLOSS, then they can abolish themselves.

  46. DarkZhadow says:

    Yeah right as if they can do that… It’s everywhere!

  47. alexies says:

    Ok.. But please, they have to use genuine OS/Windows, tool etc first before they track us.

  48. brandingyp says:

    Ok yan!! Naaapektuhan din naman pinas sa piracy na yan.. Wla na artista at singers pag mapapatuloy pa to.. Tama yan.. I’ll back this up..

  49. jpeb says:

    sa bagal ng justice system ng pilipinas expect a conviction or acquittal after 10-20 years!

    to add to JC John Sese Cuneta, use OpenOffice.org instead of MS Office

  50. groo says:

    oh wait…. will this include the nationwide cartel of Muslims pirating DVD’s? Come to Boracay and the Muslim cartel pirates everything electronic.

  51. Pirates of the Carriedo says:

    Why Personal Downloads must be stop!

    *DiViDi and Blo-ri stock slump to a record low of 7 points in the Philippine Stock Exchange.
    *Operational Expense triples due to Political needs.
    *5% must be paid to Jose Pidal
    *We are greatly affected by this financial crisis.

  52. TTimmy says:

    Bienvenido Marquez III is a DOUCHE BAG to the freakin Nth Degree…..lulkats.

  53. Kiskisero says:

    Wow ang saya pag natuloy yan.. tignan nga naten kung haggang saan sila makakasabay sa mga downloaders and to the uploaders.. :D then and daming dapat i upgrade sa government naten para bumilis ang mga bawat proseso.. Ayusin nyo buhay at trabaho nyo mga nagpupush sa batas na ito..

  54. pando says:

    I have only one phrase for this,
    “there is no crime when there is no law punishing it”

    provisions of IPRC are not subjective enough to avert downloaders over the net.

  55. elmer says:

    looks like a good plan.. but enforcment will be tough

  56. Mikko says:


    Magkakaroon na rin ng konsepto ng “software license” ang karamihan. Naiinis ako sa mga namimirata at gumagamit ng pirata. Kung wala silang pera pambili ng proprietary software (Windows, MS Office, Adobe Creative Suite), gumamit sila ng Free and Open Source Software.

    Ang problema kasi dito, may notion ang karamihan sa atin na di maganda ang mga FOSS. Nagkakamali sila pagkat kayang pantayan ng FOSS and proprietary software. Hindi lang sila sanay gumamit nung software kaya sinasabi nilang hindi ito user-friendly.

    Para rin kasi itong language. Kung Pinoy tayo na lumaki sa Pilipinas, hindi tayo mahihirapan magTagalog while ang isang Chinese na lumaki sa China ay mahihirapang matuto magTagalog. It’s a matter of familiarization.

  57. Jay says:

    really BSA?..

    very impressive yet so useless.

  58. khangkhung says:

    I doubt that the money appropriated for this project will be spent clean. This is only a facade para mas malaking pera ang makurakot ng mga tao na ito!

    Mas mabuti pa na ang pera na gagamitin sa proyektong ito ay gagamitin na lamang sa pagpapatayo ng bahay sa mga kapatid nating pilipino na walang matirahan.

  59. Emmanic says:

    i bet most of our senators and congressmen don’t know what p2p, torrent, downloading means.

  60. Adrian says:

    oo nga medyo mahirap implement yan. sa us hangang ngayon hindi ma solve ang piracy sa pinas pa kaya.

    tama sabi nyo, dapat unahin muna nila yung mga pirated sa quipo, greenhills at iba pa. kung dun lang (internal) hindi ma solve paano pa kaya ang internet na sobrang lawak ng scope.

    tsk tsk. mahirap yan para kang nag hahanap ng karayum sa dagat.

  61. LaughingBoy says:

    Before they chase us, the “madlang fifols”, they should first check if every single PC in every single government agency is running on genuine Windows, or if every single one of those PCs have not one torrent file, torrent application, downloaded music and/or downloaded movies.. As one cop told me before, “Ang gobyerno, parang basahan yan.. Linisin mo muna bago mo gamitin na panglinis sa kung ano man lilinisin mo.. Kasi kung madumi ang basahan na ipanglilinis mo, lalo lang kakalat ang dumi, imbes na luminis.”

  62. n-k0d3 says:

    “Edu Manzano said that downloading is okay as long as it’s for personal use and not for profit.”

    -thats right, for sure meron sila makukurakot sa ganito and why are they focusing on this, e hindi nga maayos dito sa pilipinas ang poverty, corruption etc.

    sharing is giving.. yeah

  63. Jimmy says:

    di nga mapa tumba ng mga kano, MPAA,etc ang Piratebay, ang mga politiko pa kaya. hahha… BOOOOOO!

  64. mtv says:

    kalokohan. napakalow-tech ng gobyerno. sinong makakagawa nyan? wala nang gimik na maisip tong sina angara.

  65. mtv says:

    focus on implementing the old laws dictated by more respected officials from the past. hindi ung palaging gawa ng bago na hanggang umpisa lang. saka, anong maitutulong sa economic crisis nyan? though may ibang department nga n nagaasikaso non, e wag na sila makihati pa sa budget ng pinas. mas matimbang nmn ung prob s crisis diba. dun n lng nila ibigay ung budget para s piracy n yan. di ung hhati pa tong si angara. di dn nmn tlga mssolve yan. wg na nila pangunahan pa ang ibang countries s pagsolve nyan. kung nagiicp sila, hntayn n muna nila ang more advanced countries msolve yan. then saka sila magimplement s pinas. at least sure un. accept the fact n low tech ang pinas esp govt natin. saka need to increase the budget pa pag dagdag sila, e di increase in corruption din un. increase sa kaligayahan din ang arroyo nyan. bka lalo tumaas cholesterol ni FG. atakihin pa sa puso. teka, mas masaya un. cge, implement nyo yan.

  66. leech-e says:

    hohummm…. well.. just catch me if you can.

    Multiple proxies on dynamic IP addresses.

    threats, threats and empty threats. :)

    teh Ninernet is free and knowledge belongs to the world

  67. ynag says:

    hayyzzzz pakulong na lang tayo lahat

  68. cOrUpt says:

    Wala na kasing PerA ang Pilipinas kaya ganyan na ginagawa..hahaha o kya naman gustOng magpayaman

  69. Team Pirate says:

    HAys Umaasa pa sila na mwLa ang Pirate Simpleng Problema nga lang d2 hirap na sila e2 pa kayang world wide …. bunch of stupid idiots moron losers.. wtf!…

  70. kenshinflyer says:

    Pilipinas Anti-Piracy Team, I’m not down with your warning, so I’ve got just two words for you:


  71. MPAA-RIAA says:

    kupal ung BSA @ pilipinas anti-piracy team…catch me if assholes!……wahahaha….

    hulihin nyu muna yung mga corrupt na politiko tulad ni Gloria makakapal arroyo at joc-joc bulante!…putang-ina ninyo!…hayop!!!>….



  73. Rein Valdez says:

    Ay nako Pilipinas nga talaga. :( Hirap kasi kasi eleksyon na naman ei.

  74. schmitabs says:

    Is it our nature as Filipinos to show off around? I mean even if the fact that they can’t stop bootlegs, downloads and even confiscate PCs with lots inside they still show as if they can.

    One things for sure, I don’t think this Gov people are that good at this.

    “I’m better than oldies” as I would say, or mas occupied pa sila about the election than digging deep to this.

  75. arpee says:


  76. idontknow says:

    hhmmm paano bayan wala na naman silang pera..hmmmm sa taong bayan na naman ang punta ng mga yan..

  77. poyo says:

    Catch me if you can

    behind 7 proxies

  78. dave says:

    Government should target those people behind all the piracy here in our country not only those sellers. It’s the same as targeting the Drug Lords not only the Drug pushers. I know some people behind these unlawful acts are those people who are in the position right now. You know who you are.

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