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Logitech M525 Wireless Mouse gets a minor facelift

Back when I was just using Windows-based laptops, I would always look for that perfect mouse to use with the netbook or ultraportable. I’d end up with a Logitech mouse almost all the time. So when Logitech sent over a new batch, I thought one of them is a really old model.

I am referring to this one below.

It’s a portable wireless mouse which I think I had many years ago. This new model is the Logitech M525 and the similarities are almost too close it’s a bit hard to figure out the improvements that they’ve made.

Th M525 is powered by two AA batteries. The rear top-side pops open to show the battery compartment and the wireless USB receiver. The receiver is now much smaller than the previous one and the compact size makes it more convenient to use when plugged into adjacent USB ports (doesn’t get in the way of the neighboring USB port).

The mouse itself has a somewhat medium built — not too small to be cumbersome on the palm and not too big to be bulky when carrying around (I got a smaller mouse which can be easily tiring over time, especially when you can only use it with three fingers and not the whole palm of your hands).

The sides of the mouse are lined with a soft, rubbery padding which makes it more comfortable on the hands. I just hope it doesn’t get brittle over time though (the first one I had some years ago had those rubber pads became brittle and sticky like it was melting away).

I also miss the heft of the old one (despite it using the same AA batteries). The click-wheel on the M525 has some treads to give it more grip/traction. The glossy finish of the body, paired with the rubber-matte padding on the side gives it a nice bold look.

The receiver has an On/Off switch at the bottom side. The level for the battery compartment is also found there.

The laser sensor doesn’t light up (others emit that bright red light) but based on the couple of weeks using it with my Zenbook Prime, the mouse is smooth and works great even with un-even surface.

The Logitech M525 wireless mouse has a suggested retail price of Php1,975 but some stores are selling it lower at around Php1,750 (PC Bodega).

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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2 Responses

  1. bruno says:

    its too expensive and bulky.

    i recently bought a4tech mouse, g3-280n for 500 petot.

    silent, wireless, small, ergonomic and very effective for its purpose.

    thats good value for money.

  2. xeno says:

    This mouse isn’t a new model. I’ve been using this since the beginning of the year.

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