6 Cool Pieces of Tech from CDR-King (Early 2018 Edition)

6 Cool Pieces of Tech from CDR-King (Early 2018 Edition)

Does CDR-King have _____? Nowadays, that question is outdated. A more appropriate query would be “what don’t they have?” We’ve covered this topic a few times already, but the yellow-painted retail chain always has new surprises in store for us. Here are six items that stand out so far.

Author’s Notes: Items are listed in no particular order. Also, items are subject to branch availability. This is not a sponsored post. 

1.) Mobile OTG Gamepad

Playing mobile games is sure a lot of fun, but it isn’t necessarily the most tactile experience, especially if the game uses a ton of on-screen controls. This OTG gamepad might be able to solve that issue. It supports at least Android 3.0, and uses a MicroUSB connector. (some will be happy about this, others won’t) If you can get this working with a battle royale style game, well, chicken dinner.

Price: Php580

2.) Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

You can literally bring the music in your heart anywhere you go with this Bluetooth karaoke microphone. It acts as a Bluetooth speaker and microphone at the same time, so it will actually play the minus one you provide via your phone, as well as amplify your voice. It’s got a 5W speaker for sound output, and a 2,600mAh battery to power it up.

Price: Php880

3.) Bluetooth Fitness Tracker Wristbands

Sports and fitness technology has been in the mainstream for a long time now, mainly thanks to fitness trackers that go on your wrist. If a Fitbit, or anything else for that matter, is way too expensive for you, CDR-King has you covered with two options, both under Php500.


Fitness Tracker 1Php340
Fitness Tracker 2: Php495

4.) Miruso Bluetooth Earphones

If the Php8,990 price tag of Apple’s AirPods is way too much cash for you to shell out, you can spend just a tenth of that for these “AirPods”. This cheap knock-off definitely won’t sound as good as the real deal, but it’s worth considering if you’re a fan of the AirPods’ look.

Price: Php880

5.) Wi-Fi Display Receiver

Here we have another blatant knock-off a well-known product, namely the Google Chromecast. It works in a similar fashion, allowing you to wirelessly cast or mirror your device onto an external display that has an HDMI port. It can output up to Full HD resolution and supports Windows, Android, and even Apple devices via AirPlay.

Price: Php1,180

6.) Film Scanner

There might be a chance, especially if you’re an older individual, that you have some old negatives lying around. Perhaps you’re even a film photography enthusiast. In any case, having your film traditionally developed is a lengthy process by the standards of the digital age. This is where this CDR-King film scanner comes in. It simply plugs into your computer via USB and provides you with instant scans of your negatives, up to 1800dpi, or 3600dpi via software interpolation.

Price: Php,1800

That wraps it up for this list of some pretty interesting items you can get at CDR-King. If you happen to spot any more cool things in their stores, be sure to share it with us in the comments section down below.

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