Twitter CEO Dorsey: We're sticking with 140-character tweets

Twitter CEO Dorsey: We’re sticking with 140-character tweets

If you’re one of those who will hate to have that widely-rumored 10,000 character tweets, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has dispelled all of those and said that they’ll be sticking with the 140-character tweets the microblogging site has been known for.


In an interview with the Today show, the Twitter CEO, who started that same rumor, has mentioned that it will stay with the social media website’s core niche. “It’s staying,” Dorsey said. “It’s a good constraint for us, and… it allows for of-the-moment brevity.”



Twitter has been constantly pushing for new ideas as of the late amid plummeting stock prices and a tough time attracting new users into 320 million active user platform. Despite all of that, Dorsey is confident that the company can overcome all hurdles and still be around in the coming years. “We’ll be here on the 20th (anniversary). We’ll be here on the 30th. It’s a fundamental service, and we have a lot of heart in the company, we have a lot of purpose,” Dorsey said.

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