Which TV is in your living room?

Which TV is in your living room?

All that discussion last month about the Ilumina got me thinking — TV is still the #1 appliance in the living room. But how much has it changed in the last decade?

LCD TVs are becoming cheaper and more and more people are ditching the old, bulky ones in favor of them. We will all eventually move towards that direction.


Here’s a quick question to my readers here — which TV is in your living room?

lcd tv

I got my Samsung 32″ LCD TV over a year ago (it took me a lot of convincing too) and I don’t plan on upgrading it anytime soon. I think it fits the living room just fine (although if I move to a bigger house, I might consider a bigger one too).

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30 Responses

  1. bintoytech says:

    We don’t have a TV in the living room, only in the family room and the bedroom. We haven’t gotten around to switching to LCD, although with the price of these things nowadays, I am definitely thinking of getting one. Besides, my son got a PS3 for his birthday (from lolo and lola) and I think it deserves HDMI.

  2. vance says:

    We don’t have a TV on our living room, no space to put one hehe. But we have one our Dining room. is a Sharp CRT TV

  3. Dee says:

    We only have two tvs at home. One in the living room and the other in our bedroom. The one in the living room is ancient and needs several whacking before it gets itself right and you can see the picture. The other in the bedroom is an old, small, bulky one that seldom gets used. We’re always moving so we never really got the chance to get a new one. For now, we just rely on our laptops to get the latest news and see movies. Or, I guess we aren’t really just ‘TV’ persons.

  4. creyes says:

    Samsung LCD 32″ got it for 39k last august 08.

  5. http://resourcesandmoney.blogspot.com says:

    We don’t have a living room but we have a 2 tvs in our 2 rooms. All of it are working fine even if they are too old for this generation. HEhehe..

  6. Erin says:

    We bought a Samsung 32″ LCD early this year which bumped our 19″ CRT panasonic out of the sala and up into the bedroom. The old refurbished Japanese clunky model got booted out of the bedroom and was given to my sister-in-law in the province.


  7. Ed says:

    42″ Sony Bravia in the living room and 32″ Sony Wegas in each room.. the benefit of the lcd, whether large or small, is that it saves space. I would like to see cheaper lcd models over time.. especially with the lack of space in most filipino homes for a large CRT. Most people get caught up in the 720/1080p. But in reality, whats the point if you don’t have a blue-ray player.. They only broadcast at 720p in the states on their HD channels so the 1080p that some (including myself) are paying for is rendered useless until many years down the road. I think the true benefit to the filipino consumer is the space it saves, not the picture quality, as the tv broadcast in the Philippines won’t reach 720p for a long while. So they should market here accordingly.

  8. kainggit naman ng mga HDTV na yan hayz kelan kaya ako makabili ng ganyan.

  9. Andre Marcelo-Tanner says:

    Sony 32 CRT From way back, maybe one day i will own the 42″ LCD

  10. wha says:

    waaaaa……. panasonic ang amin. the bulky style parin …..


  11. issai says:

    42″ dynex, 1080p LCD HDTV

  12. havagut says:

    a 21″ sony wega sits in the bedroom, while a 21″ panasonic entertains those in the sala. an LCD TV would be better, but the best option, I think, would be to get a widescreen LCD monitor: higher resolution and more functionality.

  13. Lyle, RN says:

    We have a Samsung 37″ LCD TV in the living room. All four bedrooms each have CRT TVs.

    A good alternative to uber expensive BluRay players is the Popcorn Hour Media Streamer. It’s what I use to watch HD movies.

  14. VinS says:

    We got mine last year, Its a Victor HDTV, i dunno the exact sku or product name, but, superb hdtv for me, works well with our magnavox blu-ray player.

  15. paul says:

    we have 2 CRT flat screen tv’s at home — a 29-incher in the living room and a 21-incher in my bedroom. no plans yet on buying an LCD ‘coz both of my tv’s are still in perfect working condition. besides, watching cable on a big-screen LCD is such an eyesore.

  16. Ed says:

    @lyle – actually i have popcorn hour back in the states! i forgot to bring it over with me.. haha i miss it!

    @paul – i agree.. philippine cable on a large lcd is pixelated and actually looks worse on an lcd than a newer crt (in my opinion) because the lcd stretches out the picture.

    does anyone here watch cable on their lcd with the picture setting to normal 4:3? or do you naturally just stretch it out to the “full” or “wide” or “wide zoom” setting to fill out your screen? if you are ever feeling self-conscious about yourself, just stretch out your tv picture to wide or full.. it makes the actors/actresses look “bigger” hehe

  17. crestfallen says:

    we have no TV in our living room. all tv sets in all the bedrooms are all crt. i hate the crt in my parents’ room because it’s big and so bulky.
    someday when i get to have my own house, i would love to have lcd tv’s! =)

  18. joeyboy says:

    JVC 50″ plasma tv. :)

  19. i don’t have a TV cos i dont watch TV T__T hayyyyyzzzzzzz…. sa laptop lang me nanonood lahat2x :D hehehe

  20. issai says:

    Yuga what’s your blu ray player? What blu-ray movie would you like for this holiday?

  21. yuga says:

    Hi issai! Unfortunately, I still don’t have a BluRay player. :D

  22. issai says:

    oh bummer, i was thinking of getting you your favorite blu-ray movie for christmas :( in that case, once you get one, just tell me. never too late for a present.

  23. orgl says:

    I still got my old Sony 21″ Wega in my bedroom.

  24. mrintech says:

    LG 21″ :D Me from India :D

  25. Plasma or LCD? says:

    I got two 42″ inch Plasma TV’s – one in my living room and one in my bedroom. I live alone in a townhouse. I was hoping to get a 32 inch LCD TV in the spare bedroom for guests/friends/relatives who stay for a night or two.

  26. ilovehdtv says:

    Sir yuga, what 32″ LCD TV would you suggest to me. I’m planning to buy one. What samsung LCD TV that’s affordable would you suggest?

  27. anon says:

    42″ Sharp Aquos

  28. rich says:

    me 40″ Samsung Full HDTV LCD with samsung home theater. really cool hang out in living room!

    peace out.

  29. Marty says:

    I’ve got the 26″ Version of that Samsung LCD TV in the picture in my Living room and the 19″ version of it in the bedroom.

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