Ford Sync by Microsoft Auto

Ford Sync by Microsoft Auto

We all know Microsoft enters into almost every market imaginable but I didn’t know they’re into the auto industry as well. Ford and Microsoft partnered to produce the ultimate in-car entertainment and communications system called Ford Sync. Just saw a demo of this over at the podcast covering the CES.

Windows Mobile for Automotive (formerly Microsoft Auto) will be available in new models of Ford for 2008. Dubbed as just “Sync”, this will be a standard feature for 2008 car models of Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury.

Sync basically provides a connection between the vehicle and yourelectronics devices such as mobile phones and media players like Apple’s iPod, Microsoft’s Zune, and as well as other media players via Bluetooth. The cool thing about it is that it’s voice-activated, though there are also control buttons in the steering wheel.


Ford Sync

So your iPod, your Zune or your mobile phone can be hooked up into your cars speaker to pump out surround sound music and phone conversations wirelessly. It can browse your music collection from your music player, phone or even a USB device. With your phone, you can make calls by name (Call, Bill Gates) or number (Dial, *number*). It can even read your emails or text messages for you. Okay, my Nokia 6120 can also read my SMS for me too. Sync can talk in French, Spanish and English but I don’t think it can translate messages among the three.

If Microsoft can just sell the hardware and software combo separately and not just tie it with partner car manufacturers, I’m certainly getting one.

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10 Responses

  1. Elizar says:

    yep, i read about this late December last year, and I think, Ok sya! Cool!

    They even have this funny commercials (out on Youtube), nakakatawa! Parang commecial ng Apple… :)

  2. repah says:

    wow… at isa pang wow… una… gusto kong batiin kayo na congrats.. ang ganda ng site nyo.. sobrang helful ng site nyo… at sa wakas nkilala ko rin ang henyo ng www sa phil… ako’y isa sa mga fans ninyo… awww!!! galing

  3. BrianB says:

    Abe, sent you an email. I was thinking, a comprehensive site for all products, not just Macs.

  4. dexter says:

    Out of topic,
    so you are now also using eminimall by chitika

  5. hi abe! just noticed you installed the ratings plugin. if i may suggest, i think you should put it right after the end of the post, so that it can be easily seen. another option is to put it somewhere near the title itself, but of course it doesn’t make sense to rate an article you have yet to read.

    just a suggestion. :)

  6. yuga says:

    @ dexter, will write about it tomorrow.

    @ dark knight, it was just a bug testing for another blog. forgot to remove it but since you mentioned, I’ll retain it and place it somewhere more prominent.

  7. ford says:

    Whether all this will distract the driver from the road?

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