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Stream HD movies, TV series and Live TV with Blink

There are a few local streaming services currently available in the Philippines and the latest one that we’ve tried and used is Blink. We got a 30-day pass from them a couple of weeks ago and been using it to watch some of our favorite TV series.

Blink provides HD movies, a number of TV series and even some Live TV channels.

They also have an iOS and Android app you can download and use to stream content. As of this article, Blink has around 288 HD movies on their catalog and 33 TV shows which includes some of our favorites shows (Big Bang Theory, Person of Interest, Fringe, Marvel Anime: X-Men among others).

There are some missing ones we wished were also on their list — like Supernatural, Grimm, The 100 and Resurrection.

Creating an account is quick and can be done on the website or directly in the app (there’s also authentication via Facebook) and if you want you watch a movie, it’s Php170 per title (which you can pay via credit card, debit card, prepaid, GCash or Paypal).

Movie playback comes with some restrictions though.

This movie will be available to you for 7 days. You will have 48 hours to watch upon clicking PLAY. You may only stream within the Republic of the Philippines.

If you want to watch any of the TV series, there’s a monthly subscription fee of Php450 for 30 days.

The movies would have been worth it if the selection were more recent but we guess it’s a distribution rights issue. As for the TV series, if the available titles in the catalog are sufficient, the Php450 monthly rate seems fair enough.

You can go and check out Blink here.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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9 Responses

  1. bern says:

    Nice if you have broadband home cable but if your source of internet connection is just your phone and your ISP is Globe where you eventually downgrade to slower speed if you hit your limit then it would not be advisable to stream for unless you know how to eke the remaining out of cap or can live with it through until Globe reset your cap for the month.

  2. meh says:

    popcorntime is free ;)

  3. babo says:

    that will be killed by http://www.time4popcorn.eu/
    free streaming base in torrents

  4. metime says:

    Useless dahil sa cap limit ng globe

  5. Netflixer says:

    That’s extremely expensive given the selection. Netflix is $8/month ($9 for new subscribers) and a DNS service to use it from the Philippines is $2-5. So for as little as $10 (450 pesos) a month, you get a much wider selection selection of TV shows and movies. Plus, Netflix allows 2 users using the same account at the same time. So if you split the account with a friend, you pay $4-4.5/month plus $2 for the DNS so 300 pesos/month lang may Netflix ka na

  6. Hen-Sheen says:

    Not interested. I will stick to DVD’s & BLU-RAY’s till the bitter end. Stream w/Buffer? Hindi patok yan sa akin!

  7. mr.leo says:

    showbox will give you the same experience. showbox-android moviebox-idevices. all sorted. showbox is of course outside of the playstore, take it in 1mobilemarket(equivalent of playstore).

  8. tvfan says:

    Thanks i check this tvshows streaming site and its good.
    i also recommend http://openloadmovie.co/tvshows/ for latest 2017 tv shows

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