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Iron Man MK50 Robot by UBTECH Hands-on

Still on a high from Avengers Endgame? We’re in the same boat, too! We’re continuing to ride on that Endgame high as we managed to get our hands on this neat Iron Man MK50 Robot by UBTECH, courtesy of Quantum Mobile Gears. Check it out!

Inside the box, we have the Iron Man MK50, the AR tracking mat, quick start guide, and the USB charger. The Iron Man Mark 50 (MK50) takes its armor from the one Tony Stark wore in Avengers Infinity War. The robot’s about 13 inches tall and honestly, it looks pretty cool when it’s standing and finally out of the box. A companion app is necessary to download to be able to control the robot.

The robot itself is equipped with features such as a Wake Sensor, Retractable Faceplate, Animated LCD Screen, LED-lit Arc Reactor, Dual-array Microphone, Accelerometer & Gyroscope, LED-lit Repulsors, and IR Sensors.

The on/off switch is located on Iron Man’s neck while the charging port is hidden under a back plate.

The Iron Mark MK50 has a couple of protocols, namely Nanotech Development, Mobile Command Protocol, Iron Guard Protocol, and Custom Protocol.


Users can play AR Missions through the Nanotech Development Protocol. The Iron Man MK50 needs to be situated on the tracking mat for it to work. The robot needs to be scanned via the app, and once that’s done, you can play through battles and build up Iron Man’s nanotech weaponry.

To customize the Iron Man MK50’s motors, lights, and sounds, users can do it vis the Mobile Command Protocol. There are preloaded phrases to choose from, and users can also record their own audio phrases for Iron Man to say. The lights can be changed into a variety of colors as well.

Aptly named as the Iron Guard Protocol, it’s a feature that lets users customize how the robot responds against intruders. With the Guard Mode interface in the app, users can create sequences that the robot will do when a specific sensor — motion, light, sound, — is triggered.

Last but not least is the Custom Protocol that allows the user to create their own movement sequence for the robot. Via the app’s drag-and-drop programming editor, users can drag the command blocks, test out the sequence they made, and upload to the robot. The protocol can be activated via voice command. Another thing that users can customize is the face that appears on the animated LCD screen. By default, it has Tony Stark’s face but you can change it to your own or someone else’s and have matching audio along with it.

What we’ve seen so far of the Iron Man MK50 Robot by UBTECH makes it a pretty neat device. The AR battles are cool and immersive, the customization aspects are enjoyable, and the other features and protocols make you feel like you have your very own miniature Iron Man companion around.

Iron Man MK50 Robot by UBTECH specs

  • Iron Man MK50 Robot
  • AR Mat
  • USB Charging Cable
  • 13″ x 65″
  • 2 rechargeable lithium polymer batteries
  • iOS/Android compatible

Priced at PHP 16,990, the Iron Man MK50 Robot by UBTECH is distributed by Quantum Mobile Gears in the Philippines and can be purchased from Marvel Official stores in Shopee and Lazada, Big Boys Toy Store, Secret Fresh, and Filbar’s.

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