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In search for a great podcasting mic

You know we’re pretty serious with this BoBCast when we’re already in search for that ultimate podcasting mic. Last week, we recorded our 5th episode of the Band of Bloggers at Bataan but due to the number of BoBCasters and our lack of external microphones, the resulting audio did not went well. There’s just to wide an unequal volume in the recording and Marc seems to have a shield of static around him that’s affecting my laptop’s dual built-in mic. I tried all the low-pass filters, noise-cancelling and normalization techniques I’ve known to no avail so I think we’ll have to re-record that episode again.

Samson MicSo, I’m going out and getting us a nice external mic. Here’s my shortlist of a possible buy:

MXL V63M Studio Condenser ($99, details here)

Shure KSM27 Studio Cardioid Condenser Microphone ($299, details here)

Samson C01U – USB Studio Condenser Microphone ($90, details here)

Of the lot, I think only the Samson mic is the only one that has a USB input. However, it comes with its own recording software and you can’t hook it up directly to say Audacity or Garage Band.

The question here really is, where do I find these mics? I’ve tried all the PC and music stores in Mall of Asia but none had something close to the ones above. Will try Park Square 1 later this evening.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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10 Responses

  1. ManuelV says:

    I use a Sopu headset mic (usb) with Audacity, and all I did was set the mic as the default recording device in Windows.

    What error message does Audacity give when you set the Samson CO1U as the recording device?

  2. bimbo says:

    hey let me know what you get, we’re also looking for one. Right now the Samson seems to be the choice but nothings’ set yet.

  3. bimbo says:

    beep beep…
    Audiophile carries them, well according to their website anyway.

    Try to contact them here.
    Audiophile Inc.
    G/F Tisco Building, 1445 San Marcelino St.
    Ermita, Manila 1000 Philippines
    tel: +632-526-5186
    fax: +632-524-1965

    And according to the site it costs less than 4k…sweet!


  4. Jonas Diego says:

    Shure was the mic of choice back in the days. Pricey (should still be) but definitely worth it.

    You may already know this but if I may offer my advice as someone who did DJ-ing/voice acting before…

    If you’re going to use it for podcasting with a large number of people (as you do now with BOB), you’ll probably want an omni-directional mic though this will most probably mean you’re going to pick up a lot of background noise especially if you’re going to record on the fly outdoors.

    Check this out on Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microphones#Microphone_polar_patterns

    The guys at Audiophile should be able to help you find the mic that’s right for you. Just tell them about what it’s for, where you’re going to use it, and other various conditions that you might encounter while using it.

    Can’t wait for the next Podcast. ;)

  5. jun says:

    yugs, i have a samson usb (i forgot the model, but it’s like C-something) that i got from megamall sa 5th floor (i forgot the store) but have not used it that much (kulang sa time). If you want to try it out first, i can lend it to you when i come back to manila from bicol. just text me.

  6. jayvee f. says:

    you can find it in audiophile. i had a pending order for this already but suspended it in the meantime.

    cholo and brian of creativeoices got me a discount. maybe you would like to avail of it instead.

    as for the software, you CAN use this with garageband and audacity. ive done this so many times. you need to plug in the mic first then set the audio input in settings (mac) or control panel (PC) afterwards.

  7. kai says:

    Hi, i’m chika bugtas senior broadcast communication at UPd. i’m doing a study about philippine podcasting. if you have time po, may i ask you to answer the ff questions po, kahit in bullet points lang po. you can email the answers at [email protected]

    thank you so much for you time. god bless!


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    3. What are your least favorite podcasts? Why? (Describe these podcasts)
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    5. How are you able to access podcasts?
    6. Are you planning to put up your own podcast site? Why yes? Why not?
    7. In what ways do you think can podcasting benefit the Filipino society?
    8. Are there negative effects of podcasting to Filipinos? If yes, what are those?
    9. Are you aware of any issues being thrown at podcasting? What are those? (Ex. Podcasting will kill radio broadcasting)
    10. What’s your personal assessment on the status of podcasting in the Philippines?
    11. Do you think podcasting will click in the Philippines? Why?

  8. Jesus Blare says:

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