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SKYbroadband offers 16Mbps for Php 1,999

Aside from having a new bundled packageSKY has introduced a faster and cheaper internet service reaching high-speeds.



The new SKYbroadband 16Mbps plan for Php 1,999 offers download speed of up to 16Mbps and an upload speed of up to 1Mbps. For those who are wondering about bandwidth allocation, SKY gives unlimited internet. It comes with a free Wi-Fi modem and Sky On Demand. HBO Go is free if you have SKYcable Dual Def subscription.

The new service requires no installation fee and has a lock-in period of 24 months.


This article was contributed by Daniel Morial, a film school graduate and technology enthusiast. He's the geeky encyclopedia and salesman among his friends for anything tech.

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40 Responses

  1. LOL says:

    Oh the difference from 999 to 1999… Is this because of the challenger?

  2. Cutious says:

    available ba nationwide

  3. dodong says:

    guys don’t waste your breath with sky’s internet, heed this advice and you’re just gonna have less sucky internet, don’t and you’re in a world of pain. ang sky mabilis lang sa unang buwan, pagkatapos gapang na tas pahirapan pa magcancel. been there, done that. stick to their cable but please for the love of god, wag nyo bilin internet nila.

    • Is this true for all locations?

    • The Juan says:

      This is true.

    • Weahhh says:

      Been subscribing their internet mga 6yrs na cguro.wla naman akong problema kung meron man minor lang. Naka 10mbps akong ngayon at nasa 9.70 something yung speedtest ko. Umaabot din ng 1mb per sec dl ko sa torrent pero sympre depende din sa dinadownload.so i guess depende lang sa location.

    • Dati nag inquire kami nyan sa nagbugau ng bill samin ….sya mismo nagsabi n wag raw kasi marami nang nagrereklamo sa intentetnet ng sky

    • shutter says:

      sky internet subscriber for almost 2 years. Problem from first week until last october 2015. They improved now. But in terms of support they suck bigtime.

    • federico says:

      true. walang kwenta ang skycable. 3 days kaming walang internet tapos tumawag kamis a customer service. NAPAKAWALANG KWENTA!!!!!!! magswitch na lang kayo sa ibang provider wag lang sa sky!!!! masasayang lang ang bayad nyo

  4. True! Don’t fall with this! We subscribed to them last April, it was fast until May. After that, May-Sept is hell!

    They will demand for payment but no connection at all.

    • ric says:

      sobrang kapal ng mukha nyang sky!!!! poor customer service at wala minsang connection

  5. Summer says:

    Kapal naman ng mukha nila mag-offer nyan. Yung internet ko na 3 Mbps sa Sky hirap na hirap sa Spotify eh ang gaan lang naman ng DRM files. Tapos yung facebook videos laging buffering letse!

  6. So if you are to choose between PLDT ADSL and this, which would you choose?

    I’d personally choose this based on internet speeds alone. While I understand that it sucks that it must be very difficult to have faulty lines, but hey, at least it’s available in most areas even if you don’t live on a subdivision.


    I don’t pity guys who get charged for internet because of failing to contact technical support. It’s not the ISP’s responsibility to check if your connection’s OK everyday. No ISP does that, even if you go to other countries like Australia. Don’t expect the ISP to do everything for you. At least you don’t get charged call out fees here

  7. SMH INTERNET??? says:

    @TRIADWARFARE Wow so you are willing to check your internet or call tech support for issues arising once a week or twice a week or even everyday?

    I don’t live on a subdivision but I never get faulty lines with PLDT ADSL compared when I had Sky FYI…

  8. Avoid Sky Broadband! Intermittent/unstable connection. Horrific browsing/surfing speed nightly.

    STAY AWAY from this. You’ve been warned.

  9. shutter says:

    SKY internet the worst there is.

  10. freelist86 says:

    Pldt kami mag 2 years na…. ok naman mabilis no problem battlefield 4 with viber voice chat

    3mbps 1500php ang naka advertise pero singil samin 1540php with landline hndi naman ginagamit

    kaso lately nawawala na talaga net namin, connected tapos dc pa ulet ulet nakaka badtrip. mostly mga 6pm to 9pm nangyayare cavite area.

    tingin nyo mas ok kaya tong sky at since wala kaming cable super tempting

  11. NotaSheep says:

    Worst internet service provider EVER don’t DO IT, like many above me, HEED OUR WARNING.

  12. Peter John says:

    Is there a capping and is it available in the provinces,,,

  13. P N Bear says:

    Sky internet only works well when the weather is fine. As soon as there is rain, say goodbye to your connection.

    • Learningmode says:

      I had that problem before, called them up and their techs fixed it. Since then I’ve never experienced problems with my connection when it rains.

  14. willy says:

    how can this be fast and the fastest if the upload is only 1 Mbps ??? is it fiber or just multiple copper wires binded? what about capping? what about sharing of bandwidth with Internet Cafe’s who will pull the bandwidth once they start on line games? what about customer support?

  15. Tiger says:

    Can Yugatech ask PLDT when PLDT Fibr will become available here in Brgy. 605 Sta. Mesa Manila or expansion plans in Manila City? Converge ICT Fiber is currently installing their facilities here.

    • Squirt says:

      inutusan mo pa yugatech. eh kung imbis na nagpost ka nyan eh inemail/tinawagan mo na lang pldt, edi mas nakakuha ka pa ng sagot.

  16. Clarence says:

    Well, kanya-kanyang sentimiento lang yan. Been a subscriber for almost 2 years with 3Mbps and it’s about 2-3% of the entire year lang nag-d-DC, ping (latency) is always about 16-28 ms. Swertihan lang sa locations.

  17. Jon says:

    If only their network was reliable. Was a subscriber 4 years ago for quite some time. Slow and selective browsing, intermittent connections, and generally bad network management. AFAIK, there are still a lot of people complaining of their service which basically did not improve at all after all this time.

  18. Learningmode says:

    I’ve been a skybroadband subscriber for years coming from PLDT and overall my experience with sky is good, not perfect. I’m on their 5mbps plan now and I just emailed them earlier today and my connection will be upgraded to 16mbps since I’m already paying 1999php for the plan I currently have. I guess I’m one of the lucky ones who has a stable connection with them.

  19. TheManWhoCantbeMoved says:

    Do not get DECEIVED by the word UNLIMITED INTERNET. Yes the speed will be 16 mbps but once you reached the data cap it will dip down to a super slow speed. That’s what UNLIMITED means. They would still allow you to connect to the internet but with super slow speed

  20. jtmanalo says:

    nakaka enganyo sana yung 16 Mbps na Plan 1999 kaya lang natatakot ako dahil sa mga feedbacks eh…

  21. Skybroadband User says:

    False advertisement. Not 16mbps. Beware

  22. Mark says:

    Hey guys! anyone from bacolod? parang nakaka enganyo tlga ang 16mbps kaso meron plang data capping.

  23. Marc says:

    So how did it go? Are you up to 16mbps now? Same case with me. I’m currently on 1999 plan with 5mbps. Just recently I saw their ad about the 16mbps plan for the same price. I tried to inquire if I can upgrade and all they said was that the 16mbps plan is temporarily on hold because there were, allegedly, subscribers (to the said plan) experiencing speed crash down to 1mbps due to some technical blah blah’s.. I was cynical about that.. Just wondering how your connection is now. Is it good?

  24. Queen says:

    I just applied for their 16mbps plan. I am currently a PLDT DSL 8mbps subscriber the reason why I want to switch from PLDT to sky because PLDT really have a poor connection. So I wonder if mas malala pa sa sky.

  25. boyet cabrera says:

    am a subscriber to their 3mbps plan and planning to upgrade. Have been a subscriber for more than 10 yrs. I can stream without buffering, my son plays online, he does complain but all gamers complain and can’t get enough speed. I read and do a lot of research online, do online banking, download songs and shows. Am from Pasig area near Marcos Highway.

  26. Kheahna says:

    Honestly, basura ang internet nila. Nag upgrade kami ng internet from 3 mbps to 16 mbps noong June 1, 2018. Maganda sya the first week. 2 laptops at 5 phones ang nagcoconnect. I was playing league of legends on my laptop, my sister was playing mobile legends, si mama nag yo-youtube then si papa nanonood ng movie. There was no lag kahit marami ang naka connect. Pero habang tumatagal, nagiging basura ang connection nila. Umalis kina mama at papa, leaving me and my sister alone at home. So nag decide kami mag watch ng movie. Ambagal. We disconnect all of our devices except sa laptop na ginagamit namin para sa movie. Every 5 seconds nag bubuffer, ano yan? Isang laptop na nga lang naka connect, bagal pa ng net. June 16, 2018 ngayon pero wala talagang difference sa speed nila, naghihina pa ata. Please wag na kayong mag upgrade dahil magsisisi lang kayo. Parang binasura mo lang yung binayad mo. Next month papalit na kami ng internet. Kung sino man may alam ng internet na sureball talaga na mabilis, please reply.

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