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WiTricity: Wireless electricity!

An MIT team demonstrates the possibility of powering up gadgets and electrical appliances wirelessly:

A team from MIT’s Department of Physics, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, and Institute for Soldier Nanotechnologies (ISN) has experimentally demonstrated an important step toward accomplishing this vision of the future.

Realizing their recent theoretical prediction, they were able to light a 60W light bulb from a power source seven feet (more than two meters) away; there was no physical connection between the source and the appliance. The MIT team refers to its concept as “WiTricity” (as in wireless electricity). The work will be reported in the June 7 issue of Science Express, the advance online publication of the journal Science.

The concept is called WiTricity, which is short for wireless electricity. By using magnetically coupled resonators, they are able to transfer power from one source to another without the copper wires in between. You can reads the full article here, though a little wordy on physics, which explains how they did the experiments to prove this concept.

Can we finally say goodbye to batteries? Not yet, I think.

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9 Responses

  1. wites says:

    this reminds me of my electromagnetics subject way back in college, a subject which i rarely like.

    hmmm… and i thought optocouplers was the way to go. :)

  2. Aja Lapus says:

    I’ve read this concept years back. I just haven’t seen/read about a prototype before. :)

  3. jayvee f. says:

    @aja – same here. this was a concept supposedly to be used to powering laptops in restos. wireless internet + wireless electricity.

    i think the side effect is that it can ionize the air and ionize your h20. :)

  4. Jun0865 says:

    This technology originated from the works of Nikola Tesla. Way back, people didnt believed that this technology is possible. Saka hindi narin bago to actually. In mid 1990’s, nag manufacture ang Oral-B ng ganitong klase ng technology. yung Electric toothbrush nila na nagcha charge wirelessly. Still in progress upto now. Dahil madaming factors na dapat i consider bago i release sa market i think…

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