PLDT HOME Fibr intros 1Gbps plan, PH’s first and fastest so far

PLDT HOME Fibr today launches in the country its 1 Gbps plan (mentioned as “Gigabyte plan” in its press release) and promises symmetrical speed for equal upload and download speeds, among other things.


Using fiber-optic technology which is branded as the world standard for broadband, PLDT aims to deliver the fastest plan and boasts its first symmetrical speed service — meaning it should eliminate the kind of connection wherein you have a relatively high download speed, but drops when it comes to uploading.

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PLDT HOME VP and HOME Marketing Director Gary Dujali said, “These massive speed boosts and the new symmetrical speeds combined with our unparalleled offers let our subscribers experience the ultimate digital lifestyle at the comforts of their home. As the country’s most powerful broadband, PLDT HOME Fibr stands firm on its commitment to provide top notch services for its consumers, reinforcing the strongest connections at home,”

Fibr plans start at 1899 (Fibr Lite) and is available in over 1,600 Fibr-powered villages nationwide including Valle Verde 1-6, Forbes Park, Dasmarinas Village, and Ayala Alabang Village, to name a few. Plan details for the 1 Gbps connection is yet to be announced.



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19 Responses

  1. Avatar for Sigurd Hogsbro Sigurd Hogsbro says:

    What is the CIR ( If only 256kbps, as rumoured, it doesn’t really matter if they say it is up to 1Gbps. And what is the contention ratio on their international peering for each subscriber?




  3. Avatar for Youdontknowme Youdontknowme says:

    I’m rooting for Telstra’s iteration in the future. Meanwhile, will just continue to suffer from PLDTs unreliable service

  4. Avatar for PLDT Advisory PLDT Advisory says:

    PLDT: To ensure high quality and high speed service, the Fair Usage Policy allots 1gb of data per month per user per day. Additional charges per day beyond the allocation will be reflected on your already costly monthly bill. Toink!

  5. Avatar for josetter josetter says:

    Next joke please… Nakakatawa naman tong PLDT

  6. Avatar for Utotmo Utotmo says:

    Wahahaha! Pero yung presyo hindi binanggit.

  7. Meanwhile the rest of us are paying 1600 for legacy dsl at 3MB, all because they offer Fibr in such small and select areas.

  8. Avatar for Renel Renel says:

    Anong Silbe ng 1Gbps kung wala namang rollout nationwide? As usual mayayaman na villages lang ang makakabitan

  9. Avatar for Jiro Jiro says:

    I don’t know if it’s intentional but very deceiving yung Gigabyte whereas Gbps is actually Gigabit. My two cents.

    • Avatar for Dunkin Dunkin says:

      people like you won’t be easily fooled by these sweet tooth evil companies… keen eyes bro..

      on the side note: is possible they can deliver this kind of server into satisfaction since pldt fiber coverage is still small, but the real question is how much is that doggie in the window? pldt fiber 200mbps = P20k… so we’re estimating this might go with P50k +… who the hell would pay for that.. they should offer this to business plans not home plans.. geez their business plans still suck at max 25mbps

    • Avatar for J J says:

      small b means bit and capital B means byte. 1byte = 8bits kaya 1gbps = 128mBps. bit is mostly used for network speed

  10. Avatar for pasmado75 pasmado75 says:

    kalokohan yan, 1Mbps nga di maibigay nang maayos eh, 1Gbps pa kaya? lol

  11. Avatar for ULTRAthin ULTRAthin says:

    1Gbps per day? slap

  12. Avatar for raidnoir raidnoir says:

    What’s the cap?

    • Avatar for willy willy says:

      just imagine if all houses in a subdivision gets this plan, do you think the result will be the same? this is still shared bandwidth … Pure Dugas Lagi To … lip service lang …. PLDT pa …

    • Avatar for willy willy says:

      Kevin, have you seen it? how can you pronounce that it is the fastest? show proof before you banner …

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