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The Samsonite Laptop Backpack

I mentioned about this new find I have last week while traveling to Pakistan. My usual problem when on a trip is that I have a lot of bags in tow — one bag for the camera, another for the laptop and of course a big one for the clothes. Well, that’s what I had when I first went to Taiwan a few months back.

So, my quest for an almost all-in-one backpack was answered last week when I found this really nice Samsonite laptop bag. Pictures below:

Samsonite Laptop Backpack

It’s a layered backpack with the outer layer for the laptop and the main layer has room for clothes and my Rebel XT camera. There are a lot of compartments for documents too — 3 for the detachable laptop pouch and 2 more for the main bag, excluding the 2 side screen pockets.


Samsonite Backpack

The laptop layer case can be detached from the main backpack with its own carry-on handle. Two belt-clips and a zipper around the sides re-attach them back firmly. I reckon this could hold laptops with up to 15″ screen sizes (or prolly 17″ too!).

There’s not much padding on the inside but the back side has two sturdy strips of plastic to protect your shoulders against the laptop when holstered.

All in all, I think you can carry as much as 2 pairs of jeans, 3 t-shirts, a medium towel, your dSLR camera and lenses plus the laptop with a little more room to spare.

The damage? A bit pricey at Php4,200++. Hey, it’s a Samsonite.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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21 Responses

  1. Carlo says:

    I like the color of yours. Where’d you get this? It’s been a while since I started looking for one but until now I am still using my old backpack.

    Hope to get one this December :)

  2. vespinoy says:

    now make it waterproof and its perfect mo me na! waterproof nga ba abe?

  3. elmer says:

    IMO, if you’ll be using this for biz or informal travel i suggest stick with all black but still looks nice color.

  4. yuga says:

    @ Carlo

    Sm Dept. Store at Mall of Asia.

    @ vespinoy

    Looks like waterproof to me, maybe water-resistant lang. Have to test it pa.

    @ elmer

    I still have the original black laptop bag that came with the Presario.

  5. The Ca t says:

    wow preho pala tayo ng laptop backpack. hindi nga lang Samsonite ang sa akin. but it is Ipod friendly, mayroon siyang kabitan and cellphone friendly too.

    it was expensive if it was not sale.but i was able to buy it for 12 dollars. hey, we always have the black friday, the veterans day sale and independence sale.
    and it is colored grey and pink. Pangbabae talaga.

  6. vance says:

    how heavy with all that gadgets? parang ang sakit sa likod and shoulders?

  7. Nick says:

    4,200 is a pretty good price for a Samsonite. I think the design and nice color scheme is what makes it sell. There are definitely other worthy backpacks out there, but this does the job pretty well.

  8. issai marie says:

    oh kewl… i wasn’t even aware that samsonite carried these types of bags… i should get one for my laptop here before i go home to the philippines on feb. thanks yuga for the heads up!

  9. Allen says:

    I live in Thailand and purchased a similar Samsonite.There are many in this product line. It’s a slim, laptop, backpack in same brown fabric. This one is very well padded and holds my G-4 perfectly. Check out their website. It comes in two sizes and was around $147USD. Cool Site!

  10. Esben says:

    I have a minor question. Does the Samsonite bag have a specified room for the Rebel XT?
    I’ve just bought a Rebel XTi, and is looking for a backpack, that can hold my dSLR, 15.4″ laptop, and still not be too big…

  11. wyzemoro says:

    i also bought a bag like this…. red lang ang kulay. w00t!

  12. Amanda says:

    I need one for my toshiba laptop. but samsonite is a bit too pricey for me. Any other suggestion?

  13. karla says:

    pricey nga abe
    i’m currently looking for laptop backpacks :D

  14. techy says:

    You can check out http://www.lapdancetechgear.com site for fashionable laptop bags :)

  15. techie says:

    You can check out http://www.lapdancetechgear.com site for fashionable laptop bags :)

  16. ems says:

    ganda nga yan kaya lang masyado malaki. bagay yan sa mga outgoing person with lots of techy gadgets. i just bought a smaller samsonite bag for everyday use. we shared a common interest and its samsonite!!!

  17. surferlurker says:

    My 2 cents worth:

    Been using that Samsonite Laptop Bag for four years now, our office bought several for our use, comes in red, orange and gray/black combination.

    At first it was awesome but it lacks some foam or sort of protection on the sides and at the bottom of the bag. Used it for my 14″ HP Notebook, which needed to be in its protective sleeve because of the lack of protection on the sides and bottom parts.

    But its very convenient since I can split the bag into two, very useful when going through airport baggage checkers.

    Still searching for the ultimate laptop backpack ….

  18. anti falten says:

    Danke mehrmals, merci.

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  20. cora says:


    im interested to buy a samsonite back pack please help me where to buy online im from dagupan


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