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Microsoft’s Courier is a Foldable Tablet

Looks like Microsoft is in its later stage of development of a foldable tablet PC called Courier. Gizmodo has the scoop on a set of photos and demo video.

ms courier


It’s still hush-hush so there’s not a lot of details on this product. Some even hinted this could be vaporware. See demo video below.

In any case, this looks really cool.

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16 Responses

  1. acidcrush says:


  2. Pedro says:

    i like…

  3. bertsan531 says:

    wow, this is a real digital notebook..

  4. Andre Marcelo-Tanner says:

    nice it would be a good advancement in technology if it was real, though microsoft typically only do the software…. and others make the hardware. Is handwriting recognition that advanced already? Will people stop using a keyboard and write on a screen, its definitely faster than typing on a small onscreen keypad.

  5. madzman23 says:

    That’s freaking awesome…
    Finally, Microsoft came up with the cool gadget.. ;)

  6. josengsisiW says:

    I will start saving money until the first or second display. This is probably a perfect notebook. How I wish I could go back to school and use this as my notebook.

  7. techme says:

    HOLY SHIT! that is very beautiful! hopefully when MS really it the UI will be intuitive like in the video….

    now if apple is really going to release a tablet how are they going to top that one!…

  8. Reel Advice says:

    looks awesome! OMG! If ever that will be the final deisgn…say bye, bye to Apple! ehehe

  9. Raven says:

    Finally! A f0ldablet huh! Sana hindi lang drawing yan. Ganda eh.

  10. Ardz says:

    Cool! This is the gadget I’ve been waiting for!

  11. IC DeaDPiPoL says:

    hope it comes with a good warranty (ehem: Xbox 360)

  12. Joshua says:

    I will bet once it drops down in the Philippines it would cost 100k one hundred thousand! pesos!

  13. Isaiah Sanchez says:


    sir, do you have a samsung jet review???

  14. Jeplerts says:

    That’s so amazing! Welcome to 2010 technology.

  15. This will be really expensive.

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