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Zune HD in the flesh, unboxed

The Microsoft Zune HD that I ordered from Amazon just arrived and it’s pretty cool so far. This is probably the very first one to arrive here in the Philippines. Check out some unboxing photos after the jump.

zune hd

zune hd zune hd zune hd

zune hd zune hd zune hd

I got the black 16GB model which is priced at $219.99 at Amazon (that’s about Php10,500 at 48:1 exchange rate). I also paid under Php900 for the shipping from my USMailBox address in the US to the Philippines. That’s a total of under Php11,400 (similar to the price of an iPod Touch 8GB).

zune hd

Full review to follow.

Note: If you’re looking into getting some affordable shipping (with a US postal address) to the Philippines, I use MyUSMailBox. Email them at [email protected] and mention YugaTech to get a 3-month free trial (that’s Php600/month waived membership fee). This is what I used for ordering the Zune HD.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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67 Responses

  1. Olyver Digg says:

    Drool!!!! Inggit ako!!!!

  2. berkano says:

    Man, I need a usmailbox account right now!!!

    What’s unfortunate is that we’ll be unable to use Zune Pass and the Zune software may block some features.

    Yuga did you all get the Video dock. Do tell us how 720o vids look on an LCD screen. Thanks!

  3. arnold says:

    Thinking of getting this one or the 16GB iPod Nano 5G…hmmm.

  4. Calvin says:

    abe wala ng customs tax na binayaran pagdating dito? or dapat meron?

  5. yuga says:

    @calvin – kasama na sa Php900 yung customs/tax.

  6. william says:

    wahhhh tempting!

  7. mabuhay says:

    sir yuga, off-topic but i desperately need your help. my sister from japan will send me a 2nd hand asus Eee pc 4g ultraportable notebook. here is a link of its review http://www.notebookreview.com/default.asp?newsID=4055

    im expecting the os to be japanese. sino kaya recommend nyo na puede magaling mag re-program os sa english? at kung recommend nyo ba na palitan linux os nya to windows?

    address and numbers please. your help is greatly appreciated. maraming salamat in advance and mabuhay kayo!

  8. agwe23 says:

    thats really nice, been wanting to get a zuneHD.

    just a question though, I downloaded zune software 4.0 and i cant sign in. bec. the zune blocks out all non us users.

    does that mean no zune marketplace? no apps?

  9. Josh says:

    Quick question re: MyUSMailbox – did they ship it to you via courier or via USPS?


  10. Olyver Digg says:

    @agwe23 you can try setting up your OS language and region settings to US… revert to me if it helped…

  11. Vance says:

    I’m much more excited to see the Battery life especially with apps running, I read that it did lasted 12++ hours on video and music playback.

    Sadly MS didn’t go way ahead than the ipod when it comes to capacity. Man I love to see a 120 Gb Zune HD.

    Secondly, apple has more apps now so we have to see what developers will bring to the plate.

  12. yuga says:

    @vance – maybe their next launch will include a 64GB and 128GB SSD Zune HD.

    @josh – via courier.

    @agwe23 – was able to download Zune Software 4.0 and was able to download Zune Apps.

    @mabuhay – where are you located? You can try Virramall, Greenhills too.

  13. tonti says:

    hi yuga! that’s a sweet looking device you got there. one question i’d like to ask that everyone wants to know is… are you picking up any HD FM stations here?? :D

  14. sylv3rblade says:

    Holy cow that’s cheap. The only thing holding my purchase back is the fear of the shipping cost.

    I’m daring to hit the add to cart on amazon… but before that, how exactly does myusmailbox work?

  15. Pedro says:

    wow! sir can u post the specs of this Zune… I got my Ipod nano wet from the recent flood and I’m thinking of buying a new MP3 player… or is there a website… thanks sir and more power…

  16. yuga says:

    @tonti – i am able to pick up Station iFM 93.9 DWKC.

    @sylv3rblade – if ever, you’d be paying the same amount as I did. When you sign up with them, they will give you a US address you can use for your purchases. You can order from Amazon and use that address as shipping. They will receive it for you and ship it to the Philippines to your home address. They will contact you when it arrives and give you the computation for shipping and tax.

    @pedro – posted the specs here.

  17. carla says:

    Hi! Can you make the words sa main menu smaller? parang ang laki nung sulat. or ganun na talaga?

  18. Pedro says:

    oppss sorry sir what I meant features pla…

  19. sylv3rblade says:

    Thanks for the tip :D That’s an incredible service :D.

  20. Vic says:

    I like it already? I’ll look forward to the full review before I make a decision. Thanks Abe! :-)

  21. _khayman_ says:


    how long did it take before you got it? i mean, from ordering it from amazon and you receiving it?

    really am interested to but this beauty.

  22. yuga says:

    @khayman – 3 weeks from pre-order but actually just 12 days from day Amazon delivered to time I got it.

  23. tonti says:


    really? that’s the only station in the philippines broadcasting in HD? that kinda kills the HD feature for me :(

  24. jehzlau says:

    Geez.. mura ah.. :D Buti pa ito nalang binili ko instead sa ipod nano 5th na 16GB. mag ka price lang :( waaaaaaaah!

  25. Anna says:

    Hi Abe, nice gadget. Question, which is the best usmailbox that you have signed up for? I think I will be needing that one for my biz ;)


  26. jason says:

    gusto ko sana mag zune HD to replace my ipod touch paar maiba naman. kaso may mga applications kaya yan na mahahalaga tulad ng ym at facebook tulad ng ipod touch?

  27. eman says:

    Hi Yuga!

    which is more cheaper and reliable? USMailbox or Johnnyaircargo?



  28. yuga says:

    @anna – this is the first one I’ve actually tried. I’m very satisfied though and the rates are good. $0.25 per 10grams. no tax for goods under $500.

    @jason – very few applications/games as of now.

    @eman – haven’t tried johnyair. So far, my experience with MyUSMailBox is very good. You can try their 3-month trial if you want.

  29. Zune80gb says:

    Sir Abe nabaha po kasi ung Zune 80gb ko sa tingin nyo po gagana pa yun? Me service center po ba ang Microsoft dito? Anu po kaya pwede kong gawin para marepair yun? Thanks po!!

  30. eman says:

    Hi Yuga,

    I already tried JohnnyAir, so far so good too. They dont have subscription or anything. Its based on the tax and shipping.

    I just thought maybe yours is a bit cheaper compare with them.

    Another thing, does ZuneHD has SD/MicroSD slot?



  31. abe, would it be possible to know first how much would the customs tax would be prior buying the item (like based from the USD amount)?

  32. Jan Lorenz says:

    Yuga, may plano po ba kaya ang Microsoft na magbenta ng Zune HD dito? Have they sold Zunes here before?

  33. yuga says:

    @tonti – don’t know any more stations with HD.

    @zune80gb – MS does not sell the Zune in the Philippines. The ones that are sold here are grey market so you don’t get any warranty.

    @eman – don’t know how JohnnyAir makes money. maybe the shipping cost?

    @patrick – it’s free for items under $500 but we cannot say how much custom tax is. Normally, it’s 10% right?

    @jan – historically, they don’t sell the Zune in the Philippines.

  34. rochix says:

    Hello po, how coincidentally that I was checking out this large 42″ full hd na tv for less than $700 nang nabasa ko to. Viable din kaya yon kung gagamitin ang usmailbox?
    Wow kung sakali I would not mind paying the monthly fee as pwede namang i-share ito di ba halimbawa, between relatives.

  35. Rom says:

    Hi Yuga, I also ordered my Zune HD via Amazon but will have somebody bring it over. My question is does myusmailbox.com deliver it exactly at your doorstep? or will you have to claim it at the post office? thanks!

  36. yuga says:

    @rochix – yes, it’s possible to use their Sea shipping but it might be expensive since the charge is by weight plus the custom tax.

    @rom – yup, they will deliver it to your doorstep. there might be additional shipping charges depending on where you are in the Philippines. In that case, you also have the option to just pick it up in their Makati office.

  37. rabi says:

    here’s a seller sa tipidpc.com… He’s selling the 16GB=php13900 and 32GB=175000. Sir Yuga, reasonable na ba ‘yung price? direct sa US manggagaling daw stocks with Microsoft warranty… http://www.tipidpc.com/viewitem.php?iid=4056515&page=2

  38. rabi says:


  39. yuga says:

    @rabi – those are reasonable prices. The seller gets about Php2,500 margin, I guess.

  40. jason says:

    sir yuga bakit hindi ko po paopen yung zune store? yun din ba yung parang pinaka apple store nila?

  41. jojo says:

    Yuga is on ANC !!

  42. I have Zune 30GB bought in US last 2007 and still doing great.I luv Zune

  43. Vic says:

    @rabi, @yuga

    “here’s a seller sa tipidpc.com… He’s selling the 16GB=php13900 and 32GB=175000. Sir Yuga, reasonable na ba ‘yung price? direct sa US manggagaling daw stocks with Microsoft warranty… http://www.tipidpc.com/viewitem.php?iid=4056515&page=2

    I’m just wondering how the Microsoft warranty can be extended by the seller at Tipid PC here… will Microsoft honor any claim?

  44. paolo says:

    si yuga, may I ask what are contents of the box aside from the unit? thanks IA :)

    is there a pouch included like the one in the 30gb ed?

  45. FranCoke says:

    sir, i might get one next month. Pero i’m not sure if gagana yung marketplace. how can i be assured?

  46. FranCoke says:

    yes that would help. but i’m just wondering how you made yours work. did you change your OS region or something?

  47. mickey says:

    Hi Yuga, this is a very helpful post. Just have a question. do you know anystore here in the Phil that sells casings for the ZuneHD?

  48. mickey says:

    …also, to anyone who already have their ZuneHD, any found defects or bugs? :D

  49. Rom says:

    @mickey, so far from my usage, I haven’t encountered any critical bugs at all. They already released v.4.3 that adds support for the upcoming 3d games..and more.

  50. Cribby says:

    So far so good I have not encountered any problems with my ZuneHD.

  51. mickey says:

    guys, for those na may kakilala sa US at magpapabili, nagmura na ang Zune HD 16gb sa Amazon.com!!! it’s now $197.99 na lang!!! (That’s a $21 price cut!!!) unfortunately for me nakapagpabili nako before bumaba ang presyo!!! sayang talaga! almost P1k din sana yun! hahaha. pero anyway, can’t wait for my ZuneHD to arrive!!! weee!

  52. mickey says:

    guys, for those na may kakilala sa US at magpapabili, nagmura na ang Zune HD 16gb sa Amazon.com!!! it’s now $197.99 na lang!!! (That’s a $21 price cut!!!) unfortunately for me nakapagpabili nako before bumaba ang presyo!!! sayang talaga! almost P1k din sana yun! hahaha. pero anyway, can’t wait for my ZuneHD to arrive!!! weee!

    …thanks by the way Rom and Cribby

  53. kyle says:

    hi guys, i just emailed MyUSMailbox to try their 3-month free trial… then, i’m off to buy my Zune HD… ask ko lang pano ang payment pag online purchase? wala kc ako credit card… thanks.

  54. Luis says:

    It does not have the same price like ipod nano 8gb. Ipod nano 8gb is only Php 8,790.

  55. mickey says:

    anyone tried timing the battery time when playing videos and music (and apps)? just want to know because i tried mine for playing videos and it only lasted around 4.5 hours (but it says 8.5). haay. haven’t tried timing it yet in playing music but for apps, it really ate a lot of power!

    @luis – yes ipod nano is cheaper but it’s not touch screen, only 8gb and has small screen for watching videos. though the fm is a great thing. hehehe.

  56. cherry says:

    The new Zune HD wireless media player takes you closer and connects you to a whole new world of entertainment.

  57. Ragingdane says:

    Ummm… I have a Zune Hd 32 Gb and I’m wondering if you can buy a sync cable or a Zune charger pack here in the Philippines? :|

  58. nadz says:

    hi . anyone here can help me . my zune30gb shut down . dont know what to do . i cant open it anymore . tnxxxx . :(

  59. kitsantiago says:

    sir yuga, ask lang po, newbie lang po kc aq but i wanted to learn how to buy online gadgets like this mas mura po kc db, pano po ba process? like pag bibili aq nito do i need a credit card o ano? natatakot kc aq sa scam tnx po.

  60. Patrickmolano says:

    where can I buy one like this in the philippines?

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