D-Link outs DIR-457U 3.75G MyPocket Router

D-Link outs DIR-457U 3.75G MyPocket Router

If you’re looking for that power 3G+WiFi solution like the Globe MyFi, then the DIR-457U 3.75G MyPocket Router could be something you might want to look into.

According to local reps the DIR-457U will be available in the Philippines next month (September 2010) but the price is yet to be determined (though I think it will be in the vicinity of the Huawei at Php6k – Php7k).


The D-Link MyPocket Router offers speeds of 7.2Mbps over 3G cellular networks and shares it over WiFi for up to 16 devices. It has a built-in SIM card slot, a lithium ion battery and charges via a mini-USB port.

More on this once we get the official suggested retail price (and hopefully a review unit).

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9 Responses

  1. Angelo says:

    if its in that price range i think its too expensive. saw the huawei model at infomaxx and they are selling it for about 11k. i’d go for the sapido 3G router.

  2. Joey says:

    I have the Huawei E585. Got it when I was in Hong Kong. It delivers what I wanted from the device — which is to have a Wireless router that has a rechargeable battery. I have the Smart Bro Share It – and it works great but I need to have a power socket to make it work. I reviewed the Sapido 3G router – it looks interesting. The only question I have is – do they have a Model which has built in power like the Huawei E585 and the Dlink my pocket router? If it doesn’t then that explains the price difference.

    On the Dlink my pocket router – it doesn’t seem to have a display. This is why the E585 was an improvement on the E583. You can see whether you have 3G, 2G or HSDPA signal. You can also see battery levels. So far – I get good battery life on the E585. I get as much as 5 hours. In any case – I am happy there’s competition to Huawei. Hopefully – with more players – we can get a more reasonable pricing for the devices.

  3. Guy says:

    Wow pretty handy. I’ve been looking for this type of gadget. Thanks for the post.

  4. jay says:

    I hope this one is much cheaper than the Huawei when it is released here

    @Joey – how much and where in HK did you buy your E585? can you plug this in your computer’s USB to charge it while it is connected to the network? thanks for your reply

  5. Joey says:

    @Jay : I got it from the electronics arcade at wan chai. It cost a little over 1000 HKD. Yes you can connect it to your laptop to charge while it’s in use. That ability to charge comes handy in case you use it for longer than it’s battery life. And i noticed that when i am not fetching data from the net it disconnects from the network which is good because it goes on standby. Reconnecting for it is not a problem when it goes on standby it’s quick.

  6. Papapau says:

    mura to sa cdrking.

  7. expensive. Why buy this one if you only have 2 to 4 PC’s at home.

  8. Alex says:

    I just got this device here in Singapore at $229 (~P7,500). It is not meant to be used primarily at home like what the previous commenter said, though you can. It is meant to be used while you’re on the go. As an iPad wifi user, I will find this device valuable. Also, I can use it as a 3g modem-router while I’m traveling even in the Philippines. (I don’t have to jailbreak my iPhone to tether its connection to my devices.)

    Based on my research, here is a comparison between this and the E585:
    – It can accommodate up to 16 devices (vs 4 in the Huawei)
    – It has more manual control/configuration–a true router look and feel
    – Both are battery-operated (up to 5 hours)
    – Both have a microSD card slot. But in the D-Link, you have to remove the back cover first to insert/eject the card.
    – Huawei has a LED display, which could be a deal maker for many. Whereas the D-Link has only LED indicators.

    Again, this mobile device is meant to be just it: mobile. It is not to be used as your main router at home because that’s an expensive route.

  9. lyndon says:

    There is a new model of Sapido 3G router with builtin rechargeable battery ( up to 6 hrs)
    for 3,200 only. You can have wifi anywhere as long as you have sun broadband, globe tatoo etc….
    Available @ virra mall

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